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04-02-2008, 10:28 AM
Hello and :welcome2: to the Jaded Ladies site!

We are a group of ladies that come here for support :hug: and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, and we also find time for some chitchatting. So please, won't you join us? New members are always welcome. :yes:

04-02-2008, 11:16 AM
Hello ladies,

Francie - how do you like the mini-stepper? Did it give your legs a pretty good workout?

Marti - smart thinking about riding to work and saving money. I just can't believe the price of gas, and they say it will go past $4 this summer. There's really no place for me to ride my bike around here. Too many curves in the road, and people that drive like they're crazy. :dizzy:

Trish - haha, I know what you mean. Some of the games we bought for the DS are Barbie Island Princess, Build a Bear Workshop, the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Shrek 3, and a Crayola one, lol. The kids love using them, and it's amazing to see how fast they are at it! Why would people care if the diet guy is a hypnotist? That's probably just what we need, right? I missed the show Sunday and can't find where it's being rerun (reran?) so I may give you a buzz soon. I'm interested in the tapping thing.

Sassy - wow, let us know what you find out about the condo. I hope you get it! Sure, I'll be at your party, lol. I'll bring some munchies, teehee.

Sue - yes, we have one of the Brain Age games, and it's fun. Our favorite game is Professor Layton and the Curious Village. It's full of puzzles and Neal and I both are hooked on it! You'd get a lot of enjoyment from a DS. Some of our other favorites are Are you Smarter than A Fifth Grader (no, actually, I'm not, lol), and Sims Survivor. My DS is red, and so I bought a clear cosmetic case that has lips on it at Walmart to keep it the games and stuff in. Target has games holders that are really neat. Each little container holds 3 games. This way it's easy to take them with me to use in doctor's waiting rooms, on the road, the airplane, etc. Let me know if you get one.

Mindee - like Ellen, I think Logan may take just a little longer to potty train than Brandon. But if he's wanting to pull off the diapers, I'm thinking he's ready to train. I used to have a real noisy neighbor when I lived in town. She was an old lady, and would sit at her raised window, and scream "Jesus will save you!" over and over. It was creepy. She'd also meow at my dogs then complain when they barked at her. :dizzy:

Ellen - I need to clean out my heat vents. There's goodness-only-know-what down in them, lol. I also need to clean out my utility room. It's a mess!

Hello to Tammy, Angie, Katiecat and any that I forgot to mention.

I've got to do some utility bill paying today. Thankfully, most of it can be done on the computer. We're eating out at Applebee's tonight, so I don't have to worry about cooking dinner. We still have a gift cards for there that we might as well start using. I like that they have Weight Watcher options.

Speaking of that, I'm doing well with the food still. :carrot:

Later, taters!

04-02-2008, 11:38 AM
Good Morning Ladies!!

Been a little MIA lately. It was so hard getting back to work. I still am having a lot of discomfort from the lipo on my back and the swelling is dissapointing. I wanted so much to get back to WW this week but I am still up a few lbs from fluid and it's amost that TOM so that's just adding to my overall bloat!! Going to see my surgeon today. I am really pleased with the outcome on my eyes. My neck is still a little lumpy, sore with areas that are still swollen but I believe the overall outcome will be really good.

I've missed so much and need to read back post. Jane, I'm sure has had the reception, I hope Francie got her tooth looked into and I'll need a huge cup of hot tea to drink as I catch up on all the Mindee's kiddo news lol!!

Nothing else really exciting on my end. Just can't wait to get back to a "normal life" without a chin strap! Gotta run for now!

04-02-2008, 12:05 PM
Hello all I am new to this and hope to find some support here. I have been working away at this for almost a year now and have been somewhat successful taking off 40+ pounds. I am hoping to reach goal by my birthday in November but that may not be realistic since I have about 85 pounds left to lose.

04-02-2008, 12:24 PM
Welcome Linda!!!

Jane~Ohhhhh yes!!! I totally felt the burn with the mini stepper!! LoL!! I was cussing it out near the last few seconds I was on it, lol. I managed to make it to 15 mins last night. I wanna try to make it to 30 mins today.

Tammy~I'm waiting for dh to go on leave next week so I can make a dentist appt.

Well, last night around 9, I was having some really bad pain on my sides (where the ovaries are). It totally freaked me out..but I did the bad thing and didnt go to the ER. My stupid fear of doctors and dentists have me wanting until the last min to even go. My friend spent the night in case I needed to go to the ER (she lives about 30 mins away and she wanted to be closer). Thankfully though, the advil kicked and I fell asleep. I have a doc appt on monday though. I'm really really nervous about that appointment. But what else is new? LoL!!

I wanna take it easy today, but then again I dont. I want to try out my new workout dvd. Plus I really really really need to clean the kitchen today!!!!!

04-02-2008, 01:30 PM
Good day Ladies!!! I did make it to the gym!!! Slept well, so it made a huge difference in how I felt...did my hour of weights and tomorrow I will do my cardio. Waiting to get DD1 from the bus, then lunch...I have been really watching what I have been eating, was going well, but now I am starving...thinking a big salad with crab meat and hard eggs will help. gotta run off as I can't see the door from here.

:welcome2: WintrLwolf

04-02-2008, 01:44 PM
Omg..I did this workout dvd today...'Jillian Michaels 30 day shred' and ughhhh my legs are all wobbly right now, lol. If I'm ever on TBL, I wanna be on her team!!! LoL!!

My damn weight keeps bouncing around. I dont get it. I'm never gonna lose the 5 pounds. :mad: I keep working out and I'm eating right and I either go up a pound or go down a pound. I dont get what I'm doing wrong.

04-02-2008, 01:52 PM
Hi Quick fly by and catch you later. Leaving in a few minutes to go to doctor with Dh and to Walmart to get med refills. Jane you can go to the website and download info at . Of course, you can call any time. I'll be home all day tomorrow and I'll have the cell phone with me today.

All you JL's have a great day.


04-02-2008, 02:07 PM
Okay..I was looking at the 4 rules on the McKenna website..and I noticed a lot of that stuff is what dh does. He's a natually thin person (i hate him, lol) but he eats what he wants, he exercises (well..kinda, lol. he usually goes from one end of the ship to the other..and its like the size of a football field-maybe, i should look into that, lol), he stops eating when he's full, he enjoys what he eats!! I feel so freakin stupid..cuz he's been saying all that stuff to me since I've known him and I never listened!!!!!!!! Ughhhhhhh LOL!! I'm gonna buy that guys book today.

04-02-2008, 08:07 PM
:wave:Hi Ladies,

:welcome2: to the JL's Linda. We look forward to getting to know you.

Francie - I watched my DH who is thin after I read the 4 Golden rules and realized that he takes a bite of food and puts his fork down and chews his food and he too eats what he wants, when he wants and stops when he is satisfied. He does need to exercise more, but he already has most of the basics working for him. I thought that was interesting.

Well, ladies the problem I find I am having now is learning to recognize "hunger". :dizzy: For so long I have eaten for the taste of the food or eaten just what a diet said I should be eating. Not only that, I am finding that I usually can't decide what I really want to eat when I do eat. Wierd hugh? :?: I assume for the same reason... always ate what a diet said I had to or needed to eat. We left the doctor's office today and went to Walmart to get meds. I returned a pair of shoes and got another pair. They were sandles and the sides weren't caught in the stitching and were coming apart and I had only worn them twice for just few hours. I had just bought them 2 weeks ago. Found another pair in black and got them although I wanted a brown pair which they didn't have in my size. They are the Earth Spirit shoes that are supposed to be good for the knees and back. Which I hope is true. I have another pair that I wore while we went shopping because I wanted to break them in and see how they would feel walking long term. I bought them to wear while in flight to FL and so far I love them as they are so comfortable. Would you believe I went to Walmart and didn't purchase one item of food? :carrot: WOW! Can't remember ever doing that before. Then we left Walmart and DH wanted to know where I wanted to eat and I wasn't hungry and he wasn't either. We always go out to eat when we go shopping. Not this time; we came home and I fixed him breakfast for dinner and I had roasted chicken and a salad. I don't know how all this works, but I really don't care as long as it does. Like someone said on the I Can Make You Thin thread, I can live with this forever because it isn't a diet. It is just eating "normal" for me. I don't know how much how often the weight will come off either, but I know it has to come off because I am eating less and satisfied. DH made a list of snacks etc he wants to go to the store and get when we get to FL (maybe why he is thin) so I've decided that I will purchase my yogurt and some fruit when I get to FL so I can eat it some time during mid-morning or around noon and then I won't be hungry again until we go out to eat with the kids or DD makes dinner.

Hey, those of you who saw the show; did you see the man who lost 182 lbs in one year? I know men lose faster and he had a lot when he stated. I was impressed with the fact that he said it was the easiest thing he ever did. I wasn't going to get the book, but I thin I will order it either just before I leave FL or as soon as I return home.

Francie - the chicks on the other thread say to be sure you get the cd with the book.

Jane - I'm not one who is too trusting of someone with hypnotizing me. When I was in college a groups of us kids were together and a guy who was studying to be a psychologist tried to hypnotize some of us and it did not work with me. He couldn't hypnotize me. However, I see no problem with self-hypnotism or using a cd that I have listened to and trust. There is a thread here on 3FC and they are seeing a real change in themselves especially their self-esteem improving. I for one can use that A LOT!!

Sue - So glad to here that your Mom is already feeling better and hope this continues to improve so she can enjoy her life. It sure will make things better for both of you when she feels good for a change.

Ellen - You are doing so good with the exercise and I'm trying to get with it, but it isn't easy since I know I won't be able to do much of it while in FL although DH told me that DD told him we are going to the Palm Beach Zoo one day and there is a lot of walking I will get to do then. So maybe with our one day at the mall walking and the zoo one day will be a way to help me to get in a little bit of walking done next week.

Tammy - Good to hear from you.

Marti - I used to love walking to work when I lived close to my job. Also one time years ago when I lived in Dallas and rode the bus to work, I would walk a few blocks and wait for the bus and then walk another block or two and look to see if the bus was coming. Sound(s)ed strange, but I always felt so good and energized and more alert when I did that. DH and I have talked about walking, but we don't. Some times I think we need to get a dog so I could walk it. lol

Jules, Van, Angie, Katiecat and everyone else - :wave: HELLO.

I've been long winded so I better close. Have a good evening.


04-02-2008, 08:16 PM
Hola everyone!! My mood has been lifted!! I went shopping :D :D :D :D I bought 2 books (Dead over Heels & The Biggest Loser Success Secrets), 2 workout dvds (TBL Power Sculpt & WATP Walk Slim Fast Firming), 2 bottles of nail polish, some weights, and a mug that has dh's ship on it, a decal that says "I love My Sailor" and a magnet for Fonzo's grandma that says "Navy grandma"..And Fonzo bought some new uniforms & a video game, lol. OH, he did get me my own EN patch :D LoL!! Fonzo was totally making fun of me for being such a shopaholic while we were in the uniform shop. He said I could go into any store and always find something that I want to buy, lol.

But ugh..after doing that one dvd this morning..Fonzo came home and I SHOWED him what some of the moves were. Which was a bad idea. I was already wobbly to begin with, lol. But after I showed him some of the moves, I was even more wobbly, lol. We walked all around the mall twice, and all around Target. My legs are KILLING me!!!! Fonzo says that its good that I'm hurting, lol. I tried to kick him on butt, but I couldnt lift my leg, lol.

OH YA..I'm gonna take up roller skating again. I used to do that ALLLLLLLLL the time when I was younger. No wonder my legs back then were so nice & toned. I havent been roller skating since the 8th grade, so I'm gonna start off just skating around my balcony, lol. I'm probably gonna be really rusty at first, but I'll get back into it. I love roller skating more than biking (which I wanna start doing again too)

Trish~I told dh about what I read..and he said that he used to do all of that, except he used to exercise more back in the day, lol. OH!! And the stupid bookstore didnt have the book!!!!!!!! I was sooooooooo mad!! The guy said that its out of print!! So I'm just gonna go on Amazon to look for it there. But I'll be sure to look for the book w/the cd. Thanks for letting me know.

04-02-2008, 10:32 PM
Francie - from what I read on the website store Amazon is the only one who has it in the USA right now. I think the bookstore was wrong because from what I understood from the website store the book has only been for sale in England except at but will soon be sold in all bookstores in the USA. It isn't out of print. You sound good. Glad you had fun with DH shopping. I used to love roller skating, but would never try it now. Paul McKenna does say exercise is good but says that just do things you like to do. Your roller skating sounds like yours.


04-02-2008, 10:38 PM
hello are you all doing?

nothing really new on this end......I feel like I am going to pee my pants. I have my normal Crystal Light Energy this morning, and then I had a pop at lunch time. Ever since then I have been drinking kool-aid so I have been drinking plenty of water, and I am about to float away any minute now!

I fell back asleep on the couch after I put Brandon on the bus! I woke up to someone unlocking the front door, and I almost jumped off the couch. I looked out the door wall, and noticed that the van was there. A couple of seconds later, in walked Tommy. I said "what are you doing home?" and he said "they sent me home. they didn't have any more work for me." To which my heart kind of stopped but then he told me that he has to go back into work tomorrow....they just ran out of work for him to do today!

oh, and the last company that he worked at......well he heard on the news Tuesday night that they closed up! Tommy had predicted it right after he started working there, and wouldn't you know it, they closed up shop for good!

Brandon had a rough day with going potty on the potty, but we are getting back. He went to the store with Tommy, and I forgot to mention to Tommy to ask him while they are out if he has to go. Logan again took his diaper off today! I am getting so mad because he has done it at least once since Monday, and it seems to be only when he is poopy. Marissa is growing up so quickly......she has changed so much in the past month! she is so long and skinny now since she started crawling! she will crawl all over the place, then sit up and then clap for herself!

I do have to say though that I weighed in at 233.4 lbs this morning.....which is amazing since Monday I was weighing in at 237.6! I just got my butt in gear, did some major exercise and I have been limiting my pop intake and upping my water intake!

Linda~ welcome to the group! I am sure that you will love it here!

as far as Logan, he is still taking his diapers off. he only takes the ones that he poops in I am guessing he doesn't like the feel of them on him. I will keep up with it with him.....I figured that it would take some extra time with him to get him ready.

04-02-2008, 11:01 PM
Hi Chicks.

Well you will never beleive it. Yup I moved again (at work) ..........Only this time my stuff was moved for me! Which is unusual since they usually only do that if you get fired!! :fr:

But alas I was not fired.......I am still here. Downstairs, with all the others, so we are all "together" again. lol. Sounds like Humpty Dumpty, doesn't it? lol.

My Boss approved my time off for next week, so I get to leave early next Wed. so then DH & I can hopefully go to the Outlet Mall on the Thursday after.

Well thats about it. I will do indies later or on the weekend when I am off. :)


04-03-2008, 12:11 AM
Hi-ya ladies!

Computer issues lately! Starting to be a pain. Just won't go online. Anyone else having issues like that????

I've no time to be on, I'm needing to get some dinner before it's way too late and I need to make sure I get my exercise in.

But I'll be back on later before bed or if I'm too tuckered...I'll chat w/you all in the morning.

Until then...... :hug:

04-03-2008, 01:02 AM
Marti - I had that problem yesterday and never did know why. I've called before and they say they didn't do anything and I go back and I'm online so I wonder.

Mindee - I think that the fact that Logan takes the diaper off is a sign that he really is ready to use the potty. DGD used to do that and it still took her a while before she would go in the potty.

Sassy - Glad you got the day off. Are you glad to be moved downstair with the others? Glad you still have the job. Are you still looking for another?

See y'all tomorrow. Going to go watch a movie with DH. I know still can't get to bed early except early in the morning. LOL


04-03-2008, 01:14 AM
Quick "hi." Busy day here. Mom felt some better again. We all went out for dinner, so that was a nice break. I even managed to do her hair for her with the curling iron. She hasn't cared if it was done for awhile.

Booked a room for Friday night at the riverboat. Trying just one night away until we see how she does. The three of us will go unless Mom changes her mind. I got the dog a sitter, so we are prepared.

Due for another big rain storm tonight. I hate it, but it is sure making things green around here...hope we don't have to build an ark.

04-03-2008, 01:33 AM
just popping back in here before heading off to bed early!

Trish~ He is even undoing his pajamas, even with a safety pin on them! so, I will start again with the potty training on Thursday. He was always excited, and still is to go and sit with Brandon in the bathroom. he will even try to get naked like Brandon does to go potty. (goodness.....I hope he isn't doing that at school!)

Sassy~ that is good to hear that you got moved down with every body else! and also great about the floating holiday!!!

marti~ I am not sure about the internet issues.....but I hope you can get them fixed soon!

sue~ it is good to hear from you! it is good to hear that your mom is doing better! I hope that things continue to look up for you all!

04-03-2008, 01:48 AM

This is gonna be short. Dh & I saw 'Stop Loss' tonight and wow. That was one good movie!!! I cried several times during it. Movies like that really get to me. legs are seriously killing me. Fonzo is waiting for me to get off so he can walk me to the bedroom. Walking up the stairs tonight was it for me. My legs are done for the day (hopefully not the week). I'm gonna go do my nails in bed...see ya'll tomorrow!!

04-03-2008, 03:50 AM
Thought I would pop in before going to bed, I'm ready for it.

Lets see if I can catch up some before I go though:

Linda--I'll start with you! Hello and Welcome!! Congratulations on losing 40lbs so far! That's fantastic. Looking forward to getting to know you more!!

Jane--Oh goodness....that sounds like a scary lady who meows at dogs! I've been paying my bills here too. I was in a frantic mode this morning trying to find the I stamps bought. Found them and the bills are paid. I've been meaning to ask is your little grandson doing? Any update photos??

Tammy--How long are you required to wear the chin strap? Swelling will go down soon enough, and you'll look marvelous!

Francie--I think it's great that you're doing your stepper. When I started the treadmill I would walk at a leisurely I've moved up to jogging...who knew?! I'm not jogging the entire time, I'll jog during the level parts and walk during the inclines. But it's a start and that's all it takes. Keep up the good work and soon you're muscle will get used to it.

Ellen--I like your goal to the gym you have in your siggy. Now do you go alone or w/a partner? I REALLY need to buck up and just go. Set myself a schedule I can do and just do it.

Trish--I used to ride my bike to work waaaayyy back when I was a teen. My first job. Had to get there some how since I didn't drive yet. My job is not far so I don't see any reason why I shouldn't save money on gas by doing so. My hours are a little wonky though so to keep from walking or biking in the dark....I'll wait until it's summer when the sun is out longer.

Mindee--Fantastic on the weight loss!! I haven't gotten on my scale for awhile. Not sure if I'm making progress yet or not. I think I'll WI on Friday and see. Would be nice.

Sue--I'm so glad that your mom is feeling better. And I hope you all get to go to the Riverboat this Friday. I don't think I've ever heard of a steam mop. We have tiles in our bathroom floor....would be nice not to scrub them all the time. Because your right, grout just is no fun to clean!

Sassy--Hearing about your job moving you around and all that stresses me out, I can only imagine how you must feel. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get into the condo. Sounds like you need to move away from where you're at.

Eating pretty good. And still working out. I need to do some ab workouts before work again. I'm feel pretty bellyish and I don't like it. I feel like I should have people rub my tummy for good luck the way it's hanging out! So it's time to kick it up a bit and do more than job/walk in the evenings.

I think I'll also plan my menus a little better. I don't do horrible, I just think I can improve. Always room for improvement.

Ok gals...this quickly catching up ended up being much longer. I'm ready for bed.

Hugs to you all hope you have a great night.

04-03-2008, 06:59 AM
Morning all. :coffee:

Only 1 hr and 1 minutes to go! :woohoo:

Trish -- Yes I am glad to be with everybody else, it was lonesome being all alone for 13/14 hrs!!! lol. Nope not looking for another job anymore, with the economy the way it is, I am just happy to have a job period. :)

Sue -- Glad your mom is feeling better and am glad you all got to go out to dinner together. I hope your plans all work out for ya. I hear ya about the ark. lol

Mindee -- Thanks. :)

Francie -- Awww gentle :hug: Hope your legs feel better. Maybe a nice warm bath??? Or is it supposed to be cold packs? I can never remember which one to do. lol.

Marti -- Yeah I am glad that I am finally settled (at least lets hope so!!!) it was very stressful to be constantly moving around not knowing where you would end up next. lol. Feeling bellyish, eh? :lol: I tell ya I remember I had a Denise Austin Abs and Butt Video and man oh man that woman worked you to death, but it worked! lol. So motivating *dust* to ya.......Although sounds like your doing great. :)

Big :hug:

04-03-2008, 01:52 PM
Good Morning :wave:

Marti~The mini stepper is pretty nice actually. It tells you how much calories you've burned off and how many steps you've taken. I love it. I wanna buy a treadmill..we're just looking around for either a sale or a good price, lol.

Sassy~I'm sore ALL over today. I'm gonna take a hot shower in a little bit.

Well, like I mentioned above..I am sore all over. I feel like total crap today too. I'm feeling places that I've never felt before. Like my abs, back muscles, shoulders (well, its different than its usual stiff pain, lol), my arms (who knew my arms could hurt, lol)..and my thighs still hurt of course. I put bengay on my shoulders last night..then in the middle of the night I woke up to my abs hurting!!! I had a pretty bad night to begin with. I could only sleep on my back..and if I moved then I'd wake up in pain. I dunno how I'm gonna manage to get down the stairs today. We're gonna do our taxes and have to go back to the mall. I figure light walking will be okay for today.

Well..I'm gonna try and get up to make some breakfast (I've been trying this for an hour now, lol).

04-03-2008, 02:21 PM
Good Morning!! :wave:

Breakfast today was:
Coffee, waffles (ick...the boxed kind, ran out of bread) and boiled egg. What kind of breakfast is that?? Not a good one. Need to buy some oatmeal, (my favorite breakfast). Not sure what lunch or dinner will be but it needs to be good.

Sassy--I have a Denise Austin tape, but now I don't have a VCR!! I'll have to find a DVD of hers to use. She DOES kick butt!! I think she may have some videos on demand. May check there this weekend.

Francie--Steps are my most unfavorite workout! I'm not a stepper. But definitely feel it in your butt! Keep doing the steps and your back side will look fabulous!! (hmmm....maybe I better get a stepper!)

Morning to the rest of you.

I better head off to work. One more work day after today and it's the weekend. DD will be here and that'll be fun.

Take care!!

04-04-2008, 01:32 AM
hello are you all doing?

nothing new on this end. I have been so tired lately and I can't figure out why! although I haven't really been sleeping like I should be, so maybe that has something to do with it?

we are suppose to go grocery shopping on Friday but since Tommy hasn't been sleeping well either, and he has to work on Saturday, I just figured that it would be easier to just do our grocery shopping on Saturday afternoon! I mentioned that while we were eating dinner tonight and he goes "are you serious? you are going to let me relax tomorrow when I get home from work?" I said "well, yeah. I figured that you would want to relax and since it takes us so long to go grocery shopping that it would be easier just to do it on Saturday." we think that our mattress needs to get flipped. So, I will do that tomorrow after I get Brandon off to school. I also haven't been doing my workout video.....but I have been getting in some form of exercise. So, I am thinking that that has something to do with it as well!

Marissa was a little stinker tonight! she didn't go to bed until 10:30pm! That was even after I took her for a walk around the complex! I will have to post a recent picture of her....she has really thinned out since she has become mobile! Tommy mentioned something about her being really skinny now while we were eating dinner. He said "I never really noticed it before because I see her every day. but now that I get a chance to see her from a distance, she really has thinned out." if only I could thin out that quickly after becoming mobile!!!!! I would be doing this :carrot:

Francie~ I will have to snag it here in a second! I am in the middle of making banana nut muffins. (we ran out of options for breakfast....well, not Tommy mentioned making them for breakfast for Brandon before school) where do you get them from? I have done searches and I all I can find are the lame ones that every body seems to have. I like the ones that are more sarcastic or ballsy as most people say.

Oh my goodness! Richard Simmons just showed up on Jimmy KImmel Live! I can't believe that he is going to be 60 years old!

04-04-2008, 03:36 AM
Marti~I wouldnt mind a nicer booty. I just dont want it to get smaller, lol. Is that weird? I like my latina butt. I actually did like 1 min of steps today, lol. I fell backwards on the couch and stayed there for 4 hours, lol.

Mindee~Mmm...I want some blueberry muffins now, lol. I cant make them too often because dh will eat them all in 10 seconds, lol. OHH..I have this muffin icon for you now, LOL!! I go to Photobucket, glitter graphics, ummm...myspace layout pages (they sometimes have icons). And theres several people on my friends list make icons, so I snag those. I just have so many icons..funny, rude, mean, love, girly, fashion, cats, monkeys, hamsters, navy, i miss you, deployment, etc. I love the sarcastic ones too. I have tons of those.

Well..I had a laid back night. I pretty much couldnt move off the couch (not from lack of trying though.) So me & dh watched Enchanted and Alvin & The Chipmunks. Both of them are cute!! I just love Enchanted!! That would've been a movie that my mom & I would've seen, lol.

Well..I'm gonna go get ready for bed. Nighty nite!!

04-04-2008, 05:16 AM
Poppin' in before bed. I need to get up early so I can get to work early. I have a meeting at the hospital w/marketing.....hope they'll provide coffee! :coffee:

Mindee--Hope you get a chance to get some grocery shopping done. Tell Tommy, if he wants to eat....then he's gotta go! Marissa is a cutie! Wish I could see the photo better.

Francie--I know what you're saying about the butt! I think stepping would help enhance the look rather than lose it. You're doing good, keep it up!

Hello to everyone else! :wave: Where are you all???

Got my jogging in tonight. Jogged more than usual. My goal is to eventually do a full 30mins jog. I'm no where near that, but it's my end goal.

Eating wasn't too good, didn't have lunch today....too busy at work and cut my break short. Shouldn't do that, but sometimes.....anyway, tomorrow will be better.

Ok....I best hit the hay. Have a good Friday!

04-04-2008, 10:09 AM
Here I am, Marti! Thank you for the PM, checking on me.

Well, ladies, I've been here, but haven't been able to reply. :dizzy: I have no clue why this would happen, but it may be weather related. More rain here. Ugh.

I'll try to catch up and BBL.

04-04-2008, 10:11 AM
Francie - I love your avatar!!

Mindee - yours of Marissa is so sweet.

04-04-2008, 12:16 PM
Good Morning Ladies :wave:

I'm getting ready to take a shower then head off to work early. Nothing like knowing that over the weekend, my work will be piling up!! I'm just happy it's friday.

I need to go shopping this weekend. I need breakfast foods and good "to go" lunches that don't belong in a vending machine! Today I'll be at the hospital during lunch so I know I can find something good and healthy there.

Jane--Wonder what's happening to your computer? The other day I couldn't connect online at all! Seems to be working alright now though. Hope you find out what's going on w/yours.

Well ladies, I better get myself going or else I'll be late.

Have a marvelous Friday and a great weekend, DD will be here so may not get much computer time. But will check in if I get the chance.

04-04-2008, 12:26 PM
Hello All :wave:

Marti~I love my lady lumps..lmao..sorry I just had to say that.

Jane~I'm having comp issues too. I keep losing my connection because its windy & raining here. Grrr..just what I need to make me feel worse, lol.

Well..I'm waiting for New Kids on the Block to come on the Today show. I have a feeling they wont be on until like 10 or something. I'm gonna go redo my siggy.

04-04-2008, 12:43 PM
Jane..this one is for you..

04-04-2008, 01:02 PM
Good Morning Ladies!

I wish is was a good morning for me. I was up all night with a stomach bug and diarrhea. Thankfully, not vomiting, but I've seen the bathroom so much, that I believe I counted every tile on the floor a dozen times. I've really had a crappy (no pun intended) two months with this body of mine. First I had flu/pneumonia two week before my surgery. Surgery was 4 weeks ago and it has been a slower recovery than I expected. Wednesday I saw my surgeon for a follow-up appt. and he rushed me off to get a ultrasound of my right leg (because I was complaining of calf pain) to rule out a blood clot which thankfully was negative and I thought the stress of thinking I had a blood clot was upsetting my stomach....but oh, was the beginning of counting bathroom floor tiles!! :( Anyhoo...feeling a little better and drinking a ton to keep from getting dehydrated. I guess my body's resistance is a little too low and I can't seem to fight off viruses. This usually comes in cycles working in Pediatrics. We all go years without catching anything and then have weeks that we catch everything we come in contact with. OK, I'm done whining now!!

Today is my son's 23rd b-day. I'm so proud of him. For those that don't know, he is an intelligence instructor in the Coast Guard. It's funny that he is an instructor considering he went into the CG because he didn't want to go to college. But after a few years of doing search and rescue and communications, he found his calling and they sent him to school and now he's teaching. But he can be pretty restless and I wouldn't be surprised to find him heading in another direction when he gets a new assignment in a few years!

Marti--still gotta wear the blasted chin strap for another 2 weeks at night. :mad:

Ok, I'm heading to get some gatorade to replenish the electrolytes ;) What a way to get the pounds off :D

04-04-2008, 08:07 PM
I'm back,

Francie - yikes, I hope some of your soreness has gone away. You know, if we thought like thin people, we wouldn't be here in the first place, right? Why are some people able to just stop when someone like me seems to have no shut-off valve?

Ellen - I was thinking of you today as I cleaned out my closet. You are the Queen of Clean around here, lol. You'd be so proud of me - I have a HUGE bag to donate to charity.

Mindee - I was thinking the same thing about Jackson - he's thinned down, too. He's looking like a little man now. If you aren't sleeping well at night, I'd say that for sure will affect how you feel during the day. I know I need a nap if I haven't slept well.

Marti - I think my probs were caused by the weather because Mary's wouldn't work right, either. It's fine now, but not sure how long that will last. :dizzy: Yay for you, planning ahead for the food.

Trish - I didn't think you were the one who worried about the hypnotist thing. Wow, you are doing just great, and are an inspiration to us to follow our own signals.

Tammy - yikes, sounds like you've really had a tough time of it! I'm glad you're feeling a little better, at least not expelling anything from any orifices, lol. Sounds like your son is one smart young man! A big happy birthday to him! Oh, to be 23 again, lol! (actually, I wouldn't go back. I just wish I had that skin tone)

I had to return my new phone, for the 2nd time! I bought a Voyager, but it would download ringtones, so I exchanged it, and the 2nd one had a loud HUM going on that was driving me bananas. So I took it back, and got a NV, and so far, so good. It has the QWERTY keyboard, which is a must for me.

Neal and I are thinking about heading to town to play some pool.... see you tomorrow!

04-05-2008, 01:46 AM
Hello are you all doing?

well, I was able to get all my things done that I needed to get done and then some! Brandon got his hearing tested and his vision tested at school on Friday!

this coming Thursday, the 10th, Brandon and daddy will be going bumper bowling with his class. And then next month, his class has a field trip to the zoo! I am sure that we will try and make it a family trip out of it since they don't use buses for the trips, the parents drive them.

after we did all of our things that we needed to get done, Tommy got home from work. He asked me if I had my shoes on and I said no. He said well put them on and go check out in the van, there is a surprise in the van. (mind you....before all this, he had asked me what I was thinking of doing for dinner) I went out to the van with Brandon and Tommy had picked up dinner on his way home. then after we ate dinner, we all went grocery shopping! we were suppose to do it on Saturday afternoon but he insisted that we might as well do it on Friday.

he then said that he had a surprise trip in mind for Saturday after he gets off work. we were going to go up north to see my parents since she had clothes for them that came in. but she sent them out in the mail a couple of days ago. so, the surprise trip will be a ride to a city in MI called Frankenmuth, that is known as Little Bavaria. we haven't been there in a while.....Marissa was a couple of months old the last time we went there. (I can't remember how old.....I just know that she threw up all over the place when we were in the Christmas store) And since the weather is suppose to be nice tomorrow, I will take the camera with us so that we can get some pictures of them!

Jane~ I did take a little bit of a nap on Friday and I felt better. so I am hoping that with flipping the mattress I will get a better nights sleep!

Francie~ I will have to do a search for some more avatars.

Tammy~ I hope you are feeling better! That sounds like me! Marissa got sick at the end of February, she then passed it on to her brothers, who then passed it on to me and Tommy. And now I have a little bit of a running nose.

hello to every one else...I am trying to get through all this and head to bed earlier then I have been. I am planning on doing a TON of walking on Saturday (yes I did say that.....who would have thought that I would plan on doing a lot of exercise?!?!?!?!). And I hope that all the fresh air will knock the kids out for us on Saturday night!

04-05-2008, 04:20 AM
Francie........Found some more for ya!! ( (


04-05-2008, 07:01 AM
Evening ladies! (or should I say morning?)

Hubby just left for work and I thought I would pop in before I go to bed.

Francie--You're funny, you should love your lady lumps! :lol: I love your avatar, so darn cute! Where do you find them?

Tammy--I'm sorry your feeling so poorly! Hope it gets over soon for you. Happy Birthday to your son! Any special plans for him? As for the chin strap, at least it's only at night. If you had to wear it all day then it might become a little frustrating.

Jane--A qwerty keyboard on a phone is a must?! You're funny. I'm the slowest texter,where my DD just whips them out! I used to wonder why kids would text rather than just call, then DD explained that most of her friends have unlimited texting, but limited minutes for calls. Now it make sense!

Mindee--How nice of Tommy to take you shopping early and then plan a nice Saturday w/the family! Very sweet of him. Have lots of fun and take & share photos w/us if you can.

Sassy--Hi :wave:

Hello to the rest of you girls.

I really need to get to bed, it's almost 3:00 and most of you are probably starting to get up. So I shall chat w/you the next chance I get.

G'night :wave:

04-05-2008, 10:25 AM
Hello ladies,

Mindee - I remember when you said Marissa barfed in the Christmas store! It has been quite awile ago. Your weekend plans sound like a lot of fun. Neal and I will make it Michigan one of these days. I think I mentioned he used to go fishing at Houghton Lake - well, we want to spend a week there again sometime.

Sassy - have they moved you again at work yet? lol

Marti - yes, I have to have a qwerty. I'm too slow with the other kind, lol. My kids love to text and I'm kind of into it myself. What're your plans for the weekend?

Hello to Trish, Sue, Angie, Katiecat, Tammy, Jules, Francie, Ellen, and any others I've missed.

Today I've got a wedding shower for my nephew's fiance to attend. Before that, I'm going to reorganize my dresser drawers. They are a mess, and I can't take it any longer, lol.

BBL if I can,

04-05-2008, 10:46 AM
Hey ladies,

Remember when Marti and Angie had a challenge thingy going on, where we counted points for doing certain things? I'd sort of like to do that again, in a separate thread. Marti, would you want to start it? I've kind of forgotten how it worked....

Any other takers for that?

04-05-2008, 11:08 AM
Hey everyone..

Yesterday was crazy!!!!!! We did our taxes. Then went to a billion shoe stores, so Fonzo could buy some dress shoes to wear with his uniform inspection next week. But he couldnt find anything, so we ended up going back to the first and only place he saw the right shoes, which happened to be the uniform shop!! LoL!! We went to the movies too. We saw 'Run Fat Boy Run'. It was sooooooooooooooo good!! I recommend it. I LOVE Simon Pegg. He was in Shaun of the Dead & Hot Fuzz..I'm not sure what else he's done..but those are the 2 that we own, lol. OMG!! They even had a preview for Sex & The City movie!! I totally flipped out!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to go see it. Fonzo promised he'd take me!!!!!!! YAY!! LoL!! Oh..then we bought Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, and that was just sooooo freakin cute. A little sad, but cute in the end.

Fonzo has duty today, so I'll be here alone for the rest of the day. To be honest, I'm still tired, lol. So I'm probably just gonna go back to the room and try and get some more sleep. I'm not feeling so sore today. I think walking around and going up and down the stairs helped, lol.

Oh..and the only reason why I'm awake right when I was sleeping, something poked me really hard on my side. I thought it was one of the cats..but none of them were in the room w/me. So I thought it was Fonzo poking me before he left..and he wasnt even in the room with me either. So ya, I just got all freaked out. I feel that the bathroom is haunted, and now I'm hoping that the bedroom isnt haunted too. Does anyone else ever get the feeling that theres someone in the room with them?? Because I kept getting that feeling in the bedroom. I had to turn the effin tv just to distract myself. I dunno..I could say more, but I dont want anyone else to think I'm weird.

Jane~Ya, the worst part of the soreness has gone away, yay, lol!! I dont know why some people just cant shut off. Its something I wonder about all the time. I'd like to do the counted points thing. I need something to keep me on track.

Marti~I got that avator from photobucket. I did a search for hamsters, lol.

Sassy~Thanks!! I have the first one, but not the 2nd one. I do seem to live by that saying too, LOL!!

Mindee~:wave: How ya doing???

Hi to everyone else!!!

04-05-2008, 11:08 AM
Good Morning Ladies!!

Oh, happy, happy morning :carrot::carrot: I finally feel really good, well amost great!! I'm gonna get outta my crappy comfy clothes, wash my hair, put some make up on and get out of the house today. I think all the dehydration might have been a good thing. My stroke lip is almost gone so I guess all the fluid pressing on the facial nerve disappeared and my cheeks have more definition. The weather is supposed to be in the 60's so we will do a little shopping when dh gets home from golfing. Then it's off to have dinner with friends tonight.

Jane--I read somewhere that Matt Lauer from the Today show is a real neatnick and a clothes freak and he said that for every piece of clothing he buys, he will send the same amount of clothing to charity. I told my dh this and we are going to try to do the same. Have fun at the shower today.

Marti--I still have a phone without a keyboard. My dd's fiance works for Verizon and I usually get a phone a year from him. Gotta put a bug in their ear for a new one. Hey that would be a great mother's day gift!!

Francie--I was not in line when they were giving out butts!! My dd swears that she was adopted because she has a lovely little butt and I don't have a clue where she got it. I carry all my weight in my upper body.

Mindee--I hope you have a wonderful time today!!

Hugs :hug: Sassy, Ellen, Sue, Angie, Katiecat, Jules and anyone else I missed. I forgot to tell ya'll.....dh was feeling so sorry for me with all my sickie woes that he went out and bought me a new monitor for the office. I had a little 15" monitor before when the computer was on the kitchen desk area and now that we have the office he bought me a 22" It's wonderful cause I love to look at the decorating boards on HGTV and can see it better and I don't need my glasses to see the monitor!!:D

Have a wonderful day ladies!!

04-05-2008, 12:52 PM
Not much time here...will have to start organizing my day better so I can catch up with you ladies!!!! Very nice weather here...DH and I are going to head out to do some yard work, then, I have to go pick my sister upsince she is watching the kiddies tonight. DH's nephew is getting married today. I have been looking forward to it...been a long time since we have been to a wedding together...can't wait to dance!!!

((hugs)) to all you wonderful gals!!

04-05-2008, 07:13 PM
Hi ladies, :wave:

Francie - I've heard that Run Fat Boy Run is a good movie. I really need to get to the movies more often. Yep, I believe you about the feeling that "something" is in the house. I've had that feeling, too, and agree that's it's a creepy feeling. Btw, I had no idea you could get avatars from Photobucket. I have a paid account there, so I should check into it more!

Tammy - wow, your monitor is very nice, and the whole desk area looks great. I bet your whole house is just gorgeous. A big yay for you, getting cleaned up and out of the house. I should follow Matt Lauer's lead. He does strike me as a neatnik type of guy. I sure did have lots of fun at the shower - thanks for asking. Have fun with your sweetie and friends tonight.

Ellen - aww, I'm glad you're getting a chance to get out and party. Last weekend, at Katie's reception, was the first time in a long time that I had such a good time. I danced lots, and didn't worry if I was making a fool of myself or not, which I'm sure I did, lol. My nephew Ed was acting like a total eejit on the dance floor, lol, so most of the attention was on him.

As I mentioned to Tammy, I had a lot of fun at the shower. It was good to see all the ladies again. Tonight Neal and I are watching Mary's girls so she can go out with Katie and some friends. We'll have the kiddos overnight, which will be fun. I'm just a big kid at heart, lol.

Have a good weekend!

04-06-2008, 01:34 AM
hello are you all doing?

nothing new on this end. we ended up not going to Frankemuth on Saturday....we figured that we would wait until we had more money. so we ended up going to the mall to walk around some. while we were there, Brandon went potty twice in the bathroom!! we were going to go to Chili's for dinner....but we got the boys out of their car seats and their pants were soaking wet! so we ended up just getting something closer to home, but we needed to stop and get some more pull ups for B!

he is loving school! he enjoys himself while he is there, and he is super excited about his upcoming trips! he is especially excited about the bowling trip with daddy!

Tommy did take some updated pictures of me and Marissa last night. I will post them on Sunday when I have a little more time. The last time me and her had pictures taken like this, she was two days old!

we put off our trip for when we have more money.......and the weather will be nicer! so I will be sure to take plenty of pictures then! the weather is suppose to be really nice for the next week! we are debating on switching the rooms around and taking the smaller room and giving the bigger room to all three kids. we did some measuring and our bed will fit into the smaller room....we just need to work out where we will put the dresser and our tv stand. once we figure that out, we will know for sure if we can switch them around! (so if I don't make it on here on Sunday you ladies will know why!)

04-06-2008, 04:39 AM
Jane~I hate that creepy feeling. I feel it all day long!!!!!!! Most of the time I think its my mom (because suddenly I feel very loved and comforted)..but other times (like in the bathroom & this morning) I think its someone else. "I see dead people" Well..maybe not see, but certainly sense. I used to be able to sense when my first pets were in the room with me. But after we sold my mom's house, that went away Which makes me sad, because sometimes I think they're trying to find me. :( Ya..I'm weird, LoL!! I mom was the same way.

Mindee~Where you planning on going on your trip? Good luck switching rooms!!!

Well ladies..I had a dull night. I watched nothing but movies on Lifetime..then when I got tired of those, I put on Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Yum!!

LOL!!! I did use my weights for an hour. My arms felt like they were fall off. But my shoulders dont feel tight So thats good.

Right now, I'm soooooooo sleepy, so I'm gonna be going to bed. Nighty nite.

04-06-2008, 02:16 PM
Morning ladies.....

I have only a few minutes at the moment, DD & I have plans for some clearance shopping at Target & Kohls. :D Then it's off to Michael's to buy some adhesive, ran out in the middle of her school project!

Jane, as for the challenge, I know which one you're talking about, I will post the challenge later on tonight, then those who want to join can start Monday. I go, I'll check back in later.

04-06-2008, 03:33 PM
Hello Ladies,

We leave for FL Tuesday morning around 8 am. So I am really working to get all the packing done I can so I will only have those last minute things you can't pack until that morning. DH has figured out that I can put my makeup/cosmetics bag I leave in the bathroom when we are at DD's inside my big bag and not have to pay extra for it as a carry on. I will probably get excited when I'm in the airport or on the plane.

I wasn't supposed to WI until the 1st of each month, but Sunday used to be my WI day and I just had to see how this new way of eating was going. I wasn't sure if I was blowing it "old Diet thinking" because some days I wouldn't eat hardly anything because I wasn't hungry and then there were times that I was hungry all the time and felt like I was constantly eating. I guess I was doing okay because I have lost 3 lbs since my WI on the 1st of April. Went out to eat yesterday and ate about 3/4 of the food and then asked the waitress to remove the plate so I wouldn't eat any more. Oh something else I found interesting. You know I did the deal with the show to stop the craving for DH Heath bars. Well, the other day I decided to eat a couple to just see what would happen. Yuck poo tasted like soap in my mouth is about the only way I can describe it. Asked DH if they had gone bad. He said "No. They taste fine. I thought you weren't going to eat those any more." Well, I'm not. Obviously the craving technique works.

Tammy - I hope you are feeling better today. Love you monitor. I don't think I could go back to a small one. Enjoy.

Mindee - So glad Brandon is really enjoying school. That is terrific. Love the avatars of the children. They are so precious.

Marti - Have fun shopping with DD. We went to Kohl's yesterday just windo shopping and they do have a lot of sales.

Francie - I'm glad most of your soreness has gone away. I hope you are back to yourself today and take it easy getting back into the exercise. I think if you do too much at time you'll burn out and quit. So do what works for you... it's better to build up a little at a time.

Jane, Jules, Ellen and everyone else I missed hello and everyone have a great day.

I'll try to write one more time at least probably tomorrow.


04-06-2008, 08:05 PM
Happy Sunday evening. Just a quick pop in. I am getting ready to take a little walk outside. I have been moving today...just got a burst of energy so went with it. :) I did all the floors, 3 loads of laundry and cleaned the bathrooms. Went outside and cleaned the bird feeders and filled them up. I made DH a crock pot sweet potato casserole from my low fat cook book. Cooked a pot of green beans and potatoes with sausage. So, had a busy day. Hardly a chance to read my papers....but did finally finish them.
I just sat down and made lists for the yard work and plantings I want to do. So, now it is SHOPPING time this week. Lol.

Hope you all had a great week-end and relaxed a little. Mom was worn out after our little trip...and Baby was mad at us for boarding her overnight. Fun! :)
We didn't strike any riches, but had a good time.

04-07-2008, 12:54 AM
just popping in here ladies.....

we really didn't do that much today. Tommy's parents came over and were here for a little bit. Then after they left, Tommy went to do laundry, so I have something to do tomorrow! and then I made dinner (gotta love Rachael Ray) and we are that.....we were going to go for a walk but Tommy was still doing his work laundry.

now I just need to make his lunch, get every thing all set for the morning, and then head to bed! I need to get back into a better schedule then the one I have been on!

oh yeah....Brandon has been wanting to take showers with Tommy lately, so Tommy has been letting him. Well, earlier tonight Tommy had given himself a hair cut. We had talked with Brandon that once the weather gets warmer and stays warmer then Mommy will give him and logan a hair cut. Well, Tommy jumped into the shower first since he had loose hair on him. While he was in the shower, Brandon got ahold of his clippers and gave himself a hair cut! Thankfully his hair is so think, you can't even tell that he did!

04-07-2008, 10:44 AM
Hi ladies,

Mindee - aw, what a nice picture of you and Marissa. I can really tell that you've lost weight. Did you get the rooms moved, or decide to keep them the way they were. I love moving rooms around. Well, I did it more when I was younger, lol. My kids used to cut their own hair, too. Especially the girls! Watch out for 'Rissa when she gets older, lol.

Francie - I hate to admit it, but I've never seen any of the Pirate movies. When my Katie worked at Disney, she said Johnny Depp would be there often, at the P of C ride at Magic Kingdom. She didn't get to see him though, since she worked at Animal Kingdom. She got to see some other stars, though.

Marti - what kind of a school project does Jhanai have? Bet it's something cool.

Trish - YAY for the 3 pounds down! :carrot: Last night I watched the Paul McKenna episode from last week on negative association, and then the new one about metabolism. Very interesting! I used to do my own version of aversion therapy when I lost weight in '04, by picturing mold and roaches on desserts. Eww... so his show reminded me of that, and it's a very powerful tool, imo. Have a good time with the family in Florida, and check in, if you get a chance. You will be missed! If forget... how long will you be gone?

Sue - so glad you had fun! Wow, your food sounds so good. Neal doesn't like green beans, so I usually just open a can of them for me, but have to say a pot of them w/potatoes and sausage sounds delish! I think the only plants I need are some impatiens for the front of the porch. We put in a bunch of perinnials last year.

Today I plan to work in the yard, as much as I can. Since I can't kneel on my right knee, this could be quite a challenge. I've got one of those seat things, but not sure how that will work out. The temp is supposed to be in the low 70's and I'm loving that.

BBL, :hug:

04-07-2008, 01:01 PM
Morning chickies! :wave:

Jane--I started the challenge thread. Was this the one you were talking about? DD project was to read a book and then do a scrapbook as though you are the main character of the book. It had to be 20 pages, and she finished it last night.

Francie--I get a sense of someone watching or in the room now and then. Since we've moved here, I keep telling hubby that I swear I hear music from a music box. Only when I'm in this back room. I've had other experience in the past too, so don't think you're weird!

Tammy--I have a simple little Krazer phone. It's red and I think it's cute. Mothers Day.......I just about forgot that that was coming up! Thanks for the reminder. I need to figure something out, my ma in Cali and my step ma here in Oregon.

Mindee-- What did you fix from Rachael Ray?? Do you subscribe to her magazine. I've bought a couple of them, really handy information, but I'm such a magazine junky that I didn't subscribe.

Trish--DD & I bought her a really cute top yesterday at Kohl's. Today is Spring Photo day so she wanted something colorful. She's tired of looking at her clothes and seeing all this black, she's very into yellow and greens right now. Should make it easy to shop, but it wasn't!

Ellen--How was the wedding? Did you dance the night away??

Sue--My yard it really needing attention. I had plans for this weekend to work on it but the rain would not stop. Our yard is just soaked. I'm really excited, out town decided to provide yard debris trash cans. So now, instead of burning, we can let the garbage pick up. (I suppose I need a life if something like that gets me excited........)

Well ladies, I need to start thinking of getting ready for work. You all have a great Monday and I'll chat w/you all later.

Have a good one!

04-07-2008, 02:38 PM
Afternoon ladies!!! Sounds like everyone had a great weekend!! I had a ball at the wedding, and DH and I even got a chance to show off our salsa moves!!! The weather has been so nice..sunny, but still a little on the chilly side. We went to mom's yesterday had an early dinner, then the boys went off to play some baseball, and the little girls went to the park. I had a chance to just sit and read in the quiet...something that never happens!!! Felt like I was getting sick tho, swollen gland and ear pressure, went to bed early, then rested this morning...have to run out to the store this aft...may take the kiddies out for dinner as DH and a friend are out at the White Sox home opener today.

Have to run B4 my lunch burns!

04-07-2008, 03:02 PM
Trish~I agree..I gotta start taking things slowly, lol. I did get a little burned out with that one workout. But I dont wanna give it up. I think I'll do that one every friday or something.

Jane~I would die if I ever met or saw Johnny Depp. Well..I would die if I ever met Jake, Johnny, Brad or You should see the Pirates movies. They're pretty good.

Marti~I wonder if its a woman thing..because Fonzo has never sensed anything in the room or bathroom before. Women are probably more in tuned to that sort of thing.

Ellen~Salsa dancing is HOT stuff!! LoL!! Glad you had fun!!

Anyways..nothing new to report here. Had a nice weekend with dh. I have a doc appt in 2 I better get moving..BBL

04-07-2008, 04:51 PM
just popping in here while the kiddos are having their quiet time. we have new neighbors that moved in we now have to get used to that again! hopefully these ones will be a lot nicer then the last one!

Brandon came home from school with a backpack full of stuff! his school pictures came in today, and boy let me tell you they are super duper cute! I am going to try and see if I can save one to the computer off the website. I even saw, when I quickly glanced through every thing, that they are doing a relay for life for his school. Once I read more about that I will post about it. I think it would be really neat, and I am actually surprised that they sent one home for him, but it helps to promote good exercise and healthy living so I am all for it! they also got to go outside today because the weather is really nice!

Jane~ Thanks for the nice comments and the nice compliment. nope, we never did move the rooms around, so they are still the way they were. the only thing that is holding us up is trying to figure out where every thing would go. we would only being moving three things out of our room and into their room. Our bed, our dresser and our tv stand. we know that the bed will fit, and hope that the dresser would fit in the corner, but we are not sure where the tv stand would go. Marissa has Tommy's curly hair like he did when he was younger, so she is probably going to try to cut her curls!

Marti~ I made Cowboy Spaghetti. Nope, I don't subscribe to her magazine, I have one of her cook books. I have picked up her magazine a couple of times, and you are right, they do have some handy information in it.

Ellen~ Salsa dancing is a great workout! sounds like you guys had a lot of fun at the wedding!

francie~ How are you doing today?

04-07-2008, 06:01 PM
Good afternoon Ladies,

This will be a quick fly by. I went to get my nails done this morning and I got a pedicure too so I could get my toenails painted since I'll be wearing sandals. I tell you ladies that I really enjoyed that and I'm going to be doing it again. We will be in FL tomorrow around noon. We will be back here the following Tuesday afternoon so will be in FL 7 days. I'm beginning to look forward to the trip and seeing the children and grandchildren and spending time with them and visiting with friends.

I like the idea of the challenge and decided to join it even though I'll be on vacation. Hopeing the challenge will help me to do well any way. I want to keep the scale moving down as I'm really tired of having to work on losing those "recycled" lbs.

Francie - Glad you are feeling better. I'm the oldest one here as far as I know so I can play Mom. Start that exercise slow and build up now. I like Paul McKenna's idea of tuning in to your body and do a little more and more as your body is ready.

Ellen - Glad you and DH had fun dancing at the wedding. Sorry you have been feeling bad and I hope you are feeling better.

Mindee - Look forward to seeing the pictures and hope you got some good neighbors this time. I love Rachel Ray because she cooks like I do... if it takes more than 15 or 20 min I usually don't cook it. Actually now that it is just DH and me, I cook as much as I can in microwave especially veggies.

Marti - Glad you had fun shopping with Jhanai. Sounds like she is into spring colors.

Jane - I watched both Paul McKenna's back to back shows last night. I know when I did the technique to stop the cravings I missed the magots part and it was still so gross. It really works doesn't? Now to get myself motivated to move... exercise. You know I started walking like he said to do and you know what... I did get addicted to it. I hope I can do that again. We will be doing a lot of walking in FL so I hope I can continue it when I get back home.

Tammy, Sue, Jules and Everybody else - Hello I hope you are all doing well. Everybody have a good week. I will really miss all of you and I will check in whenever I can.


04-07-2008, 06:36 PM
Okay I'm back from my doc appointment.

I basically just had my annual "you know what". I'll get my results from that soon. However, I finally got my blood test results. I have traces of PCOS. She said she could put me on fertility drugs..but she'd rather have me go to the infertility clinic. I'm having more testing done as well.

I figured I had it..but its disappointed to know, now that its been confirmed...I dunno..I just need to take it all in still.

I'm gonna go lay down for a little while. Be back laters.

04-08-2008, 01:25 AM
:hug: francie I've been thru alot of it so we can talk anytime, just pm me

04-08-2008, 02:01 AM
just popping back in here......

this is going to be a short visit since my left wrist is hurting me. I am going to buy those wrist splint thingies when we go to wal-mart on friday.......or sooner depending on how much pain it throws off. I just took some tylenol for it and I am going to head to bed.

Francie~ When is your appointment at the clinic? if it is early enough, did your doctor mention anything about going in and taking it out? if it isn't that much they can usually take it out and you won't need to go to the clinic. we were told that we were infertile before we got pregnant with if you have any questions at all, you can shoot me a message on here or myspace, which ever one you feel more comfortable with

Trish~ I would love to get a manicure and a pedicure, but I was blessed with no toenails except for my big a pedicure is out, but I would love to have a manicure done! have fun in Florida!

I went through his back pack of stuff! He has plenty of projects and such that he did. He has even been writing his name on the backs of them, and you can tell the difference between when he first started school and the teacher or the parapro wrote it. Now, you can actually see the beginning of him writing words! His school does this thing called ACES Day, which basically means All Children Exercise Simultaneously. And for that they will be doing their own little mini Relay for Life for one hour! He brought home a pledge package basically to get people to donate to the American Cancer Society.

I tried to get his school picture to save to the computer off the LifeTouch site, but they wouldn't let me do it. I now have to sit down and figure out how many more pictures I am going to need so that we can get the extras ordered.

04-08-2008, 10:31 AM
Good morning, ladies, :wave:

Marti - yep, that challenge is the one I was thinking of. I forgot exactly how it went, but I was pretty sure you'd know. The project of Jhanai's sounds so cool! Twenty pages is a lot, though. I bet she gets an A on it.

Ellen - I've seen salsa dancing on tv, and it looks like a real workout. Glad you had some quiet time to read.

Francie - I'm sorry about your diagnosis. :hug: I know several women with this, and at least yours is just "traces". There is a PCOS support thread here at 3FC, under Dieting With Obstacles. You might get some info there. About men, I'd faint if I got to meet Jimmy Smits, Tim Daly, or George Clooney. George was on Letterman last week, though, and he's lost a lot of weight. He's looking a little scrawny, lol. Lettermen asked about the weight loss, and GC said it was due to playing sports. Sounds weird.

Mindee - here's what I did when I wanted a copy of the DGDs group picture - I took a picture of the picture. Just make sure you have the flash off, and that there is no glare. About the neighbors, I'd introduce myself, be real friendly to them, and maybe even take them a plate of brownies or something, then they will want to be considerate of you, and you'll have some new friends, too. Just a thought.

Trish - aww, you will be missed! I hope you do get to check in sometimes. Bet you can't wait to see the DGKs. I'm sick of recycling the same pounds, too, and feel like I've wasted 3 months of 2008 doing that very thing. Have a good time, and a safe trip to Florida, Trish!

Today I'm having lunch with my niece. We missed the past 2 months since I was so busy with Neal, and didn't want to leave him when he was injured. So that will be fun. Then I'm getting my teeth cleaned. I'm a little past due for my 6 month check up. After that, I'm visiting my sister, and then going for groceries. When I get home, I've got to get some ironing done. Don't want it to pile up.

What's on your agenda today?


04-08-2008, 01:45 PM
Morning ladies--

The outlook for this weeks weather is sunshine!! That means I can put on my earbuds and listen to music while I'm out there pruning and pulling plants and weeds. Should be a good upper body workout! :lol:

Jane--DD's project was fun, although towards the end she didn't put much effort into it, she wanted to quickly get it finished. We shall see how well she did.

Mindee--Ahhh, projects! I loved seeing all of DD's projects she brought home. I have totes of her stuff. I know I should really weed through them and toss some stuff, but I don't want to! It's my "scrapbook" of DD's schooling!

Francie--Big hugs to you! :hug: I also know several women who have this, one gal I work with. It could be a woman thing w/the "feeling a presence" thing. My DD "spoke" to her uncle when she was 3. Scared the dickens out of me!!

Trish--Have a wonderful time! And check in once you get back! Vacation is where you spend time to get away from it all!! Just tell us all about it when you get back.

Ellen--Salsa dancing! How fun. I would love to learn. I always thought is was a sexy dance. I would love to take a dance class some day.

Well ladies, I'm doing much better on eating and I'm continuously walking/jogging. Still haven't gotten back into the ab workouts but that'll come soon enough. I've SERIOUSLY need to consider going to the gym again. I would like to pop in during the morning hours and see how busy it is. Or after work and see. I don't like an over crowded gym. But I am paying for it and it's going to waste.

My next plan is to start that darn food journal! Keep talking about it just haven't done it. I think I'll dress one up this weekend. Since all my scrapbooking supplies are out from DD's project. If I plan too much this weekend, nothing will get done! I'm a huge procrastinator, so I should know! :D

Better get ready for work.

Hugs to you all.

04-08-2008, 03:58 PM
Just stopping by to say Hi. I'm still feeling down about ya..I'm gonna go lay down.

04-08-2008, 05:11 PM
popping in here while the boys are sleeping! Marissa is awake, but I haven't gotten her up but I will in a second. I am going to try and take a quick picture of Brandon's school picture since I can't get one to save off the computer.

we talked to the office manager last night about switching things. she told us that we could pull out the dead plants/shrubs. Tommy wants to pull the shrubs out closer to our porch and put in patio stones to put the grill on. I asked her if I could pull out the other dead plants/shrubs and put plant some more flowers. I want to plant a rose bush or two, but after listening to her talk about another tenant that wanted to put one in, I will make sure it is okay first!

we also want to plant some flowers at my family's cemetery plot. my grandpa used to do it but since he passed away almost six years ago, nobody has done anything with it. Tommy has already agreed with me on this one, so now when we buy the flowers to plant out here, we will get the flowers for there as well.

ok..I was able to take a picture of his school picture with our camera, so I will post one as my avatar here in a second.

Jane~ We were actually outside last night when the lady upstairs was moving in her stuff. She has three daughters, so we were/are anticipating some noise coming from upstairs. Last night was rough because there was her three girls plus two other kids that were up there. But all seems to be quiet on that front today.

Marti~ right now, his projects are in a school folder since he has only been in school for a couple of months now. I told Tommy that we are going to need one of those big accordion style folders.

04-08-2008, 07:13 PM
Well I'm back. Thanks for the support. :hug:

I've gone way off my diet because I'm doing nothing but emotional eating and then just laying in bed. Yesterday & today have just been bad days for that. Plus, the weather is sooooooooooooooo crappy and it makes me so sleepy. AF came this morning soooooo unexpectedly. I didnt think I would start until next week. So maybe thats why I feel so out of it too.

But I'm doing a little better. I'm still a little confused. But I joined this message board that Sassy recommended to me. So thanks to her for that. :D I found the military girls on there, lol.

Well..I'm gonna go lay down and continue reading my book. I'll be more chatty later.

04-08-2008, 11:00 PM
Sassy girl! Where ARE you?? Did they move you again, and you're locked in?!? LOL

Yikes, I'll have to check in with you others tomorrow. It's time for Boston Legal. :carrot:

04-08-2008, 11:52 PM
I hope she's not locked in!! LoL!! I heard from her this morning..

04-09-2008, 12:37 AM
just popping back in here.....

I had Tommy pick me up a wrist thing, and he got me a two pack wrist compression and something else. It is already helping and I have only had it on for a couple of hours! I did take some Tylenol at about 8:15pm because it was killing me. But I did try to not use it unless I absolutely had to.

04-09-2008, 03:29 AM
Evening ladies...

Had just finished my walking tonight. Feeling pretty sleepy now. Ate well and managed to stop eating when I wasn't hungry. (I have a snack problem!)

Francie-- :hug: Sorry you've been feeling so down. Sending you more feel good hugs.

Mindee--What a cute picture of Brandon! Love it.

Jane--Boston Legal? I've never seen it.

All the other gals, hello and how are you??

I think I need to clean up and get ready for bed. My eyes are droopy.

Hugs to you all! :hug:

04-09-2008, 03:56 AM
Hey Everybody, no I am not locked

Just haven't had much to say.....yeah I know......Amazing, eh? lol. Not down or nothing, just I dunno, blah......:p Probably because the weather has been very nice here, :sunny: but I am stuck here at work.......:p And I think its supposed to rain every day I am off.........:rolleyes: Isn't that how it always goes? lol.
So I have been just reading posts....Then saw Francie was diagnosed with PCOS or traces of it......So I sent her a message because I remember how I felt when I was first diagnosed. ;) :hug: Girlie.....
Anywho, I am alive and kicking. lol. Oh and btw my User name here has ventured into work now. lol. It all started with a back of chips that were called "Sweet N Sassy" and my co workers said I am definitely Sassy. (notice they didn't say sweet.) lol. I actually said I am "Not so Sweet N' Sassy" lol......:p They have no idea about my user name here either so I guess I picked a good one. lol. Anywho, just thought I'd share that, figured you'd all get a kick out of it. ;)


04-09-2008, 11:56 AM
Good morning, ladies,

Marti - Boston Legal is a lawyer show that touches on current events, and is funny, too. Last night was the first new show since before the writer's strike. How are you doing your food journal? Do you mean you're decorating the binder your papers are in? Bet your yard is looking nice. I still have a lot to do.

Francie - aww, hon, I wish I could help you. :hug: I sure hope you're feeling better today.

Mindee - what a nice picture of Brandon! He looks so grown up! Wow, I bet the apartment owners are glad to have you for renters, given the way you and Tommy want to fix the place up. Glad the wrist thingies are helping you. My arthritis in my hands is worsening. I wonder if they make something for that? like you use on your wrists?

Sassy - that's funny about what happened at work. Well, I'd for sure say you're Sweet and Sassy. We love you the "weigh" you are. (from under your avatar) Good to see you checking in.

Now if I just knew where Sue is.....

Well, today I have some sewing to do, that is, if my hands don't hurt too much to do that. It's a beautiful day, though, so I might just go play outside instead.

I've been doing well with the food, but not so great with exercise. Story of my life.

Have a good one, ladies. :carrot:

04-09-2008, 12:30 PM
just popping in here while I have the chance! Marissa and Logan are watching Cars.....and seem to be enjoying themselves!

I did manage to sit down and make a list of all the pictures that we are going to need to order when Tommy gets home. Next step after that, is to figure out when we will be able to get an updated family picture, and single pictures of Logan and Marissa done. At this rate, it will more then likely be when we get that rebate check next month!

Marti~ Thanks for the nice comments about his picture. I am going to venture into making a disk with pictures of them from me being pregnant with them, until now. I guess I better get moving on it since I have two weeks from today for Brandon's birthday!

Sassy~ It is good to hear from you! I hope all is well with you! How do you plan to spend your off days?

Jane~ He does look so grown up in his school picture. I didn't realize it until now, but he sure does! The office manager loves us! We went for a walk on Monday night and she asked us if we saw anything that shouldn't be going on. Plus, Tommy cleans the stairways for her in all the buildings. I think I remember seeing a commercial for a product like the Head On one, but for hands with arthritis in them.

04-09-2008, 01:44 PM
Mindee~I hope your wrist feels better soon.

Marti~Thanks, I'm starting to feel better emotionally.

Sassy~You are very sweet. I dunno about the sassy side. LoL!! My cat's named Sassy and she's extremely Sassy!! LoL!! I used to have a s/n Sweet_N_Spicy..and everyone agreed that I was more spicy than sweet, lol.

Jane~thanks..I'm feeling better..

Mindee~The pic of Brandon is so cute!!

Well..I'm feeling better emotionally. Physically, I feel so out of it. Af showed up and is ruining everything. I'm just sooooooooooooooooooo tired. Last night, I sat down on the couch and was gonna read my book. Well, 20 mins later dh is all waking me up and it was like 6pm!!! I read a half a sentence..:lol:

Anyhoo..I need to go to the post office for I'm gonna go walk on over there. I hope it doesnt start raining, lol. BBL

04-09-2008, 02:04 PM
Good morning little chick-a-dee's!!

I'm procrastinating on getting ready for work. I hate getting there at the last minute but it looks like that's what I'm going to be doing today.

Sassy--Good to hear from ya! I know exactly how you feel about being at work during gorgeous weather. I work in a lab so I don't have windows that are low enough to gaze out of. They're all up by the ceiling! How am I going to get my Vitamin D intake if I can't any sun?!

Jane--I have this spiral notebook that I keep staring at. I've been mulling over in my head as to what I want on the out side. I'll show you a photo of it when I do it, that way you know what I'm talking about.

Mindee--I find it amazing to watch our little ones turn into little people! You know what I mean? First they're this little gorgeous pudgy baby, then they start to grow and get defined features, then soon......preparing for their 14th birthday!!:faint:

Someone PLEASE slow down time!! :lol:

Francie--I'm glad that you're starting to feel better. Sorry that AF is here and causing problems. I hate feeling exhausted. Never seem to be able to snap out of it. Hope you start getting some energy soon.

Good morning to the rest of you gals!

Ok, I've procrastinated enough, I need to get ready for work.

Have a good ladies!

04-09-2008, 04:59 PM
:wave: Hi Jane and ladies. I am okay and checking in. I have just been busy.

I finally got both bedrooms decorated and complete. (only been here a year and a half) I finished sewing the bedskirt for the master today and got it on. Our beds are antique and high, so I have to re-do store bought I was 3 times around that darn skirt...and that is lots of sewing and fabric. Not to mention all the pinning and ironing. But, it does look nice and just like I thought it would. Kind of old fashioned looking..skirt and curtains.

I am doing well...have had the bike out twice trying to get my legs in shape so I can ride farther. Also have walked 2 days. Food has been good/not perfect. I am just pretty disappointed that I let myself gain all my weight *here we go again* AGAIN.

Thinking of you Francie and hope you are feeling more positive after talking to Sassy.

Marti- I know about procrastination (see above about how long it took me to do my bedrooms)

Mindee- Cute pic. of Brandon. Hope the wrist gets better.

Jane- Keep up the good work foodwise, exercise will come with the nice weather.

Okay...I need to scoot. Gotta clean up the sewing room.

04-09-2008, 05:33 PM
Just a quick fly-by. Heading to dance in about 1/2 hr and still need to feed and walk the boys.

Mindee--What did you do to your wrist?? Try taking Ibuprofen instead of Tylenol. It has anti-inflamatory properties and will help with the pain a little better.

Francie--I'm so sorry that you are down. I know that everyone is a little different but it took me 9 yrs to get pregnant with my first and then instantly got preggers with the 2nd. I only had my TOM about 3-4 x a yr and my problems were totally hormonal. Once I was in my late 30's my body decided to give me my TOM every month like clockwork. I don't need it now!!!! Good luck sweetie. Things will work out. :hug:

A big HI!!! to everyone else. Busy today with getting my mom's groceries and straightening up the house for the cleaning girl tomorrow. I'm feeling really good but still have some cheek swelling. Hand it to my mother for saying "You don't look like yourself, are you still swollen"? I said, "Thanks a lot Mom, I don't know if I should take that as a compliment or not" and she never responded to me. Oh, such warmth in my dysfunctional family!! ;) Ok, now I'm down to about 20 minutes. Gotta go!! Have a wonderful evening ladies!!

04-09-2008, 07:40 PM
popping back in here while Tommy makes chicken quesadillas for dinner, and possibly nachos for a snack later. If not later, then tomorrow when he gets home from bowling with B!

Francie~ Thanks for the nice comments on his picture.

Marti~ I know exactly what you are talking about! I am going to make a disk for them, which I didn't do earlier like I planned on!

Tammy~ I think I sprained it when I was trying to get up off the floor on Saturday. It was killing me on Monday, so I took Tylenol then and it felt better. I will have to see if we have some ibuprofen in the first aid kit. The tylenol did help with the pain.

04-09-2008, 10:17 PM
Hey Girls. :wave:

Man oh man was it ever tough coming into work tonight. It was totally GORGEOUS outside!! :sunny: I just wanted to keep driving! lol. I had my window down and the wind blowing through my I hope that the rain :rain: holds off for tomorrow......I want it to be :sunny: can we all do a little :sunny: dance? lol........Hey its exercise, right? :D

I felt icky this mornin, I had a very unwanted "visitor" this morning.......with a vengenance............:p I was so upset I was like whyyyyyyyy now? :cry: Sometimes I hate being a woman. lol. I took some Midol and went to bed and feel better today.......I also am wearing my new clothes so that makes me feel better too. :)

I am so happy, only 2 hours and 45 minutes left!!! :woohoo: I can't beleive it! Only 6 hr work night? :yikes: I can handle that! Only if they would pay me for my regular 13 and 14 everynight too. lol!!! A girl can dream, right? lol. At least I will be getting paid for doing nuttin the rest of the night tonight (after midnight) lol.

I am hoping to get lots of walking in this weekend too. :running: :D

Well ladies I will chat with you more later when I am OUTTA here! :D :D :D :D :carrot: :dance: :woohoo:

:hug: to all!!!

04-10-2008, 01:51 AM
just popping in before I head to bed! tomorrow Brandon and Tommy are going bowling, so Tommy promised that he would take tons of pictures.

Sassy~ Sorry to hear about your visitors! I hope she doesn't stay long!

04-10-2008, 04:38 AM
I just got done watching Transformers, lol. It felt like a Shia Labeouf night, lol. If it wasnt 12:35, then I'd put on Disturbia. But that movie creeps me out.

Anyhoo..I'm gonna go play a game and try to get sleepy, lol.

Nighty nite all!!

04-10-2008, 12:42 PM
Good Morning! It's a fabulous day, sun shining (ok, only part time but at least it's trying) and I left work last night ALL caught up!!

So today should be a great day at work unless they pile up a ton of stuff they've been hiding.

Sue--This weekend I plan on doing some cleaning in a back room that's been neglected. Not even sure where to start or what to do with it all! But it needs done.

Tammy--Mom's, gotta love for their bluntness! How did your dancing go?

Sassy--What are your weekend plans that you'll be doing a lot of walking?? How great that you only had a 6hr shift!

Mindee--Please share what photos Tommy is able to take!

Francie--Were you able to get sleepy?? Or did you stay up all night?

Keeping up w/the walking, and really concentrating on eating better. I want to make a difference and it won't happen if I'm not doing anything about it.

Gotta get this day started. chat w/you all later!!

04-10-2008, 01:59 PM
Today is Brandon's bowling trip with his class. Daddy and him went to it. Tommy called me at about 11:30 and told me that his first game was a 91! Then he told me that Brandon bowls better then me.....which is true!

But I asked if he was having fun and Tommy said that he was. And that they were about to start the second game. Right about that time, they should have been getting their pizza and pop.

Logan wanted to go so bad this morning with them. But we had to tell him that we would all going bowling as a family soon. Then Diego came on, and he was happy with that! Right now, Logan and Marissa are taking naps. So, it is nice and quiet for now!

Francie~ Gotta love the quick visits! I haven't seen either of those movies. I am a major horror film scaredy cat! Although in my defense, I can handle them somewhat if I watch them during the day. Have you ever seen the movie called "Strangeland?"

Marti~ I will try and post what pictures he did take. When I talked to him, I asked him if he had taken any pictures and he said "a couple." So I will see how many "a couple" are when he gets home.

04-10-2008, 02:43 PM
Marti~Ya, I was able to get to sleep..but I kept waking up every hour. I finally just got out of bed at 5am and went back to sleep at 7am.

Mindee~I'm a scaredy cat too!! I cannot stand horror movies. Maybe because I have a seriously overactive imagination. After we saw The Grudge, I had to sleep with the lights on, lol. When the Tv is off, and I look at the blank screen, I feel that an alien is gonna be standing there behind me (from Signs), lol. When I was little, I was convinced that our house was built on a graveyard and I'd be sucked into my closet like in Poltergeist, lmao. Although there was this one time when it wasnt me being paranoid, lol. Me & Fonzo watched Dawn Of the Dead..then the next day we went up to The Grand Canyon for my bday. And our hotel was near a Fonzo stayed up ALLLLL night because he thought the zombies from Dawn of the Dead would come and get us, and he had to protect me, lol. I havent seen Strangeland..whats it about??

04-10-2008, 03:37 PM
Wow, such busy ladies!!! It has taken me way too long to catch up, and now I have to get moving...been in a funk, and have not gotten anything done, no gym, no housework...I really need to get moving. UGh, too tired TOM is right around the corner, and I can feel it. Hope you ladies have a good day! Will try to post indies later

Luv and hugs!!

04-10-2008, 07:54 PM
I will try and post the pictures in here of Brandon's bowling field trip.

Francie~ I will have to try and remember what Strangeland was about. All I remember is a guy that went around killing people, and he would sew their mouths shut. I spent a good amount of time really being afraid to take a shower at night by myself when Tommy was working the afternoon/midnight shifts at his job he had at the time.

Ellen~ I hope TOM takes it easy on you!

I did manage to get a great workout in! me and Brandon went around and collected the phone books from the empty apartments for the office manager. I thought it was going to make him sleepy since he didn't take a nap. But instead when he got tired, he climbed on the wagon I was pulling!

04-10-2008, 08:28 PM
Mindee~What cute pics!! He looks like he had some fun!! LoL!! He's wearing little bowling shoes and everything, how cute!!!!!! Okay, so Strangeland sounds gross..ugh. Have you ever seen Shaun of the Dead?? Its a spoof off of Dawn of the Dead. Its got some gross moments, but for the most part its really funny. Me & Dh just finished watching it for the millionth time, lol.

Well...Fonzo is offically on leave. He's taking a nap right now. He did come home with some great piece of mail!!!!!! A gift card from Coach!!!!!!!! Which means, bday present for me!! YAY!! We're gonna be going to the store after payday!! I cannot wait!! I've already picked out the purse that I want. But the sucky part is, Fonzo is gonna have it gift wrapped and I cant have it till my actual birthday, lol. But oh well, I'm still excited. I'll be 23 in 3 weeks!!

This is the one I'm thinking of getting. It all depends on what they have at the store. But I'm liking that one so far.

04-11-2008, 03:15 AM
Evening ladies...

The weather turned gorgeous today. Got to see some of it during my lunch break. Was still nice out when I came home but was soon getting dark.

Mindee--Such cute photos! I love his smile in the first photo! Such a happy little man.

Francie--Cute purse! What nice birthday present!!

Ellen--Hello :wave:

And a hello to all the other gals out there.

Got my walk in and ate clean today. Feeling pretty good. I'm so glad that it's Friday tomorrow. This week needs to be over. I have so much yard work to do this weekend!!

Ok...I'm ready for all have a good one!


04-11-2008, 11:30 AM
Hi ladies,

Mindee - the pictures are so cute, and I can tell he had a lot of fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you for telling me about the roll on pain reliever for arthritis. I bought some yesterday, and it is called ActivON, kind of like HeadOn, like you said. It doesn't take the pain away but lessens it quite a bit.

Francie - I'm glad you're feeling better. Nothing like a shopping gift card to make a girl feel more alive! :carrot: I like that purse - Coach has a lot of neat ones.

Marti - oic about the notebook. I never thought to decorate a spiral one. You are one smart cookie! Hey, it's finally Friday - woohoo! Do you have special plans for the weekend?

Sue - Good to "see" you. :) I was working with a bedskirt this week, too. What a coincidence! I sewed mine to the quilt so that our blanket doesn't hang out.

Tammy - you sound like me - I make sure everything is straightened before the girls get here to clean. Mary does all of my floors for me, and Katie cleans when she needs money, lol. About your mama, you know what they say, "If it isn't one thing, it's your mother!" LOL

Ellen - for you -----> :hug: Hope you're feeling better.

I'm sorry I didn't get on here yesterday, but Neal and I went to Evansville to see his nuerosurgeon for a follow-up visit. That trip took most of the day, then when we got home there were storms, so I couldn't get on the net.

Neal's doc says he can't drive until he ever regains strength in his right leg. He is really down about this. :( I feel so sorry for him, because he feels like his wings have been clipped. Now you can add chauffeur to my job description, lol.

Katie saw Bill Clinton speak in town yesterday. I guess we aren't big enough for Hillary to make a stop here, so she sent the B team, lol. I thought about going, but was just too tired.

Have a good one!

04-11-2008, 04:24 PM
hello are you all doing?

well, we got Brandon's results in the mail today from his hearing/vision screening at school that was done last Friday. The said that he passed his vision part of the screen, but they were unable to screen him for the hearing part. So, we have to get someone else to evaluate him on that. I am going to contact the pediatrician's office and see what they say, but they did offer a place that does them for free, so I might call them instead. They said that when they were trying to test him that they said his name and he said it was a whisper and that he would turn his head to look at them when it was done.

I am relieved that his vision is fine, since we have had issues with that before. I never would have expected him to have problems with his hearing though!

Francie~ That is a very cute purse! I keep looking for a new one. I want something that isn't "momish," will still fit every thing that I need it to, and to be young and hip. I used to have this purse that I really liked, but I got rid of it for some reason and I haven't been able to find another one like it! I keep kicking myself in the butt for getting rid of it! I want something that I can put on my shoulder, but Tommy wants something that has long straps so that no one will try and steal it.

Marti~ Thanks for the nice comments! He had a blast on his bowling trip! His first game was a 91, and his second game was a 66.

Jane~ Your welcome! I knew what it was, and I could see the commercial in my head but I couldn't remember the name for the life of me. I am glad that you were able to get some and that it is helping you out!

04-11-2008, 04:45 PM
just stopping back in here really quickly......I just got off the phone with the pediatrician's office and Brandon goes in next Wednesday at 6:30pm for their testing. I actually went over the papers as I was talking to them, and they have written that he was unable to understand the task, and for that they say that they were unable to screen him.

04-11-2008, 06:02 PM
Good afternoon. Sunny and bright here today. Boy, it feels nice. Even though there are tornado watches in other parts of the state, and cold weather coming in again. Boooooo.

Mom and I stopped by the nursery today to look. No use to get any plants until the weather stabilizes a bit. But I have good We ate Mexican with DD and shopped a little. Nice break.

Yesterday DH and I went to visit his sis. They live south Indy, so we were gone most all day. Yikes, I know why I hate big cities...the traffic was horrible in the evening.

Jane- Good idea to sew the skirt to the quilt. My bed is an antique one with wide wooden side rails. They are decorative and I don't want to cover I bought a matelese coverlet which I can tuck behind the rails. For the skirt I had to cut the platform off the skirt and make a flat fold above the gathering. Then I had to shorten it by 3 inches. On the flat area I put velcro which matched up with the velcro I attached to the back of the rail. So I can take the skirt off to wash. I can't believe the change to the bed ....before you could see right under it and I didn't like that. Plus the bed is higher up than newer ones. is done and I am happy with it. Plus, it was all my own design and ideas...which is fun.

Mindee- Good pics. and what a fun time. I hope the hearing test goes well. Sounds like they just didn't make clear to him what was going on.

Marti- Enjoy the yardwork. I am actually anxious to be able to plant some things. Still have a few dead leaves and twigs to pick up too.

Francie- Hope you are enjoying DH's leave. Glad you are feeling better.

Ellen- Hope your funk is a thing of the past. Boy, doesn't this place fill up if you stay away for a day? Hard to catch up at times.

Sassy, Cristina, Tammy- Where are you ladies? Hope you are well and just busy.

Trish- Forget when you are due back.... :wave:

Okay, off to fold laundry and then another bike ride. I did 1 mile this morn. Getting the old legs back in shape.

04-12-2008, 01:42 AM
just popping back in here before heading off to bed.

we had a nice night.....grabbed some dinner then went to Wal-Mart. we have been under Tornado watches all day pretty much. Right after we got home and started to get the kids ready for bed, I heard the Tornado siren going off. I didn't think anything about it until the office manager came to the door asking where Tommy was. She wanted him to help her unlock the basements of the buildings for the tenants to go to if need be. Well, right after she came to the door for him, one of the local news stations broke in and said that there was an unconfirmed funnel cloud 8 miles away from us! So, I finished getting the kids into their pajamas, and had the boys put their shoes on in case we needed to go into the basement. Thankfully we didn't need to go into the basement, just rain, thunder and lightning. We had the power flicker a couple of times but that was it.

Sue~ Sounds like you guys have had some nice couple of days recently.

04-12-2008, 04:21 AM
Hi Ladies.

Well I got my walking in and then some. :running: We had our "date night" Thursday night and we went to the new IKEA store here and walked around it. WOW is it big! lol. I am not sure how big it is, but it has two floors and we walked both and we didn't really daddle because we were mainly looking at the kitchen and bedroom stuff, we just browsed at the other things. As I have said before, DH is really into cooking now, so he got some new kitchen stuff. :) He is so worried that something is wrong with him because he likes to cook and all, I said, "some of the best chefs in the world are men!!" Then I guess a coworker asked about him making me a Vanilla Bean Cheesecake and how it turned out and he told them it tasted good, but the consistency was off. So a male co worker says to him, "That is why men don't bake". And our friend/coworker said, "some of the best pastry chefs in Europe are men!" (she is from Romania). I told my DH: SEE!! I told ya!!! lol.

But lemme tell ya I worked up a sweat after we got out of IKEA and we only sat down one time and it was because -- DH needed too, not me for once! :carrot: I used Paul McKenna's technique for motivation for exercise and it totally worked!!! I rocked! After IKEA we went out to eat and we split a yummy shrimp appetizer with a Thai Sweet and Sour sauce that we both could not figure out what was in it!!! lol. Then I just had salad and a cup of soup of which I did not finish either and yes it was what I wanted. :D

After that, we stopped a grocery store where this sweet little old lady was walking next too DH and started talking to him. I went on and was looking for something, but I guess she had arthritis in her spine (I know how that is.....) and was looking for her DH helped her and by the time I rejoined him he was holding her hand and holding the plant she wanted to was so they finally found her friend and all was well........DH told me later that that lady was 95 years old!!! :yikes: She was doing pretty great for 95 years old! I hope I am in that good of shape by then! I mean she was movin slow, but hey, she was movin! ;) Just kinda puts things into perspective, doesn't it? ;)

Anywho after that we decided to go to Wal-mart to get DH some we did then came home and unloaded everything and just collasped into our recliners! lol. So I think I did great. My back was achin just a little bit when I got up, but it passed. ;) Oh and the rain held out until we were home and all comfy and cozy!!! :dance:

Before all that though we stopped by the in-laws as DH had to drop something off and wow they were WAY too I was like, "what is up with them?" after we left but I really don't wanna know. lol.........I am just glad they were in good spirits.

I talked to my mom, she is going to wait until next year to maybe move up here. So I am not planning on her moving in with us and that way no disappointment. She is still seeing the guy that is from our city so we'll see how that goes.......

Oh and more work news...........not only did we have to move all around but now they are changing EVERYBODY's schedules!!! Totally ridiculous! So now DH & I won't even have ONE night off together! :( Back to "single" life again.......I swear I dunno why we even bothered getting married if we don't see each other!!! I got married so I wouldn't be ALONE!!!!!!! lol. I could sign up for the dayshift schedule, so then we could at least work on the same days, just opposite shifts, but man I dunno if I can really go back to days. Plus the fact I'd lose my shift diff and that means less $$. If I take the nightshift schedule I will actually make extra money because I would be starting after 7 pm and that means an extra 5%. Here are the two schedules:

Shift 1B Week 1 Thursday - Saturday 9:00 AM - 9:30 PM
Week 2 Wednesday - Saturday 9:00 AM - 9:30 PM

Shift 2A Week 1 Sunday - Wednesday 9:00 PM - 9:30 AM
Week 2 Sunday - Tuesday 9:00 PM - 9:30 AM

So it will be 3 days one week then 4 days the next. I can't work on the same schedule as DH, that is why they split us up to begin with, they say its "business needs" is the reason why DH & I being on different schedules and also for the newest schedule changes. We are under new management now and so they want us to be on the same schedules as their other teams they are over. Makes no sense to me, but whatever.......At least we have jobs........I do wish that I didn't need that stinking job because I would sooooo quit but I do need it and starting at a new place or even transferring in the co. isn't a great idea right now with the economy and layoffs. So guess I just gotta deal with it until we either win the lotto or the economy gets better! lol. I swear you never know with our co. what is going to happen day by day. One day its one thing then the next its something else! Man I HATE that! lol.

DH told me the news about the schedule changes and I didn't even get mad! I just was like, "oh well, at least we have jobs." I figure no need in getting upset. Even though I think its complete BS. But whatcha gonna do, right? lol.

So anywho, that is that.

Hope you all are doing well.


04-12-2008, 11:37 AM
Happy Saturday Ladies!!

I really have a busy weekend planned. When dh get home from golf (about 1p.m.) we'll head to the mall to buy his daughter an IPOD for her grad school graduation which is in a few weeks. Then on to Trader Joes and the grocery store, might stop at Kohls and probably get a bite to eat somewhere along the way. I'll have to attack Mt. Washmore tonight while watching The Memory Keeper's Daughter tonight. Did anyone read the book, it was wonderful. I'm looking forward to the movie. Tomorrow I am going back to WW :) My weight has been so up and down since surgery but I gotta get moving on these last 8-10 lbs. My motivation will be my step daughter's graduation from NCS. I'll see the ex-wife at that time. She's a big wig at WW working for them for years after losing over 100 lbs. Classy looking lady, looking about 10 yrs older than she really is, a bit on the phony side but I can pull my weight (pun) around her. I'll post my before and after pics of her college grad of two years ago and this one to show my surgery. I'm actually about the same weight but without the chin, I look thinner. But you'll have to wait till after grad which is 5/10.

Tomorrow after WW, we are going to a benefit dance for a gal that had some sort of stroke/brain aneurysm. Not sure the full story, but our DJ from Wed. line dancing, along with a few others, are sponsoring a dance to help this gal with her medical expenses. It will run from 1-5 and then we are all going out to dinner afterward. I'm looking foward to 4 hr of dancing!! That will be a good jumpstart on my diet as long as I don't blow it at dinner.

Marti--I love my Wed eve dance night. We know about 1/3 of the several hundred that attend and then most of the rest by face only. We can pick out a newbie the minute they walk in the door.

Mindee--Brandon is really growing up. I can't praise you enough for all your efforts on giving him such a wonderful start and pushing to get him screened. I know of so many mothers that would ignore a potential problem with a "not my child" attitude. You are such a great mom!!

Sue--We have had fantastic weather here the past few days, up in the 70's but unfortunately, I had to work 12 hr shifts :mad: and missed it all! It's supposed to be nice today but get cooler tomorrow.

Jane--I'll take Bill anyday over Hillary :D !!

Francie--Love the purse!

Hugs :hug: to Ellen, Sassy, Trish....Yikes :yikes: it's 10:30 and I gotta get moving. I need to go try on some dresses before Dh gets home and see what fits and if I need to buy something else :D What to you think!! ;)

04-12-2008, 01:03 PM
Morning ladies! just a quick fly by...need to get moving, and get to the gym...we are going to take the kiddies swimming after we work out, then off to a friends house for dinner. Hopefully will be a quiet weekend, the weather has turned cold again, and we are supposed to see snow tomorrow...can't wait for spring!!!! Well, have to be off to pack my bag. See you ladies tomorrow!

04-12-2008, 03:09 PM
Just stopping by to say Hi. Cant really say much. Fonzo is waiting for me by the door, lol. BBL

04-12-2008, 07:39 PM
Hello ladies,

Mindee - I think Sue has the right idea, they probably didn't explain well enough to Brandon what they wanted. We had storms here, too, and high winds that were scary.

Sue - I can picture exactly what you did with the dust ruffle. What a good idea! If you ever do sew a dust ruffle to a quilt, make sure you pull it up a bit on the corners. I've done this several times, and learned that bit of info on the first one, lol. I'm waiting a few more weeks, too, before I plant my impatiens and wave petunias. Thankfully, that's all the annuals I need.

Sassy - well, with the way that company changes things all the time, maybe your new schedule will be a temporary thing. That really stinks, you having only 1 day off with your sweetie. Nice of your DH to help the old lady. I'm always getting stuff off of top shelves for short people, since I'm tall. I've never been in an Ikea, but from what I know, that's a neat store to browse.

Tammy - I've never read the book, but wish I had. I've been watching the previews for the movie, and know it is one I want to see. Is the exwife going to be your leader? Surely that isn't what you meant. I am a moderator at the WW site here, so pop in over there, too, if you'd like. Will you be doing Flex or Core, or both? I'd love to see a picture of you, so be sure and post them after the graduation.

Ellen - hope you're having fun with the kids swimming, and at the friend's house. It's turning colder here, too. Neal has a fire going in the fireplace.

Francie - seems you're a little cheerier. YAY for that. :hug:

I've pretty much wasted this whole day. Other than doing some laundry, and walking, I've been lazy. Maybe I just needed a catch-up day.

Did I tell you that I got my hair cut? It's real short, since I'm trying to get rid of the brown. The dye chemicals burn my head, so I just can't color it anymore. The lesser harsh dyes don't cover the grays. I know this is going to make me look older, but I don't see an alternative.

Chat with you tomorrow. :)

04-12-2008, 08:48 PM
Hi Ladies.......Happy Saturday.

Tammy -- I am going to watch that movie tonight too. I did not read the book.....maybe I will though. I got my mt. washme done already. :) Thanks to dh getting new jeans -- so I went ahead and got all the laundry done. lol.

Ellen -- UGH Snow? This weather is totally nuts! lol. Enjoy your night with your friends. ;)

Hi Francie.........Bye Francie. lol

Jane -- Yeah well at least now we get one night off together, when the schedule changes, we won't get any at all. :no: I am hoping that we get moved again under another manager, we have went through managers like mad. Nobody wants us. lol. So I am hoping maybe we get moved again. But hard to say with our co. lol. About the hair dye, have you tried looking for all natural hair dyes? I did a google search and a bunch of things came up. One was even a "recipe" for getting rid of greys? Anywho, wish you luck with that. I understand being sensitive to stuff, so far though I haven't been sensitive to hair dyes -- yet. lol.

:hug: Everybody!!!

04-13-2008, 06:55 AM
Ugh..its 2:54am right now and I cannot sleep at all!! There are 3 fans on in the bedroom, plus the window is open, and its still hot in there!!! I cannot stand it!!! I'm so sick of having no a/c. I'm from Arizona, I'm not used to not having it around. Plus, Fonzo admits too much body heat!! His arm was touching my arm for 2 seconds and I was sweating bullets, lol. He's great to have around in the winter..but in the spring/summer, I wish he'd sleep on the floor, lol.

I pulled out all my flip flops tonight (well..earlier, lol) too. I'm so excited to be wearing flip flops again. I was sad to put away my Uggs, but oh well. I'll be saving them for next winter (if we move to some place cold, lol. If not, then oh well). I also found a cute skirt in the back of my closet (I bought it for a dollar at the Goodwill last year!!). I walked out in front of Fonzo wearing it, and he thought I looked hot. I however, thought I looked like a huge cow, lol. The skirt went well w/my new shoes though, lol.

Okay..I'm gonna get some ice water and try to cool off. Have a good sunday everyone!!!

04-13-2008, 01:06 PM
Hello Ladies!!

Woohoo, ladies....I went back to WW this morning after a 8 week vacation ;) and had lost 1.4 lbs. :carrot: I've only got about an hour and then going to a benefit dance, then on to dinner. We are all bringing in little munchies for the afternoon because we will be missing lunch so I made a fruit salsa with cinnamon tortilla chips. I don't know what the points are but it's about 120 cal a serving with 2 gm fat.

Jane--to answer your question..the exwife lost over 100 lbs at WW probably about 20 yrs ago. Went on to be a leader then on to adminstration with all the company benefits ie, car, travel etc. I believe she still does a few classes of the 50 lbs and over group. All my dh will say about her is when she lost the weight, she got a new body, a new job and then a new boyfriend. You get where I'm coming from. She can be a bit of a snob, wearing all designer clothing etc. But I have to say that I weigh less then her, look younger and I got the better end of the dh!!!! I still can't help being a little intimidated around her at times even though dh and I have been together 12 yrs. The sad thing is their daughter is overweight and has been all her life, and the mother has never encouraged her to lose weight. That would put the daughter in the spotlight and not mom!! My dh has always been tall and slender.

Gotta go and change out of my weigh-in clothes and get ready to dance. Have a wonderful Sunday ladies!

04-13-2008, 07:31 PM
Off to read for alittle while the boys have a fire. Not in the mood for smoke...too many allergies already, and the smoke will give me a headache. Have a wonderful day!!!!!! BBL for more!

04-13-2008, 09:39 PM
Hi All :wave: Hope your all well.


04-13-2008, 10:47 PM
Fonzo & I slept all day...what a waste, lol.

04-13-2008, 11:24 PM
Hello ladies..Glad it is warm for some of you. It was 37 degrees here and gray. After the 70 last week that was a shock. I spent most of the day snuggly, reading the papers and drinking coffee. Did make a pot of chili, which DH requested. It was good. I had celery sticks and cheese with my chili.

I am trying to get back on track here and have had good luck cutting out the munchies this past week. I have had planned snacks, but no grazing. Have also had good luck with fixing my plate in the kitchen and not going back for putting extra food on the table except cold veggies to nibble. I rode the bike for a mile several days and walked a few days. Trying to get the legs back in shape for those 3 or 4 mile rides. I know it will take a few weeks of sticking to it before I see any results, but that is just my cross to bear. :)

I hope you all had a wonderful and warm week-end. Any plans for the week? We really don't have anything going on for once. AFter all the work I did on the house last week I am looking for a new project to get started. Sure can't work in the yard much yet. I might dig out the scrapbooking things tomorrow. A trip to Hobby Lobby would be nice. Hmmm.....

04-14-2008, 12:14 AM
Evening ladies :wave:

What a gorgeous weekend we had here in Oregon! Saturday hubby finally took a day off after 2mos. non-stop working and we worked on the yard. Fill our yard debris container w/just the front yard. Still lots to pull and trim.

Today was more of a kick back day, hubby went back to work and I piddled around the house. Clouds are moving in quickly, rain is in the forecast but sunshine will be back by the end of the week.

Exercise and eating well, trying to stay on track with it all. Can be hard sometimes.

I have to get my walking in so I'm going to cut this short and get that done.

And since we're at 101, I shall close this thread and start anew!

See you all at #293