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06-01-2006, 03:14 PM
:welcome: to the June edition of our Weighty Issues thread.

We're well on our way toward summer. That means sun :flow2: , surf, sand, shorts, swimsuits and hey, who doesn't wanna look good and more importantly, FEEL good instead of ----> :fr: Need some new inspiration? We're a group of wonderful women :belly: from different walks of life, spread out from the US east coast :coolsnow: to the west :sunny:, the Pacific :beach: and
the Far East :sumo: and even Down Under :mouse: (sorry Maggzs, that's the closest I could get to a Roo )

We :coach: support :cheer: each other through the highs :high: and lows :cry: :kickbutt: of every day life--it's not just about weight loss :goodscale, it's about LIFE :boxing: :crazy:. If you have something to say :soap: or need a shoulder to cry on :stress:, come on in,
grab a chair :cofdate: and stay awhile. You'll be glad you did. :grouphug:

:thanks2: :elf: :drinkup:

06-01-2006, 03:18 PM
Good morning ladies, since I'm the first one here to post today, I figured I'd start the new thread. I'm just back from my walk :running:, then I went to the store to pick up some lt. soy milk and sandwich meats, alfalfa sprouts and healthy stuff so I won't be tempted to eat cr@p at lunch time. Yay me! :carrot: Last night when we came home from karate lessons the road in front of my neighbors house was wet--water was coming up through the asphalt. So Rick spray painted the area and called the 24-hr board of water line to have them come out and take a look. They still insist that it's a natural spring and that there's nothing they can do about it. Our yard is now 2" deep in water (think mud bog). The city just did a repaving project in February so they're probably reluctant to go digging up the brand new road... but still, I wish they'd do something before our entire row of houses turns into a swamp.

I'm glad you guys could view the pics of my new baby niece...(I emailed them to those I had email addresses for, if you want to see them, PM me w/your email address). She is precious and I totally can't wait til she gets here. :bb:

Dips, the guy is trying, I guess you could give him a second chance while it's still early in the game. If he doesn't meet your standards, then I would say see ya! :wave:

Angie, :headache: ouch on those blisters! If you can get it, use Aloe like Cal said, natural from the plant, or a gel from the store. That should alleviate some of the pain and help heal up your skin. Yes, asparagus can make your pee smell... but I like it anyway :lol:

Claire, measuring inches is fine, you may not see results as quick as you would on a scale, but you will see results. Maybe you could measure once a month? Or same thing with a scale--take your first weigh in, then put it away until the next month and re-weigh. I weigh daily when I am on track, but weekly at WW. I dunno, it helps and motivates me to see changes daily, otherwise, I go off the deep end....but that's just me.

Hi Cal :wave: Julie :wave: Red :wave: Maggzs :wave: cw :wave: Kempy :wave: :LadyT :wave: and anyone I may have missed. I'll be back later, off to get some breakfast. :hun:

06-01-2006, 03:32 PM
Hi Everyone!

I started my fitness challenge today and did what I said I would do...yeeha! I did 25 minutes on my EFX machine and about 15 minutes of strength training and situps. I have been doing that about 3-4 times a week. I am hoping to keep it up in the month of June.

Now...the decision to buy a scale or not. Noelle, I think your idea is good. Buy one, weigh myself and measure myself, then put it away for a week or month. I am also debating on whether to go back to the South Beach diet. Honestly, I am afraid of failing. However, I know that nothing ventured...nothing gained. So...sometime within this week, I will go on either South Beach or some kind of diet plan. Any suggestions from you all would be greatly appreciated.
Like I said yesterday...this is my weekend. It's been raining off and on...but it's given me good reason to clean. That's good exercise too. :o)
Hope you all are having a great day! I need to do anything special now that we have gone to a new thread? I am not really up on "threads" if anyone of you is techno savvy...fill me in.

06-01-2006, 08:21 PM
Hey guys!! I have been busy today planting my garden and then we put flowers in the tree box and my light box out back and a few planters for the deck. Plus I got in 2 walks today so so far so good.

Noelle, I hope you can get somebody to fix your yard. You would think they would want to fix it too. You know what is wierd about the blisters? They are only where my t shirt sleeve is. I have been wearing tank tops since I burned to not irritate it but the last couple of days I wore T's. It is so gross. :lol:

Claire, WAY TO GO GIRL!!! :cheer: You are rocking now!!

Well, I gotsta go find something to do. Talk to ya later

06-01-2006, 10:42 PM
Only 4 more school days. :carrot: Tomorrow is our last full day; the three days next week are all 1/2 days. I got all my grades put in and I'm done. Of course I tell my kiddos that everything they're doing now I'm still grading. I love to hear them moan and groan. :devil:

One week from today we leave for our trip. I can't believe it's so soon.

This week at school we've had field day in the morning. The kids are playing tournaments and tomorrow they have their championship games. They have been really having fun. Afterward, they have different classes they rotate through (one being sex ed); glad I'm not teaching that one. :o
After lunch they have regular classes. It sure is making the days go by faster. Tomorrow they get to have their yearbook signing party.
Yesterday my shoes died. They only had to last these last days, but one practically fell off my foot because the sole separated from the shoe. I refuse to buy another pair now, so I'm just wearing sandals.

I wish I had time to respond to everyone individually. Please know that I'm with all of you and cheering you on. I'm doing ok with the weight loss, only down 10 pounds, but no gain. I've been at this plateau for awhile, but I'm content.

Hello to everyone.

Have a great night.


06-02-2006, 09:38 AM
Well I finally did it. I got Niko Neutered. Last night was the first night I spent without him since I got him. I was weird. I need to call them up so I can get him before work. Hope he's not mad at me :(

In other news I knew it was going to thunderstorm last night but I left my umbrella at home because my boyfriend promised he would

pick me up from work. Then he got into a car accident in Jersey and had to have his car towed, I'm so insensitive that all I could think about was how I was going to get home through the rain :lol: {he's okay by the way, the car not so much} But when you work in retail you can bet on the lost and found producing umbrellas so I got home nice and dry ;)

Noelle- The accident is the only thing I'm willing to excuse so he's lucky and unlucky at the same time.

Cal- I'm excited for you. Not much longer now til your trip!

Okay, YOGA time! TTYL

06-02-2006, 10:04 AM
Good Morning!!! Boy the backs of my legs are sore with all the bending over trying to plant yesterday. :lol: That is a good thing though. Plus, the yard looks so much nicer. Now I have to break apart my lillies after they all bloom and transplant them. I am getting the dogs chainlink fence shortened so I have more yard for us and so the garden isnt in there. We put stakes at the end of each row yesterday and when Jay came back with some more tomatoe plants we noticed that Mickey had pulled them out and ran off with them. :lol: Now I will have the whole length of the new fence to plant as well.

Cal, My kids still have 2 weeks of school left. How long will you guys be gone for your vacation? Have fun. WOOHOO for you!!!! :cheer: 10 POUNDS IS AWESOME!!!

Dips, I am sorry that your boyfriend got in an accident. I am glad he is okay though. Good job on finding a way to get home dry. :lol: When we went to the greenhouse yesterday to buy some plants it started to downpour as soon as we got into town. Poor jay is bald so he hates to get wet. You should have seen us making a run for the greenhouse. :lol:

Well, I gotta go start some cooking.

06-02-2006, 10:52 AM
Good Morning, Ladies...

Dips...I must have a very jaded view of men right now...cuz the first thing I thought about your boyfriend having an accident is that he staged it somehow. I guess I was burned way too many times by guys that I dated. I believed them all. They all seemed to have such believable stories. When I came out of my oooey gooey stage with them I started to see what all of my friends were seeing all along. I AM glad he is okay. I hope he gets back his car soon and you are able to see if he will be true to his word. Hang in there!

Angie...sounds like your yard is going to be beautiful. Our tomatoes have been planted now for about a month. It's our first attempt. I don't think we are doing it right cuz there are very few blooms. We do have some tomatoes growing though. We have already eaten some squash from our garden. That was pretty good. I have some herbs going...but realized the other day that they will just be ornamental in that I rarely have time to cook any more. My husband does most of the cooking.

Looks like we are going to have a clear day today. I guess that means we will be working outside some.

I am trying to get motivation to go work out. I know I need to...I will let you know if I make it or not.

Have a great day!

06-02-2006, 02:29 PM
Good morning ladies!!! I thought I would poke my nose in, since I haven't been here for a few days. So I got the job! :) It is only part time, but still, it' something. I am an assistant to the Capital Campaign Director, back at the animal shelter here. 3 days a week, so hopefully I can cope with the stress, and not get burned out like before. I went riding last night. Midnight was such a good boy. I think he knew I was nervous, so instead of being a :devil: like he usually is, he was just a doll.

Claire - Hope you find your motivation for the day, get movin' and shakin'! :D I know what you mean about being burned by guys. I think I fell in love with my hubby because he was who he is from the start. He never hid a thing :love: LOL it might be a bad testament to my taste though. :D

Angie - One of the things I hate most about being in an apartment is not having my yard to plant, and watch things grow. Plant a few for me OK? :) My grandma was so mad because she had planted a bunch of seeds earlier, and left stakes in, so she would know which flowers were which, and my little cousins (who should really know better) pulled all of the stakes out! :o I don't think my Grammie was ever so disgusted!

Dips - Good for you for getting your pup neutered!! I could go on and on about the necessity for spay/neuter, but ya'll wouldn't want me to get on my :soap: now would ya? (I have been dying to use that smilie!!) :D I hope he recovers well from the surgery. How old is Niko? On the boyfriend front - hmmm, seems a little convenient to have a crash on your way somewhere when you *promised"* not to be late. Oh well, maybe that's just my cynical nature coming out. MAybe the guy deserves a break...:^:

cal - YAAAAAAAY!!!! Your sanity will shortly be restored! Plus you get to go on an awesome vacation!! Don't you just hate when something breaks just before you are through with it? One of my biggest pet peeves! :dizzy:

Noelle - Ugh! Sometimes city workers can be so obstinate. Like you care what the source of the water is, when your backyard is a bog! :mad: Although I suppose you would care if it was sewer water! I hope they get it all cleaned up for you soon! When is your neice due to arrive?

Well girls, I better get going doing something! :p Have a great day!!!

06-02-2006, 09:45 PM
Hi everyone!

Sorry i've been MIA lately. I wanted to post this on the 31st in the evening, but then I remembered there would be a new sight. Then yesterday, I couldn't find you. Anyway, I've also been riding the pity party train and fighting depression. I've also started back eating way to much sugar:mad: just when I was doing good too. It started this last weekend with my daughter's 8th grade grad party. Too many carbs and sugar, and I've finally stepped on the scale this afternoon. Up five pds. :( Anyway, enough about my woes. You are all still so motivating and wonderful. :hug: It took me forever to finish reading your posts.

Dips, your a saint to let the guy have another chance. I also say bravo for you. When I was your age, I was still thinking "he'll change for me". Well, we all know that's a big load of crap. Just remember the two most important things (and I say this from much experience) make sure you have trust. No trust, no lasting relationship. & Make sure he's your best friend. I married my best friend almost 17 years ago. Oh yeah, and threre's another one: In church one morning the pastor talked to the men (luckily it was in front of us women) and said, "Men, in your marriage you can be happy or you can be right" Fortunately for me, my dh chooses to be happy instead of right. Anyway, I'll be praying for you. follow your gut instinct.

Angie, girl, you are my inspiration. I can't be around all those sweets, never mind making them. If it were me, itwould be: a taste for me to make sure it's okay. Another taste for me to make sure it's still okay. Anyway, you get the picture. Congrats :carrot: on the weight loss. Oh yeah, aloe, girl. Get that aloe on that burn.

Claire, WELCOME!!!:D You'll love these ladies on this board. I've laughed, and I've cried. Iíve also been motivated. Youíll love them. Iím anxious to hear about the bioidentical HRT. Iíve been using a natural progesterone cream (AKA ďhappy creamĒ) What a wonderful difference itís made in my life. I went from two weeks of total raging PMS to one or two days, if that. I donít know what I would have done if I hadnít found my happy cream.

Kemp, congrats on all the new and newly painted stuff. Iím dying to paint my kitchen. I canít stand it anymore, but I canít just paint. My dh has to retape and texture before I can paint.

Lady T, congrats on the new job. I'm very happy for you. Oh yeah, I havenít done my body fat lately, but I found a website called: It will tell you what age your body really is. It says Iím four years older than what I really am. UGH!!! :(

Cal, Iím so envious of your trip. Iíd love to go to Europe to see all that history. Have a safe trip and enjoy.

Noelle, my dh is a utilities supervisor for our city. He's not rude, but always very helpful. However, if it's coming out of your neighbors yard, and it's not the pipes, it's your neighbors problem. Your neighbor is responsible to fix the problem. Also, your city may be willing to come in and pump all the water down. It's worth a try. Congrats on the new niece. I know several people adopting children overseas. Itís so awesome. A friend of mine just recently adopted. They had been waiting a while, when they finally received a call about a premie in Northern Cali. They spend weeks traveling 3 hours to bond with this child. When it came time to take him home, mom decided she wanted to keep him. Anyway, three months later, she got a phone call there was a little girl for adoption. They were able to adopt her. Sheís so beautiful. Anyway, a month after adopting their little girl, they got a call from the adoption agency stating the little premie boy was back up for adoption. Now, she has two babies. They are both so sweet. Sorry for the long story, but itís such an awesome story. :D

Anyway, hello to everyone else. I hope not to be MIA for so long.

06-02-2006, 11:18 PM
I decided to post a little this evening. We had our last full day today; only 3 half days next week.

Angie: I would love to have a nice garden. Unfortunately, about the only thing that will grow here is cactus. :D We will be gone just about 5 weeks. We return on July 11. I'm just about all packed. Once I do laundry tonight or tomorrow, I'll pack the last of everything.

Noelle: I hope that water mess is fixed for you. I can't wait to see more pictures of your niece, she is so adorable.

Dips: I'm glad to hear that your bf is ok. I really hope things work out the way you want them.

Kempy: My sister drove through NO on her way to Mobile and said she's had nothing but rain. I guess it's really missing you. Here we'll hear about chances of rain and can even smell it, but usually get nothing but dust.

LT: Congrats on the job. I'm sure you'll do great with it.

CW: Welcome back. We're always here for you. :grouphug:

Claire: Enjoy working outside. Here it is too hot (108 today). I do enjoy the mornings though; it's really nice then.

Julie: Hope everything is going well with you. Is the weather being nice to you?

Red: Thinking about you and hoping you are well. Have you been riding lately? Take care of yourself.


06-02-2006, 11:25 PM
Good Evening Everyone...

I finally got motivated this morning and did 21 minutes of cardio and about 15 minutes of strength training and sit ups. I am doing pretty good in the fitness category...but I gotta tell you...I am truly falling off the wagon when it comes to my eating. I had french fries last night and today (my biggest weakness!) and ice cream tonite...not to mention chips and salsa for dinner. You woulda thought I hadn't eaten in weeks. sheesh! I have taken out my South Beach Diet book and I will look at it tonite and come up with some kind of plan. My assistant at work has told me that she is starting her diet and exercise plan as well. She joined Curves. So...I have to get going.
CW it's nice to meet you. I feel your pain on the eating. Tomorrow is a new day! Right???
Back to work tomorrow. woohoo! Have a great evening!

06-03-2006, 09:01 AM
Good Morning everyone!!! Remember the rain I said we were supposed to get all week? Well, It finally came today.:rain: The last few days we were expecting cool and rain and we had HOT and MUGGY!!!! UUUGGHHH!! I hate it when the air is so heavy that it feels like you can't get a breath. Of course that makes sure the fence guy wont come up today and make the dogs fenced in area smaller. I cant wait to start landscaping that area.

I weighed in today and lost 3.5 pounds. So, I am thinking most of that is the scale change. I sure hope weight watchers works for me. On the plus side, I have 3.5 more pounds to go and I will be back to where I was in February when I fell off the wagon until now. :goodscale

My whole right arm is peeling now. GROSS!!

Claire, This is our first garden too. I have wanted to try one forever but never got around to it. I am hoping everything grows okay because I would like to be able to give a bunch of fresh veggies to Jay's Grandma. She lives alone and her son and grandson have pretty much spent all of her money. I would like to be able to help her out without it seeming like I am helping her out. You know what I mean?

Great Job on working out and as for the you is a new day. You will get it, I know you will. :hug:

LT, YEAH!!!! :cheer: I am so happy that you got your job. Hug all the animals for me. I am glad to hear that Midnight took it easy on you. What a good boy.

CW, Don't you hate it when one event can throw off your whole diet? I do that at some of the stupidest things. My last mess up was because the kids had a week off from school. I have no idea why that triggered me but it did in a big way. Climb aboard and we can all get to where we want to be. :dust:

Luckily for me the bakery isnt really a big problem for me....unless I try new recipes then I feel like I need to sample. But usually I have dollar signs on all the food and dont want to eat the profit. :lol: Take out is my big problem.

Cal, 108!!! Holy cow, how do you guys handle that kind of heat? :flow2: Vaca is getting closer. Your hubby's family must be getting so excited that you all are coming to visit too.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

06-03-2006, 09:26 AM
Yawn...good morning, women... My alarm went off this morning and for some reason I thought I could just keep on sleeping. Then something in my brain told me that it was Saturday...time to get ready for work. So, I thought I would check here before I started the process.
Thanks for the encouragement, Angie...and WTG on the 3.5 pounds! Keep going! I relooked at the South Beach thingy...and will at least do a modified version of it before I fully jump into it. I am one of those people that rarely jump into the pool full bodied...I am always inching in. Pain avoidance...what can I say.
I hope your garden produces all that you want it to. It's sweet that you want the veggies for Jay's Grandma. I know that when you always comes back to you. You will probably end up having a bumper crop due to your motivation. :o)
LT...I forgot to say a big WTG on the job! I am sure you are excited. Doesn't matter if it's's a job! Woohoo!
Cal...I am with Angie on the heat. Didn't you say you were from AZ? I have actually built homes for some clients coming from AZ recently for the very reason that their kids could never play outside because of the heat. wow. It gets hot here in TX...but it's usually in August and early September. I like to think of it as our "winter" in that most stay inside until it has passed.

06-03-2006, 09:40 AM
We have a saying here..."But it's a dry heat!" It is dry, the humidity usually hovers around 10%; anything higher is miserable. In fact, after we got back to AZ last year (from our trip back east), it was 117, but it felt great because it was dry. We can still get things done outside early in the morning, and for later, there's always the malls!!! (Come to think of it, maybe that's why we have so many malls here.)

I've gotta start laundry, I have a lot to do if I want to get everything packed.
Have a great day everyone.

06-03-2006, 12:56 PM
Good morning everyone... it's been so hot and muggy here I've been getting up early (before 5:30 a.m.) and leaving for my walk before the sun comes out full blast. I should--no! make that WILL BE leaving in a few minutes :running:

We got some sad news earlier this week, my 45 y.o. cousin passed away in northern Cal. He was suffering from cancer and after his son just graduated from college in St. Louis, MO on May 20th which he attended, they went back home and he passed away 4 days later. This is the cousin that was diagnosed a year and a half ago, right about the time his dad (my uncle) passed away. It's so sad because he was so young, and I think he was "holding on" just to see his only son graduate. My parents and 2 of my sisters are leaving this morning to go to the funeral. I am staying back to watch the house and because my niece is graduating from high school on Sunday--finally. This is the niece that was hella rebellious a couple of years ago :rolleyes: and guess what? She has decided (on her own) that instead of going to college right away, she wanted to join the HI National Guard to get tuition money that way. My first thoughts were "are you crazy? There's a war going on???".... then I said "She needs the discipline". So, that's what's going on here. Sorry to be so long winded, but I tend to ramble when I miss a day here.

Great job Angie, new scale or not, you are doing great! You and Jay are really sweet to be helping grandma like that--I hate bloodsucking relatives! :mad:

Claire, you will "get it", just like Angie said. One inch at a time is fine, just as long as you get yourself submerged eventually ;) I have a cousin in Lubbock, (which is more northern right?). Haven't seen her in years though... Oh, and about the assistant on a diet too...maybe you can use that as motivation and start a little healthy competition? :boxing: :lol:

cw, :hug: welcome back! We all have pity parties once in a while. But you know you can always come back here right? Heck, some people go away for months, then resurface again. We always welcome them back into the fold. Thanks for the info about the City and what they can do to help. That is so great about your friend adopting the 2 babies! :love: It is heartbreaking to hear about people getting babies and then having to give them back because the bio-parent changed their minds.

Cal, 117 degrees? Ack!! You could warm up your garlic bread in those temps--no oven needed. Hope you get your laundry done and your bags packed. Vacation here you come!

Dips, I'm glad the almost-BF was not hurt in the accident. Hope he makes it up to you in a big way, if not, you know what to do :D :kickcan:

LadyT, CONGRATULATIONS on the new job :high: I'm so excited for you! Good luck! I'm glad you got back on your doll of a horse too, got that hurdle over with. Have a great weekend.

Well, I have to end here and get on with my walk before I change my mind. Have a great weekend EVERYBODY :wave: :grouphug:

06-03-2006, 01:31 PM
So I got Niko Home and he seems to be his normal self. e has to wear that funnel-looking thingy on his head to keep him from licking himself. Other than that he's doing well. Still my buddy.

Noelle- Good job on staying motivated and getting that walk in! That's what it's all about! Moving and shaking baby:carrot: I decided that I'm going to alter my morning route to work. I'm taking a different subway which will force me to walk an extra 10 blocks each morning. I wish your niece well. The service can do a lot of good but joining during wartime is tricky. It's a double edged sword. Just tell her to make sure she does her research and don't listen to a damn word those recruiters say because they get paid to lie to your face! So sorry about your cousin. It's always especially sad when the person is so young.

CW- Welcome back my dear.:hug: I'm glad to see you back and don't worry about a thing, we're going to get it going all over again! And I totally agree with you on the trust thing. A relationship can't survive without it. I'm not in love with him so I don't have that condition where I'm too dumb to see past bs. We've been together only a month and a half so we're still feeling eachother out. I'll keep you posted on how things are going.

Angie- Good job on the loss. I think ww is doing you all a whole lot of good. And how good you are for doing all that yardwork. I will live in APTs forever to avaoid all of that. I can't stand it!

Clairelinn- You know what? I don't think you're as jaded as you say. I wasn't so sure I belived his story about his accident. I asked for receipts :lol: Trust me I know that guys can be completely full of sh*t which is why I dumped him in the first place. He's trying to earn his place with me again. I have my eyes wide open though so don't you worry about me.

LadyT- Believe me I had those same exact thoughts about his sudden accident but I want to be fair before I get brutal so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. I went out with a friend of mine last night and he met up with us. I told him that it was good to see him and that I would call him later but I want to hang out with my friend. He said he wanted to spend time with me and I told him I would see if I could get together next week. He seemed disappointed but he has to know that I'm not going to drop what 'm doing whenevr he decides to show up :rolleyes: men...By the way, it's encouraging to hear from someone who supports my decision to neuter my dog. All I been hearing all week from my [male] co-wrokers was how cruel I was being to my pet and it really made me feel bad. I had mixed feelings about the whole thing which is why it took me so long but ultimately i decided to just do it. Niko is 16 months old. I really should have had it done a lot sooner. Anyways he seems okay.

Cal- 108 degrees :eek: I can't mess with that kind of heat, wet, dry, slightly damp or whatever. Heat is heat and I can't stand too much of it. When we had the first hot day in NY [about 85] I didn't go outside til the evening. But you'll be away from all that shortly. Have a blast on your trip!

Okay ladies, have to take care of my pup and give him his pain meds. Ciao!

06-03-2006, 03:42 PM
Hey Dips...telling us about your dog made me smile. I have seen those dogs with the cone thingys on their heads. It always cracks me up. I keep thinking that they must feel humiliated when their other doggie friends come around. :) I hope he gets to feeling better soon!

06-03-2006, 07:40 PM
Hi people. I haven't looked in here in a long time. Been incredibly busy with racing and whatnot. Looks like there's been a lot of action and new faces. Just glanced through the posts, see the talk of Dips boyfriend's accident. Of course he had an accident! You saw the car, right? Staged it? Well, if any guy would bother to stage an accident, he'd have to be pretty hung up on you! :lol3: I have had my share of deceptions etc. but they don't affect me. I just laugh, wave goodbye, tell them I'm not interested in games and it's over. I really don't understand people who hang on and on and on. I guess I'm pretty cruel when it comes to cutting people (read stupid guys) off. Actually, I guess it's because I never had any expectations of guys anyhow. It could also be because I'm the flip one. :lol: The thing is though, I can't be wasting my time thinking what some guy is up to. You have fun, Dips! Cal, thanks for thinking of me. It was seeing your post and my name that got me in here. I have been riding. No matter how exhausted I am, I try to get out to the stable 3x/week. Yesterday though I was so tired that my mare was taking advantage of me and bucking more than usual in rebellion, not wanting to work. But we got some work done and I am just happy to be out there with her. I did cut it short though because it does no good to let her see her getting the upper hand, which she can do when I'm tired. She likes a strong but gentle rider and when you're tired you can't do the combination. Well, off to the track soon again. I'll try to catch up at some point. I am doing my crunches every day because of my 21-day challenge. I plan to start a program of self-improvement involving everything, especially what goes in my mouth. I have been dosing myself with caffeine and not eating healthful food and it shows awfully in my skin. Haven't been drinking much at all, though I had a few cans of the brew here at home last night and it gave me quite a buzz. Exhaustion will do that I guess. But, I am tired of the whole drinking scene. I have this desire to get really fit again and knock about 10 years off my looks. Right now I look my age....ugh...:stress:
Okay, ciao tutti. Take care! :wave:

06-04-2006, 03:05 PM
Happy Sunday, Everyone!
My morning started out pretty good. I exercised, fed the chickens and cows and went back to the house only to find that my husband was not happy with me. Long story...I will spare you the details. He decided to stay home from I went alone. I am now at work. I honestly don't want to be here today. Personal issues can really screw up ones motivaton...if you know what I mean.
I am determined to make this a good day. I am praying that all of you have an incredibly blessed day!
I haven't bought a scale I guess that will need to happen soon so I can participate in the challenge.
Have a good one!

06-04-2006, 03:41 PM
Happy Sunday ladies. I am back from my walk...took a long one today, to counteract some of the eating I did yesterday. We took my niece and sister out to dinner at Buca di Bepo to celebrate her graduation, and for dessert ordered the dolce platter for 6 of us (there were HUGE slices of 1 each: dark chocolate cake, cheesecake, tiramisu and a mixed fresh berries lemon tar)....OMG, the pasta was great and I should have left it at that...but I had a couple of bites of each dessert. I AM WEIGHING IN ON TUESDAY...I know I have gained, but I will put it out there in writing for me and for all to see to get my butt back on track. :kickbutt:

Claire, sorry hubby is upset but at least you got in your exercise and your spirit uplifted at church--both positive you usually work on Sundays? Hope you two are back on the same page soon :hug:

:wave: Hi Red... glad to know you're still lurking around here.

Dips, all our dogs and cats are fixed around here. Men are just plain silly in that way--I guess they feel their own masculinity is threatened when you mention neutering? :lol: Did you know there is actually a product called "neuticles" which are prosthetic testicle implants for dogs??? Guess what? Invented by a MAN :rofl: Go and google it. This kind of reminds me of truck nutz (you can google that too) :rolleyes:

Off to grab a shower. Have a great Sunday ladies.

06-04-2006, 05:29 PM
Oh my gosh, gotta be kidding on the neuticles. Only a guy would come up with that. What is with men and their manhoods...??? They honestly believe we care about that. Maybe there are some women out there that do...but geez...give me a loving man that thinks I am the queen of the world and I am a happy camper.

I still haven't heard from my husband. He usually calls several times a day. Like I said before, I am choosing to have a good day regardless. And, yes, I work on Sundays...from 12 to 6. My work week goes from Sat-Wed. You get used to it. The money you make (or can make) helps take the sting out of it. for the extra long walk to counteract your extra eating, Noelle...that's why I always order a "diet" coke to go with my Big Mac Combo Meal. It cancels out the extra calories. :)

Have a groovy afternoon!

06-04-2006, 07:45 PM
Hey guys. Geesh I didnt even have enough time to post today. But I am here now. Yesterday the fence guy actually came and shortened the fence in the rain. WOOHOO for him. We liked the looks of it so much better without the privacy slats so we took them out on the neighbors side too. Now lets hope their company isnt always out there trying top pet the dogs. :lol:

Noelle, GREAT JOB on getting up early so you can get in your walks. I will have to start doing that right off when it really warms up here.

I am sorry to hear about your cousin passing. My thoughts are with your whole family.

Dips, Your vet kept poor Niko overnight? I bet he was happy to see you. :lol: My vets just do them and send them home....except for Candi, I made them keep her overnight because I was worried she would rip her stitches out. I missed her so bad that night. :lol: I bet he is getting extra spoiled this weekend huh? I can imagine all the crap you have been hearing about not neutering him too. We heard all that with every one of our animals. My daughters friends mom thinks we are nuts because we dont breed any of them. I wouldnt do that because there is NO way I could part with any of them. :lol:

Red, Hi :wave:

Claire, You dont need to do a weight for the challenge if you dont want to. You can just do your exercise minutes like in your ticker. I think that is a great guide too. Great Job on getting your exercise in first thing today!!! :cheer: I hope you and your hubby work everything out today.

Noelle, You seriously are making my mouth water with that dessert! I am a sweets girl!! AWESOME JOB today!!! :cheer:

06-05-2006, 10:47 AM
GOOD MORNING!!!:wave: :coffee2: :sunny: :flow2:

06-05-2006, 12:29 PM
Back at ya! :coffee2:

Off for a back later :D

06-05-2006, 07:39 PM
Hello Everyone,

I have to comment on the neutering. It's a man thing. My husband does treat me like a queen, but when it came down to "getting fixed" he was such a baby and wouldn't do it. Needless to say, I had it done, and milked it for two weeks: no house work, he took care of the kids, cooked, everything. lol;) As far as the animals go, I think it's important unless your a professional breeder. I have an AKC pomeranian (toy), which I planned on breeding to make some money. When the time came, I researched and found that puppy birth is very hard on them and some of them die from it. I couldn't put her through that, and the thought of losing her, I had her fixed. She's so fragil, that she was sick for a week after her surgery. You know, the funny thing is, I was never an animal lover until I got her. She's my baby. I never thought I'd love an animal like that, but I guess everyone can fall in love with their animal. Oh yeah, and I also found out I can't show her now because she's not breedable. :mad:

I remember reading about a challenge, but I don't remember the details. Please fill me in again. Thanks.

I pray everyone has a blessed evening.:grouphug:

06-05-2006, 07:40 PM
Hello Everyone...Happy Monday! It has been a Monday in it's truest form. Even so...good will be coming out of it.
I did not exercise this morning. I am debating on whether I should do it tonite. Might be good for a change.
On the challenge thing...I really do want to do it...just still afraid of that scale. Maybe it would be a good thing for me. I will let you know what I do.
Hope you all had an amazing day.

06-05-2006, 07:46 PM
Hello ladies!!! Happy Monday! How are all you gorgeous gals doing today? We had a beeeeeeeautiful weekend here! Hot and sunny!:flow2: :flame: It was awesome. I took one of my younger cousins to a horse show on Sat, and we both forgot sunscreen and got burned faces. :^: Oh well! I went out riding on Sun, which was good, Midnight was not quite so good this time, but I'll have to forgive him as he is cutting a tooth, and his mouth looked pretty ouchie!

Thanks for all your congrats and support on the new job, I am getting a little nervous as tomorrow is my first day...

I am getting frustrated with myself. I have been gaining and losing the same 3 damn pounds all month. I am good eating wise most days. I am getting at least 20 minutes of exercise a day. I guss maybe I am still to high on calories. *sigh* I'm trying hard to keep my chin up and not lose motivation...:( Hopefully I'll start seeing something change soon! :^:

Angie - You are doing so AWESOME! WTG on another 3.5 lbs! I am so proud of you! BTW people who say negative things to you about spaying and neutering your pets are just plain ignorant. Tell them to take a stroll through the local animal shelter, and then explain why your dogs and cats need to be able to breed. Sorry... I'm probably preaching to the choir here but, honestly, people just don't get it! :dizzy:

Claire - Hope you and your hubby kiss and make up. My hubby and i have disagreements fairly frequently, but always seem to resolve them without lingering bitterness. Sometimes we won't speak for a few days though, it takes some people a long time to think things through. :) Good luck with the scale shopping!

Noelle - Good for you for resolving to weigh in this week, despite the fact that you think you have gained. I hope it gets you the motivation you are looking for! I have heard of neuticles. I used to work in the spay/neuter clinic at the shelter. We used to joke that send so many animals through that we are bound to find some at some point. They still hadn't when I quit though. I could just imagine the vet's face if she pulled a pair of rubber balls out of some dog!! :rofl: :lol3:

Red - Doncha just love when your horse decides they've had enough? Midnight is pretty funny. He loooooves to see me and get his pets, treats, and attention, but he's not so crazy about the work aspect of seeing me!:D

Dips - I'm glad Niko is OK. Trust me, he will prefer the cone on his head to an infected scrotum. I support the spay/neuter decision 100%! And I'm glad your giving the guy the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes they do just screw up, and need a second chance. I hope he doesn't waste his, because he's got a good thing, too bad if he throws it away! ;)

Cal - HAVE FUN!!! Have a wonderful trip!

cw - Good to see you again! Hop back on the wagon with us, we'll help you get there!

Alright ladies, I think I caught myself up! :D Enjoy the rest of your day!

06-05-2006, 07:50 PM
LOL cw and Claire, I was typing my super long post, just as you tow posted your quick, to-the-point ones! :D

cw - I really think if the AKC wants to support the decrease of the pet overpopulation issue, they need to still allow spayed and neutered animals to be shown. Of course, I am pretty clearly biased! :D

Claire - Whether you do the challenge or not is up to you and your comfort level. I was thinking about it, but I don't thiunk it is for me right now. But on the future it may be just what I need! :D Good luck with whatever you decide to do!:D

06-06-2006, 09:45 AM
Hi. :wave: I have to go get a walk in but I had a quick question for you guys who do weight watchers. Do you eat all of your flex points and activity points every week? If so how do you do it? Like what do you eat with them, a splurge meal that is fatty of what? :lol: That has been confusing me and I havent used any of them yet becuase I really dont get them. :lol: Thanks.

06-06-2006, 11:27 AM
Man, I can tell it is that time of year again. The time when I get too busy to sit down and do anything on the puter besides from paying bills. I hate that I can't go back and read everything but I am going to try to keep up from today. I will be out of town this weekend so I know I will miss a few more days.

Angie that is insane. I know my brother is still having problems with his son too. He got kicked out of school at the end of the year so now he has to re-do it next year. He got kicked out too but of course he is right back at home. I think they just think they are all big and bad but when it really comes down to it they need their parents. Of course, there is now way that they would admit that. That would mean they are not a tough kid. I hope she comes around and you be sure to stand your ground. You are the parent and your other kids need you too.

I have a busy day today at work but I didn't have to go in until 11:30. So, I got my exercise in and now I need to take a shower. I am going to try to hop on tonight and see what you guys are up to. I have been spending my evenings watering the yard since it has been so dry. We REALLY need some rain here.

06-06-2006, 01:52 PM
Wow, Angie... My heart is just breaking for you and your daughter. When kids act out like that it is usually a cry for help. Like Kempy said...they would never admit it, but deep down inside they know they need you. One of the most loving things you can do is stand your ground when it comes to discipline. If you say you are going to do it. It hurts like **** to carry it out...but in the long run it's for the best. It's interesting...but my daughter called me on my cell phone last week right before I went into a meeting. (She's 18). I was a little put off that she was interupting my important meeting but she said this..."Mom...I am at the mall with my friends and I just wanted to call to thank you for not taking crap from me." I said, "What???" She went on to say that she had watched an exchange between a mother and a daughter where the daughter was doing what your daughter did last night...only in public! She said..."I felt sorry for the mother...but at the same time wished she would have not taken it from her daughter. I am just glad you didn't take crap from me. I love you." Needless to say, I hung up and just bawled like a baby. She was my toughest kid too from the time she was born. Stubborn! There were many times I thought I was going to crumble and just let her do what she wanted to do. But, through the encouragement of friends, I stood my ground and it paid off.
Angie, I know you are a good mom. Hang in there. I will pray for you. Promise.

Now...for my drama...:). My husband and I are still struggling. But...the Lord must have known exactly what I needed. I had a lender make a business call to my office yesterday...and long story short...she was able to give me the name of a licensed counselor for free and she prayed with me. I could hardly stop crying. She had no idea what a "God appointment" it was. My husband does not know that I am going in for counseling (tomorrow at 11)... All I know is that I need help. Thanks to all of you for your encouragement.
I exercised this morning. It felt good. I just need to get my eating under control. I am heading up to Dallas to spend a couple days with my best friend and get my butt pill tomorrow. So...any serious eating changes will happen after that. :)
Dips...what's the lates on your BF??? Is he treating you nice?
Hope you all are doing well...

06-06-2006, 03:28 PM
Good morning ladies... it's a hot one today.

Angie, I'm so sorry you have got to get through this teenage angst, but I know you can do it. :hug: I know my sister went through some bad stuff my niece daughter (the one that just graduated), and it eventually came down to my niece moving in with my other sister, like what you mentioned--not exactly the same circumstances, but very similar. You called Brit's bluff and now she knows she can't put on all that bravado w/out you coming down on her @ss. I would be shocked as heck too if my kid took that attitude with me and started to throw punches. Hang in there girl, I'll be praying for you guys :hug: What does Jay think of all of this going on???

Claire, I'm glad you got to talk with someone to talk through your issues, that always helps. Chatting w/someone online is good therapy too, but there's nothing like talking with a real live person. I'll be sending good vibes and prayers for you too. Enjoy your time w/your friend and I hope that butt pill does wonderful things for ya ;) :hug:

Kempy, where are you gallivanting off to this weekend? :D

Well, I have a bit of a rant as well today I guess. I went for a walk early this morning and usually use the spare key we keep hidden to get back into the house. Well, when I got back home, the key wasn't in the holder where it was supposed to be. I call my sister and she says my niece took it the night she slept over, to get back into the house. Well DUH! We keep it hidden AT the house so the family can use it--why take it with you and then forget to put it back? I was so IRRITATED that I called and woke my niece up and made her come over and drop it off. THEN I take Michael to the store to get some breakfast things, when we come back, my other sister is waiting at the house with her daughter--apparently to drop her off so I can watch one asked me if I would watch her...she just assumes that since Michael is on vacation too, I would watch her. Well! I drove right on by and went to the office instead--ditching both of them at the house. I know, that was rotten of me, but it was more rotten of my sister to just assume that I would do the babysitting duties--forget it! I know, evil aunt :devil:...

But anyway, my little complaints are nothing big, just had to get them off my chest.

LadyT, how was the first day at your new job? Come on, spill!

I gotta run and get some work done, have a good one. :wave:

I'll be back later to post results of my weigh in--I am dreading it!

06-06-2006, 08:12 PM
Hi everyone. Boy, there's really been some drama these last 24 hours.

Angie, my heart goes out to you. How old is your daughter? I thank God I only had one episode like that with me son. When he turned 18, he was going through that trying to figure out his future thing. You know, finding himself. He got a little greedy with me & got really mean, and tried to push me. I locked myself in my room and called my husband. In the meantime, he's outside cussing me out. I didn't speak to him for a week. He knew on his own that he really screwed up with that one. By the grace of God, nothing like that has ever happened again. My daughter is almost 15. She's getting a little mouthy and moody, but (Thank you, Lord) she hasn't tried to hit me. But then again, she's a weak :boxing: little thing, and she knows I can take her.:frypan: I'll be praying for you, Angie. Oh yeah, about the flex points, you don't have to eat those. Those are there for you when you need the extra points for special occasions such as BBQ with cake and stuff like that, outside of your usual daily points. If you don't use them, that's okay. :hug:

Claire, don't you love those God appointed moments. I hope that the couseling you receive is godly counsel. I know that there's a church in my town that gives free counseling. When someone is wanting that, I always refer them to that over the secular counseling. I'll be praying that the Lord bring you and your husband closer with each passing moment. :hug:

Noelle, your sister is pretty bold. My sister and I used to babysit for each other, but we always asked if the other was available first. I think you did the right thing. Did your sister see you drive by? If she did, I'm sure she got the hint. :rofl:

Now for my evening last night. My dad called me at 10:00 p.m., which never happens, so I knew something was wrong. My uncle (Mom's brother) passed away yesterday. There's eight kids in my mom's family, and he's the first to pass on. It's really sad, and my mom is really sad. My uncle was a very happy man. I choose to believe he died doing what he enjoyed, farming & watching the crop crow when his heart gave out.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a better evening. :hug: for everyone.

Hello to LT, Kemp, Dips and everyone else. :hug: for all of you.

06-06-2006, 09:53 PM
Hey Everyone... After reading everyone's post I will have to agree with CW that it's been quite a day. It's usually on those kinds of days I emotionally eat. Today is no different. I had fries for lunch and bacon cheddar wedges and an ice cream bar for dessert. Gosh, it looks even worse when you type it out. I need to get a grip on the eating.
I tried on my suit that I wore last August and laughed my head off... Keep in mind, I was a size 6 last year in August and now I am a 10 at best. I actually had a spare tire. In all my life I have never had a spare tire. I never gained around my waist or abdomen. Now...I guess it's the only place for the fat to go since my hips and thighs are full up.
Hopefully, what this doctor tells me will help me move in a direction that is more positive. I need to do something.
CW...sorry to hear about your uncle. I will certainly pray for your entire family. I am also praying for you too Angie and Noelle as well. I am with CW...pretty gutsy to just assume you would baby sit. Good move on your part for driving right on by. I would have done the same. I don't think it's mean...I think it gives her something to think about.
I am also waiting to hear about your first day, Lady T...and anxious to hear how everyone else is doing.
Tomorrow is a new day!!! Right??
Thanks for being there for me.

06-07-2006, 09:54 AM
Just a quick post because today is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!:carrot: :carrot: Only a 1/2 day at that.
I'm all packed and ready to go. All I have to do today at school is cover some of my books and turn in my keys. The kiddos leave at noon and I hope to be able to leave at 1pm.
I did want to share something. Yesterday one of my students (one of the biggest troublemakers) asked if he could sign my yearbook. I said yes and gave it to him (silently hoping that he wouldn't write something inappropriate). After he left, I read what he wrote and it nearly made me cry. He wrote 'thanks for being a great teacher this year and thanks for not giving up on me'. What a great kid inside. He has changed the past month or so and I even called his parents a couple of times to tell them that he was doing awesome. (I also told his dad that I wish they'd sent this twin to school earlier and kept the other one at home. :D His dad nearly dropped the phone because he started laughting so hard).
I'll post more later.
Have a great day everyone.


06-07-2006, 01:14 PM
Hey guys. I just got back from weigh-in and I knew it would not have changed. I am still at the same place I was 3 weeks ago. This is so frustrating. I am so close but I am still so far away. I am not giving up saying that my body must be happy here b/c I still look so fluffy. I so have a good muscle base due to all the years of heavy weight training but the fat is just refusing to move. I feel better knowing that I can fit better into my clothes but there still is a section of my closet that hasn't seen daylight in too long. Gosh, I really need this to change!

Noelle we are heading over to the beach for the weekend. We are tired of working on the house every weekend so we made plans to relax. We usually take vacation at the end of summer so now that we have already gone we are lost without something to look forward to. I guess I should be glad my nephews are old enough not to be left with me. I have a feeling my siblings would be using me since I don't put in lots of hours.

CW I think it is great that we have our own WW person on our thread. I hope you don't mind if we pick your brain from time to time.

Claire I gained alot when I got married too. I actually freaked out when I thought about what I usuaed to weigh when we were first together. Holy Moly, I thought I was fat too. I can only dream of being in a 6. I was not in that even when I was 20. How tall are you by the way? I am 5'7".

Angie I am used to seing you first thing on the thread, what are you up to today?

Cal you are going to have so much fun. I know you will take lost of pics and I can't wait to see them. I have a client who just go back from France. She said she will never go back but at least she went once in her life. That is so sweet when bad kids actually show they are good inside.

Ok, I need to put away the groceries and do some sort of exerice.

06-07-2006, 02:53 PM
Hi ladies, just a quickie as I need to grab a shower and then head off to work.
My sister did not show up this morning so I think she got the hint :devil:

I weighed in yesterday and gained .8 of a lb....small miracles eh? I was really shocked since i thought i had done so much more damage. Haha, I got to eat all that bad stuff too! Still I am up 2.6 from my "lowest" weight this time around. Time to get serious again and do some @ss-kicking. :kickbutt:

Kempy, I looked at my WI card yesterday and realized that I have been around the same weight (give or take 2-3 lbs up and down) for the past 2 MONTHS--so don't get discouraged. :rolleyes: Enjoy the beach! :beach:

Cal, that is so touching that your student wrote that to you. He will probably remember you for the rest of his life :yes: Have fun on that awesome vacation! I am so jealous!

Claire, size 6? Hehe, I haven't seen that number for over 11 years! Hope your doctor visit goes well.

cw, I am sorry to hear about your uncle. I am keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. It's never easy to lose any family member, especially those you were close to. :hug:

Angie, how's it going w/Brit today? Hope you guys are doing alright.

Julie, are you on a family vacation? Miss you!

Hi to LadyT, Red, Cherie, Dips and everyone :wave: Gotta run.

06-07-2006, 05:14 PM
Here is a pic of my niece at her high school graduation on Sunday....what a brat! :lol:

06-07-2006, 05:20 PM
Hello Ladies...

I actually had started a letter to you all and then got sidetracked. I came back and deleted it by I am starting over.

I had a rough start to the morning in that my husband and I had another "discussion". It wasn't encouraging...let's just leave it at that. I was glad that I would be seeing the counselor today. We had a 2.5 hour appointment. There's good and bad to report. First...I am not going nuts. That's fairly good news. I felt like I was heard and that the things that are concerns of mine are truly valid (this is coming from a male I feel confident). The bad news is this...his schedule is full. So, he would have to refer me or us out should we decide to go that direction. Meaning...we would have to pay $$ to get help. That ain't gonna fly with my husband in that he is not crazy about the whole counseling thing to begin with. So...I guess I have some thinking to do...and a mess of praying.

Cal...what a testiment to who you are to get such a wonderful thing written to you. You are blessed!

Only 2.5 hours and I am outta of here to go see my best friend in Dallas and see the butt pill doctor. Can't wait!!!!

Thanks for all of your thoughts, concerns and prayers. You all are so kind!
More later.

Wtg...Noelle on the smaller weight gain. Don't let it fool you though... I don't know about you...but I would weigh myself (in the past) for weeks with no weight gain...thinking that my eating wasn't effecting anything...then BOOM one day I would suddenly gain 5 pounds. It's like it's a water balloon that finally bursts once it gets beyond it's filling point... Know what I mean. All that to get back on the horse...go for it...and keep that from happening! You can do it!!!

Kempy...I am 5'7" too... I gain all my weight in my hips and also in my abdomen. Like I has no where else to go. And, let's be honest. A size 6 today...was the size 8 or even 10 of yesterday.

06-07-2006, 05:24 PM
Noelle...must have missed the pic when I was typing... That cracks me up! Thankfully, my daughter's graduation was the shortest one I have gone to in my life on earth. yeeeeha!

Congrats to your niece!

06-07-2006, 05:26 PM
A pic of Rory the graduate with the family... my oldest/eldest(?) sister on the left, my other niece, the graduate, her mom (my sis right above me), my baby Michael, my #3 sis, and me on the right.

So do ya think me and #1 sister look alike? Features-wise? I don't think so, but a lot of people tell me so. Maybe if I lose another 50 lbs, I can look more like sister #6.... darn I hate those skinny girls :lol:

06-07-2006, 05:34 PM
Claire, I'm sorry you and the hubby are having difficulties, but such is life eh? I really hope you can work it out. I'm happy that you have a counselor though. My husband and I have "issues" every now and then, and went through some rough stuff last year, but we have worked through it :crossed:. I hope you find someone who is reasonably priced (if you have to pay for it) but more importantly, one who will listen and help the both of you heal. I know how difficult it can be to even find someone professionally...I tried looking last year on my own and called numerous offices and came up with 0%--nada phone calls returned... I'm praying for you :hug:

As for the weight gain...I know!!! :lol: Great analogy--the water balloon thing :balloons:

06-07-2006, 08:51 PM
Hey guys I have been landscaping in front of the bakery all day. We also remulched my shrubs out front and a few flower boxes. I am going to be so sore in the morning.

Puddin is having another attack of diarrhea. The store didnt have her food in stock so I had to switch her to adult formula so I had to fight with the new vets to give me the meds because they wouldnt see her til Friday afternoon. She would have been dehydrated by then!!! So I argued a bit and told them what was wrong with her was the same problem she had the last time I was there and I wasnt going to wait for her to get sicker. :lol: They gave me her meds. :lol:

Okay I got to get some more stuff done. I will do individual replies in the morning when I have more time. Luv YA!!!

06-07-2006, 09:03 PM
Oh my goodness! A girl disappears for a bit, and look what happens!!! :D Ya'll have been having a rough week!:grouphug:

Noelle - You aare beautiful!!! And your family is too!! :D I'm glad you went and weighed in on Tues, and that the damage was not too bad. Now you can look forward to getting back on track. Really, maintaining your loss is not such a bad thing, right? ;)

Claire - I hope you and your hubby find the help you need. I don't think there is anything more frustrating and difficult than when you are having relationship issues. A :hug: for you and sending good vibes in your direction. :goodvibes:

Kempy - Keep at it! You'll get there! If you're building on a base of muscle you are very lucky, there is that much less for you to do. Have fun at the beach! :cool:

cal - How was the last day girl?! I hope you're ready to go, 'cause you're goin'!!! Have fun! :D

cw - So sorry to hear about your uncle... :hug:

Angie - Gosh, what a time you're having. I don't blame you one bit for turfing Brit. That is unacceptable! I hope you're OK!!! :hug:

Thanks to ya'll for asking how the job is! So far, so good! It's oretty busy and demanding, and since a lot of it is somewhat unfamiliar, it sure does seem like a lot of hard work, but I think it should be good!

I'm off to watch the hockey game, have a good one ladies!!!

06-08-2006, 04:11 AM
Hey ladies, just winding down for the night. We just got back from Rick and Michael's karate class. They had exams for the next belt level tonight. I am crossing my fingers :crossed: that Michael passed. He did pretty well, but he seems to have a nervous habit of not keeping his hands tightly closed (fists) and he keeps wiggling his fingers :rolleyes:. Rick did well except for one mistake with the wrong hand, hopefully he excelled with the other stuff so the sensei can overlook the wrong move :lol: And, they are allowed 2 mistakes and can still pass--if they make a 3rd, the automatically fail and have to wait another 3 mos. for the next exam. At the very end, Michael was supposed to be sitting very still with his eyes closed during the closing ceremony. He kept putting his hand up to his mouth and then made a funny sound like "waaa"... I looked sharply at him and saw that his hand was in a fist--turns out his loose tooth fell out during the ceremony and he had to take it out before he swallowed it! :lol: So other than that, business as usual.

LadyT, how was the hockey game? I know you canucks are heavy into hockey. Thanks for the compliments on the pictures :o , you're sweet! Glad you like your new job too.

Angie, I'm glad you argued your case to the vet for your poor cat and got her meds. I hate it when pets have to suffer. :( Whew, you got a workout in your garden :carrot: I'm sure you burned lots of calories and earned mucho activity points!

Well, gotta get ready for bed so I can be up and at 'em early tomorrow :running: Have a good one!

06-08-2006, 09:10 AM
The shuttle will be here in 2 hours, but I have everything all ready and the suitcases are downstairs. I can't believe we leave today. I will try to post while we're gone, but it will depend on when I can find a computer to use.
I hope everyone stays well. I'll tell you all about the trip when we return, which is July 10.

I'll miss you.


06-08-2006, 09:22 AM
Take care, cal! And have a great trip! :wave:

06-08-2006, 11:06 AM
Good Morning guys. I am getting my hair colored this morning b4 I have any clients so I guess I get a little pampering myself this time. Well, you know how things work when you make up your mind to do something? Well, I thought last night that I would give myself a break for a few weeks from WW as far as journaling goes and see if that will get me revved up again. Well, this morning I get on the scale and I am 2 lbs down from yesterday. I swear I don't know what to do now.

Noelle how much is the tooth fairy bringing these days? I used to get a quarter. :D

Cal have a great time.

LT it can get pretty busy around here. It has been really slow b4 though so this is a nice change.

I need to head out. I will check back in later.

06-08-2006, 11:49 AM
Good Morning girls! I am so sore from head to toe this morning. :lol: I took Rebel for a walk this morning and it is dark and rainy out. Let me tell you the woodsy part of my walk is creepy on a cold dark day. :lol: To make it more creepy I head a banging and Rebel kept stopping to stare into the woods. :lol: Of course not one car came by while I was walking either.

Kempy, I dont think you should stop your journaling because you know you will slip and gain and then it will screw with your mind even more. I know this from personal experience because it is how I keep gaining my weight back. Congrats on the scale finally moving. That is great!! I remember the first time I got down to 130. It took a few months to get rid of the last 4 pounds. The scale just didnt want to move for me....but it eventually did.

Cal, HAVE FUN!!!

Red, HI! :wave: How are you these days?

Noelle, Nice pics. You are beautiful!! Yeah on the gain not being that bad!!!! :cheer: YOU ROCK!!!

I hope Rick and Michael pass their exam.

LT, I am glad your job is working out for you.

Cw, I am sorry to hear about your uncle passing away. My thoughts are with you all.

Claire, I hope you and your hubby can work things out soon.

06-08-2006, 12:39 PM
Have a wonderful, exciting, safe trip Cal.... Au revoir and arrivederci :wave: We'll miss you.

06-08-2006, 05:53 PM
Hey ladies, what's shakin' today? I did some laundry and am going to the store to buy a new rice cooker before my folks get home on Saturday. The old one seems to have been on its last legs, don't want my mom to think we broke it while she was away :lol: I know, super exciting stuff! :rolleyes:

Kempy, well thank god for small favors :goodscale: :lol: I guess I am w/Angie as far as journaling goes, I would stick with it if it makes you more conscious of what goes in your mouth (this from someone who rarely makes it through the week with a fully commpleted quick track! :devil: ) But congrats on the 2 lbs. Doesn't that make you a little more determined to stay on track and those last pesky pounds off?

Angie, aren't you glad to at least have the dog with you on those scary parts of your walk? I know I am. Even though my dog is a big chicken!

Well, not much happening around here.... be back later.

06-08-2006, 05:54 PM
Hi angie, thanks for the hello! Just up here and have to get working on transcribing a tape so the real work can begin, the writing... :stress: Rainy morning here as well. You have me thinking of dark, cold scary woods, Maine woods! Cool. I love them but know how scary they can be. Now you've got me thinking of that movie...Blair Witch Project or something....I grew up with the Pennsylvania woods and that movie was more scary for me because of that. I hear you on the journaling note to Kempy. It's so easy to think you've been doing ok, when you haven't and vice versa. I hate journaling, any sort of records really, because it seems to make me focus on things too much and thus ADD to my eating, but it is necessary. Well, gotta run. I'm not lurking, by the way, I never get in here. When I do just jump in for a peek I always say hi so you can see I'm just never here. Sorry for the lack of attention to you all. Take care all! Hi, Noelle, just saw you posted while I was typing! :wave:

06-09-2006, 04:08 AM
I had a great OP day with lots of exercise too (2 1.5 hour walks :running: ). I managed to get through the day without getting into any junk food. I had fresh cherries and pineapple on hand to snack on, plus non-fat yogurt. I actually cooked dinner tonight, and made the WW chicken marasala with fresh steamed asparagus on the side :hun: :T :lol: Angie, I know you love it! :p

I sent Michael w/Rick to tonight's karate class (to get out of my hair and Rick is the new teaching assistant to the Sensei) and because the Tues/Thurs class is so small, the Sensei handed out the new belts, even for the students who tested today--so Michael earned his 4th kyu blue belt and Rick his 3rd kyu brown belt. I am proud of them both. Michael mentioned that "life is good"...with him being on summer vacation, $5 from the tooth fairy (dad's idea, not mine!), a new Nintendo game and the creme de la creme, his blue belt. This kid is riding high!

06-09-2006, 09:45 AM
DRAMA in the house! I'll start with Angie:

Angie- Giiiirrrl, I wish one of my sisters WOULD raise a hand to my mother. Let me tell you something, among us black folks, that is the ultimate sin. You NEVER hit your mother. Even if she's a junkee who stole your television. If anyone hits thier mom in my family they get beat up by the other siblings. And in my immediate family there's 8 of us so you're gonna get one **** of a whoopin'. Then if the cousins get a hold of this info, you should skip town:mad: . I know that teens go through their deals, I was one not too long ago but I'm with the others. Stand your ground and let Brit know who's boss. And when it comes to leaving, don't wait for her to do it, put her out! Just enoug to let her know she's not so tough! I tell you, I just about popped my eyeballs out when I read your post. (deep breath) okay I'm back.

Noelle- Don't you just love it when the scale doesn't reflect how bad you've been? In defense of your neice, Graduation ceremonies can be rather long and boring, I probably caught a few z's at mine too :) And what is up with your sister? Just popping up on you like that. I love the drive by bit :lol: that is classic. By the way, your whole family looks alike. And Mike is looking cute as ever. He is so adorable. Hook him up with something good for that tooth!

CW- So sorry about your uncle. My dad tells me that sometimes, if the passing wasn't too painful, we should celebrate our loved ones making the trip to heaven, the most devine place. Hope your family shres laughs of his memory. You said he was happy in life, I'm sure he's happy dancing with the angels. BTW, thank you for the encouraging words about neutering Niko. I'm still getting flack for it but I'm fine with it now. He seems happy and vibrant as ever.

Claire- I'm not married so I feel out of place offering advice on the topic. I'll just say that I'm glad you are making an effort to make things better with counseling and it sucks that you can't get the free counseling becasue they can be rather costly. HAve faith, you're very dedicated so hings will get better.

LAdyT- You'll do fine at your new job. It's always a little nerve wracking the first few days but I have confidence in you. :D

Red- How's the weather in Tokyo? Did the rain clear up yet? I know your're not in the daily mix with us but it is always nice to see you when you grace us with your presence.

Okay ladies, now for my rant of the week. As of Sunday, I broke up with my now ex-boyfriend. He showed up late one night without calling AGAIN so I just told him that I was done and I don't want to see him anymore. He has since been calling me 8-10 times a day, showing up at my job (which I told him not to do anymore) and just getting on my natural nerves. He told me he wouldn't accept losing me and he won't stop until he gets me back.:?: I'm just wondering why he couldn't just be good to me in the first place rather than go through all of this when I've already reached my limit :shrug: Men make no sense at all.:dizzy:

06-09-2006, 11:03 PM
Hey everyone, what's everyone up to this Friday? Thought I'd bump us off the 2nd page.

Dips, I'm sorry to hear about you and the xbf, but I guess you're free now to pursue other, more interested, attentive parties :devil:. That man didn't know how good he had it when he had it did he? Well, that's his tough luck. You will find the right one, you don't have to settle for Mr. Right now. :hug:

Gotta run and get dinner started, have a good evening all :wave:

06-10-2006, 12:26 AM
Hi people. Procrastinating here on my story. Bad, bad stuff. I HAVE to get this well under way today and it's already noon here. I took the day off just to work on this and so far nothing! :nono: Sigh. So, any of you into the World Cup? We got a pool together at the office yesterday, 16 of us, so for a thousand yen each we got to draw two teams. I got Iran and Costa Rica, not good! :( They already lost, but what do you expect, playing Germany! But, it's just for the fun and camaraderie of it. I mean, come on! what other way is there to be interested in soccer besides getting drunk and/or gambling! :lol3: We're paying out 10 grand to the winner, four for second place and 2 for third. No, seriously, I got into the WC back in 2002 when Japan cosponsored it with Korea. I mean, you have to get into it, when you see such great playing. Check out this Ronaldinho ad for Nike. Not much but the music is cool.
Sure wish I was in Munich now, chugging Weissbier with all the fans....ahhh...heaven... :cloud9:


Noelle -- How are you doing? As far as dips' beau goes, you're a slave driver, you! I don't know, I guess I'm a super softie. I mean though I put the foot down easily and often, I guess I would just give people more chances. Then again, that's for people I've known a long time, not some new guy. Sounds like you had a great eating day the other day with all that fruit and good food. And, though I'm a veggie, the chicken thing sounds heavenly. I whipped up some lentil veggie stew like thing and had that over brown rice and I tell you my body was like a sponge wanting to soak it up! I know I've been eating shite these past months and my skin and energy levels reflect it. Time to get this engine stoked! Sounds cool with the karate. 5$ from the tooth fairy! Wow! I used to get a nickel...maybe it was a quarter...well, I ain't that old but then.... ;)

Dips -- You NEVER hit your mother. Even if she's a junkee who stole your television. If anyone hits their mom in my family they get beat up by the other siblings....Then if the cousins get a hold of this info, you should skip town. You are just too funny! You always crack me up! Yeah, the weather is nice now, blue skies and all that and I'm sitting here in my dark room procrastinating like **** on a long, long story I have to write. Damn! This is no piddling thing like I usually do and here I am diddling, piddling around! :mad: Oh, I exasperate myself! And as for me "gracing you with my presence" now that's good for another guffaw! :rofl: But, thanks. ;) As for your beau, you do say this is not the first time he's showed up late without calling and I think you're right to put him in the dog house. It sounds chronic and what fun is that, eh? If he's already taking you for granted then where is there to go? Up? Well, unlikely. Still, if you really really like him I would perhaps learn to just accept it as a part of him. I don't know. Do the same to him or something. Make your dates very flex, so to say, like maybe you show up maybe you don't. Maybe that would cool him. No guy likes to feel he's not controlling the situation, which could be the reason he's calling you so much now. Start giving him what he wants and away he'll go again maybe. Anyhow, I agree with Noelle, you don't need him, so you can always just see it as another to throw back in the pond!

angie -- How are you? I read about your daughter and don't really know what to say. I'd hate the idea of throwing anyone out. Don't think that really helps anything and kids can go very wrong. There's definitely some need for talking here. I mean, why is she calling you a *****? I know it's hard to take that from anyone, let alone a daughter. If I had called my mother that I wouldn't be around to write this right now, but kids are different now. I would sit her down and try to talk to her like a...and I know this may be impossible.. but like a concerned third party, not the mother. Well, just my two bits there....hope you work things out.

Kempy -- So what color is your hair now? Anything bizarre? :lol:


Ok, gottta run. Lady, Claire hello! Lady, you're into horses, right? Claire, I'm sorry to hear you and your husband are having such a bad time. At least you're trying to make things better and that's a great thing and something you should be proud of. A lot of people never bother to try. Good luck!

06-10-2006, 08:35 AM
Heh, Angie, no, I definitely hear your pain and know there are some instances you just can't do anything and have to let time takes its course. I wasn't suggesting it would be easy or even possible, just a suggestion...of course, I haven't been following things, so sorry.... :(

06-10-2006, 08:43 AM
Red, I'm not mad at you or anything. I know on the internet it is hard for things to come out as you mean them. :lol: I kinow what you are saying and I truly appreciate that you care enough to try and help. You are a great friend to me and I cherish you for that. Thanks. :hug:

06-10-2006, 09:54 AM
Hey Good Morning, Girls... I am back! I have so much to tell you about my doctor's appointment for the infamous "butt pill". I just rolled outta bed and I will need to start getting ready for work. It's "Monday" for me.
I now understand why last week was such a horrible eating week... When I was at the doc's I was filling out paperwork and realized my period should be here any day/minute/nano second. My guess it will show up today sometime. But get this...I guess the exercise is paying off...even with all the eating...I lost one whole stinkin pound. That's motivation enough for me.
The doctor gave me a "diet" to abide by for awhile... Just looking at it I know I will be losing weight. I can't have any grains (incluiding pastas, breads, oatmeal, corn...etc) and I need to avoid ALL sugars. bleah. It's only for a bit until I can get my system cleared out and regulated. He is also asking me to fast one day a week. I will explain all of this later. But all in all the visit was amazing! I won't be able to get the "butt pill" for another month. My blood work has to be done on the 21st day of my cycle...then the results take 7-10 days to get after that. I would love to fast forward. I can't wait!
Gotta fly. I only had a few minutes to scan your lives over the past couple of days so I will respond to all of that later today at work.
I know it's too late...but, Cal...have a great vacation!!!!
Later gators!

06-10-2006, 12:29 PM
Good morning ladies..... first of all I had to give props to Angie for losing another couple-o-pounds! :luck2you: :bravo: :cp: :carrot: I'm so proud of you girl, you're awesome!!! Sorry you have a pain in the neck ;) but I think your garden will seriously be something to look at. I bet you'll be lounging there in the fall, watching everything grow and just relaxing. Good for Alicia for jumping on board with you w/WW. That is wonderful. I wish someone would've led the way for me when I was her age. You are a great mom :hug:

Claire, congrats on your lost pound! :cp: :carrot: You keep it up babes, and by the time you go back for your next doc's appt. you will impress him even more. I wish you luck on your "cleanse", detoxing the body doesn't sound like much fun. I know you will have great results though, and you will get that butt pill. Don't you wish you had that universal remote like on the upcoming movie "Click"? You could fast forward to next month already. ;) Have a good day at work.

We went to a funeral last night, for my neighbor. He was 81 y.o. and suffering from Parkinson's disease over the last 25 years. He was really strong in the beginning, but say for the last 9 years his body really degenerated. I guess that's how the disease works. It was really frustrating for friends and especially more so for his family to watch him progress. His mind was really sharp too, he just couldn't make his body do what he wanted. May he RIP. He and his wife are really good neighbors too, we couldn't ask for better ones. The neighbors on the other side are a different story :rolleyes: :tantrum:

Red, I don't personally follow the World Cup but I have family who are fanatical about it. When we go to Thailand we always buy my BIL a couple of replica Ronaldinho jerseys and some Ronaldo ones too :lol: That was a cool video BTW, thanks for sharing it. I forwarded it to my BIL and cousin. I had to ask them if they could do the thing with the ball on their heads while doing that fancy footwork :lol: Good for you for putting that healthy fuel into your body, I know what you mean about the skin reflecting the quality of food going in--now that i'm trying to eat more whole grains, veggies and lean proteins, I'm getting waaaaaay less zits (yes I still get them :rolleyes: )

Dips, are you working this weekend? If you are, don't work too hard ;) And if you do get to go and get out tonight, have some fun for me. :dancer:

Well, just a few more minutes til the sun comes up...gotta lace up my shoes and get going. Ever since I bought that doggie backpack for Lucky, she NEVER comes running to me when I have her leash in hand to go walking. I have to go downstairs and coax her into the house like I'm letting her "stay inside", then I suit her up :lol: Poor doggie.

Everyone have a wonderful, peaceful day :wave:

06-10-2006, 11:03 PM
Nothing too exciting this weekend. My ex is still calling but as of late I've been to tired to argue with him.

Red- I would expect you to always see the good in people and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. You're really sweet that way. Maybe some of us need to be more forgiving so don't change that. I guess I just have a short fuse. Perhaps if he can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he can change I'll think about giving him a second chance. I'm not impressed by phone calls, only actions.

Angie- Way to go on the loss. I'm glad you feel so positive about WW, and I'm with Noelle, how cool of you to include the dd. I hope Brit gets her act together while she's away. By the way, he's not at all abusive and if by chance he is he'll wish he wasn't with me :mad: don't worry Sugar, I'm one tough cookie!

Clair- You are so funny. Good luck with the new diet and I hope you get a good report from the doc on your next visit.

Hey Noelle- Keep up that walking! You're doing great!

06-11-2006, 10:48 AM
Good Morning girls!! I decided to try my old walk this morning and I am still sweating my butt off!!!I am sure I looked really cute huffing and puffing and sweating my way up the hill. :lol: :woops:

Claire, I am glad your doctors appointment went well. I hope it all works for you. That would be nice huh? Way to go on your loss!!!! Woohoo!!! :bravo: :cheer: I will be hitting my PMS this week. I am not looking forward to it. :lol:

Noelle, I cant wait to see Click. I hope it is good. In my head I picture Jim Carrey being the guy in it. Probably because it sounds like one of his movies and I like him better than Adam Sandler. :lol: Poor Lucky, :lol: :lifter: I am laughing picturing you tricking her. :rofl: I should get one of those for Rebel.

Dips, I am so glad you dont think he would be abusive. You had me worried there.

Me and jay had the whole night to ourselves last night. That was the first time in a LONG time. It was nice. :lol: :devil:

My swimming pool is almost overflowing because it has been downpouring all weekend here. I love to lay in bed and hear the rain hit the skylight in my bathroom. It is so soothing. The dogs dont even want to get up when it is raining. :lol:

06-11-2006, 11:06 AM
Good Morning, Girls! Sorry I didn't get around to writing about the visit to the doc... Honestly...wait until you hear some of the stuff he told me. Oh ma gosh... In any event, I can't go into it now. I have a few minutes to grab some breakfast and head to church... So, once I get to work today...if no customers come in...I will fill you in.

Just as I period (or as my girls call it, my "exclamation point") showed up bright and early this morning. yeeha? It is somewhat of a relief when it comes. I start to feel less *****y and emotional. All this to say, working out was a bear. I always feel soooo drained on the first day. Even so, I managed to get in about 25 minutes. Not what it shoulda been...but at least it was
Now a few comments...
Dips...not that you should take my advice...but, if it were me...I would totally write off this guy. I can appreciate he may have some circumstances in his life that may cause him to be late or not show up at all...but, if that's the case...wait until those circumstances change and then give the guy a second chance. One of my very best friends...or so I thought...was never on time to events we went to together or even ones SHE planned. I am not talking 5 or 10 minutes...but 30-90 minutes late consistently. For a birthday party she planned for me...she was 2 hours late. I was there with my mom having ordered appetizers for everyone...and sat there waiting. I decided to just get up and go and lo and behold...she walks in with everyone else and has the gall to say, "Where are you going??". She had plenty of good excuses...but it was the final straw for me. Even so...I gave her one more chance. I invited her to my wedding and she told me that she was coming with her boyfriend. I paid a lot of money for both of them (per head) for the reception. She calls the day of the wedding to say she would not be there for the ceremony but would be there for the reception...fine... Then, bottom line...she didn't even show up for the reception...which went until midnight. I have not talked to her since. Nor has she called me to give me a reason why. All that to say...she didn't respect our friendship or my time enough to be on time. I gave her lattitude for years and realized she wasn't a friend at all. If this guy is a truly good man...he will respect you and your time and you feelings...period...end of story...amen. have a pool??? How nice. I like hearing the rain on the roof too. It is soothing. It also cools things off and it seems like all of nature just takes a breather.
Crum! It's late and I am not done... But aren't you glad that I don't have more time to write??? :)

06-11-2006, 06:04 PM
Okay...I am here at work. I will try to keep this brief in that I tend to be a bit wordy... (I can almost hear the collective..."ya think" (s) from across the country). :)
Here's the skinny on the butt pill... I spent 2.5 hours with this doctor answering a series a questions he asked that were catagorized according to systems in the body...hormones, endocrine, organs, etc. It didn't take a rocket scientist to see that I was falling apart in the hormonal department. We both had a great time laughing about my "lunch room lady arms" know...the kind that giggled when they would slop a dollop of mashed potatoes on your tray at lunch...amongst other things. We get to the end of the questionaire and we are just making small talk while he is recording some stuff. I asked about his recent vaction and he tells me that he went to Italy with his grown sons. I kinda did a double take on looking at him again...cause, I swear, this guy looked 35 tops! I asked how old they were...the answer?? 22 and 24. So...I said..."So, how old are you anyway?" I am thinking, he had to be younger than me (49). He answers..."I will be 60 next month."
Girls...I about fell off my chair. I called him a liar to his face! :) I made him go get one of his nurses so I could ask them. They confirmed his age. In of them had worked with him for 16 years! She looked young too! So...of course I ask..."Have you had plastic surgery?? What???" He said there was no plastic surgery. He said the turning point in his life was when he was in Italy with his wife 16 years ago and someone asked her if he was her father. I asked him, "Did you look that bad??" He told me that he looked like he was 90 sixteen years ago. I asked..."So, what do you attribute this to?" He told me that he had been doing the biodentical hormone replacement therapy for 16 years...the very thing I will be starting in a month!!!!!! You have to see this lie...he looks minimum 35. That alone made me feel good about my decision. If I can look half as good as him...but more important...feel better than I am feeling...I will feel as if it's been worth it.
One other thing I found out that he does that I am thinking about called Mesotherapy. It eliminates...not covers up...but eliminates cellulite through a series of injections. I am going to get more info on that...but I talked with some of his workers confidentially after he left and they say it works. More on that later too...
Bottom line...for all us peri-menopausal women out there...there is hope!!!!
Hope you all are having a wonderful day. It's HOT here.

06-12-2006, 02:05 AM
Clair- You are tooo funny. What a story about the doctor! Almost 60 and looks 35?! I'll have what he's having! BTW I am totally with you on seeing a complete turn around BEFORE giving my ex another chance. What a jerk your friend was:mad: I admit I am not the most prompt person in the world be that's just rediculous. Anyways, I haven't seen him in several days and he called last night but I was half sleep and can't even remember the conversation. At any rate he sounds so pititful. Serves his a** right! :snooty:
Well it's after midnight and I have to get some shuteye.

06-12-2006, 10:29 AM
I am bumping us up. We got home yesterday but I was too beat to even turn the puter on. I will be back to chat.

06-12-2006, 11:48 AM
Good Morning ladies!! It is warm here today. My neck is still sore but it only seems to really hurt when I am sleeping. Go figure. :lol: I must have pulled a muscle or something. I did my measurementsa today and I have lost 5 1/4 inches this month!! 1 inch in my arm,3/4 of an inch on my waist, 1/2 an inch on my hips, 1 inch on my thighs and of course :lol: 2 inches on my bust!!! haha. I am very happy now.

Claire, I love it that you are wordy. It is nice to hear about your day. I am glad all went well with the doc. I agree with Dips, Your friend was a jerk. I have had too many like that in my life as well.

Dips, I hope you got some sleep last night and are all refreshed this morning.

Kempy, I cant wait to hear how your weekend was. Did you go to Destin? We want to go over to that side when we go to Florida but since the dogs arent allowed on the beach it seems like a waste. Mickey is going to have to go to a boarding kennel this year because he seems to hate other dogs(except Candi and Rebel) and he barks like a madman. I cant leave him in the rv while we are at the parks because we would probably be kicked out when we got back because of the noise and last but not least he HATES to ride in the car. He shakes and everything. Candi will probably stay back with him so they can keep each other company and Rebel will go with us because he would die if he wasnt with his daddy. I am having a hard time dealing with leaving them behind for 2 weeks but I dont know what else to do.

We will be in Georgia for a few days right above Gainesville to visit my husbands cousins and aunt and uncle.

Well, I should go clean something. My floors are all mud from the rain and the dogs running in and out and in and out........:lol:

06-12-2006, 12:20 PM
Angie we really didn't do lots of fun stuff. We hung out at the beach Saturday and girilled that night. We went to a resturant Friday night and then headed home yesterday. We were in Panama City which is about 1 1/2 hours from Destin. We have to drive through there thoguh and we really wanted to stay. Congrates on the inches. Doesn't that feel good?

06-12-2006, 12:35 PM
Angie! OH my GOSH! What a great job on the inches! I would love to have an inch gone from my thighs...hopefully soon! I am proud of you for hanging in there.
Kempy...glad you're back and you had fun. Isn't it great to get away?
Dips, I am glad you are sticking to your guns. It's funny...but it's easy for me to give that kind of advice out but not heed it myself. Alot of what I am struggling with my husband has to do with setting good boundaries and not letting him walk all over me. I tend to be a people I don't normally voice my opinion until it gets really bad. If you all would pray for me... My morning started out pretty rough. I was so upset I didn't exercise. I still have, maybe I can get it in.
I better get to work. It's nice hearing about what's going on in everyone else's lives...

06-12-2006, 08:55 PM

06-12-2006, 09:19 PM

Good morning ladies, I am off sick for a week or so & WOW!

You all have been having a very hectic time of it all.

Angie, I am so sorry to hear about the 'crap' with your daughter. My son is stubborn & wilfull but I hope he never attempts to go that far. Though hes only 11 at the moment. I was very like Britt with my mum & I am sorry to say that I do remember smaking her at least once. I did at the time have a raging drug addiction so I know I was not the most rational person on the planet. I sooooooooooo pray that this is not something that will come back to haunt me with my own kids. Personally I think you are doing the best thing, You DO need to stand your ground & let her know you mean what you say & wont take her stuff. However I do agree that there may well be other stuff going on for her & the follow up with a counsellor when she gets back is a definate need.

Claire, get the counselling, even if you do have to pay (if you can afford) & even if its is only you that goes. My hubby & I have had our ups & downs over the years (he often suffers a type of depression (not dr diagnosed) as a result of crap from his family & this then gets taken out on me) & I learnt that the only person I can really change is me so I just had to keep trying & hanging in there & hopefully you can set the example & he will follow from your changes. I have tried this over the years when we have had issues & I do know it to work, it does seem like you are smashing your head against a wall for a long time but hang in there slowly but shorely you will see some type of change. But Great news on the weight loss!

Dipps, what can I say... like always you crack me up girl! Love the B/F dramas if its not small apendiges its psycho/social behaviour.. you sure know how to pickem girl!

Noelle, better late then never but woohooo you for driving on past your sister! Some people just really do take the most advantage when they can. I have a friend who fortunately is to far away to do it to me but always seems to do things like that or have others managing her kids. Some people just seem to be lke that & not think twice about it.

For me I have been sick (Flu) & comfort eating. & eating. & eating. I just am so motivated I dont even care at the moment. I do know thats as my period is due but when thats been & gone I really need some butt kicking girls & have inlaws decending & need some control before I loose it to them!!

Take care ladies

06-13-2006, 09:13 AM
Good Morning all!!! I just walked Alicia to school so she got a headstart on her workout and I got in the longer walk. Geesh, I sweat like a pig so here I am walking up the hill with busses and cars driving by me and the whole time sweat is pouring down my face. :lol: It is rather embarrassing. I still sweat like that when I am skinny too so I dont know why it embarrasses me so much. :lol:

I think my sis is going to get a puppy. A lady up the road has a golden retriever and I saw puppies when I rode by last week. We got ahold of her and I guess someones pitbull got loose and got her preggers. Wen has been looking for a puppy for Haley and these ones will be ready to go in a few weeks so I think she wants one. I cant wait Rebel is going to love it when it gets big. My Mom had a Rottie and she was Rebels favorite dog. He loved her so much. She had heart failure(or something to do with old age) and had to be put to sleep last year.

Well, I gotta go take a shower and make some moose suckers. I will be back later.

06-13-2006, 02:50 PM
Hey ladies, just a quick drive by... we have family passing through town and I've been really busy with getting them around sight-seeing and stuff. Michael's summer program starts tomorrow so I should be a little freer then. Just wanted to say hello :wave:

I am off to WI today so wish me luck (I need it!) :D

06-13-2006, 03:22 PM
Good Luck Noelle!!!! :goodluck: :goodscale :cheer:

Where is everybody today???? Julie, Where are you??? I miss you girl!!!

06-13-2006, 03:28 PM
Hey guys. I am home for lunch. I have one more client but she isn't until 5. So, I get to sit around and wait. I might just feel a nap coming on. I can't work out b/c I will get all sweaty and have to shower again so I guess I will jsut stay inside. We are in such need of rain. I have been praying for it every night. Maybe I can get you guys to do the same. We are in a severe drought right now and that is not good for down here. The inner enviromentalist is concered about the areas that aren't gettting water. (the green space in front of my house, all the undeveloped areas around here)

Clair I hope you are doing better today.

Maggz I hate the flu. It sounds weird you saying that since it is so hot here. I know you guys are cold right now though. How cold do you get down there? (F please)

Noelle good luck on your weigh in. I worked on my WW leader yesterday and she is trying to get me to go in the morning. I really don't want to though. I am so close to goal and am barely moving and I hate to pay for the non movement.

Anige I knew you would love WW. Can you believe all of the food you get to eat? I used to ahve such a hard time getting it all in and eating all of the veggies and fruit too. I still have a hard time with dairy. I don't know why. I am going to measure again in the morning and see what has been going on, if anything. The past 2 weeks have shown nothing so maybe it will be better tomorrow.

06-13-2006, 03:28 PM
hehe Anige you and I were posting at the same time.

06-13-2006, 06:05 PM
Hi everyone,

I've been MIA for a while. My uncle's funeral was yesterday. I got to see a lot of family that I haven't seen in a while. That's always nice. Anyway, I haven't been doing well on the eating front. I finally made a decision to start back with the exercise & was dancing around with my granddaughter last night and something popped (that's the best way to explain it) in my leg last night. Now I'm having trouble walking, never mind exercising. Okay, that's enough whining for me.

Noelle, I hope you have a good weigh-in today. I need to go back for the accountability.

Angie, all I can say is :carrot: :cb: :cp: :dancer: :woo: on the weight & inches lost. I am so proud of you. I know what you mean about sweating. I laugh at people when they say "women don't sweat, they glisten". Well, I sweat like a pig:ink: . I don't think I've ever glistened.

Maggz, I can relate to comfort food when your sick. I've never been able to relate to the people who say they lose wt. when they're sick. I always put on a few pounds when I've got a cold. Hope you feel better soon:goodvibes

Clair, I want more info on the program your doc is doing. I want to look 20 at my age.:lol: (I know. I know. Wishful thinking) I keep you and your dh in prayer. I agree that you can only change you, but prayer and God and change the situation. :angel:

Kemp, I'll pray for rain for you. I'm from a farming community, and when there's a drought, the environmentalists care more about the fish than the farmer watering his crops and animals. I guess that's a real pet peave for me.

Well, I gotta go. Hello to everyone else. Have a great afternoon/evening.

06-13-2006, 08:26 PM
Hey guys. Where is eveyone today? I was going to do TaeBo when I got home today but I realized I am really sore from doing the tape yesterday. So, it looks like the dogs will get walked and that will be it for exercise.

Noelle how did the weigh in go today?

CW you know that those are the same people that flip out when the crops are hurting from the lake of rain. Like it is the famers fualty. I could tell that it is hurting crops here b/c the produce stand sure did look sad yesterday when I went. I only buy from them b/c I know it is local and I do whatever I can to help out our small business. Plus, the big chains have terrible produce and it usually isn't evn ripe when I get it.

Well, I am off to walk the puppies.

06-13-2006, 10:06 PM
Hey girls, well, WI went well, down 2 lbs :rolleyes: only .6 to go to get "back" to my previous weight :lol: I am having fun with my out-of-state relatives. I like to go see tourist attractions in my own backyard and see them through their eyes. I have a cousin the same age as me and I haven't seen her since we were 10 I think...we are a lot a like--size wise, and looks wise. She is a lot taller though, and since I lost some weight, she's bigger at the moment :^: .... but it is so cool to see her after all this time! We are having tons of fun catching up and finding all the parallels of our lives.

cw, I'm sorry about the uncle again, but glad he was laid to rest. I totally know what you mean about joints going "pop"! I have done that to myself many times and don't even know what happened. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery.

Kempy, I'll be praying for rain for you guys--though I'll try to keep the thoughts of hurricanes away from LA :D

Angie congrats on your inches lost! Are you fitting back into clothes you used to wear? You are doing so great girl! If your sis gets the puppy, we want to see pics!

maggzs, sorry to hear you're down and out with the flu. Take care and don't worry about the diet while you recuperate. You'll need your strength when the in-laws come over ;) :hug:

Claire, that it such an amazing story about the doctor and his age--or lack of it! I hope you get the results you want too. Hugs for you in coping with the hubby too :hug:

OK Julie, where the heck are you hiding? Is everything ok? We're getting worried about you. :(

Dips, I say sit back and enjoy the single life for a while. That special "man" will walk right in before your eyes. :D

I gotta run and get dinner going before I decide to go out and eat... I have to try and keep this slim thread of control over myself, as you know how easy it is to break it and slip back into bad habits :ink: Have a great evening all.

06-13-2006, 11:06 PM
Hello Everyone... It's been another rough day for me at home and at work. Too long to go into...and honestly I am so worn out from the whole ordeal I just don't have the energy to say what is going on.
I did talk with my counselor today and he confirmed much of what I already knew. Things don't look good...but I am praying for God's best.
Because of the fighting that has been going on between my husband and I...I haven't been able to exercise. He is working hard at making everything a struggle for me. I am trying to rise above it...but like I said...I am worn out. He leaves early Thursday morning to go to Michigan to help his mother move. He will be gone for two weeks. Frankly, I am looking forward to it. I need some time to think about what I need to do. All prayers appreciated.
The good news is that I am not that it's been easy to stick to what the doc told me to not eat.
WTG Noelle on your weight loss! I bet you are so excited. That last .6 pounds will be a breeze. I bet you pass it up and keep going.
Kempy, I tried that Taebo thing once for an entire week...(the operative word being "once"). I hurt so bad and I was so worried that someone would come in and see me do my Taebo thing...that I decided to do something different. I feel your pain.
CW...I am glad all went well at your uncle's funeral. It's funny how very sad times like that can sometimes end up being very happy times. When my Dad died we did just as much laughing (reminising sp? about the past) as we did cry.
As for the doctor thing...I will keep you all informed. I am looking forward to the results.
Hope to hear from the rest of ya... I need to get in my jammies.

06-14-2006, 10:15 AM
Good morning girls! Well, my plan to get up early and water the yard b4 the pressure went down backfired. So, now I have to water the areas that the sprinkler isn't reaching by hand. I can't believe how low the water pressure is right now.

Noelle that is so great for you. I am about the weigh myself right now and take measurements. I will have to let everyone know how it goes.

Clair isn't it funny that we hate people to watch us do tapes at home? I will not do it if my hubby is home and I have been with him forever. He really could care less if I was working out but it is just me. I am still sore today too but I am going to exercise anyway.

Angie I am a big sweater too. I love it though b/c I feel like I am really doing something. YOu should see me when I am out in the yard. It looks pretty bad if you ask me but I know I am moving and burning stuff off.

Ok, I am heading to the scale to see what has happened if anything.

06-14-2006, 10:40 AM
WOO HOO!!!:carrot: I have lost a pound everybody! Thank the lord I have finally dropped something. I took my measurements too and since I started taking them Feb 9th I am down a total of 7 inches all over.

Ok, I have to yell it out and now I need to head to the store. :wave:

06-14-2006, 11:17 AM
Good Morning girls!!!Well, Last night would have been a perfect nights sleep but.... the kids gave me their cold. :barf: My throat feels like it has been grated on a cheese grater and my nose is all stuffed up. I did get up and do my old walk around the block though. I didnt come back up the hill like I have been doing this week because there was a bunch of guys working on someones roof and I didnt want to sweat my way up the hill. :lol: So I went around town and ended up sweating just as bad anyways. The short hill to my house is so damn steep that when I got inside I was huffing pretty bad and Rebel kept jumping up on me to make sure I was okay. :lol:

CW, I hope your leg feels better soon. My knee pops out of joint once in a while. It sucks. :hug:

Noelle, ROCK ON GIRL!!!! :carrot: :bravo: I knew you would get back on track.

Maggz, I hope you feel better soon. :hug:

Claire, I hope you two get everything worked out soon. I cant even imagine all the stress you must be under right now. Take some time and relax and pamper yourself while hubby is away. You deserve it.:hug:

Kempy, You can have some of my water. My field where the dogs play is so wet that it is drowning the grass. It is sheeting down the hill sideways, I have never seen it so wet. I think it will take all summer to dry out now. My house is full of mud because I cant keep up with the dogs muddy paw prints.

Kempy, WOOHOO!!!! I knew you could do it!!! Congratulations girl!!!!:carrot: :bravo: :cb:


06-14-2006, 07:15 PM
Hi ladies, today was Michael's first day of his summer program. I walked him down to the rec center and found his group, then he dissed me...he saw 2 boys he remembered from last year and he said "I don't care if you wait around or not" so I left :( :lol: I walked Lucky in the rain this morning, it was drizzling but it was so freakin' hot and muggy, it was gross. Angie, I'm glad it was raining because I was sweating like a pig and the rain helped camouflage some of it :lol: TMI I know... Hope your cold goes away real quick. Having to exercise while your throat is on fire really sucks.

Kempy, great job on sticking with it and losing that pound and all those inches!!! :high: You are so going to reach goal real soon. You go girl!

Claire, I am praying for you and hubby to find peace within yourselves and each other. Enjoy your alone time, you deserve the break :hug:

Maggzs, if you're up and about, I hope you're feeling much better today.

Dips, what's shakin' girlfriend? :dancer:

Julie, am I having to book a plane ride to come and find you??? Hope you're alright :hug:

cw, how's the leg doing? Just take it easy on it and hopefully it'll recover on it's own. Feel better soon.

I gotta run, I'm off to the mall with the cousins. :wave: $$$$$$

06-15-2006, 12:24 AM
kEMPY- Way to go girl :cheer: I am so proud of you

Noelle- Same to you, love now things will only get better from here. No more getting distracted

Angie- Darn those germ spreading kids :lol: take lots of tussin and feel better, girl.

CW- good to see you back!

Clair- Hang in there, love. You are a woman of faith and faith makes miracles happen. Things will work themselves out you just keep your head up and trust in god to get you through. (see how you got me testifyin' up in here ;) )

I am soooo worn out. I got my dad on the South Beach Diet and he's lost 8 pounds so far. I am so proud of him. We excersise together every weekend. Anyways for some reason I been feeling kinda tired at the end of the days. Guess I'm doing too much.

06-15-2006, 12:49 AM
Heya Girlies! Just thought I would pop in after the hockey game and see what's what! Ya'll got so much going on, it's hard to keep track of. Things are pretty busy for me right now too. Work has been going well. I finally sucked it up and walked through some of the kennels today. I had been avoiding it thus far. I always get sucked in to something. Then next thing I know I end up bringing a puppy or kitten home to foster for a few days (or weeks, or hmmmm months - that only happened once though!) and my hubby gets mad at me. I still think it's pretty amazing that I've worked at the shelter off and on for the last two years and managed not to bring an animal home permanently.

I really want to do personals for ya'll, but I'm wiped right out to be honest. Rain check! :D :hug: Hope you're all doing good though! Have a good one!

06-15-2006, 02:25 AM
Hello Everyone

Noelle & Kemp, :carrot: :cb: :bravo: :dancer: :woo: on the Wt. loss.

Lady T., my daughter has a bleeding heart for animals. If she sees a dog walking down the street alone, she wants me to stop & pick it up. If she had her way, we have a farm for strays. I'm sure it's hard not to fall in love with them.

Have a good night, and I'll check back in tomorrow.

06-15-2006, 10:38 AM
Good Morning, Everyone...
My husband just left about 30 minutes ago... He said to me before he left that he didn't want me to give up on our marriage and to think kind thoughts of him. He believes that God called us together and that we were put together to glorify Him in our marriage. Sounded good...but I am having a hard time believing it. He has spent the past couple of weeks telling me my problems and all the things I need to do to get right. And then he says he loves me and I am the best thing that's ever happened to him. I get worn out from the emotional whiplash. My counselor told me that over the next couple of weeks I need to spend some time reading a couple of books to help me be better in the area of setting boundaries. So...that's what I will do.
In the meantime...I have a echocaridogram this morning and a mammogram tomorrow. As stressed as I have been over the past weeks...I wouldn't be surprised if I flunk the test (cardiogram). Hey...maybe they will commit me to total bed rest...hmmm...I would probably go nuts. Let's not hope for that.
I also have a huge event I am putting on for the neighborhood I sell homes in. I have over 160 confirmed "yes's" and a ton of things to get done. I am looking forward to it.
I haven't had sugar for five days...or grains for that matter. I am feeling kinda weak...but I remember the last time I did this you feel kind of drained until your body totally gets rid of the sugars in the system. Has anyone else done anything like this and can remember?
Congrats to Noelle and Kemp on the weight loss. I am hoping to see some more soon. I may have them weigh me today at the doctor. You all are doing great! Keep up the good work!
CW...hope you feel better soon. I will pray for you.
Dipsy...thanks for your words of encouragement. I am wondering if your feeling tired is just from the change in temperature. It takes awhile for the body to adjust to the summer heat. Take it easy... It's cool that you are exercising with your Dad.
LadyT...I think it's great that you have such compassion for animals. It's just the way God made us women... We are nurturers by it's hard to pass up any living creature that may need some love and attention.
Noelle...I remember my kids doing the dissing thing at that age... It is a bit heart breaking...but trust keep on loving them the way you do and they come back around. I started having fun with it when my girls were in middle school...when I would drop them off at school they would quickly scoot out of the car to go stand with their friends trying hard not to even acknowledge their mom... So, I would roll down my window (on the passenger side) honk the horn and say, "Bye girls! See you at lunch time!" oh my gosh...they looked like they wanted to die!!! One of the turning points was when I actually did show up for lunch. I brought in 3 huge pizzas...put them on the table where they were sitting with all of their friends, kissed them both on the head and said good bye. Their friends thought I was the coolest mom...and eventually, my girls acknowledged it too. I love my kids.
It's time for me to start getting ready.
I will be thinking of you all. Thanks for being here for me.

06-15-2006, 12:07 PM
Noelle, That is why I like to walk in the rain too. :lol: It is supposed to be close to 90 everyday this weekend. It has been so hot letely we have been using the air conditioner.

Dips, That is great that you got your dad on a diet and you workout with him. Your family sounds so close.

Hey LT, I am glad your job is going well. Oh my gosh I would have so many more animals if I worked there. :lol: Like 3 dogs and 6 cats isnt enough already. :lol: My sis and I went to look at the puppies yesterday of a neighbor. I would love to bring one home but I know I cant do it. I guess I will have to cuddle hers when she gets him. :lol:

CW, I am like your daughter. If I ever won a ton of money I would have a no kill shelter. :lol: I just love animals so much.

Claire, Enjoy your little break from the stress girl.

Well, I gotta go do some cooking but I wanted to check in. I pm'ed Julie yesterday. I hope she comes back to us.

06-15-2006, 09:58 PM
Hello Everyone,

Thought I'd pop in really quick to see how everyone is doing today. Hello to everyone.

Angie, a little more on my daughter. If we're wathcing a movie and a person gets hurt, she shows no emotion. However, if an animal gets hurt, she starts crying. As for me, I'm always crying during movies, no matter what's happening.

Claire, when my husband and I were meeting with the pastor, before we got married, one of the things he did was draw a triangle. At the top of the triangle he wrote God. On the bottom left side is you, and on the bottom right side is your husband. The pastor told us that as we both draw closer to God (picture yourselves moving up the triangle to God) God is drawing you closer together. I always thought that the triangle was an awesome way of looking at God in your marriage. I'll keep you in prayer.

I'll talk to you gals later.

06-15-2006, 11:24 PM
Hi Girls,

Thanks for the pm Angie, I am so sorry I have not been around. Well lets was both of my kids birthdays so we took a short trip to a water park. On a different note my Dad has not been in the best of health. He is going to need open heart surgery soon. And my FIL cancer is back. SO it has been a trying time. But I think my Dad is going to be okay. He has blockage and an enlarged heart and they also have to repair a quarter size hole in it. My Dad lives alone and will need care after surgery.Ihave been just taking time away from the computer. I have missed you guys but I don't know how much time I can commit to the computer now. I will try and catch up and go back and read some of your posts.

Welcome to the newbies! These girls are the BEST! You all keep up the good work! I think I lost about a pound. Not going to make our 4th of July goal. But I have been walking alot. The weather has just been awesome here. DD had a dance recital, we went and to the golf range and hit some balls and ds had TKD. What a day, LOL.

Talk with you all later:)!:)

06-16-2006, 08:53 AM
GOOD MORNING Y'ALL!!! YEAH :cheer: Julie is back!!!! We missed you girl. I hope your Dad and your FIL are okay. I am sending prayers your way. Your life sounds very busy right now. We have been having awesome weather this week too. It is supposed to be really hot tomorrow. ...Not so great for walking but I have been doing alot of it anyways. :lol:

CW, haha, I had to laugh because your daughter sounds so much like me.

I hope everyone has a great day today!!

06-16-2006, 10:00 AM
It's only 8:50am and it's already 71 degrees in new york. It's going to be about 90 today. I can't stand 90 degree weather. My energy level goes down and I have no appetite. Anyhoo

J- We miss you terribly! Hope all gets better with Dad and FIL. We'll be here when you get back to us:hug: luv ya!

Clair- Men can work our last nerve sometimes can't they? It seems as though your hubby does want to make an effort to get better. Keep trying. I always heard that marriage was work so it will take major effort to keep one afloat.

Angie- My family is very close. I been on my dad's case to get in shape for the longest. I want him around as long as possible. Besides, I know if he does it, Mom will follow suit, then the kids, then THE WORLD!! :s: (I'm silly I know)

Noelle- How's it going? Are you still being good? You better be!

06-16-2006, 10:04 AM
Good Morning!
This is my first morning without my husband... It went pretty good. We have cows and chickens to feed in the morning...and today is trash day. No big for most...but we have to haul all our trash to the end of our ranch road.

I worked out this morning felt great! I didn't get a chance to weigh myself at the doctor yesterday (no scale in the echocardiogram place)...but I go in today for a mammogram. yeeha! I have a feeling I have lost some weight...but will have to wait to see. name is Claire and I have just joined your group. You're right...the women here are wonderful. It's nice to have the support and friendship. I will be praying for your Dad and FIL...

Better git... I have a ton of stuff to do before I go to the doctor.

More later!

06-16-2006, 10:12 AM
Hey Dips...We must have been posting at the same time...:)

I was just going to comment on your 90 degree weather... For some reason, Texas has decided to do the August heat in June... We have been at the 100 degree mark a couple of times in the past week or so. We are actually getting a break from it today with a cool 92 degree high... Ahhhhhhhhhh!

I also wanted to say thank you to all of you for your encouragement in my marriage. I am not giving up... I will do everything I can to make it work. I just started reading an incredible book called "Boundaries in Marriage" Henry Cloud. I should have read it long ago. It's helping me see where I need to improve.

Have a great morning!!!

06-16-2006, 10:13 AM
P.S. Where do you all get the smiley thingys that you put in your emails? Am I missing something?

06-16-2006, 04:48 PM
Hey girls, I am heading off to Kona on the Big island for the weekend. The trip was unexpected, but the opportunity presented itself so I'm going :wave: Be back late Sunday night. have a great weekend! :wave:

claire, the "smileys" or emoticons can be found at the top of the message box when you use the "go advanced" features page when posting. What I mean is, instead of using the "Quick Reply" box that appears at the bottom of the posts, go below that and click on "Go Advanced". Try it! :D

06-16-2006, 11:35 PM
:balloons: Good Evening Everyone...
You are not going to believe this... I can hardly believe it.

I went to have my mammogram (sp) today...and let me just say this about that... I always marvel at just how thin they can get your breast to become in those machines. My breasts are still aching! :sp:

Anywho...back to the big surprise. After the mammogram I went to the front desk and asked if I could weigh myself on their scale...the one that told me I was 173 about three weeks ago. I got on the scale and I weighed 166!!!!! :cp: I lost seven pounds! Are you believing it?? I am not. inspired me to stay the course...keep exercising and eating better. I could hardly wait to get back to let you all know. So...maybe I can lose another 7-10 in the next month...

The big BBQ is tomorrow nite. I still have soooo much to do. In the midst of getting things ready, I am trying to sell homes as well. It's been challenging, but good.

Hope you all are doing well.

Thanks Noelle for the heads up on the smiley thingys!:dizzy: :spin: :p :hug:

06-17-2006, 03:38 AM
Women's *** size study: There is a new study just released by the American
Psychiatric Association about women and how they feel about their asses. The
results are pretty interesting: 1. 5% of women surveyed feel their *** is
too big. 2. 10% of women surveyed feel their *** is too small. 3. The
remaining 85% say they don't care; they love him; he's a good man and they
would have married him anyway.


06-17-2006, 08:24 AM
Good Morning Ladies!!!! Well, Today is weigh day for me :goodscale and I am so happy and surprised!!! I am down 4.1 pounds this week. Now my period is due anytime now so I am sure I will bloat up next week or something but I am very happy right now. :lol: Tomorrow is Jay's birthday. He didnt want me to buy him anything so we decided that this year we are going to go buy a 20 inch flat tv for the RV and that will be both of our birthday gifts. I did go buy him one of the littls single(4 person) serving cakes at Walmart yesterday though and the kids bought him a lobster plus I made him pick up an extra one so he can eat them with butter. His Favorite!!

Dips, It is so hot and humid here too. :flow2: Tomorrow is supposed to be really bad. Wont that be fun while cooking? :lol: On the plus side though, My pool hit 77 yesterday. :lol:

Claire, OUCH!!! My boobs are so sensative(sp) as it is I dont know what I am going to do when they make me have a mammogram. :frypan: ( I did this smiley cause it is what I imagine my boob will look like. :lol: WAY TO GO ON YOUR LOSS!!!!!!!! YOU ARE DOING AWESOME!!!!! :carrot: :cheer: :dancer: :cb: :bravo:
Noelle, Have fun!!! Your so lucky!!!

Red, That was so funny!!! :rofl:

Jay and Corey(my son) were coming home from my MIL bakery yesterday afternoon when this car coming in the opposite direction was stopped to turn across the road. They had to wait for 2 motorcycles before they could turn...well, this kid came up behind the stopped car and didnt see that they were stopped and had to swerve so he swerved into the center of the road(why he didnt swerve to the right I will never understand) well, He hit one of the motorcylcers in front of Jay and Corey. The guy has an iron shop in town and makes some really neat things out of oil drums and stuff. He died on the way to the hospital. We are all having a life and death moment right now....where Griff was just at his shop just minutes before laughing and making plans for the weekend and in a split second his life is over through no fault of his own.

06-17-2006, 08:34 AM
Good Morning...
It's 6:30 here and I am starting my day. I woke up to the sounds of strong winds and panicked. I checked the forecast and it says there will be storms off and on all day!!! Keep in mind that we have been in a drought and the day of my BBQ where 200+ people are coming it is supposed to rain. Would you all pray that it wouldn't? Seems like an impossibility...but the Lord stopped a raging sea...He can do this.
Angie...WTG on your weight loss!!! That's wonderful. I am glad your pool is getting warmer...that's what you want...right? And, your birthday celebration for your husband sounds like something he will really love.
I feel so bad for your son and his friend and the guy who died. I will certainly pray. My husband has a cool web site called If you go there, you can post a prayer request for Grif's family, yours, whatever you want and over 600+ prayer warriors will pray for them.
Red...absolutely loved your funny. At first, I was wondering...where in the world did she get those statistics???
Hope all of you have a great day. I need to go get the chicken food inside the chicken coop and feed the cows before it should it start raining.

06-17-2006, 10:39 AM
I recently added about 5 pounds of bloat to my body via TOM. I feel so sluggish but I know it will drop by next week. Still how depressing to see an increase on the scale.

Red- That was hilarious! :lol:

Angie- Way to go on the loss! I feel kinda left out because I haven't had a loss in forever! It's the last 10 pounds that are the hardest :( But don't let me rain on your parade. YOU GO GIRL!!

Clair- I am so happy for you. DOn't you just love it when you lose weight when you least expect to. And what a loss! 7 pounds- Way to go :carrot:
It reminds me of my dad when he weighed in. He had a sparkle in his eyes when he realized he lost 8 pounds. You are doing awesome!

Noelle- Have a blast in KONA!!

Hi J, Kempy, CW, Maggs and Lady T. Hope all is well with you girls!


06-18-2006, 09:33 AM
Good Morning girls!!! Well, Today is Jay's 34th birthday!! We had his birthday dinner last night and he brought home some of his Mom's homemade yeast rolls from the bakery and of course we had real butter in the house for his I ended up having 2 rolls with one TBS of butter total with my normal supper. I have to say that I felt like I cheated all night because of that even though I never went over on my points. :lol: Well, this morning the scale went down and that felt so weird to me. :lol: I Love Weight Watchers!!

Me and Alicia did laps around the pool all day yesterday. The pool water hit 80!!! I love it when it is 80.

Claire, I hope your BBQ went well.

Dips, Dont ya just hate the period bloat? I am waiting for mine still so I am sure the scales will see a little upset this week but that is life right? You are doing awesome in my book. I love that you are maintaining so well. You will have to teach me when I hit my goal.

Well, I gotta go get in a walk...which I am dreading because it is HOT out there already!! :lol:

06-18-2006, 09:19 PM
Hi Angie- Way to go girl! I am sooo happy for you. Especially since you seem to be enjoying weight watchers so much. You are going to melt those pounds away!

I managed to get rid of 3 of my 5 pounds of bloat. I feel so dehydrated all the time in this damn heat! I still walk to the long route to the subway and each time I try to do it faster than the last.

BTW did you all get your emails from CAL?? She's living it up in Europe. Se says hi to all those who's email she doesn't have!! I miss her.

Okay that's it for now I actually have a lot to do before dinner.

06-19-2006, 08:57 AM
Mornin Girls...
The BBQ didn't happen. My boss cancelled it at 8:30 in the morning. I begged him to wait a little longer before he cancelled and he wouldn't do it. I had checked the weather reports and it said everything would clear by mid-morning... Well, it did clear up and ended up being a beautiful day. He went to the coast and I dealt with all the residents that didn't get the message that it was cancelled. I currently have an office full of hundreds of waters, drinks, plates, cups, citronella candles (bleak!), get the picture. We have rescheduled for this Saturday... For me...the momentum is gone... It's that way for my co-workers as well who were so kind to make salads for 40 and cake for 100... I know there is a reason for giddy up! It will probably be clear to me by this weekend. :o)

Oh...I lost another 2.4 pounds. So...I am up to 9.4 pounds total. Not bad...but now I am being more tempted to eat "just a little more" since it won't hurt. I need to get out of that mentality.

Dips...glad to hear some of your bloat is on the way out. Is it my imagination or does the bloat thing get worse as you get older? What's the skinny on the ex BF? Is he still calling? did your husband's B-day go??? Once I read the words yeast rolls in your post...I could hardly concentrate on what else you wrote. I love's my biggest weakness...that and french fries. WTG on your exercise and keeping up with your weight loss. Once you see things moving you want to keep it going.

Noelle, Mags, Kemp, TLady, Red, Julie and all the rest (I am doing this from memory...which ain't the best) how are all of you??? How was your father's day?

Gotta go feed chickens and cows....
Have a grooooovy day!

06-19-2006, 12:30 PM
Hi girls, I am back from the Big Island.....I am tired! I got sunburned, badly, I feel fried. I put lots of sunscreen on too, but I guess i needed to reapply. I am heading out for my walk right now, but I will be back to catch up. Talk soon! :wave:

06-19-2006, 04:42 PM
Hi girls, "Happy Monday!" <-- if there is such a thing! :D
Tonight is Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. I'm hopin' my Edmonton Oilers hang in there for one more game and bring the Cup home!! So ya'll don't need to ask what I'll be doing tonight! :D
I haven't been in for awhile and I guess it is because I seem to have lost my motivation somewhere. I have not been following my own program. So now I'm thinking of joining WW. All you WW girls in here are inspiring! ;) I guess I'll have to wait to get the backlog of bills cleared up before I join. The good news is that there is a WW right up the street from me. Just a two block walk. So I guess once I join, I will have no excuse. :o :dizzy:

Claire - Sorry to hear your BBQ got cancelled. There is nothing worse than gearing up for a big event, only to have it ruined. I hope the weather cooperates for you this weekend. The shelter is having their biggest event of the year this weekend too. Hopefully the weather cooperates for both of us! :^: CONGRATS ON YOUR LOSSES!!! WOOHOO!!!! :cheer: :woo: :bravo:

Noelle - I hope your trip was fun! Which island do you live on, btw? Take care of the sunburn, girl. Aloe, Aloe, Aloe!!! :flow2: :flame: :hot: :sunny:

Dips - Congrats on being able to beat some of your bloat. :D I hope you get some cool breezes soon. I'd send you some of the torrential downpour we have been expereinceing, but I'm sure you wouldn't want it. :rain: Today is the first day in a week I have seen some sun! How are your belly dancing classes going? Or are they all done for the summer? :belly:

Angie - Wow!!! YOU ARE DOING AWESOME!!!!!! :D I am so proud of you!!! I hope that doesn't sound too corny! :^: Keep up the good work!! Hope Jay had a great birthday! :)

Red, cw, Julie, Maggzs, Cal and everyone else, Hi! Hope you're all doing great! I'm sure Cal is having a blast anyways.... :D

06-19-2006, 05:20 PM
Hey everyone, I'm back from my walk... the sun is blazing right now, but it is HUMID! It was sprinkling on us when we were walking, but I am sweating buckets still. I had to wash the dog when we got back too because she got soaking wet and well, there's nothing worse than the smell of wet dog. :faint:

Kona was HOT and fun. We left Michael at home with grandma and grandpa, we went out to look at this boat we're considering buying. It's a 24' Radon(?), more of a commercial fishing/diving type boat than a pleasure boat, but you can be sure that I won't be doing fishing for WORK when I'm out on that thing. We took it out on the water for a test drive and it rode like a dream....then on the way back toward the harbor gunning the motor at full-throttle it blew a rod :( We retracted the offer of sale and had it re-drawn up that the owner will fix it before we buy or if we fix it, we deduct the amount of the repair from the total sale...... we are still hopeful that this is the boat we will get regardless of the motor--it is a solid boat. If the sale is good, then we should be sailing it home to Honolulu within the next 3-4 weeks :crossed:. Gawd, we made margaritas and celebrated w/mexican food at the kid around = party! :devil: I am still full :sumo:

LadyT I live on Oahu, about 20-30 minutes away from Waikiki. We used to only have 2 airlines to get to the outer islands (Maui/Big Island/Kauai, etc) but we recently got a new carrier and the price wars are on! We recently got a crack at $19 one way fares, I wasn't so lucky to get one but $46 o/w ain't bad. You can bet I will be island-hopping more this summer with the fares so low right now. --heck, if we get the boat soon, maybe we can just sail it over... I will be crossing my fingers for your Oilers to take the cup! :crossed:

Claire, congratulations on your weight loss! :cp: That is GREAT! I am sorry about your BBQ getting cancelled and with you left having to handle the people...that must've been uncomfortable. Better luck next week!

Angie, WOWZA girl, you are just melting away! :dancer: I knew you'd love WW--doesn't it feel so weirdly easy? I wish I could keep my motivation up... I am floundering again. I guess my main goal right now is to maintain what I've lost without going hog wild and regaining. I have got to find my "click" before you pass me up :s: Happy belated b-day to Jay--now we're the same age :lol: Oh yeah, I wanted to let you know, you may not even get that TOM "bloat" since you're eating the right way--I know I had weeks of consistent losses regarding of what TOM it was :lol: So you take those 4+ pounds and celebrate without them!!!

Dips, you are a great daughter for working out and dieting w/your dad. Plus a little friendly competition never hurt, eh? You will get rid of that TOM bloat and it will take some extra lbs with them.

Julie, if you're reading this I am so sorry to hear about your dad and FIL. I am sending prayers for both :hug: You be strong and be there to offer support for both of those men in your life, dont worry about posting for us, we know you've got your hands full. And we will always be here when you need us. Take care girl! Miss you. Congrats on your DD and her dance recital. I am sure your boy is doing great TKD.

cw, I remember having that "talk" w/our pastor before my husband and i got married. We also had to go through an engagement encounter before we could get married in the church. I totally think it made us realize how important it is to have that higher power guiding you, whether you realize it or not.

Kempy, how was your weekend? Did you guys get any rain yet?

Hi to maggzs, Cal, Red and everyone........gotta get to some laundry and house cleaning. Have a great day!

06-19-2006, 07:19 PM
Hi all,

WOW ANgie, there will be nothing left of you shortly... I am soo jelous, but I know it is all my own doing & your hard work. I soo need to get the motivation back to get back on track. Sometimes I think I just dont give a toss about it... until I go & put on something that is a tad to tight & I have to wear those suck your guts in undies underneath. lol. But I really do care & do want to get back on track.

Claire, I know all about drought, we have justgone to level 3 water restrictions where I live so there is no watering of the gardens, no car washing unless its's all done by a bucket. & we are having a BBQ party thingy this week end (My 40th) & wouldnt you know it... its raining!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr
I am glad you have found comfort in your reading, its not always easy to deal with the men in our lives, but in time & with faith & prayer we can get through. Hang in there, like I said before you can really only ever change you. Also have a think about what are some of the things that set him off, & have a think about how (if possible) you can change some of those things. Its the kind of thing I lecture about regarding behavour managment when dealing with challenging behaviours but could work just as well here.

Now I have read with interest all the posts about mamograms ouchhhhh I have just made my first appointment & its sounds like I dont want to go All part of the total grease & oil tune up.. you know the smear & all the other crappy stuff we women go through. Ah the joy of it all!!!

Well I best get on with it, I am interviewing all day so hopefully I will come up with some new staff, right now its just nice to have someone to interview last time we didnt get any takers. I will be so glad when I get these staff as I have been flat out over recent weeks,

Take care all & chat soon.

Angie, my heart goes out to your sons, What a thing to deal with for them. I do know about the life/death thingy. it really smacks it back in your face doesnt it. Dispite what we all think we really are not imortal.

06-20-2006, 09:08 AM
Good Morning. Sorry I didnt get on yesterday but Jay took the day off and I spent it with him. He finally got my waterfountain hooked up in tyhe pool. It is cute.

Dips, Yes I got my email from Cal. She sounds like she is having a blast.

Claire, That is too bad that he cancelled the BBQ. I agree with you and your coworkers I wouldnt want to have to recook everything either. Jay's Birthday was nice. Thanks for asking.

Noelle, Take care of the burn. I feel for ya. Good luck on getting the boat. That would be so fun.

LT, You should try WW. I was always one of the people who said that in order to lose any weight I had to practically eat nothing but I have found that that just isnt true. I feel like I am cheating every day so far. :lol:

Maggz, You will get back on track. I have faith in you. We all go through these moments I think.

Well, It is hot and muggy out and I suppose I should get my walk over with and get some baking done early. I am waiting for the cop to come back to get my husbands statement about the accident. He came yesterday morning just as I got out of bed so I was quite embarrassed to answer the door and have to wait for jay to come out. :lol: He talked to him yesterday and then wanted him to write down a detailed account of what he saw and he is supposed to come back to pick it up. He said he is going to finnish his investigation and then hand everything over to the DA and they will decide itf they are going to file charges against the young guy who hit him. Oh yeah, We drove buy Griff's Iron Art shop yesterday and they had set up a memorial to him in front of the door to his shop with flowers and candles. It was very touching. He was a member of a local bikers club and they are going to do a drive on Saturday and have a hoe down at Griff's house that night to celebrate his life. I thought that was so sweet that he has so many friends and they care so much.

06-20-2006, 10:20 AM
Hey guys I am here. I wanted to make an appearance and say that I am back from a good weekend. I will be back in a bit to read the posts and chat a bit. I have to get a few things in the mail. I have been slacking and we will not be getting Joe's cousins b-day gift in the mail in time. CRAP!

06-20-2006, 12:18 PM
Here is a link to his websight if anyone is interested. He really made some beautiful art. He has a moose out front right now that he made out of oil drums. It is so cute.

06-20-2006, 07:07 PM
Hey ladies, just taking a quick break for lunch right now...thought I'd try and catch up.

Angie, I am so sorry about what happened to your friend Grif and that Jay and Corey had to witness it. Life is so precious and can end in an instant. That is a nice tribute to a man who touched so many lives with his art.

Just this past weekend a 33 y.o. local girl and single mother of 2 kids, was killed on a freeway here. A tourist lady from Montana was driving down the wrong way (I don't know how she got onto the freeway) and slammed into her. It was so freaky hearing of all these accidents. So sad. Live life to the fullest girls, you never know what's going to happen. :grouphug:

Ugh, my lips are cracked and yucky. I forgot my Burts Bees lip balm too :( My face is so tight and dry it feels like it wants to crack--and this is after I slathered on my moisturizer this morning. I guess I have to go home and put more on. I can't wait til it all peels off. I am taking Michael to see the new Garfield movie after his summer program today. I will not eat any popcorn :crossed: :lol:

06-20-2006, 08:03 PM
Ok, I finally had a chance to read everything.

Angie I am sorry to head that your kids had to see that. What a bad thing to have to witness. Did they know right away that he wasn't going to make it?

Noelle you take care of that burn. I didn't think I had burned that bad when we went to the beach but I got water blisters a few days later while I was working out so I knew I was going to peel. GROSS. Cool about your boat. Joe wants one so bad.

Maggz I hope you find a good employee.

LT I thought af you last Friday. I went to the shelter to see if one of my sisters cats was there. I don't know how you do it. I got in my car and bawled like a baby. It just made me so sad to see on the ticket why the people gave them up. "couldn't keep" Most of them were kittens. You know if they would fix their cat they wouldn't have to deal with that.AURGH!

We went to a friedns camp Friday night in Dulac. (crazy name for the town) It is in south LA. We just went to hang out and headed home. Sunday we were at the FIL's and then yesterday we spent all day drving around looking for a sealer for our grout. Of course we coulnd't find it. I have been home all day and I will be off tomorrow so I should be checking in then. I am going to take the dogs for a walk in a bit. We did get a bit of rain last night but we still could use more. We were up to a deficit of 20" so it wont hurt to have it rain every night for a week or 2.

Hi to everybody I missed. :wave:

06-20-2006, 08:20 PM
Noelle, Did you know that Burts Bees originally started in my town? The building was right beside where I had my bakery kitchen before we moved it to our house. The lady who owns it moved to north Carolina because Maine taxes their business owners so bad. I saw Burt in the grocery store the other day. :lol:

It was just Corey that was with Jay who saw it but I can say that he is still freaked out by it. In the mornings we have been finding him sleeping in Alicia's room because he didnt want to sleep alone. The E.M.T. told Jay at the store that they knew there was nothing they could do for him at the scene, it was just too bad. Jay pretty much knew it too he said it looked really bad. I didnt know the man myself but Jay did a little bit. It is so sad. Someone painted flowers all over the tar where he died this morning. The cops had painted a line around the truck where it hit him and I guess someone wanted to make it pretty.

Kempy, I cant go to the Humane Society either it is just too sad. I do look on Petfinder all the time though. That is how I found Mickey. I think it should be law that unless you are a licensed breeder then your pets should have to be fixed...expecially cats because alot of people look at them as disposable.

We have had thunderstorms for the last 2 nights and last night my MIL bakery got hit hard. Lightening hit their well and a huge pine tree out front. I went up today to look at it because it blew the bark off the tree from the top to the bottom. Pretty neat.

06-21-2006, 12:04 AM
Heya girls! What's shakin? :carrot: :D I'm having an OK day today. Got some great kudos on the job I am doing, so I guess my boss is happy. One of the documents I wrote last week may helped to secure the shelter a half a million dollars!! :D It will be cool if it happens for sure! I brought two kittens home today for foster care for the next two weeks until they are big enough to go for spay/neuter and get adopted. They are adorable. I have named them "Tempest" and "Twylla". I'll try and post some pics of them, if I can figure out how, LOL.

Noelle - I would have kicked myself if you lived on Maui, since my DH and I were there for 11 days this spring, just before I met ya'll. That would have just been ironic. I know you suggested a meeting in Vegas awhile back, I think it would be awesome for us all to meet somewhere like that one day! :D I hope the burn feels better, and you managed to avoid the popcorn at the movie today!:) My OILERS lost the CUP! :(

Angie - When you described that collision that your husband and son witnessed, it reminded me of one that happened near my house when I was growing up. Someone swerved 'round a car waiting at a cross-walk, running over a mother and her two children, killing them all. Tragic, and all because someone was too impatient to wait. People are just so ignorant sometimes.

Kempy - I hope your sister finds her cat. One of the most rewarding things for shelter workers is reuniting pets with their owners. I don't know how I do what I do sometimes either. That has a lot to do with why I left the shelter earlier in the year. It is very demanding work, but ultimately very rewarding!

Maggzs - Hope you find someone great with your interviews this week!

Hi to everyone else! Claire, Red, Dips, Julie, Cal, hope to hear from you soon! Well I'm off to watch Canadian Idol! :D Have a good evening ladies!

06-21-2006, 12:38 AM
AFternoon All,

Well yesterdays interviews were dodgy to say the least. One is ok but has previously had 'issues' with another part of our service so its a bit of a smack in the face if I put her on full time perm. here. Although I have had her here casual & she fits in well so go figure.
I have 2 more this afternoon so hopefully I wont have to push the envelope regarding the other woman as she really was the only one of any substance we looked at yesterday & we looked at 6. MAN! I was pretty smashed by the end of the day.
Angie I hope & pray your sons soon settle down, generally after a week - two the fear & stuff subsides I have observed. I guess you just do what you can till then.
Noelle, I am jelous, so many lovely places right on your doorstep to visit for the weekends!

Anyways best go prepare for the inquisitions hahaha.

06-21-2006, 12:22 PM
Hey guys. I have been farting around all day so far. I have not done anything. I hate days like this. We are having a meeting here tonight for Duck's Unlimited and I need to head to the store. I have to make somethings to eat. I am still sittting here in my sleep clothes so it may take me awhile to get going. Blah.

TL this will be the third cat my sister has lost in about 6 months so we thought someone was trapping them and bring them to the shelter. The last one never left her yard though so maybe they all just went off to pass on. They were up there in age so that is what we are going to stick with. I don't think I could be a foster parent for pets b/c I would never want to let them go. You are a saint.

Maggs sorry to hear that you are no having the best of luck with your interviews. Thankfully I work for myself so I don't have to go through that anymore.

I relaly need to get moving. I will chat later.

06-21-2006, 01:09 PM
Good Morning girls!! I tried forever to get on here this morning but I couldnt. That is so frustrating. :lol:

Kempy, that is too bad about your sisters cats. I know how much she loved them all. Do you think the old lady neighbor had anything to do with it? I hope no more go missing.

LT, OOOHHH you are fostering some babies??? I am so jealous. I have always wanted to do that but I dont think they would let me bring in a mom and her babies into my hectic house. I have 6 cats and 3 dogs. Would they? I agree with Kempy, You are a saint!!

Maggz, I wish you luck today with your last 2 interviews. I hope you find the perfect person for the job.

I have been housecleaning all morning. YUCK!!! Now to get a shower in.

06-21-2006, 01:45 PM
I am backm that didn't take as long as I thought it would. I can't beleive that Joe wanted me to buy Subway for tonight and I wsa able to get more stuff by doing it myself. They wanted $39 for 7 footlong subs cut in half. :yikes: I was able to get all of the stuff for sandwiches (on Po'boy bread), chips and drinks and I only paid $42. I will even have stuff left over to have in the house. I am going to be doing it from now on. I know it is cheaper to do it yourself but I guess I never really sat down and did the math.

Anige I think that lady is either dead or in a home. I thought about her too. I guess they are just leaving so they can die in peace. She still have 6 though.

I didn't tell you guys this but Joe is going to have an interview with his company about a managment position. If he gets it we would have to move closer to Houston. YUCK! I am such a small town girl I don't want to leave. He really doesn't know if he is going to get it but he wants to try for it anyway. If we end up staying though we are going to look into getting a pool. That will be some major money so we are really going to have to save for it. I didn't say anything b/c I was trying not to think about it. I am not big into change.

I hope all of your days are going great.

06-22-2006, 08:24 AM
Good Morning! Where is everyone this week? Come out and chat. I found us on page 2. I got up bright and early this morning because my Mom came and took Alicia for the weekend. I got in a long nice walk while it was still somewhat cool out. I am going to go do a ton of baking this morning since it is just me at home today.

Kempy, I hope you dont have to move to Houston, I know how much you like it at home near your family. I dont like change either. :lol: Oh you will love a pool, I can imagine how nice it would be down there too. Are you getting a special shape or something? They arent that bad priced up here.

06-22-2006, 04:55 PM
Hey ladies, I am busy being a busy-body. We have been having community meetings in opposition to the 2 12-story condos they want to build behind my house. Last night was great! Our local representative was there and a rep. from the State Housing dept.--of course the developer didn't show, but that's for another day. We got to air our grievances and did we go at 'em with both barrels. Anyway, we are going to a neighborhood board meeting to make sure our concerns are documented and that the board gets a letter written to the City Council to say we are vehemently opposed to the size and scale of the project and that they should reject any applications for exceptions to the project--I am not opposed to affordable housing, I am opposed to having a 120' building in my backyard. If I have to form a picket/protest line at City Hall next month I will!

06-22-2006, 09:37 PM
Hello Everyone...
My gosh...was it just my computer...or was this server down for a couple of days??? I couldn't get on for the life of me. Probably a good thing in that I was so busy at work.
My best friend came to visit Wednesday night with her grandson, Parker. He's 3 years old. We had so much fun! Parker had a blast feeding the cows and chickens and gathering eggs. We usually let the chickens out in the morning and then put them back in their coop about 2-3 hours later. When it came time to put them in the coop I took Parker with me to help me out. As we approached the coop I told him to start calling out, "Here, Chicky, Chicky!" When he did, he had nine chickens following him in a line to the coop. He was so thrilled! I wish I would have had a camera with me. It looked so cute having a three year old followed by nine chickens!
My friend also helped me with some decorating issues I had for months. My husband has not considered decorating a it was fun finally hanging a the last few pictures I had laying around and getting organized. I just hope my husband doesn't raise a stink when he gets home. time away from him has been good. I am starting to feel like myself again. That's a sad statement...but it's true. Hopefully, things will be different when he returns.
I haven't checked my weight, tomorrow, I will check and give you an update.
Hope all of you are doing well. I am going to have a read a bit to catch up with all that is going on in your lives.
Take care....

06-23-2006, 12:12 AM
How's it going my ladies:

Kempy- What a shame about the kitties! I hope no more get lost. BTW I totally see you as city girl. I don't think a move to houston would be too bad. It's funny, sometimes i think of you and Angie living in these small towns and i don't think I could swing it. SO I guess in that respect i can understand how the idea of change may be overwhelming. Hope he does well on the interview anyway.

Angie- Thanks for bumping us up!

Noelle- Welcome back! What is it with you gals and sunburn. You all have to do a better job of protecting your precious skins. Good job on your continuing to walk.

Clair- Aren't 3 year olds the cutest?? Sounds like he had fun on the farm. Haven't seen one of those in a while. BTW I'm happy you feel like the time apart from hubby is doing you good. I hope your reunion will be just as pleasant. My ex does still call and I have been out with him a few times but nothing serious. I let him know that i'm still not wanting to get back together. We'll see what happens.

Hi Maggs- So thinking about joining the WW mafia huh. Whatever you decide to do we're in your corner.

Okay my lovelies...I got some work to do TTYL

06-23-2006, 01:22 AM
Heya Girlies!

I hope ya'll had a great day! I'm tired out today. Work has been really busy, and this morning my boss looks at me and says "Just wait, we'll start getting busy in a few weeks." Uh oh! I thought I already was busy!! :^:

My foster babies are doing well, but you sure can tell they lost their mom too early. I hate when people bring in the kittens as strays with no mom. These ones are trying to nurse off of me all the time. LOL Everytime they burrow into my tummy, I put them in front of the food dish. :) They will eat on their own, they's just prefer to nurse!

Dips - What's new with you?

Claire - I'm glad the break from your hubby has been good for you. Maybe he has had some time to appreciate you more while he has been gone. I think maybe my hubby and I need a break too. We've sure been arguing a lot lately. :frypan:

Noelle - I helped to cancel another larger condo complex going up behind ours. We are in a pretty big highrise complex downtown, and some developer wanted to put another in directly south of ours. The hill we are at the top of is very steep, and there are major concerns with the ground and slope being able to hold up our complex, and these guys want to build another complex directly into the crumbling hillside? :dizzy: :rolleyes: :nono:

Kempy - I'm sorry about your sister's cats, I sure hop someone in the neighborhood isn't doing something to them. People can be awful sometimes. Taking in fosters is one of the easier parts of being a shelter worker. Although it can be very sad sometimes too. Babies die. :cry: There is one girl at the shelter who won't name her foster kittens until the morning they go up for adoption; she says it is easier for her if they die if they aren't named. I think I am mor often a :devil: than a :angel: though! :D I would love to move from the city to an acreage or a small town. I can understand why you don't want to move to the city. My DH grew up on a farm though, and loooooooves being in the city, so I expect we'll stay here!

Angie - It really would depend on the rescue org./humane society whether or not they would let you foster. For us it doesn;t matter how many pets you have at home, as long as you have an isolated room with bleachable floors and walls to keep the fosters in. Technically speaking, you are supposed to leave them in the room all of the time, but I usually wait for 2 weeks to make sure the babies aren't sick with anything that they could give my own cats, and then just let them have the run of the apartment. There is another rescue org here that encourages their foster parents to let their fosters interact with their own pets as much as possible, as it gives adopters a better idea whether the new animal will get along with any "pre-existing" animals in the new home. So, there is no set rule for fostering. If you are really interested, contact your local humane society or rescue org, and see what they say. :)

Whew sorry for being so chatty girls! Get me started on shelter work, and I'll go on, and on, and on! :D I love the animals so much! Anyways I have to get to bed! :wave: Hi to everyone else!!!! :hug:

06-23-2006, 10:05 AM
Good Morning!
I have another busy day ahead of me as I attempt to prepare (again) for the BBQ that was supposed to happen last week. Less than half of the folks that signed up last week are coming...sigh. Well, it is what it is. I just want it done and over with so that I can work on work. It should still be fun.
Tonite we are celebrating my son's 16th birthday. My oldest daughter has organized a suprise birthday party for him. I know he will love it! He, (Drew), leaves for Botswana, Africa, (is that how you spell it?) on July 9th. I am starting to feel a little aprhensive about that...but I know he will be in the Lord's hands while he is gone for a month... He can hardly wait.
Hey Kempy...see if you can get his company to move you to Austin rather than Houston. :) I think you would like Houston as a city...however...with all the hurricanes and humid weather (and I mean HUMID)...I wouldn't want to live there. I have heard, however, that some of the suburbs are okay. Check into "The Woodlands" if you end up moving there. I here that is the place to be. I will pray for God's best for you!
Dips...good to hear that things are leveling out with the ex. Take it slooooooooooow and easy...of course, you know that. Did you end up losing your bloat weight? How are things going with exercising with you Dad?
LadyT...I think it's cool that you are taking care of the baby kitties. There is something so precious about them when they are so small. It has been so long since I have seen a baby anything. I think it would be good therapy if I could see some puppies or kittens.
Meleka...geez...I hope you win your battle with the condo. My would think developers could leave things well enough alone. It would kill me to lose a view because of some concrete...especially in Hawaii! are things in your neck of the woods? Are you still losing?
Noelle...same thing... Both of you were losing like crazy...:)
I am still holding at 9 pounds since that fateful day at the doctor 3.5 weeks ago when I weighed in at 173. Hopefully, I will be able to lose 4 more pounds by the time I see him again. It would be nice to be below 160.
Well...I am off to feed the chickens and cows and work out. My workouts are becoming less frequent...mainly cause I am so tired all the time. My doctor thinks I may be anemic (sp?). That would certainly explain it.
Have a great morning. Blessings on all of your days!

06-23-2006, 10:50 AM
Good Morning girls. TOM came yesterday....the day all the kids are gone of course!!!! :lol: Why does it work out that way every single time we get a break from all the kids???? :lol: :devil:

It is pouring outside today so I am cleaning the kids bathroom and bedroom.:rain: They never do the bathroom the way I would like it done so I figured I would go right through it while they are away.

Today is my 1 month anniversary without ANY diet Coke!! YEAH ME!!!! :carrot: I dont even miss it with the Totally Light stuff. I have to say it is nice not to have the soda bloat at the end of the day too. :sumo:

Noelle, I hope you can get the plan blocked. I would not want it behind my house either.

Claire, I had trouble getting on the other day too. I was going through withdrawals. :lol: :comp: I bet that was cute to see all the chickens follow Parker.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DREW!!!! What will he be doing in Africa? I hope he has a great trip.

Dips, HI :wave:

LT, I had to bottle feed a litter of kittens once. It is so hard and tiring. My cat got pregnant about 11 years ago and after she had her babies my Mom and Dad came up to see them and Dad didnt shut the bedroom door so his Rottie Nakita followed him in to see....well, Tazz(mom cat) flipped out on Nakita (Rottie) and tried to kill her. Holy cow she went so crazy that she pulled all her claws out in Nakitas face etc. Poor nakita didnt know what to do. I still remember it to this day she was trying so hard to get away from Tazz. She didnt fight back once either. She was such a great dog! Tazz must have hurt afterwards and wouldnt touch the kittens so we went to the vets and got some formula and had to feed them for 2 weeks until she felt well enough to feed them again. That also is the reason every single pet of mine gets spayed or neutered. I kept all the kittens and I still have one today. Her name is T.J. and she is a fat lazy girl.

Well, I should finish cleaning the house now. fun fun

06-23-2006, 02:41 PM
Kempy, The strawberry fields are open for picking now. WOOHOO!!! The other day we went and picked 20 quarts and I froze 5 baggies and took 15 quarts up to the bakery to sell. I will try to go picking this afternoon too. I have been eating tons of them this week. YUM!!

06-24-2006, 12:49 AM
Hi Everyone...

I am about ready to go to bed... Nice day... I got a lot accomplished. One of the nicest things about my husband not being around is that my house stays cleaner longer... Know what I mean??? I finally finished all of my filing and dusting and cleaned the chicken coop as well.

Drew's party was great. He was truly surpised! It was fun seeing my family and watching the kids have fun together. Angie, Drew is going to Africa on a missions trip with an organization called Teen Mania. If I remember correctly over 5000 teen age kids travel the globe doing things like going into villages to work with young kids...building homes and churches...rebuilding lives after disasters etc... It is truly life changing. My oldest daughter has been on six trips...China twice, India, Dominican Republic, Haitti, and Sri Lanka. She started going on trips when she was 13. All three of my kids have been on these trips and come back changed. Their world view changes drastically and they become less selfish. All it takes is one trip to third world country and seeing how the rest of the world lives and suddenly that pair of shoes that "had to have" kind of fades into the sunset. You know??? Anyway...thanks for asking. If you all would pray for him and his safety as he goes...and for me that I wouldn't totally freak out. :) I know he will be fine.
Oh...and congrats on the no diet coke! My daughter, Steph, stopped drinking any carbonated bevarages last August. She is trying to go a year without em... She doesn't realize it...but she has lost weight since she stopped drinking coke. She also just looks healthier. So...WTG!

Okay...gotta to go to bed. I am beat!
Nite nite!

06-24-2006, 08:12 AM
Good morning girls!!! Today is weigh day and I am down 1.7 more pounds. WOOHOO!!!:carrot:

Not much happening for me today. Jay is working with his Mom and I am going to pick lobsters for supper. fun fun. :lol:

My sister got her puppy last night and brought him over. She is going to name him Koda (sp). I am so happy because I was afraid Mickey hated other dogs but he was okay with the puppy. Rebel was funny, He chewed on the puppy's neck,legs, etc. He does the same thing to the cats, he will nibble on their necks(I call it knitting) They love it but I have never seen him do it to a dog. He is one strange boy!!

Claire, That is so nice that Drew is doing that. I hope he has a safe fun trip. I do know what you mean about the house staying cleaner longer too. That is why I went right through mine yesterday. :lol: I hope your picnic goes well today.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

06-25-2006, 12:54 AM
:cheer: YEAH ANGIE :cheer:

06-25-2006, 03:34 AM
Good Morning... It's actually about as early as you could get in the morning...1:30 a.m. central time. I just got home from the BBQ I did for my subdivision. I am soooo beat! I only got to sit down for maybe a half hour. It was truly a success. Close to 150 showed up...(twice as much that RSVP'd). Everyone left around 11ish....and my friend, Linda and I were there to clean up most of the mess. There's a crew coming in at 7:30 a.m. to clean my model home and load the tables and chairs.
I also ended up starting to write a contract today as well as take another lot hold...which means another contract is coming...woohoo!
Congrats, Angie on your weight loss....I am sure I have gained after what I ate and drank at this party...sheesh.
More later. Have a blessed Sunday. Thanks for all of your prayers on the BBQ...

06-25-2006, 09:57 AM
Good Morning girls!! Well, yesterday took forever!! Jay worked later in the day for his Mom because there was a lot of stuff to do and since that would have been his only night not to work we had to go grocery shopping after. But first we went and picked 20 quarts of strawberries which took forever and totally wrecked my hair and makeup :lol: I was sweating so bad!! So needless to say we didnt get to supper until really late. Sounds like a fun day huh? :lol:

Dips, Thanks!!

Claire, I am glad your BBQ went well and you got a few contracts out of it.

Well, I have to jump in the shower and go get some baking done. It has been so muggy out lately that everything is just so hazy. YUCK!

06-25-2006, 09:01 PM
Morning all,
Excellent news Claire that everything went well for your BBQ & had contracts too, thats got to be good! I have employed 1 staff member yayyyy but could not find an appropriate one for the other position. The one I did employ I was still a little unsure about which is a pity as none of them grabbed me for 1 reason or another & most were just down right never in the running! Anyways this just means we start the qhole process over again. YAYYYYYYY bring it on!
We had a BBQ on Sat night for my birthday, I think it was ment to be a surprise but that would never happen in my house I am such a snoop lol. One of husbands mates actually said that husband had said shell find out anyway if I started to clean the house oh dahhhh its not like a regular occurance so definately it would make me suss. hahaha anyway was a fun night but high calorie content via food and beverages. & with the inlaws decending next week end I know I will find it hard to stay good this week. Stress wins out everytime where they are concerned & when I am stressed I trough!

Anyways best get some work done. HAve a great day....

06-26-2006, 09:57 AM
Good Morning...
Hope all of you are doing well today... I have a sales meeting early this this will be brief...
Maggzs...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! How old are you...or should I be asking? :) Glad you had a great time at your party. Btw...what kind of company do you have or business? I was just wondering what you were hiring someone for.
Angie...Even though your day sounded a bit did sound like it was fun. It's been so long since I picked strawberries. They aren't exactly the type of fruit that grows in Texas readily. :)
Jim, my husband, comes home on Friday. I finally got the courage to say something last night and was honest about how I was feeling about some things. He didn't get fact, he wrote me an email that was very encouraging. I am realizing, from the book that I am reading, that I just need to keep focused on my issues...not his. So...that probably kept him from getting defensive. Anyway...God is working in our relationship.
It's been awhile since some of you have everything okay???
Have a blessed day...

06-26-2006, 10:57 AM
Wow Maggs had a birthday?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGGS!!

Claire- Things sound promising in your DH's return. It's good that he's giving you some positive encouragement. Everything will work out fine :)

Angie- Berry-picking huh? The only place I pick my berries is at the market! :lol: It's amazing how we all click despite the many differences in ou lifestyles.

Speaking of which, here was my weekend:

Okay so we just ended "Gay Pride" week and the queens were out in full force! You had to see the costumes this past week to belive them:o The week ended with the parade on sunday which marches right by my job. The most exciting thing was the men in G-strings and boas prancing around with glitter and heavy blush on thier faces. It was quite festive. Too bad I had to look at all the gorgeous men that would never be interested in me. Like being a kid ouside the candy store. :lol:

Now Angie, can you imagine seeing that out your front window? :dizzy:

TTYL babies!

06-26-2006, 05:57 PM
Hey girlies, happy Monday. I am up and at 'em today. Got my walk in early this morning with the dog and got my son to his summer program....colored my roots, and got my make up on and am at work and it's only 10:30 a.m.---that's early for me :lol: :devil: We had a surprise baby shower yesterday for my sister to celebrate her upcoming Chinese adoption, just us sisters and my mom. Then we all went shopping afterwards it was so fun, us doing girl stuff. This was a welcome change from all the other heavy stuff I have been into lately--this darn condo project is just looming over our heads and we have been having impromptu meetings with the other neighbors to see what we can do to make people more aware of just what is to come. We will be making signs tonight to sign-wave tomorrow in the area they want to build in--this on an 'open/farmers market' day, which is ALWAYS congested with traffic. There was an article in today's paper detailing the project, Rick is getting his voice heard :cheer: :

Angie, I gotta say girl, you are doing wonderful! :carrot: I wouldn't be surprised if you pass me up in the weight loss department. I am so not motivated right now, not going crazy the opposite way just yet, but not really making an effort. I wonder if it's this summer heat? Even though you messed up your hair and makeup you got all those yummy strawberries... :T

Maggzs, happy belated birthday :hat: :balloons: and many more!

Claire, glad your BBQ was a great success. I'm sure your efforts were appreciated by all. I'm happy you got a chance to speak with your hubby about things, there is nothing fun about not being on the same wavelength as your spouse. Thinking of you--and sending prayers and good thoughts for Drew on his journey.

Dips, I remember being in San Francisco one year (which has got to rival NY for their gay pride parades) and having to explain to my niece and nephew who were 10 years old at the time just why there were topless women riding motorcycles through the city :lol: I think I may have told you that story before... but it's still funny when I think of it. I wish I could've sat with you looking at your window :lol:

LadyT, how are ya doing today? Those foster kittens still trying to pad their feet onto your tummy? :lol: That is so cute.

Julie, hope you're doing good out there :wave:

Kempy, how was your weekend?

Gosh, I just got a call from Rick and he said the boat sale is a done deal. Looks like he is going to Kona again maybe in a couple of days to work out the last details. Maybe if any of you guys come out to Hawaii we can take you big game fishing... :D Guess I gotta go take some swimming lessons in case I fall off the boat :lol:

Well, I should get some work done. Have a good one :wave:

06-26-2006, 09:20 PM
HELP!! I have fallen off of the wagon and I can't seem to get back on. There is way too much festive stuff going on and I can't get my head right.

Maggz Happy Birthday. You are a Cancer too. Angie and I have the same b-day, July 1st. Nice to have another crab around. :D

Claire I am right above New Orleans right now so I know all about hurricanes and humidity. We were part of that wonderful storm Katrina. I still don't want to leave though.

Dips I am such a small town girl you just don't know it. When we moved to Pensacola I used to cry b/c I thought it was too big for me. I didn't know where anything was except my work and the house.

Angie thanks girl for the gift. You should be getting something too. I am so bad about cards though, I forgot to get one in there. I hope you like it. OU r starwberries are long gone. I didn't freeze any b/c they never taste the same to me when I do that.

Noelle that is one big condo they have proposed. I sure do hope you can fight it off. I bet when I tell Joe you have a boat he will book his tickets tomorrow. He loves to fish offshore.

I really need to take a bath. I have cut the grass and I have also been watering the yard since around 4. Talk about pretty right now. YUCK!

06-27-2006, 08:55 AM
Good Morning. I didnt even get a chance to post yesterday. You know the normal Monday things like paying bills making phone calls etc. We decided to run to Bangor yesterday(I havent been since I got myself back on track) and I ended up having to eat out. I ate at KFC. I had 2 chicken breast(no skin), 1 small mashed potatoe and a small ice cream cone from Dairy Queen. Sounds terrible doesnt it but it was within my points and when I got up this morning the scales dropped again. That feels so strange. I swear I feel like I am cheating!! :lol:

Maggz, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you had a great day.

Claire, I wish you and Kim the best when he gets back. It sounds like he really misses you.

Dips, Nope no queens walking down Main street here. :lol: We have a few but they are mostly at the bars. :lol: I have seen a few of those parades on tv though and you are right some of the guys are really hot!! I think it would be fun to watch but probably not if it was maine guys. :lol: Too much flannel and stubble. haha

Noelle, Now you guys can make Rick go catch your fish for your Sunday BBQ. That sounds like fun. When can we come? :lol: If I had a spare $2000 me and Jay could come over for a 3 day weekend sometime. I am trying to talk him into doing it in the spring but he would have to put Rebel in a kennel for the weekend. :lol: He wants to go to Hawaii so bad though to see the volcanos. Dont worry I dont think I will be passing you in the weightloss department anytime soon. You are WAY smaller than me.

Kempy, Thank you. I got your gift yesterday. Too cute. Was the flags okay? I have never ordered from them before but I wanted to get some for my gardens.

I freeze the berries so that during the winter the kids like to put them in the blender with milk and they taste like ice cream. They love that.

Well, I have to go get cooking now. this is another big week for us so I will be cooking every waking moment I think. :lol:

06-27-2006, 10:42 AM
Good Morning Girls... I have zero minutes to post everything I would like...but just wanted to say hi and that it was nice to see some updates on your lives.
I was up early this morning and finished digging up a flower bed... Let's just say I am sweating like a pig. Anywho...I need to get showered and off to work.
More later.

06-27-2006, 11:04 AM
Good morning. Well, Joe has messed up the exercise plan for today. He is on his way home to work from home today so I can't jump around like and idiot. So, I guess I will just do some house work and hope that it helps. I am still scarde to step foot on the scale. I hate PMS and the bloat it brings. I know I don't have a chance for this weekend either. My family is coming Saturday and Joe and I am going to New Orleans Sunday so I might have another bad weekend. I will try to be good though.

Angie isn't it cool when you have that happen? I got the flag and thank you it is so cute. I have to find the perfect spot for it. I don't think we would get a certain shape pool. We really haven't even looked at them. I don't want to get my hopes up and then us have to move. Which again I don't want to. I had just accepted the fact that we would be living here forever. At first we wanted to build somewhere but it just seems like too much of a hassle.

Claire I really want to do another flower bed but yet again I don't want to do anything until we know we are going to stay here. What planting zone are you in over there? I am in zone 8 here so I am only familiar with what will so good here.

I need to get some breafast and see what I can keep myself busy with today.

06-27-2006, 04:38 PM

06-27-2006, 05:34 PM
Good Afternoon, Ya'll...
What a nutsy day so far.

I was about to send a contract out to some folks and then I got a call that I may be getting another contract on the same house. That always makes me feel great angst (sp). I told them both...first come first serve. Hopefully, one of them will come through and I won't lose both in the process. I need this deal bad. I have property taxes to pay and need the extra dough. My boss also said if I can get this house sold and one other inventory home that I can have Monday off as well as the 4th. So...I am busting my rear end to try to get that done. I need to have a couple of days where I am not working!!!!
Kempy...I know the feeling about the PMS thing... My bloat time will be here by the weekend. I can already feel it starting. Plus I am starting to crave salts and chocolate...sheesh!
Gosh, Angie...I am so happy to hear you are still losing even with the seemingly "cheat foods" that you are eating. How easy is WW? I have wondered if it is something I should try.
Noelle...Glad you got some chill time with your family. How often do you touch up your roots? I have to have mine done every 2.5 weeks!!! My hair grows so fast. My gosh...if I ever got stranded on an island...I wouldn't want to be rescued for fear that they would see that I am really mostly gray! gosh...what a site that must have been. We seem to have that kind of stuff on a regular basis in Austin... There's a guy named Leslie that wears women thong undies, and stelleto (sp) heels and a feather boa and is on the streets of downtown daily. I guess he is one of the reasons that there are bumper stickers that say, "Keep Austin Weird!" :)
I gotta git...people are here to look at the model home. Hello to Maggz, Julie, and the whoever I am missing.

06-27-2006, 08:39 PM
Hey ladies, another crazy day for me. I spent all morning researching and editing a letter that we are sending to our City council members, representatives, mayor, etc etc about this condo project we don't want. It turned out to be 4 pages and I even forgot to eat breakfast! Never thought I'd say that myself! :dizzy: Then some of the neighbors came over from down the street and we talked for an hour...everything is very productive though, so it's not like I'm wasting time doing nothing.

Claire, I probably should touch up my roots every 2-3 weeks, but I'm lazy.... this last time around I actually tried one of those new root touch-up applications, the kind that take 10 minutes? I loved it, it actually did work in 10 minutes, and without all that extra staining on my skin that I usually get with the full-on permanent dye. I like it so far, if it gets me by 3 weeks I will be happy. I just recently dyed my hair from light brown with highlights to my natural color, dark dark brown. The downside is that the grays show up evevn more prominently against the dark--the upside is that I don't have a tri-color thing going on with my dark roots coming in on top, the grays coming in at the temples and front of my part, and the lighter brown all over. :lol: Anyway, GOOD LUCK :crossed: on getting your contract signed and the back-up one to boot so you can get your day off on Monday!!! I know you can do it. :D

Angie I sent your b-day gift on Saturday, you should be getting it soon. I hope you are done with your baking by this time of the day.

Kempy, I was a little behind on yours and may not get to send it out til tomorrow. :^: You know I love ya right? How does your garden grow? :lucky:

I have to run off and pick up the boy from Summer Fun........ have a great evening all :wave:

06-28-2006, 08:49 AM
Good morning girls!! My neck is acting up again and this time I didnt do anything....well, I bent over to pick strawberries. Geesh, Am I that old that now I am going to have neck problems??? Not till Saturday!!!! :lol: I swear I was up all night last night because of it. I have been taking Advil and it isnt helping at all.

Kempy, When will Joe find out if he gets the promotion?

Claire, I hope you get your 4 day weekend. I think he should give it to ya anyways. You have been busting your butt with the BBQ etc. I was so surprised how easy weight watchers was. Noelle and kempy have been doing it all along and that is why I decided to try it because they are doing so awesome.For me I have always been that if I eat something that is a no no then I am done and eat everything. With the point system I dont look at it as a no no anymore it is just a number now. For me that has helped a lot plus I am eating more now than I did either of the other times that i lost all of my weight.

Noelle, You and your neighbors are putting such an effort into stopping the condo that I know you will win. You should anyway, I mean you all have been paying taxes for so long there that I would think you should have a say on what goes on. Good Luck!!

06-28-2006, 09:17 AM
Good Morning!
As usual...I am in a hurry. My son came out to the ranch last nite which means I have to have him to work by 9 a.m. We are about 45 minutes from his I am squeezing as much as I can into and hour and a half.
Angie...the WW thing sounds good. My biggest issue is if I have to think to hard about something (i.e. whether I should eat something or not) then it won't work. My brain is way too crowded already with other stuff to take on one more thing. It sounds like WW is fairly easy though. I will have to look into it. I am also anxious to see how the "butt pill" works. Hopefully, it will give me the energy I need to work out more.
Noelle...I am eventually going to have to try out doing the touch up thing at home. Currently my colorist does it. Let's just put it this way...every time I try anything on my own with my hair it's usually a disaster. I have actually thought of making one of those coffee table books called "Claire's Bad Hair Day" and market it to salons. It would certainly entertain people waiting to get their hair done. :) more thing Angie... I don't know how old you are...but I can tell you that for me personally, everything seems to ache without me doing anything to make it ache. It's crazy!!! I hope you feel better soon.
Hope everyone has a great day...I gotta scoot!

06-28-2006, 11:19 AM
Good morning gals! We have one of the puppies for the next 6 days. Well, she really isn't the size of a puppy any more. She is actually a little taller than Echo but momma Echo still puts it to her. :lol: He owners went to Vegas and we offered to keep her so they didn't have to put her in a kennel. I bet my two are really mad at me right now. The test will be when it is tim to sleep. Daisy is used to sleeping inside but I put mine in the garage at night. This should be fun.

Anige Joe has to interview for the position but they havn't even set them up yet. I wish they would get a move on. I really would like to do a few things to the house. The only problem is we will have to take out a loan just to do those things so I am going to wait. We want to re-do our bathroom and of course the pool and all of that takes money. I wonder if you slept wrong last night? Oh yeah, talk about bad timing with TOM, I am going to start Saturday. Oh joy!

Noelle you are working so hard on this. Of course I don't blame you. What is the time frame for all of this stuff? Do they have a deadline? I know it really isn't the same but we are trying to have the pine trees in the green space cut. There are about 8 that are really tall and skinny and everytime we have a storm on of them falls. So, instead of paying someone everytime one falls we (the homeowners on the back) just want to cut them. The space has lots of oaks and Magnolia trees that will really take off once those pines are gone so we are not hurting the environment. Well, one person back here is tryint to fight it he says that he like them and they provide shade. Hello, they are at least 50' tall and provide nothing but pine straw. So, he is doing everything he can to stop it. I told him that once it starts to rain again I am going to plant a tree in the space to help with what we cut down. Only thing is that you are going through something that will not improve the place. So, I guess this has nothing to do with what you are going through. :dizzy: Sorry.

Claire I guess I am luck in that I work in a salon. I usually color and highlight my hair every 6 weeks. I just hope in their chair and tell then to go at it. It really is nice to have that convenince.

Well, I am going to head off and try to do something today. This PMS is really getting to me this month. I have zero energy and I crave chocolate ALL day.

06-28-2006, 07:50 PM
Where is everyone today?

06-28-2006, 08:12 PM
Hey Kempy, Me and Alicia just got back from a walk in the rain.

Claire, I am going to be 34 on Saturday. :yikes: My twins and my Mom's birthday is also on Saturday. We like to keep our birthdays easy to remember in my family. :lol: :rofl:

Kempy, Didnt you say a while back that you had to take one of the pups back because of divorce? Do you still have her? that is so nice of you to offer to dogsit so she doesnt have to go to a kennel. I wished I had someone to do that for me. I am feeling so guilty abouty having to leave Mickey and Candi behind for 16 days while we go to Florida this winter.

06-28-2006, 08:41 PM
Hey girls, I dropped Rick off at the airport this morning, he went over to Kona to finalize details on his boat. Here's a picture of it... it's an older boat but it's well built and made to last (or so he tells me :rolleyes: ) . It will be used sort of for commercial fishing which it was designed for. Maybe if we make some money off of this we can buy a real pleasure that yacht I wanted--of course the one I was eyeing was well over $100K :lol: Hmm, I think I need my own house first! Anyway, it needs some repairs but once they're done Rick will be sailing it back to Honolulu. Hopefully within the next 2 weeks. I think we'll be island hopping before Michael goes back to school next month...I'll take the airplane, thanks. Fun!

Kempy, your b-day gift is in the mail today. I hope you get it by Saturday :crossed: Hey, what kind of bathroom remodel are you planning to do? I could send Rick over and I could visit you and call it a business expense :lol: That is crazy about that guy trying to save that one type of tree--especially if it doesn't withstand the hurricanes and stuff. And especially since it's not an endangered species or anything. :rolleyes:

Angie, did you hear about Moose, the JRT dog who played Eddie on Frasier died :( Are you guys planning a big birthday shindig for Saturday? That's a lot of people with the same birthday...must be fun!

Claire, WW has something called the Core plan, kind of like a low-carb thing where you don't count points at all. You just eat from the core list of foods until you are "satisfied". I haven't done it myself, but there are several people in my group that are doing it and they have done just as well as those on the points plan. One gentleman who's just about 60 years old lost 50+ pounds in a little over 6 months without counting points, just eating from the Core foods. I think WW is great and it really works if you work it. (Sadly I'm not working it too well right now :D)

Gotta run for now. Have a good evening.

06-28-2006, 10:19 PM
Anige we did have the dog but we gave it to a friend of ours that has 2 kids. They love her. She needed a home that would let her inside alot.

Noelle we want to pull out the big tub that we never use and turn that spot intoa hugh shower. Then the spot where the shower is right now (it is a slide in shower), turn that into a big linen closet. We ahve no storage in our bathroom so I have to keep the towels in the closet which is a pain in the butt. I really can't change to much b/c of the fact that we are on a slabe and the plumbing is formed into that. So, I had to figure a way to change it without moving the plumbing to much. You can come over and help though. I would never turn that away. I am sure it is going to cost a pretty penny to do that too. I love the boat! Joe has a guide servies down here, I wonder if we could make it a tax write off too going over there to ride the boat. :D

06-29-2006, 12:10 AM
How's it going my ladies??!!

I'm just popping in really quick. It's very busy 'round here. The new rent managers put all the wrong rent notices under the wrong doors so all my neighbors are trying to figure out who belongs to what letter. Idiots!
I'll hit you guys up tomorrow

06-29-2006, 10:32 AM
Good Morning girls!! I had to make no bakes for the accounts today and I have 24 quarts of strawberries on order for tomorrow so I will be bent over in a field for a while today I guess. :lol: I also have to make some scones tonight. I did make sure to get a walk in this morning though. That is about all the excitement for me.

Dips, I hope you get your rent notices figured out.

Noelle, Nice boat!!! I swear I am trying to figure out how to come over and visit soon!! If I can get all my bills caught up this year then maybe if I get a good income tax I can get Jay to spend the money on a mini trip to visit. He wants to go to so maybe it will be easier than I thought.

Yes, I heard about Moose. Poor boy but did you see how old he was? 16 1/2!!!! Wow, I will probably have grandkids before Rebel dies.

Kempy, That is great that you found a good home for the puppy. How did Daisy do last night? Your bath sounds like what I want to do to mine. I have a big corner whirlpool tub but I never use it. I wanted to rip that out and put in one of the big glass corner showers and then take my other shower out for more storage space. Those showers are so darn expensive though that I dont think I will be doing it any time soon. :lol: My bathroom would seem huge if I could do it though.

06-29-2006, 04:43 PM
Hey guys. I am putting off cleaning right now. I really want to take a nap. You know, PMS. It just makes me so tired. We are having the family and a few friends over tomorrow night to boil shrimp for my brothers b-day and mine too. His is today so we thought we would combine them. It should be fun.

Angie I really wish we could do the bathroom right now. I would love to have a bigger shower.

Hey Dips!

06-29-2006, 07:30 PM
Hey girls....just taking a small breather from work right now. Paying bills and stuff sux big time, it's never ending! :crazy:

Kempy/Angie, our downstairs shower was a tiny, cramped little walk-in square and I would bang my elbows on the wall when I shampooed my hair--yes it was that small. A few years back (you guys might remember this) Rick ripped out the whole bathroom and put in one of those neo-angle corner stalls, I think it's 48" with the metal-framed glass enclosure and that made such a difference (I think we expensed the materials to another job we were doing :s: ). There's even room for 2 in there now :devil: :o . I gotta figure out a way to make it a business write-off to come out there and see you guys and Rick can remodel your bathrooms :lol:

Hey Dips...I hate dealing with dummies :mad:. Did you find the rent notice that belongs to you?

Angie, what are "no bakes"? Is that something you premake for them and they bake it themselves? Just curious.

Kempy, happy b-day to your bro...and have fun celebrating. Have some shrimp for me too OK? :T

:wave: Hey to everyone else. I gotta run and grab some lunch.

06-29-2006, 07:56 PM
Hey guys I just got back from a walk and boy isnt it humid out there. YUCK! The air is so thick you can hardly breathe. Luckily the weatherman says that it should leave by Saturday. :cheer:

My neck is gonna hurt tomorrow. We spent about 2 hours berry picking this morning. We got 32 quarts. The picking is over for the farm I think. They closed down while we were there. The owner said they will give it a few days to see if they can ripen and reopen. I dont think there is much left though. There is another one that just opened up so we may go there this weekend.

Kempy, my pms has been making me really tired lately too. When I go for a walk my legs feel like lead. Luckily mine is done for the month so I get a few weeks of comfort.

Noelle, The neo angle shower is what I want. I didnt know the name. :lol: How much did yours cost? I have looked them up and they were so expensive that I said forget it I will live with what I have already. I wished I had of known ahead that i wouldnt use the tub at all so I could have NOT ordered it and had a bigger bathroom. :lol:

No bakes are the no bake cookies. With butter,sugar,milk,cocoa powder,oatmeal and peanut butter. You just boil the first things and then add the poeanut butter and oatmeal after and scoop them. YUM!! I have been making them without cocoa too because the cop uptown loves them and buys them all. I have to say that I havent eaten any either. Yesterday I made macroons and brownies and didnt eat them either.

I am making filet mignon with onions,green peppers and mushroom, garlic smashed potatoes,corn and yeast rolls with butter for my birthday dinner. Instead of a cake I am making ww chocolate muffins. It is a can of pumpkin mixed with a chocolate cake mix. It sounds good so I figured I would try it.

06-30-2006, 12:35 AM
Hi All...
Sorry I haven't got on before this...but this was my first day off in two weeks. I decided I would finish my flower bed, wash windows, haul lumber to the dump, clean house, do laundry...amongst other things. Jim comes home tomorrow afternoon and I wanted him to see that I could get things done that he has been putting off for weeks (for various reasons...). I have been doing a bunch of stuff to the house since he's been it will be interesting to see if he notices.
I am going to level with all of you...I am depressed. For the past three days I have not been sticking to my diet at all. Today I got on the scale and noticed that I had gained 4 pounds back. Instead of getting back on the horse again...I ate even more. I am near tears. I worked hard to get nine pounds off...and now it's only five. Noelle, my period will be here in a I am officially in the PMS zone. I am also craving chocolate and salt... It happens every month.
I am also not looking forward to Jim coming home. I was finally able to be honest with him the other nite about some huge issues in our relationship. He handled it very well. Even so...I know that the days ahead are going to be an uphill push. I am thankful I have a husband that wants to work through things...I am just weary of working on things.
I heard Joel Olsteen on TV the other nite talk about developing a habit of happiness. It was timely to say the least. My tendency right now is to think only of the negative. What I need to do is focus on the positive...realize how blessed I am. I used to think that way all the time... I need to retrain my mind.
Okay...nuf of my ramblings... Hope you all had a great day. Oh..I have a chicken that is MIA... I have a feeling it either died or was attacked by a hawk. Bottom line...I couldn't find her when I put the chickens away. sigh... blood tests are tomorrow morning for the "butt pill". I am worried that I won't get everything I need in that my doctor had to reorder them so my insurance would cover them. If you all would say a prayer that I would get all the tests I need. I need that pellet BAD!
Good night! Thanks for letting me vent...

06-30-2006, 11:15 AM
Good Morning Ladies!!! Well, I woke up this morning to the sound of rain pouring on the skylight in my master bath. It was raining so hard that it sounded like it was gonna break it. I got up and had breakfast and it stopped raining so I figured quick lets get a walk in. :lol: Sooooo..... me Brit and Alicia leash up all the dogs and head out. We got almost to our turn around point and it started. It was raining so hard that there were mini rivers flowing down the road. :lol: We didnt have any umbrellas with us(not that they would have done anything in that downpour) and Brittany was in her pajamas wich consists of a white t shirt. hahaha. I know people were laughing their asses off when they rode by us. The lady my sis got her puppy from was out walking in it too so I dont feel quite so stupid but hey we gotta do what we gotta do right? :lol:

Claire, Hon, I wished I could give you a big hug and hang out with you until you feel better. :hug: I hope you and Jim can work through your problems. It will be hard work but it will be so worth it. Love ya.

06-30-2006, 10:53 PM
Bumping us up.

07-01-2006, 09:00 AM
Good Morning!!! Where is everyone? Come out and chat!!!!

Today is weigh day and I am down 1.5 more pounds!!! WOOHOO!!! I am sure this week wont change much after my dinner tonight. :lol: But let me tell ya the steaks look so good. MMMMM!!

Well, I better go get my walk done since I overslept this morning and now it is hot out. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

07-01-2006, 12:55 PM
Happy Birthday Kempy and Angie!!!

:hug: :carrot: :wave: :angel: :hb: :cp: :hat: :dance: :flow1: :goodvibes :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :m: :m: :wizard: :wizard: :cheese: :bubbles: :whoo: :crazy: :crazy: :cheer: :cheer: :belly: :belly: :cheers: :cheers: :hun: :hun: :encore: :encore: :lucky: :lucky: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :yes: :yes: :jeno: :jeno: :high: :high: :cloud9: :cloud9: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :dancer: :flow2: :flow2: :gift: :gift: :gift: :gift: :gift: :gift: :gift: :gift: :gift: :gift: :cb: :cb: :joker: :joker: :spin: :spin: :T :T :lol: :lol: :lol: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: ;) ;)

07-01-2006, 03:52 PM
Thanks Noelle!!!

I hope your crawfish boil goes well.

07-02-2006, 10:57 AM
Good Morning ladies!!!(or should I just say Noelle? :lol: ) We went and bought the new tv for the fifth wheel yesterday. We counted it as a gift for me and Jay. The twins also bought a water and sewer hose for it as a gift to us. Exciting stuff huh? Then we came home and had filet mignon with sauteed onions,green peppers,and mushrooms, garlic smashed potatoes and yeast rolls with real butter. I also made the ww chocolate muffins. It was a very good meal and so worth dipping into my flex points. I ended up only using 9 of my flex points which I didnt think was too bad considering the amount of food it felt like I ate. We invited my sister over for supper. My Dad had to work yesterday so my parents couldnt come over(His birthday was on June 28 and My Mom's birthday was yesterday with me and the twins) So I packed up some of the filets and veggies and potatoes and muffins for them.

Wendy brought her new puppy Koda over for supper and I bet he slept all night after all the playing him and Rebel did. He even went swimming in the pool. He looked tuckered when they left. It was really cute to watch Rebel wear him out. Candi and Mickey didnt want anything to do with him. :lol: Which is good because I dont think Rebel would have shared him. haha

I had to do my walk on my treadmill this morning because it is pouring out again. It seems like so much more work to do it inside.

Well, I gotta jump in the shower and get ready for work. I hope you are all having a great weekend!!

07-02-2006, 10:57 PM
Hello Everyone...

I just got home from work and picking up my son, Drew. I just noticed, Angie, that you said you went to work today. Why do you have to work on weekends? I have been working on weekends for i am used to it...but am always curious as to why others do. Hope you and Kempy both had a great birthday!

I had a very busy day at work... Seems like everyone and their dog needed to be looking at model homes. Most were folks who had nothing to entertain their holiday they toured them through model homes. I don't necessarily mind that...because some eventually buy. However, when more than a half dozen like that come gets tiring.

Tomorrow our boss said it was up to us whether we wanted to take the day off. Ummmm.....that's a no brainer for me. Monday's are slow and no one is going to be in the main I am getting my blood work done at 7:45 a.m. and then heading to my office to put a sign on the door. yeeeeeha! It will be nice to have a couple of days off in a row!

So, where is everyone? I guess this is the time of year when everyone is busy with

On the home front...things are a little dicey again. I need your prayers. Thanks!

Thanks for being there ya'll.

07-03-2006, 09:27 AM
Good Morning Claire!! My husband and I have a wholesale bakery at our house so we have to work 6 days a week just to deliver the donuts and pastries to the convenience stores in our area. They dont want to hear about days off they just want their donuts everyday. We have been doing this for over 10 years and a few years ago we said to **** with it and bought an rv and decided that during the winter we are going to take 2 weeks off from work and go spend some quality time with our kids. I have a feeling this year they wont be happy about that but you know they can bite me. :lol: Right now in addition to our own business my husband is also working for his Mom at her bakery so he is just working nonstop. I hate it but he wants to get some major bills paid off this year and she really needs his help so he does it. So that is my story. :lol:

I am sorry to hear that the time apart hasnt helped much. I hope you guys get everything worked out. :hug:

Enjoy your day off!!! Jay worked it so I dont have to work today either but since he will be gone all day I am a little bored. :lol:

Well, I gotta go get a walk in. It is so hot already that I am dreading it. :lol:

07-03-2006, 12:58 PM
Hello lovely ladies!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Canada Day was on the 1st, so my hubby has the day off today for the stat. I only work Tues, Wed, Thurs right now, so I get 4 day weekends all the time. Must be nice, I know, I know!:p

Went for a 3+ hour trail ride yesterday with Midnight, my uncle and my cousin came with their horses too, and some friends of mine who ride came as well. It was only the 3rd time I have had him out on the trails, so he did really really well. We only had one tough spot. He had never crossed a bridge in his life, and ther were several on this trail (little wooden ones over creeks, and some deep ditches). Whe we hit the first one he balked pretty bad, reared, and then started backing as fast as he could. We were last in line, so there was no one behind us. My uncle came back to help, and I swear if he had taken a few more seconds, Midnight would have turned around and bolted back down the trail, all the way to the trailer! :o It was pretty scary. But then my uncle came back to help, and we got Midnight across, calmly and safely. After that he didn't balk once at the bridges. He even started to trot over a few of them. I think he got to like the sound of his feet on the wood. :rolleyes:

My foster kittens are doing well. I almost lost little Twylla; she got very sick and stopped eating and drinking. I was injecting her with subcutaneous fluids twice per day for about 5 days. We managed to find something she would eat - human baby food. Fed her that with a syringe for a few days. Now she is back on track, and racing around with Tempest like she was never sick. Both should be able to go for spay surgery next week. I'm kind of looking forward to it; my own cats have been pretty out of sorts.

:woo: :balloons: :gift: :hat: :D HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY KEMPY AND ANGIE!!!!!! :woo: :balloons: :gift: :hat: :D

Angie - Your birthday dinner sounded delicious! :drool: And another 1.4 lbs!!! You are melting away! I noticed your avatar... you're gorgeous! Jay is a lucky man!

Claire - I'm sorry to hear about your depression, and that you are struggling. :hug: My thoughts are with you. I hope you and Jim can work through what you need to. Remember that you chose this man, and the work on your relationship will be worth it! We are here for you!

Noelle - The boat looks like lots of fun! We were in Maui this spring, and the only thing we did not do that my hubby really wanted to was go deep sea fishing. I guess next time we'll have to come to Oahu instead! :D I wish Rick could come and remodel our bathroom. Our buidling was built in the seventies, and each floor has a different colour bathroom fixtures. White (the lucky ones), pink, or "harvest gold" aka pukey greenish yellow. Guess which ones I have?! That's right "harvest gold" Lucky me!

Kempy - How did your birthday party go?

Dips - What's Shakin!?

And a quick hello to red, Julie, Maggzs and Cal (who is having the time of her life for sure!!!) :wave:

Have a great one girls! and Happy Fourth to all your Americans tomorrow!!!

07-03-2006, 03:58 PM
New thread for July posted now. Go here!