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03-26-2002, 12:23 AM

LORRAINE good to see you again. That kind of weather is the kind that gives colds. Be ye careful.

GLORIA by all means get those baskets hid. It is good to have company though isn't it. Hope the tests come out ok that he has to have.

JEANCONGRATULATIONS GRANDMA TO BE WOW that is exciting for you and us to be sure. Hope everything goes well with her system during this next 9 months. I just heard from another gal that her baby is going to be due around November 26th. Wonder if they drank the same water.;)

GAIL don't be working too hard now. I do know your being OP and that is good you have found your FOCUS.

YIPEKIO the Iron Monster told me I showed a loss of 2.2 POUNDS this evening. Now that is good news and I do believe that water got all the sodium flushed from my system for my rings are twirling again.:p

Have a great night all ya'all. I have gotten to where I just love Monday's.:lol:

03-26-2002, 07:47 AM
Good morning... :yawn: I meant to come back last night but after I ate my dinner (yes, I was OP), threw a pile of clothes into the washing machine, talked on the phone with a dear friend, walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes, took a shower, folded clothes from the dryer, and ironed my pants that I'm wearing today...I was just so tired so I went to bed.

Maggie, thank you so much for emailing me giving me support and reminding me to keep my FOCUS on goal. Another day on program under my belt so to speak. The iron monster was NOT kind to you---YOU DID THE WORK--YOU WORKED THE PROGRAM AND YOU LOST AGAIN. <high-five!> CONGRATULATIONS ON A JOB WELL DONE! :D

I'll be back tonight...gotta go blow-dry my hair...ir I don't people think I'm a punker or something like that...


03-26-2002, 02:04 PM

A lovely day. I feel so spoiled but do remember South California is like this.;) They are working on the electric lines down the way and tell us ours is going to be out till sometime after noon. If it does go out while I am posting my battery will carry me through. It does a strong 3 hours. Now if the phone lines are out then I am sunk.:( I got home last evening from WW and had dinner points to spend. Cowboy wanted some of that Low Count veggie chili that was in the freezer with some meatballs in it. So we nuked some of that. Then I still had some points left and wasn't hungry. I did find something to eat though later ;) ~ got to fill up those points. I averaged my week and it told me that I am eating on the average for each day 25 points. Right where I want to be at this juncture.

GAIL thank you so much! You iron? ;) My goodness. We have a iron in this trailer - guess because we are "supposed" to but haven't used it. We don't go around wrinkled either....thankfully the dryer does a good job. I have one of those neat little travel irons that really works great ~ if I ever need to break it out at least I know it will work. :lol: Cowboy got some of those suits that are indestructable and look great ~ so he is set. Feels good doesn't it that you are still OP. That is what takes the weight off ~ consistancy in stringing OP days together. You are on your way. Yep. And remember that each day counts but it is the total week that matters.

Have a great day everyone.

03-26-2002, 03:47 PM
Maggie, speaking of trying to keep a 25-point average per day...THAT was what I was doing last week! No kidding. :) Great minds think alike! ;) Also, I've been drinking that water too! After all you said there's magic in the water...right?! :s: :joker:


03-26-2002, 04:12 PM
Hey GAIL one day we will be at goal and still be eating 25 ;) This is my first 18 point day of the week and I am doing fine with it so far. Lunch was one of those tasty Schwan's Grilled Chicken Sandwiches that I added lots of onion and lettuce to. Cowboy is grilling this evening so I will have a 4 oz. portion of Alaskan Salmon for 2 points also from Schwan's and probably rice and a big green salad. That brings my points up to 10 so I will have room for some Wild Berry Frozen Yogurt while I watch a DVD movie. Life is good livin' in the Sunshine.

Keep on keepin' on.

03-26-2002, 04:48 PM
Congratulations Jean and Maggie.

I am here, plugging along. I have been busy but also didn't feel to well for a week or so. I am actually feeling pretty decent today. Just need sleep.

I won't say I am doing well on program, but I will get a grip again. I have been craving chocolate and I am afraid I have given in to it.

Back to work for me. Have a wonderful day!

03-26-2002, 11:27 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
Another half day of school and I am FREE for 5 1/2 days of school. The kids were nuts today and tomorrow will be worse -- we will have all 8 periods crammed into 3 hours and 15 min. There's not much we can get done in 18 minutes of classtime!

Gloria -- I hope that I am half as good at being a grandmother as my mother was. :smug: My kids have lots of fond memories of her as I do of my own grandmother. I seriously thought about making up an Easter basket but do think it might be a tad bit early. :o

Lorraine -- When our kids were little I used to hide Christmas and Easter things in empty luggage. They never thought to look there and the luggage was stored in the basement closet right next to where they would sit and watch TV. :lol:

Maggie -- I think I got the same Nov. 26th due date email you did. :D I am excited for them and think they will make GREAT parents! CONGRATULATIONS on the great loss! Like Gail said, you have done the work and the program has worked for you! I just wish I could be more consistent and get my act together! :(

Gail -- I iron too! If it's a typical week, sometimes I iron one thing every night depending on what I want to wear to school the next day. I try to keep ahead of Bob's dress shirts but it's easy to fall behind. :^: Once I get behind, it takes me forever to get caught up. I think that's why the clutter monster takes over my house during the school year! I think you missed my BIG announcement from the previous thread. :p

Sharon -- I hope the chocolate craving is gone by now. I never thought it would happen but it seems that as I have gotten older, chocolate is not my favorite flavor any more. It's not fun having that "out of sorts" feeling -- I hope that it is gone along with the thought of chocolate! ;)

Well, I need to go look for a birthday card that I forgot to take to school today. I swear there are days when I would forget my head if it wasn't attached! Have a wonderful Wednesday, Flowers!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

03-27-2002, 07:51 AM
OH MY GOSH! Jean! How could I have missed that?! (((((((BIG HUG))))))) Congratulations! You're gonna be a grandmommy! :D I am sooooo excited for you! ((((HUG)))) :D I'm marking my calendar...November 24...just in time for the holidays! :D You're life will never be the same! I am so happy for you, sweetie!

Sharon! You didn't tell me about that chocolate! :s: Did you get rid of it?! Did you at least tell Bill to hide it?! :s: You're tired, you're over-worked, your defenses are down. You can do this! Hang in there! You have a long weekend coming up.

Maggie, yep we're going to get to goal this time! :) I know it in my heart! :)

Gotta get ready for work...just wanted to peek in here to let y'all know I'm still op, drinking water, walking on the treadmill...


03-27-2002, 01:10 PM

Wedesday it is and I am doing my program still. Thin Within started this journey down the road to thin at Big THREE now is passing through TWO-ter-ville and well on her way to ONE-der-land where she will live out the rest of her days. YIPEKIO You just don't know how much I want to be there.

SHARON when you are faced with the chocolate-itis can you eat a little and save the rest? Like one Cadberry egg - would it do? I know when that happens chocolate has no substitute like some say a baked potato can surfice. I have never tried that. You need to get your sleep to have your coping mechinisms in place for you haven't felt good in some days. :yawn:{{{{{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}} This too shall pass. You can get back on your feet, brush yourself off and begain again. Remember that poem GAIL posted? I am so proud of you for not ever giving up.

JEAN girl this is your half day and I can just see you scraping kids off the wall during those 18 minutes. :mad: It may be a tad too early for you to start an Easter Basket for that baby on board ~ however you can get him a baseball mit and a book on how to throw a curve ball. :D

GAIL you are on a roll ~ keep up that momentum I am so happy for you. I got a chuckle when you said you were posting before work ~ relfex had me looking at the time of your post DUH my machine is set to Pacific time so it said you posted at 3:51 am. That would make you up kinda early.:lol:

Have a good Wedesday ladies - this is the last one we get in the month of March ~ year of 2000 ~ so make it count.

Maggie making her way through TWO-ter-ville

03-27-2002, 07:09 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
Even though school got out at 11:30, I decided to go back and finish up a copying project. Then I ran a few errands on my way home and it ended up being just about the regular time that I usually get home. Some of us did go out for lunch (a grilled chicken salad for me) so that was nice. We don't get to do that very often.

Gail -- I just knew that you'd be excited for me! :spin: I wish I could exercise before I left for school in the morning. I'd have to get up at 5:00 and I'm not sure I could do that in the winter when it is dark. I know that I would probably have lots more energy during the day. Do you have any pictures of Amanda to share?

Maggie -- I was so busy this morning that I didn't really notice if the kids were bouncing off the walls. We had fun activities planned and some group projects to fill up the 18 minutes of each class period. I had to laugh at your date of the last Wed. in March of 2000 . . . I know time flies but this is 2002. :lol: It's hard to believe that April is almost upon us.

Sharon -- hope you are having a better day today! {{HUGS}}

I need to run to the grocery store so better get going. I forgot a few things the last time I went. Have a terrific Thursday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

03-27-2002, 07:17 PM
OH is it 2002 already? I must have missed a couple of years.:o

03-28-2002, 01:50 PM

Howdy there all you lovely people. It is Thursday already, isn't it? I had better be careful since I tend to lose time. :dz: Sometimes I don't even wear my watch. This afternoon we are going over to my folks house. I am the barber. When I lived out here before - years ago - I always cut my mothers hiar for her. She has natural curls and likes it rather short and that is what she gets. She found out now that I am the one that gives Cowboy his cuts so now I will do my fathers. I have never had any formal training - just something I decided to do one day and bought some equipment and Cowboy didn't mind my cutting his hair on my first try with them.:lol: It really turned out fine.

Have a fun weekend all ya'all - it will be here soon. We are having a guest speaker on Sunday from Africa, a preacher we help support in missionary work there. Then following the services there will be a pot luck. Yep a food thing. I am taking a tossed green salad and will eat just that if everything else looks too good. Yummy saucey things that people bring..... UMMM bad for my program though because I am at a loss to figue those points. Lots of points probably that I don't want to spend. I will find something to eat..... piece of roast beef or ham that has been baked and a nice 2 point roll.:T

Catch ya all later.:wave:

03-28-2002, 05:21 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It's a nice sunny day here in my corner of the world. I have putzed around all day -- made lots of mini piles to either move or dispose of. I don't know where all of this stuff comes from! :eek:

Maggie -- How much is lettuce where you live? I saw it for $2.39 for a tiny little head on Monday. Yesterday I noticed that my chicken salad had less lettuce and more tomatoes, cheese, olives, and even chicken. Our gas prices have also jumped to $1.40 a gallon. Considering that we were at $1.08 a month ago that is a big jump. You are brave to cut hair for other people! I cut Jason's when he was little but it was so curly that if I made a mistake no one could tell. :lol: It sounds like your church service will be an interesting one. I always like to listen to people who have been in other countries. We have a retired doctor and his wife who is a nurse who go to remote countries. They always have interesting stories to tell when they get back.

Where are the rest of the flowers today? Come out, come out wherever you are! :shrug:

Have a fantastic Friday! We are going over to Beth's so her dad can help her with her taxes and then to Jason's to help build some shelves.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

03-29-2002, 07:33 AM
Good morning everyone...I'm going to work early today--going to be there at 8am instead of 8:30am so I can get off work at 3:30pm for the holiday weekend! :D

Last night I sat down with my food journal and planned Easter Sunday's meals and snacks. THIS holiday is very do-able. :) Here's what I'm having: ham, scalloped potatoes, string beans, roll, lite margarine. For dessert a very small slice of chocolate cake. I can do this! :D

Maggie, I never wear a watch on the weekends or when I'm on vacation. :) THAT is so cool--someone from Africa! There is a graduate student I know that is from Africa and she has the coolest accent (I looooove accents)...sorta British but softer. BTW, Wayne needs a haircut...would ya mind...just hoppin' on a plane and I'll be there at Philadelphia International Airport to pick ya up! ;)

Jean, thought about you all yesterday and your good news! Now...I'm going to want full reports until that little one arrives. :D Have you gone shopping yet for a little outfit for the grandbaby? :lol: ;) Our gas prices have jumped also...regular is $1.30 a gallon. Terrible, isn't it? :s:

Okay...gotta scoot...


03-29-2002, 10:39 AM

I have about 5 minutes before the kids come back in to say they are bored!:lol: They slept over last nite and were real good. I made them French Toast for breakfast and you'd think they had never eaten before. It was 'consumed' in no time flat. I wish I were that young to be able to eat with no regard to points. :devil: They are out and about now and DH will take them for a walk about the Mall later while I try to clean house for Easter. Planning on an easy lunch for them-Kraft Mac & Cheese. They love it. DD#2 and SIL will pick them up about 1 PM. We have church service and 3PM. Not too much time and lots to do.

Hope you all have a very good EASTER and a great weekend.

Gloria in MA.....got to run, I can hear them coming up the stairs now. :joker: