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Default November NSVs

Whew! November already! If you're new, an NSV is a non-scale victory. Post 'em here, and keep 'em coming. I'm always inspired by the victories we have that don't involve the scale number.
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I am just starting out, but I do have one. I can feel muscles. You can't see them, but I can feel them! It is funny that you don't even know you have certian muscles till you start working them. Jelly
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I can feel my hip bones when I lay down.

My face looks thinner.

My size 22 Lane Bryant jeans are falling down.

My boyfriend grabbed my butt and said it felt nice. *blush*
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Those are great NSVs, jellybelly and celesteral! (I love the boyfriend one -- heehee!)

I had one yesterday, but I'll call it November anyway. My husband and I were talking to some runners he coaches (we both teach at a high school), and in the car later he said "You looked really small next to those boys." I've never looked small next to ANYone, let alone skinny 16 year old runners. "Small" is not a word that ever applies to me!! I laughed and said there's no WAY I'm small yet, but I appreciated it anyway.
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I lost 1.25 inches around my gut this week - woohoo - that's where I wanna see it disappear!
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I ran into an old friend today. She said "OMG, you're so Small". Even her DH, said "you look great". She then asked if she could stop by my house and learn my "diet secrets". I really don't know what to say to her. Everytime I have seen her in the past 2 yrs. she was eating a Large bag of Cheetos and drinking a Dr. Pepper. I know she consumes more calories per week in Alcoholic Beverages than I do in food.
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if only she'd lose weight
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2 words/ New pants. a size smaller than last time. They are not skintight, I don't have to fight to get them buttoned. They are tighter than I would like, BUT only because they have stretch in them.
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Originally Posted by SuchAPrettyFace View Post
2 words/ New pants. a size smaller than last time. They are not skintight, I don't have to fight to get them buttoned. They are tighter than I would like, BUT only because they have stretch in them.
Good job! Stretchy pants have to start off tight - they so quickly become too loose!
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I had an american friend order some clothes off of the torrid shop website for me. I remember when I used to order size 3 top and 24 pants from them. Yesterday I ordered a size 0 top and size 15 pants.
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3 + years maintaining
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I just bent down to pick something up from the floor and my husband walked in the room and said "Wow your a** definitely got smaller". Oh yeah, he's got a great way with words, huh? But you know what I'll take it!
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That sounds exactly what my DH said to me the other night. He too has a wonderful way to say things. He doesn't say anything very often, but when he does it comes out like your DH's statement. I take the compliments when I get them, even if they are a little strange.

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I had a simply awful day the other day at work. I felt very stressed. But I knew that I had a weight session with my trainer at the end of the day.

My NSVs: I was *Excited* about the training session, because I KNEW I WOULD feel better afterward.


I'm starting to get into this exercise thing a bit!
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I went to a work conference last week. I ran into an old friend/former colleague that I hadn't seen in a while. I stopped in the hall to speak to him and I said hello. He mumbled hello and walked on by me. I laughed and asked if he wasn't talking to me now and his mouth dropped and he turned around. He said he didn't recognize me anymore since I was so "skinny". I had several other people commenting on how different I looked, but since I worked with this person for several years, it seemed more extraordinary coming from him.

I'm still shopping in the plus sizes (16/18) for most clothing, but I am at the precipice of the misses section. I have purchased a couple of things from the XL misses section and that feels good.
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Working to be an after!
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Congrats to everyone on their NSVs. It's awesome to have things happen that reinforce weight loss. Especially compliments!!

Mine's not much, but my jeans are starting to feel loose! I've been wearing the same style/size jeans for a couple of years now, and they've been on the comfortable snug side for the last year. Now they are on the comfortable loose side!! I can't wait until they don't fit at all!!
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Oh I had the best compliment ever a few days ago - We had a work Halloween party where fancy dress was optional. My friend and I decided to dress up and I wore a short red skirt, black top, horns and high boots...devil like . Now I'd generally be dressed in jeans and jumper in work so this was the first time my colleagues had seen me dressed up really since I started losing weight.

I met this one guy that I used to work with but hadn't seen in a few months and we were chatting away and he suddenly stops me and goes...."Wow Finn I gotta say it, you look gorgeous", I just said thanks, said I'd taken up some exercise and moved on and he stopped me talking again and goes " no I really mean it, gorgeous...whatever you are doing it really suits you". I was sooooooo chuffed - he totally made my month!
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