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Red face There's going to be a little goddess....

A few months ago The Cute Boyfriend and I decided maybe it was time to try to procreate. Because I'm older (34) and obese, we decided that if it didn't happen then it wasn't meant to be. What we didn't expect is to get pregnant on the first try.

I was surprised and overwhelmed. I thought for sure I would have months to prepare for the idea, lose some weight, and generally get in better shape for pregnancy. But it turns out that life had some other plans for me. I'm due July 1st.

The first trimester has been freaking terrible. Morning sickness (what a misnomer!) was terrible and I was exhausted all the time. I'm currently recovering from pneumonia! But as we move into the second trimester, it's getting better.

My OBGYN and I have discussed weight gain (I'd like to gain as little as possible) and healthy diet. I'd love to hear some stories from women who were overweight/obese and pregnant. I need to hear some support.
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Congratulations! Please join us at the pregnant/nursing forum:

I got pregnant on the first try as well. What a shocker that was! I honestly thought it would take forever. Now the "shocker" is 3.5 years old and a total joy.

Have you checked out A nice little site with some good information.

If you post over in the preggo/nursing forum, you'll have lots of people who can regale you with lots of really positive stories.

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Congrats!!! I was obese for both pregnancies. With my son who is almost 3 now, I gained about 55 pounds - I had been in weight loss mode before getting pregnant but quickly moved to eating whatever I wanted. Anyhow despite that I had a very healthy pregnancy and a beautiful baby boy to show for it! With DD, who is now 11 months, I was also obese, but only gained 30 pounds this time - with more mindful eating, although nowhere near as good as I could have been. Another wonderful pregnancy and a beautiful healthy baby girl. I'm sorry you're dealing with morning sickness - I never had much of any...must make functioning a little difficult at times! Getting pregnant with DS was difficult, it took about 2.5 years - but with DD it was first try so I know the shock! Congratulations again - if I can help you out with any questions let me know!
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With my last pregnancy I weighed 228 when I got pregnant. I only gained 22 pounds - which was all gone when I came home from the hospital. Then while nursing and not even trying I lost another 6. Then over the years put it all on and then some to balloon to 258. I only gained 22 because I knew I was fat already and didn't want to gain too much. I walked several times a week, cut out fast food and sweets. I had gestational diabetes so that motivated me too.

Just continue on the path of healthy eating and get some mild exercise. Oh, and CONGRATS!!!
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I was 274 when I got pregnant with my son. The day I went in for the induction I weighed 276. I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and had to limit my carbs to 150g a day. Which is why I didn't gain much!

Other than that, I had no problems whatsoever. He was a perfect 7lb little one that has since grown into a 30lb 26 monther! hehe

Good luck and BIG grats to you
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CONGRATS! Yay! Babies!

I had just gotten down to 210 when I found out I was knocked up in May 2008. I gained about 40 lbs, but it came off right away. The problem was after it came off, I quickly gained from being too tired to cook anything but mac 'n' cheese. Anything you can prep and freeze ahead of time is a GOOD idea.

My pregnancy went mostly smoothly. I gained 10 lbs one month and my OB freaked. I told her it was from all the bagels, donuts and mini PB cups. She said I may as well start smoking b/c that would be less harmful. Oops. So I quit doing that. Try to eat as healthy as you can.
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When I got pregnant last December, I was around 240 pounds. I only gained around 15-20 and it was all gone by the time I had my postpatrum check up.

You can have a healthy pregnancy at your weight. I had no gestational diabetes, high blood pressure or any other complications. My son (1st pregnancy) was a little heavier due to the fact he was two weeks late at 8lbs 4oz; my daughter was 6lbs 8oz.

Taking care of yourself won't guarantee a complication-free pregnancy but it sure can't hurt! Enjoy the second trimester (the best IMO) and get lots of rest.

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i also was obese with both pregnancies. I started out at 250 for my first and 275 for my second. I gained 25 pounds during my first and nothing during my second. I will say i was miserable in my last trimester and it was awful. I had some issues with my hips but other than that no high blood pressure, no gestational diabetes. I have two healthy girls! It did take us three years to concieve our first due to my weight. Congrats!!
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I started out in the 290's with all 4 of my pregnancies. I never gained much until right at the end, and that was mostly water weight. I probably averaged 15-20 pounds. By my 6 week postpartum check-up, I was in the 270's every time. I just eat better when I'm pregnant and I guess knowing that your going to be weighed at every visit is also an incentive to do right. LOL Also, breastfeeding and not sleeping much takes a lot out of a new mama. Congrats!

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I started and ended my pregnancy around 240. I had gestational diabetes, too. After I had the baby, I was down to about 205, so I had actually lost during the pregnancy. Sadly I didn't take advantage and keep going at that point.
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Aww Congrats!! I got pregnant first try with my 3rd and it was a shock because the others had taken so long. I wish I could give you tips but the best thing is walking, I was terrible eating while pregnant and gained 60lbs with my first but I wasn't' in the right place, with my last I only gained about 15lbs. Lot's of hugs and healthy baby vibes coming your way!
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Congrats!!! Yay!!!

I have no direct advice but my friend was obese and pregnant. She decided she had to get the nutrition so she had a menu of food she ate all the time - B-grapenuts banana and milk
L-salad, fruit
D-salad, veggie
She snacked and entreed what she wanted but because she had to eat the above, she said she was never really starving/craving terribly. She didn't have a net gain.
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