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06-30-2007, 11:25 PM
Hey Beck Followers,

Thought I'd start a new thread for July since the other was getting a bit large. I know it's still June 30 here in Illinois but, to paraphrase the song, "it's July somewhere!"

See you all in the morning,

07-01-2007, 02:04 AM
Hi Liannie,

I can only speak for myself, but I am going to keep my posts to that other main big mega-thread.

The reason is that if threads get broken up, then old threads "die" and the info gets lost in the shuffle.
Also, new people can read up on all the old info in one place.

Also, that old large thread is the #1 result on Google when one searches for...

beck diet solution support group

Its #2 behind Amazon when when searches Google for...

beck diet solution group

So that's a great result, and not easy to get. Its because of the size of the thread, and posting frequency, etc.

Lastly, I don't know if its just me, but accessing the 3fatchicks website is not easy, for some reason. There are so many bells and whistles, cookies, applets, etc, on the site, I don't browse the site, as it can freeze up. So I just go right to that mega-thread.

So anyway, that's my 2 cents. I think megathreads are the most useful, as all the info is in one place in this type of general forum.

Lastly, Judith Beck said on her blog they plan to have a Beck Diet Solution Online Community at some point, so that will be good when that happens. I will be there...less of me, that is.

07-01-2007, 05:35 PM
Hi everyone,
I hope you've had a nice weekend! I feel like once again my weekend has sabotaged my week-long diet efforts, but I'm really going to work at reining myself in next weekend! By the way, if any of you are having a hard time monitoring your food on paper, I signed up for fitday yesterday, and it's fabulous! I think it will work so much better for me since I'm on different computers all day. Plus, I like that it estimates calories for me (food and exercise) and graphs my weight loss.

CBT, we decided a while back to start a new thread once July rolled around. I'm sure that as we continue to post here, this will become a top google hit. I just think it might be daunting for new people to see a ton of pages and feel like it might be hard to jump in.

Sue, congrats on your weight loss! Enjoy the concert and cajun (yum!). It's great that you planned for it in your diet!

Liannie, I've found I need to re-read the first few chapters about once a week. I'm going pretty slow with the rest of the book, but I really want to get the basics down. Like you, I know it is still too easy for me to fall back to my old ways!

Hope next week is great for all of us and that this time next week we are all a little bit lighter! :)

07-01-2007, 09:53 PM
Oh my gosh, Karina, you have really hit the nail on the head with the weekend ruining the week's work. I COULDN'T BELIEVE how much I weighed this morning. I must be holding water for myself and about 3 other people! There's no way I could have gained that much weight in 2 days. I'm going to have to be absolutely spartan to reach my goal this month. I'm not even going near my ticker.

I also record on fitday. I bought Fitday for PC so I could use my laptop, but I recently discovered which is another nice online program that some other 3FCers use. It lets you record fast foods a little more simply. Of course, I need to just eliminate those and stick to Fitday, don't I?!

As far as my progress with the Beck program, I've found that starting back from page 1 has made a big difference for me, and I think I'll need to keep going back over stuff again and again. Since trying to avoid emotional or mindless eating is the whole point of reading the book, I really need to give it a lot of time.

And CBT, I think the moderators like threads to stay within a certain length. That was why we started another. I'm with you on hoping Dr. Beck starts something on her site too! I wish the workbook was coming out sooner as well because I need all the help I can get with this.

For my re-doing of an earlier lesson, I practiced hunger tolerance today by skipping lunch. A couple of times I almost caved by snacking but there were no South Beach friendly foods in the house, so I stuck it out and I'm glad I did. Tonight, I'm planning menus and making a shopping list. Tomorrow, I will revisit all my old index cards.

Enjoy the week and the holiday, all!

Take care,

07-02-2007, 12:06 AM
Great job on the hunger tolerance, Liannie! I'm SO impressed you did it on a non-work day! That's amazing! Good for you!!

Oh, I've been to tell you guys my latest exciting news I just realized...although the scale has yet to go down more, my current weight puts me in the overweight, not obese category! Take care, everyone!

07-02-2007, 10:26 AM
Thanks Liannie for starting the new one...

Sue, I'm really impressed with your saving 1000 calories for your Cajun meal. That is great.

Karina, congrats. That's a cool realization. One of my big rewards is going to be when I'm at a normal BMI. I remember the last time I got under 25BMI; I was so happy, tho it's a very distant memory.

I had a nice big payoff this morning...I'm down 4 pounds now since starting the first two-week phase of my diet. I'm over the moon.

This is sometimes when I start to eat off gets too hard or my cravings get too big, or I start to think I don't have to follow the plan exactly. And altho I do best on LC plans, if you eat off plan, you can really rebound with the weight at lightning speed, so I have to keep keeping on. It feels like a mystical experience to lose weight...I'm only half joking.

Well walking over to my favorite coffee shop to journal and get my caffeine buzz on.


07-02-2007, 02:25 PM
Hi everyone.

thank you so much Girlythin for giving me a heads up about the move, I kept going back to old site and did not understand about the move. Like CBT,I find the 3 chicks site a bit of a mystery and rather awkward. I just bookmarked our old location. I have become a bit dependent on all you guys for sharing the woes and successes of Beck new life style. I was worried that you all formed a telephone support system and were not doing postings any more.

Karina great you met on your goals regarding now no longer being "obese". . Girlythin-great loss. Liannie and Karina, I also use fit day and find it great. I am so anxious to get under 300 LBs. then go from Morbid Obesity to just plain obese.

A fun and rather interesting weight loss weekend. I went completely off the Beck plan and enjoyed 2 unstructured days of eating and lost 1/2 lb. I think some of rigid planning, measuring and recording instilled a improved food sense and even though I ate less nutriously, I did not binge, Yeah- The selection was less healthy (alcohol, crackers, cheese, chips )but the amounts were down.

Also know the body is crazy and may not let go of another pound until 10 more days of "perfect" moderation. But I am enjoy one of the very rare times that a serious binge did not start. Today I am back on Beck diet. I like the rest of you am continously reworking all the Beck lessons. I am trying to include that Oh Well attitude in other areas of my life when disappointed.

Went to a garage sale and got cheap a fancy recumbent bike exerciser. My DH is so patience, as over the years, he has hauled in and out of the house about 5 expense yet remained unused pieces of exercise equipment. I have high hopes. If I could make myself use it all time that I watch TV how the cals I would burn.

thanks to you all

07-02-2007, 04:14 PM
girly, GREAT job on the weight loss!! I love when I start a new "decade" of weight!

Sue, I think it's a great sign that you went off the plan and still made some good decisions and even lost weight! It sounds like some of the changes you've made have become at least somewhat second nature. Re: the bike, I bought a used treadmill that I use while watching tv. I don't think I could do it without the tv; the time goes by much more quickly. Good luck with it!

I did not do very well for lunch--DH asked me to meet him for lunch, and we decided to have Indian, since it's a buffet (quick food is much better when you have a squirming 15-month old on your hands). I actually did very well, I think, except I ended up having 2 pieces of naan. I originally planned to only have 1, but then just couldn't seem to help myself. I really need to work on resisting foods that I love. Any ideas on how to do that? I worry about that happening at parties, too. At least I only got 1 plate, and over half of it was dahl/other veggie dish. I resisted the fried foods, so I feel good about that. Anyway, it did kick my b*tt in gear, and I jogged on the treadmill during my daughter's afternoon nap.

I'll check in tomorrow...take care!

07-03-2007, 12:30 PM
Oh: I just found this new thread so I'll cut and paste my intro:

Hi all! I am so, so, so very excited that I found this forum!!! I just bought TBDS and am on page 43 and LOVING it! I recently got very skinny doing ******* (low carb, low fat, low cal). Too skinny. Nobody but me was thrilled. Now I've gained a little back but was (until I bought TBDS yesterday) terrified of gaining it all back since I'm having a hard time finding balance between the extreme diet I was on and no diet whatsoever. No more!

What I love about this book is that it doesn't tell you to NOT diet (like some of the intuitive eating books do), yet it gives you the mental tools -- that are almost always lacking in a diet -- with which to successfully embark on a plan. Low carbing works great for me, but currently I have a bunch of sugary food in the house. TBDS has already helped me avoid a blow-out binge: I heard the little frozen pints of evil calling me from the freezer last night. I just kept saying to myself, "It's a craving, it will pass. I will feel SO great tomorrow if I do NOT give in" etc. etc. I ended up eating some watermelon and an Atkins bar and actually didn't even want the ice cream after that.

This morning I weighed less than I thought (I've been overeating bad for the last couple of days since I got back from vacation). I really am SO happy I didn't give in to the craving last night and eat the ice cream. Okay, I did eat more than I wanted to yesterday, but I didn't give in to the sabotaging voices. Baby steps.

I'm really looking forward to discussing this plan with you all, a plan which I think is a breakthrough for dieters. I'm going to go back and try to read as many posts as possible to learn from all of you.

Thanks!!! Ursula

07-03-2007, 06:40 PM
Welcome, Ursula!
How are the rest of you doing? Tomorrow is my weigh-in day, and I'm nervous again. I think I've done really well this week, but I seem to have hit a little plateau. We'll see how it goes!

Do any of you have fun plans for tomorrow? We are having some friends over (can see the fireworks from our house, though a little far away), nothing big. What are you all going to eat? I still haven't decided, but I need to beforehand!

07-03-2007, 09:22 PM
Welcome Ursula! I'm totally familiar with *******. Dang, you have willpower to be able to do that.

I feel so IN CONTROL--Oh how great that feels. I know that the Beck techniques are really helping. I haven't done any new stuff in the book in a couple of days. My next thing is rating hunger; am going to do it tomorrow.

I can feel the advantages (card) really seeping in; I'm faithfully reading them (all 22 reasons for me) when I wake up, and then another time, usually before lunch because I always want to overeat after lunch in my 1:00 class. I think it's an anxiety reaction that has been sort of unconscious.

I'm really seeing how my resistance to planning impacts all areas of my life, including my stress levels b/c if I'm not planned well, then I have more stress. I always get my class planning done (I'm a teacher), but it's often under extreme pressure b/c I wait till the last minute, or I don't allow enough time.

Since I didn't spend enough time doing lesson prep last weekend, I had to get up really early today to get it all of Tuesday's lessons prepped; then I didn't have enough time to eat bkst slowly, or to prepare lunch.

BTW, I've been doing something that's helped cut the time a lot. When I cook, I always try to make two meals. Last night I made a snack, so I threw together another one and wrapped it in Saran. Or if I'm cooking bkst, I'll also make another meal @ the same time. It's been really helping me with not feeling AS overwhelmed. As I was telling Karina, I've gone from eating like nearly every meal out, including a lot of ffood, to now cooking and prepping healthy food.

I have no exciting plans for the 4th...I'll relax, journal for a long time at the coffee shop, maybe stroll down to the beach and watch the fireworks.

Have a great holiday...

07-04-2007, 02:57 AM
Hey all,

Welcome Ursula! How great to have a new member. You'll love the group. Everyone here is so supportive and I feel like I'm in really good company as we all try to get a handle on our eating styles.

I'm just doing a brief checkin today because I worked a long late shift. I didn't have time to go over my cards before work because I decided to work out for 90 minutes, and then had to take my son to get his car fixed. I will go over them again tomorrow because I will really need all my strength not to overdo. I'm hanging out with my two best friends and, between the three of us we've probably eaten about 17 cows and drank a barley field full of beer over the years. The triggers will be there to pig out but I want to stay sane about my holiday eating.

I'll check back later. Happy 4th!


07-04-2007, 10:55 AM
Happy 4th everyone!
Ugh, I'm frustrated that the scale is still firmly resting on 165, but at least it's good motivation not to overdo it today. I think now that I'm monitoring my eating on fitday, it's helping me not to eat as much. I love that it counts my calories for me, and I've stayed between 1200 and 1600 since I started it. So, I do expect the numbers on the scale to go down soon. I got my reunion announcement in the mail, which is my big incentive right now to do well! My goal is still to lose at least another 20 lbs between now and end of September, and I hope closer to 25!

Liannie, I loved your post about you and your friends, it is so funny! LOL
I'm going to stay with friends all next week in a similar situation, and it's going to be a killer. Great job on the 90 min workout!!

Girly, good job on reading your cards...I'm good about doing it at work, but not so much when I'm at home. Now that I'm mostly not going to be at work until mid-August, I really need to do better. I like your idea about reading them in the morning...I think I'll put a list in my bathroom to read while getting ready. Great job on eating out less! I've also been better about that, although not so much on the weekend as I mentioned. I'm really going to work on it this weekend, though!

07-04-2007, 11:47 AM
Today is Day #1 with TBDS, but I've already used it's principles. I'm not sure what's up with my body right now, but yesterday (and during the last few days) I ate 2700 cals. and haven't gained, was even down one pound this morning (!). Granted, I'm at the tail end of TOM, so it's water weight but I'm still amazed that I'm not gaining...

TBDS came into play when, after having all that food yesterday, I was watching TV in bed with my husband at 11:30 last night musing over the idea of eating some more ice cream once he fell asleep!!! I immediately implemented what I've learned so far with TBDS and focused on how good falling asleep would feel, and how bad I'd feel eating. It worked!!! I went to sleep very proud of myself. Beck says that every time you resist a binge or temptation, you built up your "resistance muscles." Indeed, I felt stronger this morning and was rewarded when I stepped on the scale.

Happy 4th to all!!! Ursula

07-04-2007, 12:49 PM
You go Ursula! I've caved in so much lately, my resistance muscle are very very wimpy. I need to strengthen them big time. I fall into that "oh I'm stressed and need this ____(fill in the blank)____ to eat to make myself feel better" mode. BUt I don't feel better afterward! I have heartburn and a full belly and then I hate myself! Thank goodness I'm restarting the book, and hanging out here with all of you so I can relearn these good new habits.

Karina, I think it really helps to have a tangible goal. I was able to really melt off the pounds for my wedding but now that I have no particular goal, I'm sort of wishy washy about it. I think if you keep visualizing how you want to look for the reunion, you'll do great. And being able to go over the cards will make a big difference. Your calorie count sounds just right too.

Girly, good job on the cooking! I need to do more of that. Even though I try to choose more sensible drive-through offerings these days, I don't lose weight if I don't cook the food myself. You just don't know what's in it if you don't cook it. And yeah, planning is crucial. Sounds like you're really moving in the right direction though. As more and more "good days" roll from future to past, you'll get thinner and thinner.

Hey Sue! I remember when I went from being "morbidly obese" to "obese" to "overweight." It was around Christmas when I got to be overweight. I remember saying "Santa, what I want for Christmas is to be OVERWEIGHT" and people thought I was crazy. But I hear you loud and clear! It's great to see that downward progress. You keep working at it and you'll get there. It's a slow process. It took me 3 years to lose 85 lbs. because I took a lot of "time-outs" to maintain in between. But you'll get there. I believe in you.

Well, I'd better go. Gotta get my workout in and then party with those girlfriends of mine. Have a great day all!


07-04-2007, 01:56 PM
Hi Guys,

Happy 4th to all.

Wrote a long message last night, then just when I pushed post, my internet connection when down.-heck even the power was off part of last night-some of the fun of bing rural.

TBDS really has given me hope and tools to deal with the overeating. I kinda feel like a AA person who occassionally falls off the wagon, gets back on the wagon and starts all over again following program-read those cards, record, reccord and deal with each impluse to over eat. But I am down 45lbs. And more importantly feel hopeful expect to continue to lose more. Liannie loved your understanding the joy of "just being obese" versus Morbidly Obese. That is great feat that you have lost 85 lbs. Hang in -you learning more and more skills with each re-read. Plus love your humorous phrasing. It is a real art learning to be around our favorite binge buddies. sometime I bring low-cal drinks helps me-my own supplies of bubbly water ect. Very impressed with a 90 minute workout. wow

Karina, you questions about dealing with implusive overeating is a real issue for me also. I plan, plan and then some event,- sound, smell, thought or sight of food and I become one Pavola's dogs. gime, gime, gime, in my head-occassionally after I do fight it I later can be obessive and still over eat other stuff when alone. But I have made slow but steady progress in this area, but I can still undermine days of being on program. I think all change is an accumculation of all the activities, remembering the goals, purging the house of impluse foods, preparing for outings. My mom always said don't get that nasty habit, bad habits are so hard to break. We are just learning to break these unhealthy nasty habits. It takes time and it sounds like you are succesful with the changes -knock em dead at your reunion.

Ursual-powerful stuff resisting that ice cream-wow good for you. Not there my self but hope to soon be able to do that also-can't even allow ice cream in the house. You are impressive.!!

girlythin-much kiddos on all the home cooking. It is a heck of alot of work. I use to love to cook, but years ago had to feed 4 hungry teenagers-they wanted tons of food but a very limited menu nothing exotic-Very boring tedious and cooking became a chore. But home cooking is now really the only way I know to control the fats and carbs. After time finding other types of cooking too rich.

good luck to all

Princess Sara
07-05-2007, 10:47 AM
First post and I've already made a boo boo. This is so typical of me! Anyway, here is the post I sent to the wrong place.

Good morning from Alabama,
I am a poster on other forums--new to this one. I am a huge reader, but a small person.:) I lost 75 pounds through VLC and Dr. Bernstein's Diabetic Solution (type 1 diabetes) and have maintained the loss for a year. Five weeks ago I had a belt lipectomy--lower body lift--to remove loose skin and repair my stomach muscles. Now, I am beginning a new phase in my plan. Mine is the PSSSP (Princess Sara's Sexy Skinny Plan:belly:). I am ready to refine my body with a more extensive exercise program. I also want to build confidence in my maintenance. I sometimes struggle with having a fat head inside a thin body.

I bought Beck's book because the cognitive aspect has been essential in my recovery from obesity and food addiction. This book is right up my alley. I enjoy book studies, googled, and found y'all. I am new to 3fatchicks....I did post in the introduction section. Anyway, I will go back and read your thread today. I'm excited about this book and meeting new friends.
See ya,

07-05-2007, 09:56 PM
Hi everyone,

Today was a great day, but food wise, today and yesterday both, were a struggle. I'm sticking to it but it's not as easy as I would like--that is, I want to stuff my face, and I don't like that feeling.

Today again I was GOOD in that I prepared a good bkst, lunch, and snack for before I worked out, GOOD in that I had my morning classes fully prepped so I could eat a good bkst, GOOD in that I packed workout clothes. But BAD in that I didn't get enough of my prep for afternoon class done last night, so I had to spend my whole lunch break prepping, and I only ate like 2 bites. I just finished dinner now, but I feel that out-of-control hunger because I didn't eat consistent and regular meals today. Well, the planning is going to take some time, that's for sure.

I can't believe what a huge difference eating slowly and mindfully make in eating, though. It's really amazing. God, I was wolfing down my food. It was so uncomfortable at first to eat that slowly, but it's a lot more natural now. I feel a kind of peacefulness come over me sometimes from it; I'm sure it's from the mindfulness part of it--like a meditation.

Sue, I also feel that my eating has been at the addiction level of eating. My father and some other relatives had alcohol problems; my dad's been recovered for about 20 years now. I was always so grateful in my younger days that I could imbibe and not get hooked, but all these years later I see that I didn't slip by afterall; it just came my way in the form of food. Honestly, before this time, I just didn't know how I was going to get control of my food. It seemed impossible, so I'm feeling big gratitude for the small steps I've made, for the people on this board, and for Dr. Beck.

I'm thinking that July 4th is symbolizing FREEDOM for me from food tyranny....

What kind of freedom do you have or are you hoping for in the next year?

07-05-2007, 11:30 PM
Hi everyone,
Yesterday and today I haven't gone crazy with eating, but I have definitely gone over my 1600 cal limit. I was just SO hungry all day today, it was unbelievable. I'll have to work harder tomorrow! I am nervous about next week in friends always cook the most unbelievable, but fattening, food. I'm thinking about taking diet meals for lunch (even though I'll get a big lecture on the harms of processed foods, which I agree with but need the portion control). Any other ideas?? Even though I'm a good cook, I'm basically not allowed to cook when at their house (the guy is a bit of a control freak in the kitchen). At least they don't like to leave the house, so I don't have to worry about eating out.

Girly, that is such a good idea about the 4th! Mine is similar--free from fears of being hungry! I wish I could be better about eating slowly and mindfully. I don't know how with a 15-month old who fusses through every meal; it stresses me out. I guess I could eat at a different time from my DH, but I love dinner as a family. Anyone have any ideas for me?

Welcome, Sara! Great job on your weight loss and maintenance!

Sue, good idea about bringing low cal drinks around friends...I think I do better with not eating when I drink a lot of diet pepsi (caffeine is an appetite suppressant, right?). I'll take a ton with me when I go to Philly. I will try some different techniques for not overeating from the book and let you know if any of them work for me!

Liannie, good point about keeping in mind it's all about having more "good days" than "bad days." We are not perfect and have to keep in mind that we will have moments of weakness, but it's what we do most of the time that will have the long term effects.

Ursula, great job on resisting the ice cream! That's a great start in strengthening your resistance muscles! I'm trying to stick to "no choice, no food after 8pm", but I don't always make it. Anyway, don't worry too much about the calories right now; I think that's why you don't start your diet for 2 weeks, you need to work some of the principles first.

I'll check in tomorrow...hope you have nice Fridays! It's (hopefully) the last day my husband will ever work for anyone else since he's going to be self-employed when we get back to OK. Yay!!

07-06-2007, 02:52 AM
HI everyone,

I am with everyone else, boy is hard to be moderate today. After a very long hard working day along with some serious financial stress we had martinis-does that knock down the will power. I did count all my calories on fitday and I am right at my max. so now I will white knuckle it until bed time.

girlythin, I feel a real addictive sense to my overeating. Both sides of my family have had serious addiction problems-my older siblings are also over 300 lbs. Many of us seem to rush to the bottle or the refrig. for comfort.

Sara good for you to lose all that weight and now to begin an serious exercise program.

Karina Do the best you can with your dear friends. Take what ever low cal foods you want to eat while you are there. -So many of our friends' activities are revolving around food and/or wine. I find it is a combination of their excitiment and their strong opinions about what is "good" that encourages me to overeat. One of my most food snobby friends hates vegetables. That really limits a low cal menu. Others assure me that their chocolate dessert is so low cal-When I hear "This is the best------, you Must have some-it like I am missing the event of year if I do not eat this. The silly thing I used to believe them. I am aware that overeating leads to 2 problems for me- 1. too many cals for that day, 2. More importantly the potential to binge for a number of days afterwards. So if you did have too many cals for those days, remember when you get home you can return to moderation immediately. I also think I have talk soo much dieting (not really do it) in the past and lamenting my weight that they don't believe I have changed. After 45 lbs, they are starting to believe I will not eat the chocolate. Other time if I say I want smaller portions, fewer fats and carbs on my plate it is like a challenge to them that I was just "pretending" and they seem to be pushing more food. I swear some of our friends are nicer to drunks than dieters. It will only be a couple of days,-Remember-- each act of mindful eating is a success.
We will check with each other in as my company is arriving tomarrow for a couple of nights( after they shopped at cosco.) thin people who love sweets. They bring a pie they love and then eat about 1/4 of it and leave the rest. Swear I plan to throw leftover sweets in the garbage when they leave. It will be a challenge.

Girlythin-I used to teach , loved the kids, but hated all the time I needed to prep, xerox, get the visuals ready. You are making big changes-some days not perfect but so in the right direction. Of all the stuff, I really keep holding on to is recording all I eat and staying less that 1700 cals.

good luck to all

07-06-2007, 11:34 AM
Good morning BECKers! Welcome Princess Sara: I am a royalty freak (my mom is German, so I visit the old country three times a year and drive my relatives crazy b/c I insist on visiting at least on castle each time I'm there) so I appreciate the princess-ness that is you! (It's so funny b/c when I was first married my husband would call me a princess during arguments, meaning it as a slam b/c he said I was acting like a spoiled baby. I'd always respond with a "thank you" since I DO feel like a princess. Unfortunately, he stopped using it against me...or even for me, for that matter).

I have to say, after reading your posts, I believe this is the most insightful and intelligent bunch of women I have ever come across in a weight loss forum. I'm so glad I found you all.

I can totally relate to the addiction aspect of food. Though I've never been severely overweight (only b/c I've gone to extremes --from bulimia in my teens to strict calorie control in adulthood -- to make up for binges), the torture of having to constantly fight the demon driving you to overeat is the same. Even now, when I have been able to eat what most would consider a LOT of calories without gaining, I STILL want MORE!!! It sucks.

Yesterday I finished Day #2 in TBDS and made my cards and picked my diets. My primary diet may be a bit controversial, but I've done it in the past and, for me, it REALLY cuts down on the cravings: I eat one meal a day of anything I want for one hour. Some of you may recognize this as the Carb. Addicts Diet, and you'd be right, except for the twist of intermittent fasting; I only drink water before and after my meal. If that doesn't work, my backup diet is low carbing.

I started yesterday (I know, I know: didn't wait two weeks, but I'm truly sick of the constant struggle brought on by NOT having a framework) and had a FANTASTIC day since I didn't even think about food, didn't even give myself the choice. I even dropped the diet soda, thinking it may act as a sweets trigger for me. We'll see....

Here's hoping all have a carefree, binge-free day! Ursula

07-06-2007, 12:38 PM
Good Morning All!

I read the posts last night but was too tired and sick to reply, so I went to bed instead. I have an awful summer cold, but I'll get over it. It won't stop me from working out either.

Welcome Princess Sara! We are a bunch of "future sexy skinny" chicks too! Big big congrats on the loss of 75 lbs. And you know, I've been toying with the idea of having a tummy tuck if I ever make it back to 150 lbs. After years of being over 200, I have some hanging skin that I'd like to be rid of. I remember a plastic surgeon once showing me his book of "before&after" shots and he made an idle comment as I was Ooohing and Aaahing over the tummy tucks. He said, "nice but you know what happens next? they come back because then they don't like the thighs." So I'm not sure now. I don't want to start obsessing about my thighs like I currently obsess about my tummy pouch. How do you feel about that? Has it started you wanting thigh lipo too? And what exercise program are you using? I'm an exercise nut and would love to chat about your plan.

Guten tag, Ursula. I just married a German/Lithuanian in March. We've been talking about a trip to the old country for a few years. Problem is, I also want to go to Italy so it's a matter of time and money. We'll surely be asking your advice if we decide to go soon. I've been looking into the Carb Addict's Diet lately because South Beach Phase 2 did not work for me. Adding in a few carbs led me to many many more, and I completely fell off. I'm back on Phase 1 now but I'm really struggling with my carb addiction. I hate to think I can never have it again but I probably shouldn't. A bunch of people on the YaYas board were doing IF and I watched their thread for a while. If you can hang in with the "hunger tolerance" thing, it seems like it can work. Diet soda triggers my sweet cravings too. I'm phasing it out and switching to sparkling water with a twist.

Sue, I hope you were able to white-knuckle it last night! I caved and had a bowl of Wendy's chili on my way home from work. It put me at 1700 calories but it was better than my count on July 4th. I got together with my two best friends and hadn't planned on drinking but then when I was getting stuff out of the trunk of my car, I found a bottle of Jose Cuervo margaritas that was leftover from my wedding reception. So of course the Martini Queen and I drank that (extra fortified with lime vodka), and there went my willpower about the pizza. Drinking and dieting just do not mix! And I'll be sending you all the best good vibes to dump the sweet treats from your friends right into the garbage. Pour Pine Sol on them or something too. Or dump the cat litter box all over them (if you have one).

Karina, vacation is a really hard time to show restraint. Especially in Philly, I think. Everything there is so good and fatty. Same thing with Chicago--the best food but you'd better be a marathon runner or something so you can work it all off! Will there be a chance to get in any extra exercise to offset the cooking? What if you took diet meals like Amy's Organic or something that isn't so processed? That way they couldn't lecture you much. How about insisting on salads with homemade sugarless olive oil vinaigrette for lunch? You could control the calories because it would mostly be veggies. If you just insist, hopefully they'll go along. And I agree with Sue, the potential to binge for days is real. Are your friends naturally thin or would they understand your need to stay in control because they have the same issues? That understanding is key in getting cooperation.

Girly, we are SO on the same wavelength again! I've been saying for two days that July 4 meant independence from food addiction for me, or at least what I'm striving for. Given the fact that I've been striving my whole life and still haven't made it yet, just means it's an ongoing process, right? And "food tyranny" is absolutely on target. I'm tired of being chased through life by a giant donut rolling after me! It sure does take planning though. You did really good the other day in that most of your program went as planned: you brought the food, the workout clothes, and got the workout done. It was just that hitch at lunchtime that threw it off. But now that you know, next time you'll get around that problem too. I sometimes run out of time to do it all perfectly. I carry cans of soup in my car now and keep South Beach diet dinners in the freezer at work so that I can eat sensibly instead of something stupid---provided my emotions don't demand fat, sugar and dough.

Well, I've about written a book here. I'm working from home today so I can pretty much take life at its own pace. I'll be doing a workout then going to the store for some healthy good. I'm going to barbecue a bunch of different meats for the next 3 days to have alongside salads and veggies. I need to undo the damage of my pre-holiday binges. Back to that whole planning thing again.

Have a great day, all!


07-06-2007, 01:48 PM
Hi everyone!
I FINALLY lost another pound, so I'm the lighter half of the 160s! I've been frustrated that it hasn't happened sooner, but maybe I broke the plateau. We'll see!

Liannie, thanks for the is going to be hard for me on this trip, but at least I should be able to get a lot of walking in. I like your idea about salads, which I think they'll be amenable to. They are fairly thin people naturally, although the guy has neck problems that prevent him from exercising, so he has gained weight. He does think people should just control the amount of food they eat to lose weight, not change what they eat to less tasty food. *sigh* if only it were that easy! Good luck getting back to your diet. That's the same reason I couldn't stick to South Beach! Too bad, because I liked it a lot.

Ursula, good luck on your diet now that you've started! I'm not familiar with that diet, but what I like about the idea is that it sounds like it really teaches you about control. I totally admire your ability to only drink water--I am such a diet pepsi addict! At least for me, drinking it keeps me from eating, since it fills me up and doesn't lead to cravings, but I've heard that causes a lot of people problems. I'm thinking about switching back to mostly unsweetened iced tea when we move back to OK (I never drank diet soda until about 5 years ago). What do you think about caffeine?

Sue, good to know I'm not alone in my issues with having food with friends. I think I'll just do my own low cal thing for breakfast and lunch and eat their food for supper and just try not to overeat. We'll be there for a week, and I could totally undo all the good I've done in that amount of time, so I need to watch it at least some! Good luck with your company, and let me know if you found any strategies that helped keep you from overeating!

Have a great evening, and I'll be in touch tomorrow. I'm going to work all day until I finish the last of my dissertation revisions. grrrr, they have been a pain in the ***.

07-06-2007, 02:09 PM
Lianne! Hope ya' feel better soon!!! You know what's funny regarding the "hunger tolerance"? I thinks it's actually easier to resist than the cravings. Like right now: it's 1pm and I haven't eaten since 4 pm yesterday. I just worked out on the treadmill, then did pushups. Yeah, I'm feeling hunger, but I'm also totally full of energy. Now, if I were listless or draggy I might feel compelled to eat. But feelings of hunger I can put off for the next two hours when I get to eat my meal.

Hi Karina! You know, the diet soda worked great for me when I was doing a very strict version of low carbing. It was like dessert, since I rarely had any sugar. But it seems to be a trigger now that I get to eat carbs once a day. Regarding caffeine: I NEED IT! I hate black coffee, so I take a couple of caffeine pills in the morning with my water. I started this a few years ago when I got my teeth bleached, and it works great!

Later! Ursula

07-06-2007, 03:51 PM
Hi everybody,
Congrats Karina!!! That's great. What a good motivator right before you go on your trip. I wish I had some tips for eating w/friends but I really don't. What I'm trying to do at work is when I walk thru the doorframe, I use that for my cue, I focus on enjoying conversations with the people and on productively getting my work done. That has helped me not unconsciously shove the junk food that's always on the tables into my mouth.

Maybe you could try to really focus on them, and enjoying the good feelings about being with them. Or maybe you could focus on love....focus on your heart, and think good things about them while your chatting with them, and feel your heart get full. Or what about just going the bathroom right before your meal, and reading your cards before you guys enjoy the meal together, and that way your reasons will be at the forefront of your mind.

Shout out to Urusla and blood is nearly full German....My dad's side was the Volga-Deutsch, that moved to Russia and then finally to the U.S.
Ursula, good job sticking to your exercise no matter what....

Sue, sorry to hear about the white-knuckling. I so get that. In fact, last night and this morning felt that way....I hope that goes away. It sucks!

Princess Sara, you're a great addition here! First of all, we are honored to have royalty And secondly, it will be great to hear someone work the techniques in a maintenance way. Once I'm finished with the weight and focusing so much on that, I intend to use the techniques for other areas. So far, they are feeling powerful.

Hopefully no one else is slipping my mind. We havent' seen Stacy in a while...

off to get my hair cut and some highlights...that's fun.


07-06-2007, 09:38 PM
Ursula, I've been reading up on CAD since you talked about it and I think I'm going to use their CM/RM principle but still try to be more "Beachy" about the things I eat. Processed carbs make me go nutso so I think I'll stick to the type of carbs recommended by South Beach, but only at dinner and on a plate in the same proportions as CAD recommends. I'll let you know how it goes.


07-07-2007, 12:45 PM
Hi Liannie! I was just commenting to my CAD group over on the LC friends forum that I'm LOVING this WOE. There is one woman who is doing what you are thinking about (i.e. LC RMs) and lost 20 pounds last month!!! Although, I must add as a caveat, she is only eating one meal per day. And that's what I am doing too, except that my RM is more like an intuitive eating RM in that I eat WHATEVER I feel like having during that hour. The "balanced meal" approach was too restrictive for me, triggered my binging since I felt like I was getting jipped. And the "bad" carbs I eat during my RM haven't been a problem for me: I firmly believe in the evils of too much insulin and I think by keeping my eating window down to one hour I avoid the insulin overload that usually has me wanting MORE, MORE, MORE. Anyhoo, so far, so good: I feel absolutely fantastic -- NO CRAVINGS! -- and my weight is still low.

Now, having said that about the one-meal-a-day approach, there are plenty of others who eat both CMs and an RM and are doing fine. It all depends on YOU. Try it first the way you've mentioned; you can always adjust...

Re: TBDS -- I finished Day #4 yesterday and feel like it was one of those easy days in school where the teacher lets you have a free day. The lesson was to "always sit down to eat" which I do anyway.

Hope everyone is having a super-duper weekend!!!! Ursula

07-07-2007, 01:37 PM
Hi everyone,
I'm trying to do better this weekend than usual, oh but it's hard! I definitely didn't do as well yesterday as I wanted to (as in I ate too much of everything and drank too much), but I did at least stick to low energy density foods, which is what my diet plan (Volumetrics) calls for. Hopefully I just broke even with my diet and didn't undo anything. Today is going well so far.

Ursula, you're making me think about trying the one-meal-a-day approach while in Philly. I think I will at least aim to keep my breakfast and lunch cals to under 500 so if I eat too much at dinner, it won't be a disaster. Sounds like an interesting it something you can keep up in maintenance?

Girly, thanks for the tips! I will work hard at staying focused next week!

07-07-2007, 02:01 PM
Ursula, you are tiny! You look great.

Last night, actually yesterday, was pure ****. OK, I'm exaggerating. There were some good points, but mostly pure ****. I just obsessed all day long about eating and that compulsion to overeat. I just want to move past this and not have food be the center of my world. It sucks. I did do my shopping, even though I 150% didn't want to, and I did put all the stuff away. I did eat allowable foods, but way too much.

Finally in the evening that's when I decided that I'd let myself eat as much as I wanted as long as it was on plan. I didn't really eat that much b/c it's hard to overeat meat and lowcarb veggies. But I ate more cals than I would have like and I ate lots of cheese, more than the 3-4 oz limit.

And for 4 days I'm just hovering around 177. I was 177, then 177.4, then 177.2 today. I should be losing faster--the first 2 weeks are supposed to be like the jump start.

The compulsion feels like fear. I can really feel the fear, and then the screaming in my brain to eat something; and it won't stop. That's the obsessive voice. So I'm getting my hair done, and the whole time I'm chatting with my hairdresser, who I love, and I'm not fully present; I'm wishing I would have gotten a big diet coke so I could be drinking it, and i'm thinking about food too much. I remember when I used to smoke that same feeling of not being present. I'm just half there, the other part of me is thinking when can I have another cigarette.

I'm hopeful that the techniques will help me to let go of this.

Have any of you experienced a releasing of this?

07-07-2007, 03:27 PM
The compulsion feels like fear. I can really feel the fear, and then the screaming in my brain to eat something; and it won't stop. That's the obsessive voice. So I'm getting my hair done, and the whole time I'm chatting with my hairdresser, who I love, and I'm not fully present; I'm wishing I would have gotten a big diet coke so I could be drinking it, and i'm thinking about food too much. I remember when I used to smoke that same feeling of not being present. I'm just half there, the other part of me is thinking when can I have another cigarette.

I'm hopeful that the techniques will help me to let go of this.

Have any of you experienced a releasing of this?

Oh, Girlythin! I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. It really is an addiction. Whenever I see a TV show about drug addicts and what it feels like when they are in the grips of their cravings I always think, "That is the EXACT same way I feel when the sirens of food are calling." It, without a doubt, works on the same part of your brain. And, you are so right: it's VERY scary AND exhausting to have to be battle-ready every day.

All I can tell you is what is working at this moment for me. I lost all my weight a few months ago on *******, then ate whatever on vacation. When I got home a couple of weeks ago, I just kept eating, didn't want to go back to such strict LCing after eating all of that tastey carb-laden German food. Once I got home, those blasted sirens started singing to me again. I binged three nights in a row and knew I HAD to do something.

I'm up for trying anything, so I gave the one-meal-a-day-of-whatever-I-want-for-one-hour a shot. So far it's been heaven! But that's just me. I mean, while I was on ******* I was bingeing about every third day, but the weight loss was so drastic that I could get away with it. But I don't want to live that way: dieting super strict for three days, then binging all day on the fourth. I felt lousy on the free-for-all days.

For me, it's all about keeping the insulin under control. The Beck Solution is helping with the mental stuff. It's definately a fine balance between the two....

Hope that helps! Ursula

07-08-2007, 01:38 AM
Girly, it sounds like you're doing some form of low carb plan. Maybe your compulsions are just carb withdrawals. I find the craziest thing sets me off when I'm first getting carbs out of my system. Like I'll see a Pepsi sign and all of a sudden start craving soda. I don't even drink soda! Just caffeine free diet soda about once a day, and that doesn't taste anything like the other stuff. And it won't leave my brain alone either. And it really is torture. It IS just like one of those shows on TV, like Intervention, where the person is shown as spending all their time in pursuit of their drugs or drink or whatever. I start out spending my whole day thinking about what I get to eat next and when. It's really awful until I get used to it, and that takes about a month.

I was pretty much deluding myself my first few weeks on South Beach because I was compensating with fats instead of carbs. I suddenly needed Sugar Free Jello with heavy cream, and coffee with half and half, and like 3-4 ounces of cheese every day--when I never ate that stuff before. It's a pretty incredible struggle.

Ursula, I admire anyone who can do *******. I tried it for one day but was so weak, I could barely keep going. I have such a busy job--I work in a public health clinic--that I just can't afford to be sluggish and brain-dead so I knew it wouldn't work for me. It produces great results though!

Karina, the one big meal and two skimpy ones might just do the trick in Philly! Especially if your friends think "just cutting back" is the way to go. They probably won't pressure you if you have small amounts for two meals and then something generous for the third. Actually thats how my son and I used to eat when we would go backpacking through Ireland while I was a college student (I'm a bit of a late bloomer, I started college in my 30s). We really couldn't afford to eat much so we had buttered toast at the hostel in the morning, a big pub lunch with Guinness in the afternoon, and then more leftover toast for dinner. I never gained on those vacations. Sometimes being broke actually helps!

Sue, I hope you're out there hangin' tough.

I did okay today. One CM, one RM and then a couple of bites of chili I was cooking for tomorrow, just to taste it. I feel a bit empty now but its bedtime so I don't care. I have a 10 hour shift at work tomorrow and I'm always tempted to nibble at the goodies in the kitchen, so it will be a test of my Beck skills for sure!

More later,

07-08-2007, 02:17 AM
Ladies, I need help!

Sorry I've been MIA for awhile. Unfortunately during this time I haven't been doing my BDS either. I haven't gone crazy or anything but I haven't lost anything in a week or two either. I haven't been reading my cards, planning, or keeping up on the book. Ugh!

On the bright side, I've been pretty much keeping up on exercise. I even ran my 10K on the 4th (finishing in 1h9m)! I was pretty excited about that.

I just need some help getting back on track! And I definitely need to get back into this thread more!

07-08-2007, 01:55 PM
Hi Stacy,Welcome back! I know you're discouraged, but dang, your ticker is really impressive.

Liannie, very good point about maybe it's carb withdrawal. I honestly hadn't thought about that.

I just noticed that the moderator locked the previous thread. She asked us to open a new thread every month since the thread was seeing more action, and to help new people to not have to read thru "42 pages" of information to get up to speed.

Yesterday, in the evening when I was conscious of being full (this is a victory b/c usually I don't feel full at all or I have no awareness that my stomach is full), but I was still wanting, wanting to eat more. And I was fighting, fighting, and then I had this realization that even if I gave in and ate, the voice wasn't going to go away. Eating would only make that go away till the next meal time. So why eat? It was such a cool thing to realize.

The bad news is that somehow, I am all the way back up to 180-181.. almost where I started. I thought I did really well yesterday, as I said with the realization, I ate low carb foods, I drank my water.....but I still went up. I ate 1.5 cups more cauliflower than I was supposed to, and I ate some salami, which is allowed but kind of salty. And a little mroe cream because I had decaf coffee at night for "dessert." I usually don't count calories, just carb grams, and I was around 30--max 33 or so, which yes, is over 20, but still--to gain back 3-4#s. Completely discouraging.

So I'm sad because I love Atkins food choices and how relatively simple it is, but I think I need to switch to a stricter low carb plan that limits calories more. I get to have unlimited low carb veggies, which is nice, and I get a serving of fruit, which is nice. It's just more work and it's so restrictive, and for that I feel just a big sigh. But losing is the most important, so if that's what my body needs to be healthy and a normal weight, then I'll do it.

I have been in this place before, so it's encouraging to know that i can use the Beck techniques to change my lack of success in the past.

07-08-2007, 04:00 PM
STACY, you're back! Yay! :cheer2:
And good for you, running a 10K. WOW. I'm REALLY impressed! I'm still working my way up to 2 minutes in a row at 5mph on the treadmill... Cool beans, girlfriend!

Now, to deal with your plateau frustration....have you been counting calories at all? Sometimes those little "extras" add up to more than we think (extra mayo on a sandwich, full-fat lattes, stuff we don't think is harmless at the time) when taken all together. I find it helps me to log my intake into Fitday or The Daily Plate when I need feedback on why I'm not doing well. Does any of this sound plausible to you? What about salt consumption? Possibly water retention is the problem.

And yes, please do rejoin us. If anyone will help you introspect, intuit or thoroughly analyze your eating behavior, it's this bunch! We have two new members too: Ursula and Princess Sara.

GIRLY, :hug:
I've been having to reconsider my diet plan too because of carbo binges the week before the holiday. When I deny myself something completely, it seems like that's the one thing I fixate on and crave. And then when I finally give in, it's with a binge. Even though South Beachers decry calorie counting, I'm doing it now anyway because calories DO matter.

And I'm actually back up to 177 myself, so I guess I'll change the ticker and stop denying that it's only water. I too struggled with the wanting, wanting, wanting last night and almost came here to post a "somebody stop me" message, but then just gave up and drank a bunch of water instead and went to bed. I kept telling myself "NO CHOICE", like Dr. Beck says, and it reminded me of the revelation I had back in 1989 when I went from above 230 to 150 in something like 6 months. I remember sitting on the couch the first night of my diet feeling like I was starving to death, and looking down at my fat rolls knowing they would never leave if I caved in. It was like a lightbulb went on and I recall saying out loud, "I'm never going to lose this weight if I don't learn to go hungry sometimes." I suppose I need to just re-realize that now. There's simply no convenient and completely painless way to do this.

So onward we go, ladies. Have a great day all! Shouts out to Karina, Sara, Ursula, Sue and all the other Becksters out there!


PS: I had my "reward meal" already today and will see how the cravings go. My carbs were 2 slices of rye bread (on the low-fat reuben sandwich I made).

07-08-2007, 04:31 PM
I'm new here, just registered, and just bought the beck diet book so went looking or a support group. I just started the book and am unsure what plan I'm going to go with... I'm thinking ww cor but Im not sure yet. hope to meet you all


07-08-2007, 05:15 PM
Hello! I just bought the Beck book a few days ago as I saw it mentioned on a vegetarian thread here and didn't realize it was for all ways of eating. I am just getting into it and not exactly following it from first to last, just jumping around and absorbing some of the ideas, making cards, actually to emergency aid me in my binge eating problems, trying to call binges "overeating."

Great book. I've been carrying it around with me.

If no one minds, I'll chime in here every now and then.

07-08-2007, 10:44 PM
HI everyone,

I have enjoyed the honest and helpful postings on this site.

Welcome to the new folks

I have just written two long postings and both times they were lost when I hit repy. So this my last but very short attemt to keep in contact.

Good luck to all tomarrow I'll try again.

07-09-2007, 02:46 AM
Thanks for the ecouragment girly and liannie. It really feels good to belong to a support group. I'm hoping between some extra salty foods and TOM that by next week I'll definitely have a loss. I do count calories using fitday but when I go off plan I tend to quit. Bad habit, I know. I have some family coming out to visit in August so I really want to give it my best for the next month and see if I can get in the 160's. I'd love to impress my sister!

girly, that's an awesome realization! I still struggle with the whole "feel full=stop eating" thing. Have you thought about counting calories for a couple typial days? Maybe even if your carbs are good your calories are a little high. I'm not familiar enough with low carb diets to offer any other advice, I've never even tried one. I don't do well with restrictive diets.

liannie, thanks, I was pretty proud for finishing the 10k. I've only been running for 3 months so I was just happy to finish but my time, 1:09:12, wasn't too bad either! Great job just having water and going to sleep. Too bad we all don't do that everytime!

:welcome: amarantha and popcornfeet! The more the merrier!

07-09-2007, 11:15 AM
:welcome:, Tracy and Amarantha! Want to post your reasons for your weight-loss quest? It's great to get that theme going in the thread because then a lot of us restate our own, and it helps us remember them.

Sue, I'm sorry to hear about your posting problems! Your input is so valuable here. I've come to really depend upon you ladies as like a "group therapy" or something. I've been on so many other boards where we chat about our lives and what we're doing and oh by the way, here's what I ate and how many pounds up/down. But over here, we address the psychological stuff that's behind all the eating. Maybe if you typed your post into a word document then tried to copy the text on this board and send it? In case the post didnt go through, you'd still have the stuff to repaste and send again. Just a thought. Also, I heard there was problems with the Quick Reply option. Someone said to Go Advanced instead.

Stacy, the 160s are a great goal. You've done so well already, I know you'll get there. That would be the icing on the cake for the family to see though come this August. And how encouraging to go from "couch to 10K" in just 3 months! I'm afraid my aged knees would protest that much running, but I am trying some high-intensity intervals on my treadmill. If I could run a whole mile, I'd be ecstatic.

As for me, today I am again revisiting hunger tolerance, no unplanned eating and eating sitting down from the earlier days of the book. I also have an exercise session planned (Workout #27 since starting TBDS on May 20), and I've already read my reasons once today.

And you know what else...I've decided. I'm really going to do this. NOTHING is going to stop me. I discovered another reason yesterday: I'm tired of dieting! I'm tired of the deprivation, the scale obsession and the relearning of lessons forgotten. If I don't regain the weight this time, I'll never have to do this again. I WILL have to be a mindful conscious eater for the rest of my life, but with Dr. Beck's lessons handy I'll be able to do it. And then NO MORE DIETS, as long as I realize that every time I eat, it counts. Because it does.

Happy Monday All!


07-09-2007, 01:47 PM
Hi everyone,
I'm in Philly as of yesterday afternoon, but I've done really well so far with keeping on plan, and I think I'll be able to keep it up! We're all pretty much doing our own thing during the day, so I don't even think they'll notice I'm eating very differently. I know I shouldn't care, but I feel like they've seen me be on a ton of diets over the years that have failed, and it's just embarrassing.

Welcome to all the new people! We have a wonderful group here, very supportive, and everyone has great ideas for overcoming some of the past obstacles we've all faced.

Liannie, Great job on your exercising! I completely agree that this group is invaluable to my success. I just don't really have anyone else to help me out with it, and I need the encouragement. I also love seeing everyone else be successful--makes me realize it is really within all of our grasps.

Stacy, I'm so impressed that you ran the 10k, especially only running for 3 months! That is so encouraging for me, since I'm still kind of a beginner at it. Do you have any tips?

Sue, I'm sorry to hear about all of your problems with posting--I'd hate to lose you as part of this group. Maybe it is the length of time that you spend writing that's the problem? I don't think anyone would be opposed if you wrote multiple short postings instead of one long one. Hope you are doing well!

Girly, how is the new diet going? Did you start today? Did you check to see if the scale went back down? Good luck with your new diet!

Talk to you all soon, hope it's not as hot where you are as it is here (98 heat index)...makes it hard to get out of the house and do anything!

07-09-2007, 04:30 PM
HI amazing folks,

You all are that increditable 2% of people who lose the weight and keep it off-Liannie over 18 yrs. My Doc feel I should lose most of my extra weight then he wants to band my stomach. I hope to avoid that even.

Thanks for the suggestions about postings if things keep failing I think I will do a number of short ones.-You folks are my support group. THANKS:hug:

I had absolute food amnesia for three days. Result a 5 lb gain-some must be water due to higher carbs. Anyway now I trying to figure it out.

I think there were my major factors were which lead to overeating
1-stimulating-sight or smelling food in my own home.-Even at a party some place else I have more control because I am a guest-got to have some manners and not pig out. My house guest brought many yummy caloric treats.
2. Exhaustion- Who can plan-plus making meals for 4-6 people for three days is all I could do. Another big plus did my 1st craft fair with our decorated birdhouses on Sat.
3. The sense of Party-let go and laugh, snacks and wine in front of me for hours. I feel rude removing all the food, not offering more wine, snacks ect.
4. Exercise-never thought of that concept for 3 days.

I don't even have any sabotaging thoughts-I just reacted and ate, ate, I had so little impluse control. wow I am amazed how little regard I had for my health. In TBS she deals with sabotaging thoughts nicely-How do you handle it when you so overwhelmed by food?

Karina- that sounds very, very hot-bet it is muggy also. Any chance you can swim-either laps or aerobic? It seems evenings are going to be the tough time-what is your game plan for that time?

Kiddos to all you exercisers. Stacy- running 10K amazing.

Girlythin-good luck on find the right eating plan that works for you. I gone to counting cals because of the flexiilty. It is hard trade off-cals more types of food and usually smaller amounts. VLC more food but limited selection.

Today I am rereading TBS, preplanning and recording and riding the bike-I find that I sometimes go days with out studying the book even though I still losing weight(up to this weekend)-any one interested in doing specific lessons and working on it together?

good cognitive changes to all


07-09-2007, 04:34 PM
p.s.-Liannie It was quick reply that was losing them-went advance and it worked. Thanks sue

07-09-2007, 07:26 PM
Karina, thanks! Yea, I guess I would have a couple tips. First would be to get fitted for a good pair of running shoes. Second would be find some softer surfaces to run on. Dirt > asphalt > sidewalk. And third, start slow. I started out huffing and puffing and barely being able to do 10 minutes at 13:20 pace. Just by keeping at it and being consistent you'll find yourself being able to go farther and farther.

sue, sorry about your gain. I think we all have these setbacks whether they last a day, a week, or even months. The good thing is that your getting back into the book and recognized that it was just a mistake and you can move on. As far as the sabotaging thoughts, If there are certain ones you find yourself repeatedly thinking try making some response cards and/or post-its that you could read frequently so that when it comes time you may be able to deal with it easier.

07-10-2007, 12:40 AM
Thanks for the welcome and hello to everyone.

Re my reasons for the weight loss journey, they probably number into the thousands. I made a card today with some of them.

I've been on a weight loss journey for a long time and it took a long time to lose the initial major amount of weight. This isn't a new thing in my life, so the reasons have changed over the years. I bought Beck at a time when I've been struggling again with the same old demons and my desire to conquer these demons, including the diet ones, is the reason I am fighting so hard to get back some control into my weight management life. It's like at one time, I did Beck things instinctively to lose more than 100 pounds, but now I seem to need to see it all spelled out and quantified.

The cognitive therapy approach really resonates with me. Diet methods are just mechanical. It's the mind that has to change before weight loss is possible.

I listed a lot of personal things on the card, but a few of the more obvious reasons right now are I simply want to feel in control of my weight loss again and reach my ultra goal (just 'cause it's there).

I listed a couple of things about my desire to be a runner (not to lose weight, I just want to be a runner for some reason and do a marathon when I'm an old person) and losing just a bit more weight would take pressure off my knees and joints and make running easier. I also just generally want to be a fit and healthy person. I want to look good in jeans, frankly. I have a good physique that I like. I just want to like it even more (sorry, sounds arrogant and shallow, but I am proud of my efforts so far and want to continue feeling that way).

I want to feel more in control over all this, not feel that everytime I am on deadline or someone says or does something to me I don't like or I am worried or anxious or it's hot out or I go out to lunch for business or somebody I love has a problem or the computer isn't working right and, again, it's deadline, or ... whatever ... that it has to translate into overeating.

I've stopped saying "binge" since reading this book. I now say "overeating" ... very different thing.

Anyway, that's me for now. I am just off deadline two hours and I want to eat, eat, eat. That's how I cope. But I feel empowered by Beck tonight. I've been reading it in snippets all day, so I will definitely not eat any unplanned food. I have planned a snack after midnight (my eating day turns over at midnight due to my crazy work schedule) and think I can hold off.

In fact I am going to bed.

07-10-2007, 08:55 AM
Good Morning All,

I'm running out the door due to an extra-early day at work today but I wanted to at least drop by and say hello.

Karina, good job in Philly! It's easier than you thought! Sorry about the heat. Illinois is like that right now. My 2 little air conditioners are working overtime and it's still icky inside.

Sue, you're going through what happened to me the week before July 4. I did fine up to the last Thurs. in June when, after a meeting at work, I was confronted with a tray of sweets. I went absolutely nuts. That night, I stopped at McDonalds for dinner. The next day I just ate and ate. Over the weekend it was mojitos and barbecue. And on and on, until the infamous vodka-spiked Margaritas on July 4 before I finally got a grip. I gained 8 lbs total. 6 are now gone, so clearly they were water, but it's astounding the damage you can do in such a short time. And I just couldn't stop. The cravings were intense and none of the Beck lessons could outshout the cravings. So I guess my answer to being overwhelmed by food is: I lie down and open my mouth, then just let the food march in. Maybe that's the first lesson to all work on together.

What do the others think? I'm game for going over specific lessons together. No matter how far you get in the book, some of those early lessons just need repeating!

Stacy, how did you get started with the running. Did you do that "Couch to 5K" thing that's so popular these days? Or some other program? Were you always a runner or is this brand new? Your story is so intriguing. I'd like to be an old lady who runs sometime too! Please tell us more.

Jana of the Jungle, your post resonates with me so much! I have always responded to stress with food, and in the health-care-for-the-poor business there is always more stress: more need, less money, sadder stories, longer hours for lower pay. I also have to learn to respond to life's little (or big) bumps in the road without self-medicating with food. It's the lifelong maintenance that we are striving for, and that's where the lessons come in handy, so we can be in that incredible 2%.

Well, I'd better go. I have to be out the door in 20 minutes or so. I'm redoing my same lessons today because I haven't had time to read the book any more: hunger tolerance, reading my reasons, no unplanned eating. Dont know about eating sitting down today. That may be impossible at work,but I'll try.

Hey Ursula and Princess Sara, where are you?

More later....


07-10-2007, 08:58 AM
Here are mine for the moment (recopied from another thread). They have changed since starting TBDS on May 20.

To travel back in time to the summer of 2003 when I looked and felt sexy!
A spaghetti-strap tank top and split-side skirt.
My black satin cargo pants, size 12, gathering dust in the closet.
Pecs, delts and biceps currently hiding under layers of fat.
That look, the one men give you, when they like what they see.
Going dancing again!
Stamina, strength, energy, joie de vivre.
Sex--wild, unashamed, naked sex with the lights on!
(Yes, I'm a bit shallow at the moment. I do want to be healthy(er). But right now it's all about looking good).

07-10-2007, 10:02 PM
Hey everybody,

Liannie, I love your reasons...very earthy and sensual. And I can feel your steely determination. You ARE going to do it.

Tracy and Amarantha...welcome! A shout out to Stacy. said "I gone to counting cals because of the flexiilty. It is hard trade off-cals more types of food and usually smaller amounts. VLC more food but limited selection." and I say, "EXACTLY!!" I prefer being able to eat a little more and having a reduced # of choices. But hey, it looks like I have to do both now. :(

I'm so glad you got the computer thing worked out.

Karina, I'm glad it's all working out in Philly. It sounds like you are doing great. I hope you aren't getting too much ribbing about your food plan d'jour.

I did not start on Monday....I ate LC bk and lunch, and ate MEXICAN food in the eve. I was in that what the F&*! mood since I had gained for no reason. Today I ate nothing until 1:00, then 2 bites of soup and a bag of chips before I played tennis at 3:30. Why? I wasn't prepared. So the new one tomorrow.

I did settle in to a loss of 2 pounds over the 11 days I did induction, extremely faithful except for one night when I had more carbs. That's really pathetic! I'm looking at it as at least I went down. I would prob have gone up had I not been at least doing somethng.

Off to eat some dinner and rate my hunger levels.


07-10-2007, 11:24 PM
HI everyone,

The power of food is so intertwined in our lives. There isn’t just one response to food , but often each situation has a number overeating responses to work on.

You folks are way ahead of the successful weight loss game than me. You all are great role models for me.

I have carried about 200 extra lbs for over 20 yrs. Are my joints angry!!!-My mobility is slow and awkward. I really want to move, walk and not have a stroke is 5 years.

Understood your posting about emotional eating A. -, Emotional eating is so tough-I have a difficult time giving myself full acceptance when dealing with negative emotions-sadness, anger. criticism- I have used treats to self nurture myself all my life. My favorite time for such treats was late evening after everyone one else went to bed. This pattern has “help?” me put 180 extra lbs. I feel that having an internal ability to cope with stress is so critical to remain healthy. I am working on that Oh Well attitude to let go- and Not focusing on the “but is not fair” protest- it can allows to me justify overeating. Having none of favored self nurturing food in the house in critical for me.
Of course when I feel great and having fun, let’s celebrate the occasion with food.. Also If I am exhausted and pushing me self to get stuff done, I deserve to what ever is available to eat-working soo hard.. The reason to overeat treats can go on and on.

L you have such a fun and high spirited list- I have carried to much fat for so long , I have forgotten about glamorous-glad you reminded of the fun stuff. -Your wants sound great. L-Lets work on some type of approaches for feeding frenzy when with friends. In a week more guests are coming for a couple of days. I don’t want to overindulge, yet don’t know how to be around all the treats and remained relaxedand on my preplanned menu. When my brother did a strict diet, he moralized about each food that was served. Blew up because we served a dessert-not a fun time. There has be a point between rigid moralizing and food amnesia .

Right now my big goals are improved health and mobility and an internal sense of control -I know that more cals will not solve one emotional problem yet I want to use that solution.

Girlythin- much luck on a good food plan.

Big HI to everyone-

07-11-2007, 02:42 AM
amarantha, it sounds like we're in a similar situation! I lost 50-some pounds before I bought the Beck solution. I had stalled out for a year or two and kept falling into the same destructive patterns. I got tired of the whole thing and really wanted something permanent. Good luck to you and I hope you enjoy it as much as the rest of us!

liannie, no I didn't do the c25k program. I had never run before but my husband started and on April 1 ran his first 5K. Well I decided I wanted to start to so I signed up for a 5k in May before having run a single time. That really put a fire under me! I started following this ( from Shape. But let me tell you, NO run was easy! After a couple weeks I veered off the plan and started training more with my husband. It was just about figuring out how to push myself without overdoing it and not getting discouraged. There were some days where I had to take breaks or got a side cramp or whatever and I just had to not worry about it and get back out there next time. Now I'm addicted and I'm so happy I've found a form of exercise that I really love. I love your reasons too! Very fun, it's ok to be shallow once in awhile ;)

girlythin, oooh, mexican food is evil I say! I'm so addicted living here in San Diego. On Sunday I had a carne asade burrito for lunch and a breakfast burrito for a late dinner. And 2 pounds is something to celebrate, any loss is still a loss!

coastalsue, have you started any exercise yet? Just getting moving might help with some of your mobility problems. The elliptical would be a great piece of equipment to start with since it's no impact.

Not much new here. I did go on a great run tonight despite TOM. I was really on the fence today about whether or not I'd go but I'm so happy I did. A nice trip to the jacuzzi afterwards was a nice little reward too :)

07-11-2007, 03:21 PM
Hi Stacy, I looked at the program you did. No way would any of that be easy for me! I did a max of 90 seconds at 5.0 mph on the treadmill as part of a HIIT thing I was doing the other day and thought I was going to DIE. I'm glad I did it though, and I'll do it again. Probably twice a week. But easy? No freakin way! Good for you though. I used to like to run a bit when I had 21 year old knees. Keep up the good work. All that exercise will allow you to eat more of "what you like" along with "what you should".

Hi Girly! Good job on the weight loss. Keep hanging tough. Mexican food is so good! I've been making stack enchiladas with really lean homemade chili and cheese as my Mexican food fix. Thank God salsa has so few calories. We can really pile it on to enjoy the flavor.

Hey Sue! I like the idea of the Friends Feeding Frenzy work! In fact, I read through a couple sections of the book this morning to try and figure out where to start. What do you think of Day 30: In Control when Eating Out, Day 29: Resisting Food Pushers, and Day 13: Overcoming Cravings? These three things taken together seem to set me off the most in a crowd. How about you? Want to pick a few, rank them and then work on them one at a time? I'm game. I need all the help I can get.

And as for what Stacy just asked you about your exercise? I was 30 when I lost the 85lbs. (for the first time) and I couldn't get through all of Sweatin to the Oldies without having to stop and rest. Gradually I built up to doing more and more, and the pounds really fell off. Yes, youth had a lot to do with it. But it sure did make the body feel better too. If you're not exercising yet, something fun and short would be a good start.

Hello out there, Everybody Else!

Today I am re-practicing hunger tolerance, no unplanned eating and I'm adding another: changing my definition of full. I ate beyond fullness yesterday after I tolerated the hunger. Today I'm stopping before I feel my belly all stretched out with food.

Happy Wednesday all!


07-12-2007, 03:27 AM
Hi folks,

This is a thank goodness i made it day-Got very crabby and iritated with the world. Had 2 minor slips But I would not go to the grocery store as I knew I would buy some sweet treats.
good new I lost all of the 5 lb regain even 1/2 lb more,
dear friends pick up some items for me at the grocery store when they went.
total cals were 1749-would prefer to be under 1700 but not that bad.

Sometimes I wonder if some of crabbiness is due to not just dieting, but the changes that diet create. Or if I am used to soothing myself with food-I may be more frustrated and annoyed with stuff than I realize, but would overeat than rather than confront.

L. would love to check out how to cope with eating buddies. I will recheck those chapters. I am so much better with self talk when alone-listen to and changing those sabotaging statements. With friends I go straight to yippee. I know that alcohol plays a part in "forgetting'" moderation. Yet also just being with folks I forget about my food plan. Today a friend pulled out one piece of hard candy from her purse and said "Here Sue enjoy this"-and I did without a thought. I swear if it was just between me and the candy bowl I would have said no.

Thanks for checking on my exercise-I love swimming-somedays can't go due to my schedule-may have to give it up as fees are so expense. Just got a great used recumbent exercise bike-I am increasing time in 5 minute allotments. Really have a tough time walking-I use a walker when going over a block or on dirt trails. Both of my bros. use electric carts and can't understand why I don't. If still in so much pain and arthritis after over 150lb weight loss may get one then. I am hopful tho.

to more thin minds

07-12-2007, 03:51 AM
Hey Sue!

I guess we're both night owls tonight. I worked a 13 hour shift and am trying to make the brain shut-up and go to sleep.

Your story with the candy sounds a lot like an impulse control issue. That's EXACTLY how I am when confronted with unexpected delightful food. I just reach and it goes in my mouth before I think about it. And alcohol is a huge culprit. I've stopped sampling the wine-of-the-month from the club when it comes because I know what will happen. I lose all resolve and eat like a trucker once I've had a few (because it's never "just one"). It sounds like a good subject for us. I'll do some more reading too.

Well, I'd better get to bed. I have to be back at work at noon and would still like enough time to work out for an hour before I have to jet out the door in the morning.

More tomorrow!


07-12-2007, 08:02 PM
Wow, quiet day today!

I'm in week 5 of the book and I gotta say I think I liked the earlier chapters better. Like the eating out day was just some very obvious tips that I'm sure are on 3fc a dozen times over (take some home, ask for special prep, etc). I guess it's good to have all this stuff in one place but I really expected the whole book to be as powerful as the first few major changes. Trust me, I'm not trying to complain though. TBDS has been a life saver. I was at the same weight for TWO YEARS before it!

sue, I totally agree with you about the crabbiness. Before if something little bugged me I'd eat a double cheeseburger or some ice and everything was better. Now I feel like I carry little things around with me. I guess we have to find other ways to deal with these emotions.

I hope everyone is having a great day!

07-12-2007, 09:07 PM
Hi everyone,
I'm just checking in, not much time to do personals. Being away for a few days makes me really appreciate this group. I had a similar group for infertility problems, and over the year I was trying, I found it made all the difference. I hope we are all around a year from now with some huge successes for all of us!

Well, I'm about to have dinner. Things are going pretty well--keeping my cals around 1800, which isn't too bad for traveling. I'm interested to see what happens with my weight when I get home in a few days.

Hope the rest of the week goes well for everyone! Take care!

07-12-2007, 11:42 PM
hi comrades,
Just saying hello.

My body and mind has been fighting me all week, response cards be damned, about going on the super strict low carb/low cal fat flush plan.

I have such resistance, and despite great intentions, it's Thurs and I haven't made it thru one full day yet b/c it's so much prep. I'm thinking I need to give just pure counting calories a try, and then eat pretty much low carb, but not restrict myself. My inner being is kicking and screaming about all the restriction.

If I do that, then I can just grab like a frozen dinner for lunch if I have to, and the prepping won't be so darn hard.

For those of you in the know for low cal diets, for someone very metabolically resistant (hypothyroid, don't lose weight quickly), what would seem a reasonable amount of calories? I haven't thought about calories ever, altho when I did weight watchers, I think I was eating about 1200.

I'm thinking 1200-1500. As you know, I'm about 180. I would say I'm very active, since i'm on my feet all day in class, +walking around a big campus a lot, plus I've upped my exercise. This week I've exercised every day.
************************************************** *

Do you wanna play? Here's my question, if you want to come in the sandbox...

If my inner being had a voice in regards to dieting and food, today it would be telling me _____________________________________________ .......

07-13-2007, 01:13 AM
girly, I have hypothyroidism as well. Mine's hashimoto's and I'm currently taking levoxyl. It doesn't seem to have helped any of the symptoms, even though my levels read "normal." Because of that it seems I have to eat less calories than I should according to all the calculators out there. When I try for 1800ish I just don't seem to lose even with running, lifting, and campus walking. I've cut back to 1200-1400 and it seems to be making a difference. If I were you I would start out higher, maybe try 1600-1800, and decrease as needed.

07-13-2007, 01:55 AM
If my inner being had a voice in regards to dieting and food, today it would be telling me _____________________________________________ .......
Stick it out and ignore those belly rumblings because the result is going to be SO worth it. But you're going to have to stop hanging around with those bad brain cells...they're going to get you in trouble!


Hey Stacy and Girly, I'm hypothyroid too (since 1992) and I'm on Levothyroxine 175 mcg daily. I've always said that you're never quite the same as when you were "normal". I mean, your thyroid puts out thyroxine on an "as-needed" basis with a feedback loop from other body systems--not as one big whopping dose every 24 hours like we take the pill. It just can't be the same. I keep waiting for a transdermal patch but nobody will make one!

Anyway, caloriewise I need to drop down to about 1200 painfully-low calories to get sustained results when I get down to the 180s-170s if I want to lose. I went easily from 230s to 190s on 1500 calories with no exercise then down to 170s with exercise added in but that seems to be my current setpoint. So I've gone back to a regular cardio/weights routine over the past month and dropped the calories down to about 1200 over the past week in hopes of losing again. It makes me wonder how restrictive maintenance will really have to be!

I seemed to do fine 4 years ago when I was in the 155-160 range if I worked out 6 hours a week, watched my intake Mon-Fri, and then pretty much ate what I wanted on the weekends. If I could get back to that, I could live with it.

Diet choice for me has been hard too, Girly. All that eating and snacking recommended on South Beach just had me wanting to eat, eat, eat. After hearing about The Carb Addicts diet, I'm actually doing better eating just meals with no snacks. I find it easier to tolerate hunger if I can have one meal of whatever I want, 2Crave Reducing foods meals and a snack if needed (lately a cup of SF cocoa with skim milk). Whether or not I can adjust to the hunger pangs that I'm feeling on 1200 calories a day will be the big test of its long term effectiveness.

Well, better get to bed now. I'm switching from nights to days at work, and have to be in at 8:30 am.

Hi Karina! Where is everybody else?


07-13-2007, 04:44 AM
HI guys,

Not such a crabby day-but then I spent all day in a buddhist study group and doing a number of meditations. Much of the work is to learn to appreciate you mind being quiet and not grasping at all your ego wants.-kind of like OhWell section of TBS when you can't get what you want.

Girlythin-good question about how many cals to have. I can really hear your battle between feeling hungry and wanting to lose weight. I went through feeling like a rebellious toddler about following the TBS for a couple of binges. It did pass-however there is always a new way that old bad habits crop up to be dealt with. One of the benefits for going with the higher end of your cal range is that you learning new habits, changing types of foods, and other new food restrictions. -maybe less hunger might help during this time, then cut back later to fewer calories.

I use the free version of FitDay. I think they may be a bit high about how many daily cals I need to maintain my weight-basically 3000 a day for being 335lbs about the only good about my weight is that it is easier to lose on a larger amount of cals. So I shoot to eat about 1700 cals giving me about an 1000 daily cal loss. I feel the least hunger with low cal protein, low carb veggies and fruit.-absolutley no addicting treats. (I can not resist.)

What formula do you folks like for figuring out how many cals it takes to maintain your weight and activity level? I also am missing half of my thyroid-on no meds-Doc said your weight gain isn't do to that -one test shows it is ok-hummmmm
I love swimming because I can burn over 400 cals for my weight in less than an hours. Water is great resistance.

L still need to check out the chapters more(gone all day)-I think impluse overeating is the hard one for me. When alone, I have control in my own environment,(This has been a hugh improvement for me) but with good, easy going, non judgmental friends I relax and over eat. -. I have some thin buddies who I would never overeat in front of. When alone I can really hear the sabotaging thoughts and work them through, When socially eating, I do not hear ( or consciously process any dialogue while over eating.) Any suggestions about clues to make me stop and at least be more aware then.

Stacy Love your pic-beautful face.

Karina-Wow you are so careful on your trip-what is has been your tricks not to over eat? What are telling yourself? Vacation+friends=(to me =overindulgence)

take care

07-13-2007, 07:27 PM
Hi again,

I am looking for fast low cal meals. :carrot:
I don't know if you folks have Trader Joes in your area? It is kind of low cost fancy food chain. lots of organic foods, frozen fancy dishes ect.
Here are some of my favorites for I hate to cook days :p
frozen cooked jumbo shrimp -defrosts in 5 minutes, cocktail sauce is only 35 cals for 2 tbls often bring them to parties for me to snack on.
marinated Ahi Tuna-defrost and 15 minutes in oven
Not so low carb and in most groceries here -Calif Pizza kitchen frozen pizza-thin crust the bar-b-que chicken and sicillian(SP?) are about 340-365 cal or so for half a pizza.
would love additions to this list-

07-13-2007, 09:27 PM
Hey Sue,

Fast low cal meals for me are usually frozen entrees with a salad, or a roast chicken from the deli with a bag of steamed veggies alongside. I'm afraid I live in a rather backward area that does not have a Trader Joes. I can get CPK pizzas though, and they are great! I love the BBQ chicken ones too.

How "low cal" are you looking to go? I figure 500 calories a serving for lunch or dinner is okay on most plans, and you can really pack quite a bit of food in for that amount of calories.

Does Trader Joe's have Laura's Organic Ground Beef? It's like 160 calories for 4 oz. If you pair that with a "light" bun (80 calories), some lettuce, tomato, mustard etc., you can have a burger for like 300 calories or less. Put a salad with light dressing and piece of fruit alongside and you have a nice meal.

I've been making cole slaw lately from those bags of shredded cabbage. I mix one tablespoon of real mayo with one teaspoon each of mustard and vinegar, then toss in 1 and 1/2 cups of cabbage. It's not sweet but it tastes really good (I tried it with Splenda but it tasted weird). You get a cup and a half of really filling fiber for like 125 calories. I had some yesterday with a BLT (Oscar Meyer Center Cut Bacon...25 calories a strip) on Ezekiel bread. What a great lunch!

When I did my last low calorie diet, I subscribed to Cooking Light magazine. THat was in the days that it was just a recipe mag; now it has a lot of lifestyle stuff but still has good recipes. You can try their website for some nice recipes too.

I usually do a bunch of cooking on Sunday and then freeze ready-made portions for the week. Those "hate to cook days" can really derail me if I dont' have a back-up plan.

If I think of something else, I'll send it along.


07-14-2007, 12:18 AM
Hi diet friends,

Today felt decadent (after low carbing); I had grapes!, and a tortilla shell, and lots of veggies! Went to a work bbq party. I've eaten ~1600 today and using fitday again. I'm trying not to make a self-fulfilling prophesy b/c I don't know how I could lose eating like this. Keeping my fingers crossed.

When I did Weight Watchers successfully, I ate a lot of soup. I've always loved soup, and it filled me up. So today again I ate veggie soup with a beef broth base and lots of garlic. Soups can be really easy; today just a bunch of cans of beef broth, a can of wax beans, and then chopped garlic, celery and onion. It'll last for a while, too.

THanks you guys for sharing the great food ideas; I will try some of those.

Thyroid-challenged Liannie, Stacy, and Sue--wow, that's interesting that we all have thyroid issues. Sue, I can't BELIEVE your doc didn't put you on thyroid replacement...are your blood values OK? I had weight gain, hairloss, fatigue, complete change in me, and then I finally got diagnosed. Thank GOD my hairloss has stopped after a looooong time and my hair has filled in a lot. It really was a factor in my emotional eating b/c I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me, and the docs were useless. I had to totally take charge of my treatment.

Shout out to Karina....I can't remember if you were one or two weeks in Philly...hope you are having fun and managing OK. I love your vision of all of us here in a year, thriving and successful.

Beck-wise, I'm starting the day when we start writing down our food plan for the next day. I'm still reading response cards, and still finding that eating mindfully makes a huge difference.


07-14-2007, 01:16 AM
Hi to all

Girly-super good luck about the diet changes-I feel I can maintain the diet longer with a greater variety and flexability. Plus I never was a big protein eater at any time in my life- I got real tired of it. I am happier with low cal. yep I am not too happy with my doc-he seems younger than my kids and really acts like I am not worth the time due to my obesity. Starting in Nov our health provider will change and be a ton of money more each month-hopefully it will be worth it.

L thank for the good ideas-what kind of frozen stuff tastes good and is low cal -as good as BBQ chicken pizza? I'll check out the brand of meat.

tomarrow it is off the big cities-see two of our sons and 2 grandbabies. May not get back to you folks until Monday.

get thinner

07-14-2007, 06:06 PM
Hi everyone,
I'm leaving Philly tomorrow, which is good since everyday my diet efforts have gone a little downhill. At least I have managed to stay under 2,000 cals every day, and under 1,800 on several days. I really hope that I don't gain from this week, but I'm afraid I will. We'll see, though!

Girly, since you like soup, you should really check out the volumetrics plan. It's all about how to get the most bang for the buck, calorie-wise. I'm trying to aim for between 1200 and 1600 cals a day. EVeryone is different, but what works best for me is to eat light for breakfast and lunch (since I'm busy and don't have time to focus on hunger) and then I get to eat a larger dinner, which fills me up. I do best when I eat something like smart ones for lunch.

Was it Sue who asked how I'm managing to control my eating? I guess I'm lucky that these friends are fairly thin and just not big eaters. I think I would feel embarrassed to eat big portions of dinner, and I'm just totally avoiding things like their homemade ice-cream and any other snacks. Today I had lunch on a small plate, and I think it helped me eat less. By the way, your Buddhist study group sounds interesting--seems like you are always doing something intriguing (surprising since you don't live in a city).

Funny that all of you have thyroid problems; I don't have that, but I do have Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome and the metabolic resistance that comes with it. One of my reasons to lose weight is to end my PCOS and conceive next time without fertility drugs.

Talk to you all soon! Hope your weekend is going great!

07-14-2007, 09:46 PM
Happy Saturday Everyone!

Sue, I've lately been eating the frozen South Beach Diet dinners. I absolutely love the kung pao chicken, savory pork and grean beans, caprese chicken with broccoli and the beef/broccoli with Asian noodles. I pretty much alternate them throughout the week for my lunches at work. I ate Lean Cuisines before and basically got used to them, even though they weren't exactly like Mom's home cooking.

Girly, it's funny how decadent you feel eating fruit when you've low-carbed! We bought dinner from Boston Market last night and I ate about 1/4 cup each of the sweet potato casserole and the apples. WOW, how sweet they tasted! Definitely much richer than they would have seemed if I was still gorging on carbs every day. I enjoyed them, was satisfied with way less and even found the potatoes TOO sweet. Weird, huh? Considering how I could pretty much have mainlined chocolate sauce 2 months ago...

Karina, glad you're having a good time and not stressing out too much about the food. Vacations are to be enjoyed and anxiety must be left behind! In a way I'm glad I married a man who doesn't eat too much because it does tend to rein me in a bit. At least when he can see me. I've certainly had my binges in secret since the wedding but hopefully they are behind me now.

Hey Stacy, wherever you are. Love that jawline! :)

As for me today, I practiced hunger tolerance again. It's getting much easier now that I'm just having latte for breakfast and no solid food until lunch. I also did Day 30's lesson about eating out. I looked ahead online at the menu, found the calorie count, decided what to have and had just that. I got a smaller plate and put half the food on it, ate it and brought the rest home. I can't believe I didn't gobble it all down like some kind of refugee, ESPECIALLY because I had a beer first. It's amazing how this book is changing my life!

Have a great Saturday all. I'll check back with you tomorrow!

07-15-2007, 03:03 AM
Hey everyone :)

Today my husband completed his first triathlon. I was so proud of him! I would like to compete too sometime but the open ocean scares me. I think I'll be sticking the the running events for awhile...

Ugh, my diet went downhill yesterday and today. I did great all week then all of a sudden yesterday I ate an oreo. And then another. And then a bowl of ice cream during my bout of insomnia last night. Then today was pretty much a repeat. Tomorrow is my weigh-in too, so I'm definitely nervous. One thing's for sure, the Oreos are going in the TRASH. I really feel crappy too. Physically and emotionally. You'd think I'd remember how crappy I feel afterwards BEFORE I put that oreo/ice cream/chips in my mouth.

sue, hope you have fun on your trip!

karina, may I ask what the symptoms of PCOS are? I've heard of it and doctors have even briefly mentioned it to me but I never really knew what it was.

liannie, wow! That's amazing about the restaurant! Congratulations on such a huge feat.

07-15-2007, 11:25 AM
Hi Stacy. Glad to see you. And congrats to DH on the triathlon! As for your sugar binge...I try to learn from my diet mistakes so they don't seem like a complete waste of my life. Maybe you can salvage the Oreo/ice cream slips by learning from them. It sounds like it was that first Oreo that opened the floodgates to everything else. What caused you to have it? Emotional distress, fatigue, inability to resist the sight and smell because you're feeling deprived on some level? Since we seem to be the "introspective thread" at 3FC, it seems to follow that we should try to figure out why these things happen and how a chapter from Dr. Beck's book can help prevent it the next time.

Happy Sunday to everyone else! I surprisingly found myself down another 3 lbs. this weigh-in. I got on and off the scale 3 times because I couldn't believe it. I might make that July goal yet...

Have a great weekend.

07-16-2007, 12:45 PM
Hi friends,

I'm losing on low cal....maybe this is going to work!

Today was the day where I'm supposed to write down everything I'll eat AND not veer from it. :devil: Again I'm fighting it. It seems too strict. But I'm going to try it for a week; Im telling myself what I did before hasn't worked (for years). I'll make the NO CHOICE card and do it for a week, and then re-evaluate. How are you all doing on that task? Any advice?

Because I can eat a lot of veggies, I feel so satisfied when I look at my colorful plate with decent amounts of food. I've been eating right around 1600.

Liannie, congrats on your big! And I'm going to try the South Beach meals--I've never even looked at those b4.

Hi to Karina, Sue, and Stacy...wishing you a week filled with successes.


07-16-2007, 07:12 PM
liannie, you know I honestly don't know what triggered it. I was in the kitchen (cleaning or making dinner, I can't remember), saw the oreos, and just startes eating. I told myself I'd have, ok three, then finally five. It was ridiculous. Looking back on it I can't believe I let myself eat them or the rest of it later. I can't recall anything too emotional going on at the time. It may have just been the "It's not fair, I want it" monster rearing its head. I really need to work on that attitude because it pops up fairly often. And congrats on the 5 pounds, that a huge loss!

07-17-2007, 01:44 AM
HI guys,

we are exhausted, broke and stuffed from our short trip-has a great time tho. We actually don't want to eat another meal out for a long time-I purposely did not count count cals and I know I have re-gain some weight-at least some water, but here is the really good news for me. 1. I Want to eat more low cal and more veggies again,i.e want to go back to food program, 2. I was leaving food on my plate-just too full and the stuff too rich, 3. now know I like simple organic fresh veggies-yummy 4. didn't feel alcohol was important part of the social gather. I am so happy to know I feel better doing the new stuff-recording and keeping in a cal count. Yes. I am actually looking forward to cottage cheese and frozen blueberries with splenda for breakfast tomarrow. I am beginning to be food conscious. Hugh change for me-
we did the yucky box store shopping and walked for miles with my walker-another drive to lose more weight-better mobility

girlythin-I hope the recording part get easier for you. I find the menu planning and precording easier. Often I doing many repetitive meals with the sense of cals of most things now. I know what amount of cals works the best for me for breakfast and lunch. For me the hard part is so little prepared food, unless I make the sauce don't know what in the restrurante's salad dressing, sauce ect. Glad you said you are losing some lbs.

L great loss yess:carrot: that is wonderful-thanks for the frozen food suggestions-will check them out. I agree that this book was be so helpful for making changes.Or at least this has come into my life at the right time for me to listen to the info. I have not done the only half of a meal yet-looking up the menu on the internet-some gret ideas then to bring 1/2, Never had that thougt during my last trip-good stuff.

Karina Welcome back home-Glad you enjoyed your trip and worked to record your cals. avoiding Ice Cream homemade no less is awesome. Hope there is no gain and have an easy time going back you food plans.

Stacy-one of the hardest is that implusive out of control eating-oreo/ice cream night. If we could really answer that question we could be the next diet gurus-I label that type behavior as my unruly toddler-I cut my nose to spite my face sort of behavior. interesting questions Liannie could it be physical-drop in blood sugar? emotional-must have comfort food., visual? if you hadn't seen the stuff would you over eaten other foods? Location- would you have it at friends' place? I must admit I can not have ANY sweets in the house, I will eat 4 bowls of ice cream mindlessly, never 4 apples. Then after the over-eating comes the self berating. I do believe that a thin person just go-whoops I ate too much so will cut back tomarrow.
hope you are back on track-I know that I will have the same behavior and response some day soon also. If you get any insights let us know.

loving be back on the coast
coastal sue

07-17-2007, 08:34 AM
Good Morning All,

I went from a night shift Monday to a day shift Tuesday with very little time in between. I've read your posts, LOVE you all and will hopefully respond this evening.

Still doing okay except I ate too much on Sunday (emotional setback--gotta work on that lesson).

More later,

07-17-2007, 10:28 PM
Hi friends,
I was down to 174.5 today.....I have to check tomorrow because it is hard to believe. But no, I believe, I believe.

I had a great tennis workout today, and man, being in the sun and exercising, I am actually not hungry. That's a great feeling.

Sue, congrats on giving yourself credit for ALL your realizations. I still find it hard to not drink when others are, but you're right...we're there for the people, not the crushed fermented red grapes. ANd's a great idea to be repetitive with the meals, and also great to know it gets easier w/the cal counting...right now I really don't have a good sense at all.

My biggest challenge continues to be the planning, for sure. Being able to eat a frozen meal at midday has helped TONS. I didn't shop on Friday, as I had scheduled--there was a party and I didn't want to do it when I got home.

At work we've had a weight challenge going on--no support or education or anything; just a contest and the pool is $80. So every week I've been the same or an increase, and this was the first week that I actually had a loss. It has been quite humiliating b/c I'm the one that sends the weekly results email out to everyone. I'm still at the bottom of the list because I gained, gained, and now have only started to lose.

In the book, I'm at the plan the night before (which I do) and then follow the plan, telling yourself NO CHOICE. I've tried it at least 3 days and I haven't made it. I think I'm just going to give it a rest and come back to it next week, or when I shop this Friday.


07-18-2007, 01:19 PM
Hi everyone,
Sorry I've been MIA lately. I actually just got some surprising news...
Remember how I said that losing weight so I could get pregnant without fertility meds was a goal of mine? Well, it turns out I actually am pregnant. I took a test on a whim when we got back from Philly (wish I had before since I was drinking about every night there), and it was clear as day. The nurse said I'm about 8 weeks along. So bizarre, I just can't believe it. We tried for a year and did several rounds of treatments to conceive our daughter. I just don't even know what to think. I feel terrible for all the drinking I've done, but what can I do now? Hopefully it will work out alright.

07-18-2007, 01:50 PM

Congratulations Karina! That's huge news! I'm so happy for you.

Honestly I don't know about the drinking. I'm sure it's pretty common though with so many pregnancies being unplanned or surprises. Did you say anything when you were at the doctor?

girly, good job on the loss! I struggle with planning and sticking to it as well. I generally do good during the week but then on the weeked we end up eating out or bbq or something. What did help me though and might help you as well would be to plan out like a week's worth of meals THEN go shopping. So you're only getting the food you need and it makes it harder to stray from the plan.

Things are going better here. No sweet binges the last couple days. I'm also down to 173 as of this morning so that's great news. I had a great run last night too on the beach. Things are pretty good :D

07-18-2007, 02:11 PM
Good Morning Ladies,

Just popping in for a minute to say hello and keep the thread alive.

Good job on the weight loss, Girly! Low cal, lowER carb is working for me right now too. I'm still convinced it's all about calories in/calories out but I need to be free of my carb addiction so I'll limit carb choices too.

Welcome back, Sue! Isn't it nice to actually CRAVE healthy foods? It shows how your tastes are changing and that your body likes your new way of eating. As days pass into months and years, these new habits will translate into a new body.

CONGRATS on the pregnancy Karina!! You know it's funny about the drinking. When I was pregnant with my son 30 years ago, my baby book actually said that drinking a glass of beer a day gave you better milk because of the brewer's yeast. So I drank one most days, and nothing bad happened. It is drinking to excess on a regular basis that is really bad. We'll be sending positive waves your way but I think you'll be okay.

Hey Stacy! 173, that's great. I agree with you about planning then shopping. It makes all the difference. Spontaneity spells trouble for us overeaters. I have problems with weekends too but they are a fact of life so I think I will try to conserve during the week when life is dull so I can eat more when fun is in the air. How about you?

As for me, work is busy busy busy and I'm beyond exhausted right now. Plus selling and buying a house (with one deal possibly falling through) has me on my last nerve. And then there was traffic court this morning for a speeding ticket I had. I'm trying really hard to stay within my calorie allotment since going up to 2000 on Sunday but exercise is suffering a bit because I'm just so darned tired! If I'm lucky the scale will be kind to me Sunday. If not, I'll keep trying.

Any particular Beck lessons you ladies are working on this week?


07-18-2007, 04:38 PM

Karian-Big Big Congratulations on new baby Enjoy your pregnancy and work at not worrying about the earlier drinks. You have stopped and that is the most important for the remaining months. It is amazing how healthy the vast majority of babies are given the range of mom’s health, medical care, sanitation world wide, and other factors. Many of my friends' moms drank and smoke throught their pregnancies, all this was not a worry prior to the 1980's or so. Sometimes our medical knowledge can almost lead to more worry that is necessary. I have had many friends who either drank or took serious medication not knowing yet they were pregnant and worried for months and had absolultey perfect babies. Enjoy your new addition-Always thought the stress of graduate school increased the likely hood of getting pregnant. When one is "ready" to get pregnant, then nothing happens.

girlythin, glad that you are losing on the low cal and carbs. I do feel I can (and must) live this with type of eating the rest of my life. If I am too low carb, I begin to lust after fruit and veggies. I feel more balanced with this approach.

Liannie-thanks for the encouragment-I truly feel that I am going to have a much more normal life and will stop being so addicted to food. I am having many more" glad I am doing this days" versus feeling defeated, disgusted and self pitying days. My next task is to eat "like a thin person" versus fat lady gone wild when with friends-I have such a "party' mentality. Party in this case means permission for me to over eat and drink. Always have to undo some gained weight after each gathering.
Buying a new home-serious stress and work-good luck-Hard to do all the Beck steps when exhausted-keep those low-cal fast foods meals around if that will help?

Stacy -glad you had a good loss. I still find your athletic abilities amazing, plus life is so much fun when moving. Keep up the great runs

Ladies we all are working so hard,
to a thinner tomarrow

07-18-2007, 09:17 PM
Congrats Karina! That is so great. Don't you love it when things happen with ease? I'm not well-versed on pregnancy at all, but it seems like things will be was early and you don't overdo.

Liannie, good luck with all your exciting endeavors. Sometimes if I can think of stress as excitement, reframe it as excitement, then that helps.

Stacy, congrats! Almost in the 160s and a jaw that can cut ice :)

Hi Sue!

Today I decided to make cupcakes for a student...I made them and then we decorated them in class for July bdays. I teach adults but it's fun to do stuff like that once in a while, and I have them for 10 hours a week!

Anyhow, I've been feeling so strong; you know where this is going, right? I had 2 unfrosted when I was making them, which is only 180 cals, I had none in class, but when I got home, I got weak and I ate two frosted. I was overly hungry, and I don't know--I just have gotten looser with things, thinking I'm in good control. I'm not over my cals for the day yet, but I probably will have to eat the tiniest dinner. And I'm hungry; that sugary crap just feeds the beast, but it doesn't feed you.

I didn't read my response cards; I waited too late and then was rushing around, which always makes me want to overeat--the stress of running late.

And I'm letting myself be too spontaneous. I'm seeing why following the food plan is going to help. It's starting to sink in. It WILL be great to just plan my day, put it in FitDay, and then That's IT!!! Not going back toFit Day all the time b /c I'm changing the plan, and then having to recalculate to make sure I'm within the calories I want to eat.

It's making me feel obsessive, so in a way, having and following the food plan would make me less obsessive. This is the food plan, and that's it. This is what I get--and that's it.

Looking forward to success AND to letting this just be part of my life and not THE focus of my life.


07-19-2007, 02:01 AM
Looking forward to success AND to letting this just be part of my life and not THE focus of my life.

OH YEAH! I do agree on that one. I was just telling a friend of mine how I have to make this my main focus because iwhat I'm trying to do is unnatural for me. I'm used to "feeding the beast" too much and then having to feed the darned body too! I can't imagine how I made it 6 whole months back in 1989 going from over 230s to 150s--straight through the without one slipup. I don't know where I found that dedication because now I often find it so wearying! But it's gotta be done. NO CHOICE, as the card says.

I hope you made it through your day and managed to eat a little dinner as well as the cupcakes. I'm at around 1450 calories today instead of the 1300 I was striving for but I was just too hungry.

And Sue, I have that "party like a fat girl" mentality too. That's how I undo all my hard work every time! In fact, today when I got out of traffic court unscathed (just a fine, nothing on my record), my first thought was "I'm going out for breakfast." Nothing like a nice greasy plate of pork, eggs and potatoes to celebrate, right? I'm telling you, it's a shame. My skinny little husband nibbles off a saucer and I waddle up to a trough. I've been like that since childhood. Self-restraint, planning and recording on some level will be my burden for the rest of my life if I want to get and stay thin. "Intuitive Eating" doesn't work for someone whose brain is urging them to eat like it's the eve of their execution every day of the week, you know?

Well, it's Midnight now....bedtime!


07-20-2007, 03:19 AM
Hi folks,

Changing these ingrained food habits feels very obessive to me also. If I let down my guard I find it so easy to overeat.
Yesterday had dinner planned and to attend a meeting at 6pm. Just I was starting dinner our cat brought a darling frighten wild baby bunny into the house, After she dropped it ran about the house in a panic, by the time bunny got returned to the outdoors, no time to fix dinner. Gabbed some yogart and 2 tbls of peanut butter. Then when I returned I used the rest of my cals on a Hugh Gin+tonic.(didn't want to fix anything at 8:30. This was followed up bunches of cereal straight from the box. Just got the box 2 days earlier thinking I could handle it and keep to the daily measured amount. wrong.

So more new rules-Not ready for any cereal with any sweetner in it in the house. I must stock up on some of the south beach dinners for emergencies. Must keep the alcohol cals to about 5% of my total cals, I have been playing a game that I could eat less and then use extra cals for both a martini and some wine. Most all of my binges had some alcohol served at the same time.

Tonight we had a great dinner at our friends-they were so supportive-raw veggie snacks, low cal soup, bbq salmon and veggies, plus fresh fruit dessert.-the whole meals was absolutely great. What help not to go crazy and over eat. special friends.

Tomarrow we are off the stay at a B&B and meet some friends and then dine in the casino there. I really want to stay focused, -not eat bread and have a lower cal dinner. I am so tired of undoing days of losing weight which then has to be re-lost. How did you do Liannie losing all that weight without a slip for months.

hope everyone is doing well
I'll check in on Sat.


07-20-2007, 07:25 PM
Greetings from Bingeville,

I need to go look through the book and reread the stuff on emotional eating. I had a terrible day at work yesterday. It was the end of a week on extra long days and very little sleep, conflict with my boss and bad news about an employee I really really need possibly leaving us. So when somebody brought in a box of doughnuts, I just couldnt resist. I ate 3 over the course of the day and then the floodgates opened and the ice cream came rushing in. I'm pretty mad at me today and am trying to get back on track.

I had a business breakfast this morning and boxed up half the food to bring home for my husband, so that worked out okay, and I've stuck to a tuna sandwich for lunch and a baguette with butter for dinner. Yeah, a lot of carbs, but no sweets. Tomorrow it's back to no-carbs again so I can get completely back on the wagon.

Sue, the way I stayed so true to plan back in 1989 was by completely eliminating my social life for 5 months and creating a very structured environment for myself. I had a cup of milk (mixed with a cup of coffee) for breakfast, a Lean Cuisine for lunch, and a 500 calorie dinner from a rotating list of about 10 different dinner menus I created for myself. I turned down 95% of all social invitations and kept all off-plan foods out of the house. I remember repeating my mantra over and over "no bite of food, no drink of beer, means more to me than this." By the time January had rolled into May, I was able to be more reasonable about it, but for those first five months I basically was in my own self-imposed diet bootcamp. I had an easier job then because I was a secretary and not a manager so stress eating was less a factor. Or maybe I was just younger and more resilient. Who knows?

Anyway, onward we struggle. As long as we keep at it over the long term, we WILL get there. I will be working on the cravings and emotional eating lessons in depth for the next several days. More later when I work out the details.


07-20-2007, 09:26 PM
Hi guys,
I'm sad to report that I'm out of control. I had those cupcakes, and then I had major cravings. I did a couple of the techniques, read my cards, went for an hour long walk because that usually helps, got in control, and then it started again. It was too hard to go thru that again; I just gave in and ate what I wanted. I ate McDonald's night before last, ate good all day yesterday, then ate Chinese last night--completely overate.

Today I made a meal plan for the whole week, ate on plan till about 3, forced myself to do the shopping, but threw some m and m's in my basket, and now I've over eaten again after the candy. NO fast food, but I'm way over.

By yesterday morning, w/2 "bad" meals, I was up from 175 to 179. Despite exercising intensely 2 out of 4 days, and 2 out of 4 moderately. I think that triggers me b/c it's so unfair....I didn't eat 9000 calories to gain 4 pounds. And I just start to say f&*K's too hard. The deck is way too stacked against me. My body is f**Ked up.

Now I'm just where I was before. I think it's too hard. I don't think I'm ever going to get out of this ****. I don't think I'm every going to be thin again.
Right now, I don't even care. It's too hard.

OK, sorry to be negative, but it's where I'm at.
girlyfat :(

07-20-2007, 10:18 PM
Girly, I'm sorry to hear you and Sue and I are all having the same struggle right now. Your 4 extra pounds is water. You didnt eat 9000 calories! The water weight will come down once you get back on track. You WILL get out of ****. It will take months and months but as the tally racks up more "good days" than "bad days", the weight will come off. And you're right. It's hard. But it's not TOO hard. It's just plain old hard. And it will take a long time. But we'll be here doing it with you, if that's any consolation.


07-20-2007, 10:25 PM
Hi everyone,
I probably won't drop by much for a while--we are in the crazy moving process right now! Hope to pack the truck tomorrow and leave Sunday or Monday. We're going to stay with friends in Chicago before heading to Oklahoma. I definitely want to stay on here though; I'm starting this pregnancy 20lbs higher than last time, and I hope to keep my entire weight gain to only 20, maybe 25 lbs. It's going to take some serious work, as I've already been starving and eating pretty much everything in sight.

Girly, I wonder if the gain you saw is due to the high salt concentrations in both chinese and mcdonald's food? That could have made you retain water like crazy, which could easily add up to 4 lbs--water is heavy! Try to eat low salt for a few days and see if it goes back down. I bet it will!

Liannie, the very structured diet is also how I've been successful, although the cals were too low to sustain. It's definitely hard to maintain or get inspired to try again.

Sue, your life sounds like so much fun! Although I love having a baby, I miss the carefree childless days too. A baby is hard on the social life, for sure!

I'll check in again soon. Take care, everyone, and hang in there! Don't give up!

07-22-2007, 10:18 AM
Hi friends,
My temper tantrum is over and Im feeling better. I'm feeling like I might be able to get back on it again. The overall damage has been 2 pounds.

In the year before I got diagnosed with the thyroid problem, and all the docs were just telling me eat less, and "you're fine," I remember dieting and stepping on the scale and gaining weight despite really good efforts (+30 pounds in less than 6 months), so I think I got thrown back into the memory of that frustrating time. My medication has my thyroid as normal as it's going to be now; my values are quite good.

Not to mention that as you said Liannie, it's just plain old hard. Karina, you're right. It prob was the salt. I really thought I'd gained 4 pounds, but it must have been a lot of water. IF I'd stopped immediately, and not continued to eat badly for another 2 or 3 days, the damage would probably be only 1#. Oh well.

Well the good news is that I shopped and my food is planned, so all that is done for a week. And I've kept track of my food and calories during this whole time, so I know exactly what I've eaten.

I'm hoping that I can somehow make it through today sticking to my plan. And then another day, and another day, till it starts feeling easier.

Thanks for your support


Sue, you do have good friends! I wish my friends would make that nice meal for me. How are you doing?

07-22-2007, 11:40 AM
Good Morning All,

Girly, I'm so glad you're feeling better. My "pre-diagnosis" thyroid story is similar to yours. I maintained weight if dieting and gained weight if eating normally for MONTHS before I finally got the diagnosis. It really sucked. And then my doctor when hearing my symptoms tried to diagnose me with depression until I insisted on the thyroid test.

Anyway, you're right about your little setback...OH WELL (just like Dr. Beck says). I'm feeling the same way now. I overate again yesterday despite my plans to make it my first day back on the wagon. Now I realize, after having slept 11 hours, that much of it was fueled by fatigue along with job and home stress. I re-read Day 33 on Emotional Eating today and I realize that I need more education on these techniques than those 3 pages offer, so I'm going to check around on Amazon to see what else is out there.

As for me, I already have menus made for the week and will be going to the store shortly. I need the structure and organization to stay true to plan. I'm going to deal with my troublesome work situation (one of Beck's solutions: deal with it or change your mindset) then let it go. I WILL get enough sleep this week and I'm going to go back to playing New Age music in the car when I'm stressed instead of pulling into McDonalds. At least that's the plan. :)

Sue, I hope you're doing okay and will be visiting again with us soon.

Karina, we'll miss you but will be waiting here when you get back. It's just us four and Stacy now so your absence will really make a difference. I'm moving in 3 weeks (only 40 miles though), so I know what life is like right now. Hang in there!

Happy Sunday all,

07-22-2007, 04:48 PM
HI folks.

Sounds like everyone is dealing with alot of stress-work, finances, moving and the challenges of eating out or with friends. Liannie, thanks for letting me know about how you lost so much weight without set backs. I also believe that hermit-hood is the most guarantied way to lose weight. Just not a very practical or satisfying way to live. I gained so much weight dealing with the stress of teaching, supporting and living with 4 over active teens ( who are now very responsible, delightful adults) Yes, Karina you will get your social life back as children get older.

I get a real pressure build up when around "comfort foods or drink". It is like I can only refuse eating caloric items so many times in a short period of time. The more frequently I see them, the more they chips away at my resolve. I also find no matter how hard I work at moderation when out I almost always gain. I can taste all the salt added to everything.

At first when I ate out, I would feel entitled to over indulge as I had been soo good at home-my type of food tantrum girlythin. How could one meal, day or trip cause so much damage? Well, it always came with such a regain.
Then I sort of watched it-no bread ect-still had big regains. Last trip really really watched and still gained 1/2 lb in 2 days, I really believe that to be water.

I must return to planning and uck-cooking everything I eat. We do eati very healthy at home-sometimes a bit boring tho. The pain of my joints keep reminding me to lose weight. Hope to under 300 by Christmas

thanks to everyone for all the posting. It is much more fun than doing a journal as love to hear about everyone's struggles and successes and feedback. Just writing about everything helps me so much. L if you find more books about mind changing let me know. I have become more postive due to meditation. We can change our attitudes. It is just how that is trick for each of us.

keep on thining

07-22-2007, 06:42 PM
Sue, you're right: hermit-hood will get the weight off but is no longer practical for me either. I joke with my other 40-or-50something overweight friends that somehow the food just tastes better now that we're older, but I think we're just more foodcentric than we were before. Back when I lost all the weight in 1989, we did a lot of beer drinking, barbecuing, and tailgating type of activities that were mainly centered around sports and what the men liked. Now that I'm older, I've developed my own excuses to drink and overeat--martini nights with the girls, wine-soaked dinners with other couples--which might be more sophisticated but are still way too caloric nonetheless. Problem is, I don't want to give them up for months on end! They're pretty much all I have beyond job and home. So I struggle like you do. I can only pass up so much so often.

And yeah, we gotta cook. :( In fact, I have to get up from the sofa in a few minutes, clean the kitchen and then make 3 days' worth of meals so that I dont eat something spontaneous and stupid during the week. May I add that my dear naturally-thin husband will be playing computer golf while I'm slaving away? Dr. Beck would say to give up the "it's not fair" thinking, say "oh well!" and just get to it. And I will, because I've got to lose this weight. I've got to. There's no way around it. And I want to.

I'll fish around out in cyberspace on my next computer break and send along some mindchanging titles if I find any.


07-24-2007, 12:06 AM
Hi all,

back to the scales-I have had a 4 lb gain over the last 2 weeks and really want to get it all off.( plus an additional 150 lbs) I know I have not had 3500(4)=14,000 extra cals during the last 2 weeks. A friend gave me a tandori rub-had it all over the measured bbq chicken last night and gain a lb. Now wondering if there was salt in the mixture. I have made some great changes using the Beck book, but it sure isn't easy for me to lose-age and poor mobility are taking their toll.

Liannie you mentioned how you gain after you got married-a sense of celebration. I have the same pattern. 1st husband-very controlling, underlying sense of anger, hated me being 35 lbs overweight after the birth of our son. -found nothing physically attractive about me then( I am 5' 10'') it really wasn't that bad). 2nd husband, easy going, mellow and raised in cal wine county-ah yes the wine soaked dinners.(1st husband there was no alcohol or sweets in the home) 2nd husband is truly an adult hyper active guy-never stops and burns off 3-4.000 cals a day. I kept up with him on the food intake, but only burned off 2,000 a day.Years later he is thin and active and I am large, slow and too inactive. It is kind of like getting old, how did this happen so quick-I was just 40 and weighed so much less.

Karina, Stacy and Girlythin-Hope all is going well in your busy lives.


07-24-2007, 02:11 AM
girly, good to hear your feeling better. We all go through those rough periods then get back on it. Too bad we couldn't just skip those times, this whole weight loss thing would go so much faster!

liannie, I really struggled with fast food too. At my worst point I was going sometimes 6x a week. I just slowly cut back and now I only eat out with my husband and no more mcdonalds or burger king type. It really is a slow proccess, the stuff is seriously like a drug! And yea, cooking is a pain! I can't remember the last time hubby cooked a meal!

sue, we love having you here as well! Your posts are always so very insightful and thoughful! Sorry about you gain, but I agree it's probably mostly water weight. Just remember what Beck says, all a gain is is an oppurtunity to look at your plan and reevaluate. And it says nothing about who YOU are!

Things are going well here. I'm down almost 20 pounds since starting BDS! After being "stuck" at the same weight for a year or more that's just ridiculous. :lol: The fact that a few simple ideas (losing weight is more important than a cheeseburger, it's not normal to be uncomfortable after eating, thin people don't turn to food, etc) can have that HUGE of an impact is amazing. For once my goal seems attainable and maintainable.

Things are going good on the running front as well. I have another 5K coming up this Saturday which I'm looking forward to. My goal is to finish under 30 minutes. I also decided to do a TRIATHLON in October. How crazy is that? It's the shortest distance possible for a tri. 400 meter swim, 9 mile bike, 1.5 mile run. I'd like to do the longer one (all the distances doubled) but I'm limited by the swim. I'm still learning and have yet to actually swim in the open water.

Hope everyone's well! Keep on Beck-in' ladies!

07-24-2007, 11:16 AM
Quick Hello Ladies,

Stacy, you are KICKIN BUTT! I am so impressed with your exercise regimen. I'm just now building back up over the last 2 months after about 3 years of only sporadic working out (that darn courtship and wedding again!), and will likely never be at your level. But you are SO inspiring!

Sue, age and poor mobility are a problem. My post-50 weight loss attempts are long, grueling and only seem to cover short distances. Do you have access to a pool? A water aerobics class would get you moving painlessly? Or how about Sweatin with the Oldies tapes? That's an all-sizes low-impact way to get started. Unfortunately for us over40s, it's all about the exercise. Oh yeah, and consistency, and patience, and all that stuff that takes time....

As for me, I did okay yesterday staying within my calorie allotment. The job is gearing up to get on my last nerve again this week, but I'm determined NOT to overeat over it. I just can't (NO CHOICE). I can't go through all this suffering only to undo it with 2-3 crazy binge-filled days. It's not worth it.

Shouts out to Girly, Karina and anybody else out there!


07-24-2007, 02:27 PM
HI everyone,

Stacy you have made life changing skills. Your exercising is increditable and will continue as it is your new study and career. Good luck with the swimming. I never swam in the ocean-too much undertow in Northern Cal. Love lake swimming-no chemicals. What Beck skills were the most important to you? 20 lbs change is great.

Liannie thanks for the care, swimming is my one consistant exercise. There is a lovely outdoor expensive pool about 20 minutes away. It is luxury -both gas and money, but I keep going. Plus water resistance burns so many cals.
Your work sounds like alot of stress-hope it gets better soon. I never mind any type of work-occassionally the politics, egos and slackers at work would drive me crazy.-other times it was just the tough time folks were going thur, (I have been a teacher and social worker, domestic violence worker)-. Good for you for dealing with the tension without overeating. Figure out relaxes you (not foood or drink) then let me know too! I always wanted my husband to be able to give massages-he doesn't.

well I lost 1 lb-I figure this is the 4th time I lost this lb in 2 weeks. I have 3lbs more to go to reach were I was 2 weeks ago. It does feel like a stubborn diet time. I feel so unhealthy I want to eat correctly, yet I want a quicker pay off for resisting old comfort foods. I feel just seeing, smelling and thinking about alot of high cal foods causes a gain. A bit of a rough diet patch for me, great fun socially, -however it is now a quiet "hermit" like time for a couple of weeks.
Best skinny wishes to all

07-24-2007, 11:09 PM
Hi everyone,

I keep wondering when I'm going to be able to do this....It's good for me to hear, realistic for me to hear, that everyone has setbacks. I've been going around and around, and Valerie Bertinelli has lost 21 pounds on TV!! I've been thinking and planning and fretting all that time...sheesh...get on with it, I say to myself!!!!!

Stacy, wow, I may have to totally give up on fast food, too. Good for you and your husband! It is addictive and so easy. I wonder if they study just the right chemicals like the cig companies do, to addict us! But ultimately, I'm the one who drives my car there, orders it, and then puts it[and too much of it] to my mouth.

I still feel myself fighting the following the plan I make with NO CHOICE. I haven't moved beyond that in the book.

The other day I said to myself that hey, at least I have a choice with planning whatever the heck I want to eat (now that I'm doing low cal) w/my weekly planning, and then even the night before I can change what I want on my plan, so in a way, that's a LOT of freedom.

If I can look at it like that, then I don't feel my wings are clipped as much. I don't think I've ever made it thru one day following my meal plan since I came to that day in the book. One of the most successful people I saw at Overeaters Anonymous did that....she called in her food plan to her sponsor every day, even after she lost all her weight. And she didn't veer from it. Not many did that, and most struggled and struggled. I know it's a good thing for me right now. I know I need to do it right now.

Sue, I would still count that 1# as a victory...congrats!

Liannie: "I just can't (NO CHOICE). I can't go through all this suffering only to undo it with 2-3 crazy binge-filled days. It's not worth it."

So true---all that work just to fall into the hole. I need to remember that. It's so not worth it.

Maybe next time I write I'll be on track....

07-25-2007, 09:45 AM
'Mornin ladies!

Long day today so just a quick shout again....

Sue, a husband who would give massages would be worth renting out to friends! My husband is one of these calm and serene types who pretty much never needs a massage, so he doesnt think about giving them either. Of course, I've never asked....

I'm recovering old ground too, weightwise. My 3-day binge last week got me back up to 174 and I'm back down to 172 again today. I'm SO TIRED of losing the SAME weight over and over and over! I'm really going into hermit mode until August 1 so I can slide the ticker over to 170, my goal. I think I will then maintain for a few weeks rather than try to continue dieting along with two closings and a move. Thankfully the boss goes on vacation tomorrow so I can take her off my stress pile for a minute.

Good for you with the swimming! It's a great calorie burner.

Girly, what is your struggle with the overeating? Is it emotional? Is it addictive foods? Do you let yourself get too hungry? Are you not sleeping well enough? Fatigue and thirst both create artificial hunger for me. Maybe if we analyzed exactly what the triggers are, we could help. You know us....always willing to analyze and ponder!

As for me, I made it another day on plan. Thats three in a row. I guess I'm taking it one day at a time, like an alcoholic. Today there is a meeting at work which has catered food. NO DESSERTS will be my mantra.

More later, gotta go.


07-25-2007, 02:02 PM
Hi Everyone,

Hey, good cheer to everyone. We all are going to win over the lure of food and be much more healthier, active and attractive.
Yep, these changes are a real bear. I fight stress, anger and depression when not eating my comfort food which I told myself had the ability to calm me. I have operated for years that food could "solve" emotional problems. I am really bright gal-how could I believe that for all these years! Now "all" I want is to lose 190 lb is a couple of months. Luckly I am not an unreasonable person-not with others-just with my own body. I can over feed it, under exercise it, force it work when tired or sick, and then get mad at it for not losing weight fast enough when I finally treat it right for a couple of months.

girlythin, I so understand the wanting to cater to the impluse to eat what ever I want, any time I want and how much I want. I am embrassed to say how much satisfication that implusivity gives me-That is one of my very core personal rewards-I want no one take away from me and they can't. Only I can do that slow hard work to change the value of implusive eating. I have some control in my own home as allow very few comfort foods in it, but out of the home it is a HUGH battle for me. Even ocassionally late a night when I am alone down stairs, I will "sneak" some peanut butter-I can feel the relaxation of eating it alone when not even hungry. I would not enjoy it at all if my husband was still in the front room and heard what I was doing, He would not say anything, but the "sneak" would not be so sweet nor have the personal sense of "reward".

I have spent years having my mind override my body's needs-My body is begging me-by the use of pain to listen to it and stop overeating, yet my mind says -forget the pain-enjoy this treat just one more time over and over again.

I guess I am musing that to "think like a thin person" I personally need more respect for my body's true needs, not the addictive little girl that is part of my mind. I really need to learn how to reward/ calm/ enjoy myself without the use of food. I have to work on ignoring the sight of food or even signs about food-Just seeing the ice cream store plants the need to have one. This "need" then become a battling thought for hours. I do use the "Oh Well"-thought it is so reoccuring that it can trigger overeating hours later. I can do some calming using meditation when I remember to do it. Rewarding my self -especially self praise is very diffiicult. I tell myself nothing I do is really that good-it could always be better hence little chance for my self praise. Enjoying myself socially without food or drink-that is very very hard for me.

Hope doesn't sound to crazy to everyone else, but it really helped me to write this stuff.

love reading everyone's posting
Stacy-you are awesome-you will have so much insight as a trainer.

I agree Liannie it is one day at at a time-often it is just minute to minute to fight the urge.

Karina hope your travels are going well.

To a new attitude to food-may it a fuel and no longer my "bad buddy"


07-25-2007, 02:31 PM
Sue, that's awesome that you are so commited to your swimming. I think as time goes on and you lose the weight that the consistent exercise will really help with your mobility. You'll be much better off then someone in the same boat who does it with exercise alone. As for me I think the principles that helped me the most were just the ideas of what was "normal." Normal people don't turn to food for comfort, or eat until it's uncomfortable. Another big one was hunger is not an emergency.

girly, what if you tried to slowly make changes in your meal plan? Maybe try writing down a less strict plan with maintaining calories. Maybe plan for lunch out, have your favorite dinner, but control the portions. Yea, you probably won't lose weight but it may help you follow what's written down and stop the bingeing. Then you could slowly make changes to get the calorie intake down to where you want it and it won't seem as extreme or limiting. I could never have gone from how I was eating originally to my current plan. It took a looooong time.

liannie, 3 days on plan is great. You know honestly even with my loss I don't know that I've made it 3 days!

I have to start thinking about what I'm going to do when my family is out here visiting in a couple weeks. In the fast that's always been my downfall. Hopefully I'll be able to keep with my eating habits. I don't think the exercise will be too much of an issue. I also have a lot of cleaning and reorganizing to do between now and then. 5 people in a one bedroom apartment is not going to be fun!

Have a good day everyone!

07-26-2007, 12:22 PM
Quick shout to everyone before I do my workout and then run out the door to work....

Yesterday was a disaster. I caved on the desserts at the meeting, then had another 1-woman ice cream eating contest. I need to beat me up some more before I'll be rational enough to figure out how to stop this. I'm back on plan today but I need to analyze what happened so I can prevent it from happening again.

More later.

07-26-2007, 11:19 PM
Liannie and Stacy---you are both close to the 160s....that's so cool.

Stacy, it's a great suggestion to start in a less restrictive way. I'm not much of a moderate person, sort of all-or-nothing, but maybe moderation is better. I thought that doing low calories was a moderation already....still figuring out what's next.

Sue, you are right. I think that we are all gonna get it. It's relearning how to live in the world. I think that if I can get this, I'm going to be invincible. I'm not giving up. You said, "I personally need more respect for my body's true needs" and this really rang a chord with me, too.

Liannie, in regards to my whys in overeating, they are numerous--and prob boring to anyone but me. I think I work in an inherently stressful job, and I've never handled stress well. I wait too long to eat, and then overeat. I get dehydrated bec. I've always been like a camel and hate drinking water. I have increasingly loud and painful symptoms when I eat wheat, yet I ignore them b/c my body CRAVES wheat and wheat products. There is alcoholism majorly in my family lineage, and though alcohol isn't an issue for me, I believe that I have some sort of addictive component to my eating, possibly from that. If I eat low carb, I can get the cravings somewhat under control, but I feel too restricted on that, so I'm going to need to strike a balance on that b/c I think my blood sugar screams at me.

The last thing is more feels like this compulsion, and I seem to lose this impulse control when it happens. No matter if I've got a plan or I've got food ready, or I cried at my reflection the night before, if it hits me, I feel this irresistible urge to eat. I need to get ahold of is pretty blinding. I think it's prob a "craving" and that I need to do the anticraving techniques, and then build up a belief that I can live thru it.

On the positive side, I've done well with exercise overall, I've somehow stayed at 177 for several days, and I have 4 days ahead of me work-free to make healthy meals and take good care of myself. God bless Dr. Beck, that's for sure, and you all, too.


07-27-2007, 12:54 AM
Girly, you are singing my song! My job is like a bundle of stress wrapped in barbed wire! I am trapped and tangled in it, and would be shredded trying to get out--right now at least. I eat from total compulsion when I get stressed out and feel driven to eat more and more and more when the first dose of carbs hits my tongue. But it IS too restricting to go completely without them, so I fight along in this crazy struggle. I want the Beck techniques to work and I use them more and more each day, but 40 years of bad habits is tough to overcome in a couple of months. I keep telling myself the same things I tell all of you: when the scales rack up more "good" days then "bad" days, I will be happy with the number I see. It will just take time, effort and consistency.

Hey Sue, Stacy and Karina!


07-27-2007, 03:15 AM
HI Everyone,

Yeah, after 2 weeks I have lost all of the 8 re-gained lbs and now back to what I weighted on 7/13. This gain was the result of 2 trips and 5 meals with friends.-I was really trying to cut while dinning out too. Set back was icky, but the good was that I kept on trying to lose the lbs versus going into months of mindless eating.
Now I have a 46.5 lbs total loss. Really want to lose another 35lbs before holidays. I hope that my vigilance keeps up. There so many incredible caloric foods in this world. For the first time in years went to our local movie house and did not get any food from the snack bar. DH got 2 candy bars, friend got popcorn.

ladies, really related to stress overeating, off all the factors-stress was my hughest factor for gaining so much weight. -Have you heard the idea that overeater are very often perfectionist? I have been told that I am too hard on myself. Even volunteering I push myself and get stressed. I really hope you can find ways of reducing stress. Liannie-you job plus a move sound tough, Glad Girlythin you have a couple days off. Kiddos to you both for keeping up the exercise. Today I was getting stressed about some timelines, so I thought don't swim-told myself it was like medication and I would not skip my blood pressure meds because too busy. Really did feel better afterward.
Girlythin-I also feel that I have some addictive wiring going on in my brain-I truly believe that I can change unhealty habits of my brain. That is what is so appealing about Beck-not just diet rules, but skills to self moderate. Often it really is just one day or one bite at a time.


07-28-2007, 04:15 AM
yay, Sue!!

07-28-2007, 11:14 AM
Hi Everyone,

I am a 39 year old teacher in upstate NY. I have two children, ages 7 and 5 and a supportive husband. I am a lifetime dieter.

I have always struggled with my weight. I am not severely overweight (5'2 and 133 lbs) but have always been overweight in my head. I need to lose 10 pounds and just can't seem to do it. This weight feel intolerable to me. I have to do something, yet the dieting seems to backfire.

I read and enjoyed the Beck book last month. I got off to a great start and then fell into my same old pattern. The pattern is.....

1. have a great start and feel excited
2. see some weight loss (say 2lbs. in 2 weeks)
3. have some type of challenge (such as being out on boat all day with friends) and do my best to eat well under circumstances, feel great and in control (not perfect, but definitely improved)
4. gain weight from said outing
5. decide dieting isn't worth all the HARD work if it is so easy to regain, think that if I can eat a LOT more and maintain or diet like **** only to maintain I may as well eat and enjoy (I guess I don't want to work hard w/o results)

I know part of my problem is lack of consistency and also lack of persevering past the above scenario.

I am going to pull out my Beck book, begin rereading, and start posting here. I think it will really help to have some friends on the same journey. ;)


07-28-2007, 01:00 PM
Welcome, Michelle!

07-28-2007, 02:30 PM
Welcome Michelle!
Good Morning (in alphabetical order) Girly, Karina, Stacy and Sue!

Michelle, the Beck book is a wonderful tool to get us to rewire our thinking and habits! You'll see from the last week or so of posting that three of us have been struggling with emotional eating, festive/restaurant meals and stress. So some lessons have to be reworked over and over. It seems like you share our same pattern, and we are glad to have you with us. Building collective energy will carry us all forward.

Sue, GOOD FOR YOU on not skipping the swimming. Exercise is medication! It definitely keeps me from being fatter and more depressed, even if it isn't the cure-all I wish I could find. And congrats on being back to your last lowest weight reading AND avoiding movie theatre foods. I'm not getting near the scale yet. I've been too lax this week and don't want to disappoint myself.

Girly, I just read an article in Time Magazine called "why we get addicted" and it talked about addictive behaviors being an impulse control issue and how our brains are different that other people's. They showed through funtional MRIs of addicted people and cured addicts that the brain can be changed after years of using the new habits. So there's hope for us after all! We just need years and years of retraining. That's nice to know. If we actually keep at this, it will finally work.

Stacy and Karina, HEY OUT THERE!

As for me, I'm getting ready for the last-minute packathon to begin here at home and I will be trying to exercise and avoid convenience foods this weekend in an effort to keep calories at 1400 or less. I re-read my primary reasons for wanting to lose the weight this morning but I'm not working on specific lessons again until Monday. Hunger tolerance and avoiding emotional overeating, as always, will be the key.

More later, I'm sure...

07-28-2007, 06:01 PM
Hello Again Everyone,

Thanks for the warm welcome. I began rereading the book again and had to laugh out loud when I read the characteristics of overweight thinking (34-41). I have many of them! I especially suffer from feeling things are unfair. :)

Here are my reasons/advantages for losing weight....

I will get up in the morning and feel great wearing whatever I choose.

I will shop and select styles I love, not just whatever fits.

I will hit 40 looking and feeling my PERSONAL BEST.

I will feel like an athlete.

I will like my legs. They will be toned and strong.

I will view myself as someone who naturally eats healthfully and enjoys it.

I will feel proud of my accomplishment.

I will END this issue in my life….the obsessing, energy draining, see sawing nature of it. It will be been there, done that.


07-28-2007, 06:04 PM

Am I thinking powerful, positive, thoughts?

Do I BELIEVE in myself?

What are the alternatives?

Will I like the result of this?

What kind of thinking error could I be making?

What would I tell a friend?

How MUCH do I want it?

Is this part of the difference between being interested in losing weight and being COMMITTED?

What helps me be successful?

What helps me feel STRONG, mentally and physically?

If not now, WHEN?

If not now, WHY?


I have the power within me to choose to overcome adversity.

No bite of food is worth, no ice cream cone, no snack, no temporary “fix” is worth giving up my goal.

I must believe to achieve. :carrot:

07-28-2007, 11:33 PM
I will END this issue in my life….the obsessing, energy draining, see sawing nature of it. It will be been there, done that.

Amen to this one! This is probably the one with the biggest significance for me. Actually a lot of your reasons resonated with me.

I keep adding to mine. I added # 23 today. Today I did my walk for exercise, and although I wear sports bras for 95% of the moments of my life, I was in a sports bra and just so self-conscious of my boobs. I hate being this chesty, and even though I wear a mondo support sports bra, they can only do so much when you are moving fast. I can't wait to be smaller, and also to not have to wear sports bras and spanx and to always be careful of what I'm wearing in my non-exercise times. So #23 was just "to be comfortable in my own body."

Most people don't realize I'm as big as I am b/c I've learned how to dress well for my size. IN fact, I've even taken up sewing b/c I can pick the right style, the right material, etc to look the thinnest possible.

Yesterday I went shopping for material, and I was frustrated b/c I couldnt' find anything that fit all the criteria for what I can wear.

It'll be so great to just buy what I want b/c it's cute, not because it has vertical lines, or it's dark and slimming, or it has the right neckline, the right size print, etc. One great thing about being overweight IS that I've taken up sewing. Love it. I'm sure I'll continue it after I ever lose this weight.

Well, I'm rambling. Beck-wise, I did a lot of things on my checklist and a few I didn't do. Today was supposed to be put an extra portion on your plate and don't eat it, but I didn't do it, so tomorrow that'll be my task. I got my menu made out for the whole week. That feels good.

Liannie, you are always so thoughtful in your posts. Hope your moving goes as swiftly as possible.

Hello to Stacy, Sue, and Karina....

Have a great Sunday.

07-29-2007, 12:06 AM
HI everyone,

An hello to Michelle, welcome to this great site. You are younger and thinner than me, but keep up the good work to avoid some of health issues I am working on due to the excessive weight. Fight that feeling of feeling very overweight in your head. I carried that feeling for years and then actually became very obese. It was like my body become my distorted mental image of who I was.

Liked your thought for tough times.
Eating away from home is soo hard for me. I have over many months mastered the foods in my own home. It is meals with friends and short trips that undo weeks of hard work. Next week a trip to San Francisco to house sit for 3 days. I need to resist all the different caloric ethnic foods. I think I'll take my old WW food counter into every restaurante. Maybe start every meal with a salad when I can. I really need be to alert to avoid the feeling of deserving a special treat because we are out of the house or with friends.

Some of the thoughts I am adding to my lists is the 1.each healthy action today will make tomarrow's healthy choice easier. 2.each actions which reinforces old habits will continue the addictive pattern, 3. each healthy change in eating lays the foundation to be thin. There is more "tomarrow" I will do better, It gots to be today because it will only be harder tomarrow. Catching those sabotaging thought before eating is a very critical step for me. Not an 100% success rate, but before the sabotaging thoughts won a100% of the time.

Liannie-best wishes on your move, Hope the new place is great. DH and I are hugh pack rats so moves are so much work-along with tons of sorting of half needed items.

Girlythin- Hope your life has calmed down It is very hard to make changes when stress and exhausted. praise yourself for each step that you make-even reading the cards get good info into your brain. You will pick up the program when you have the energy.

Karina Hope your trip is good?
Stracy-Bet you doing your amazing exercising program.


07-29-2007, 01:47 AM
:welcome: michelle! Those really are some great reasons. I like the last one too. I think on my list it would equate to my "To be normal" but just said much more eloquently. :lol: The Beck Solution has made such a huge change in my relationship with food and I hope it helps you too!

liannie, good luck with your pack-a-thon!

girly, that's amazing that you know how to sew. I never tried anything more more difficult than a table runner! I bet you make some gorgeous stuff.

sue, good luck in San Francisco. Trips are the hardest for me too. Even if you don't do exactly as planned (and who does) 1 less pound gained (or 1 more pound lost!) is better than nothing!

Today was my 5K and I really have mixed emotions. I ended up with a time of 31:38. I was hoping to get under 30 or 31 so that's a little disappointing. The frustrating part was I was running a lot faster but had to walk a couple times because my stomach hurt! I wasn't out of breath or anything, my stomach just hurt from running after breakfast. I even had my cereal dry to avoid the sloshies from the milk but it didn't seem to help. Had I been able to keep my pace I would have WON my age division. As it was I came in 5th out of 40 and 140/400 and some overall. I know I should be excited but it's hard to not be able to perform at your full potential.

Not much going on besides that. The scale has shows a slight gain this week but my calories have been low. I'm wondering if it's not water from some extra salty foods this week and my poor sore muscles retaining water from a week of crazy workouts. I'm hoping that Monday morning it will be back down for official weigh-in. Tomorrow morning is my husband's triathlon so we'll be heading out at 5:30am for that. I know he's nervous, I wish I was as good a supporter as he is for me! He always knows how to calm me down and get me through a race.

07-29-2007, 09:57 AM
Good Morning Everyone!

Girly - I can completely relate to wanting to be able to buy clothes that just appeal to you because they are cute, not because they fit. My mom used to call the whole buying clothes for fit thing, dressing in camouflage style (covering up the fat). LOL.

Sue - I copied down your thoughts to add to my list. :) I have many healthy days but then BLOW it. I think consistency is going to be my biggest challenge. I like your thinking...that each healthy action supports the next. So true. I know you are right that I must change the "fat tape" in my head.

Stacy - I wish I could make you feel better about your 5K. I would love to turn myself into a runner and make it through a 5K. I am impressed by your accomplishment. But I too, would be frustrated by not running my "personal best".

A question.....WHAT DO YOU ALL DO FOR EXERCISE? I am currently doing 3 times a week (30 min) on the elliptical, and 2x week strength training with videos for 30 min. I know I could increase things, but July has been my month to go from being sedentary to exercising, and I don't want to overcommit and then give up.

Have a terrific day, filled with powerful, positive thinking. :)

07-29-2007, 10:06 AM

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit."


07-29-2007, 10:43 AM
Good Sunday Morning to All!

I wanted to pass along some of the quotes from the addiction article I read the other day.

"you are unable to stop when you want to, despite [being] aware of the adverse consquences. It permeates your life; you spend more and more time satisfying [your craving]....Addiction is not just about substances. Addiction is about disrupting the processing of pleasure; the balance point is shifted so you keep creating more and more urges and you keep wanting more and more.....The brain is saying 'this is good; we should do it again'."

That really hit home for me because I realized that this process is what I have to overcome by strengthening the resistance muscles, like Dr. Beck says. Everytime I cave and have a stress-inspired milkshake, I reinforce my perverted pleasure-processing habit and create another urge the next time I get upset. I have to retrain the brain to say "this is bad; we should find another way to alleviate stress." My major quest now becomes: what is that "other way"?

Girly, I am SO with you on your #23--feeling comfortable in your own body! Wouldn't that be a pleasure? Good luck with the extra portion avoidance lesson. That one got to be easier after a while for me and I think you will get it too once you practice a bit. I'm so impressed with your sewing skills! It's a creative outlet that must give you a lot of self-esteem.

Karina, I hope you're well on your way to OK and will be checking back soon.

Michelle, your reasons are so joyful and refreshing! To visualize that day when you are that person must give you a lot of inspiration. I know it gave me some, just reading your list. I've been doing cardio, weights, yoga and pilates consistently for about the last 2 months, and sporadically for the last 10 years. I usually do videos comprising a total-body weights workout once a week, a split UB+cardio/LB+cardio over 2 days, a circuit cardio/weights once, and one strictly cardio day with either a short yoga or pilates routine afterward. I strive for 5-6 hours a week, spread over 5 days. Sometimes life intervenes and sometimes I actually make it. Exercise is key in keeping my metabolism going, my aches and pains minimal and my mental state positive. I like the FIRM quite a bit. Whose videos do you do?

Stacy, You Go Girl! I know you feel bad about the stomach pain and not being able to reach your full potential on the 5K but you are doing SO VERY WELL just to be out there, and we are SO VERY PROUD of you. We know you'll end up first in your age division soon. Your commitment just radiates off the screen, and there's no way you'll stop before you reach your goal.

Sue, your post about the sabotaging thoughts really resonates with me. My sabotaging thoughts translate into action so quickly that they're more like pure reflex. I mean "thoughts" implies an internal conversation that involves words and dialogue. My self-sabotage goes from idea to action so fast, there's no time to talk myself out of it. Do you have any ideas on that? How have you been doing it? I'm really struggling with this one! Any advice?

Well, that's it for today. I've got to go out and buy Space Bags this morning and finish packing the bedroom before I move on to pack the pantry while I do my week's worth of cooking. But first... a work-out after Meet the Press.

My best to all. More tomorrow.


07-29-2007, 03:34 PM
Fight that feeling of feeling very overweight in your head. I carried that feeling for years and then actually became very obese. It was like my body become my distorted mental image of who I was.

1.each healthy action today will make tomarrow's healthy choice easier. 2.each actions which reinforces old habits will continue the addictive pattern, 3. each healthy change in eating lays the foundation to be thin. There is more "tomarrow" I will do better, It gots to be today because it will only be harder tomarrow.


Sue, very powerful stuff there. I love your idea of starting the meal with a salad, too.

Liannie, loved the info on addiction. ding*ding*ding! Completely resonate with that bell. THank you for writing all that.

Stacy, you rock. Incredible.

Michelle, I play tennis once a week (wish I could find another partner so I could play twice a week--it's fun and such good exercise), I walk outside with an ipod and fast music, and I try to do the frisbee golf course once a week at a fast pace.

I'm trying to do deep breathing/reading my cards every hour today to somehow make it thru the day following my food plan. I still haven't made it thru a day. So far so good. 11:32.

07-29-2007, 04:35 PM

I am so in awe of everyone insights, accomplishments, determination and incredible exercising programs. I am learning alot with every posting, plus it keeps up hope and support when I am down. It is helpful for me to share my struggles-well meaning friends of mine just minimize the difficulty to change-"just go on this or that diet, then you'll be fine" or " yea, you need to lose weight but just for tonight play and over eat/drink with me". Thanks to everyone here.

I think that much of the info that deals with addiction is so appropriate for my eating pattern. I have been in groups, therapy and classes dealing with how to have a healthy eating pattern and they all denied that there was a possble problem with addiction-just lack of knowledge or will power.-Heck I knew the cal and carb counter better than most instructors but still weighted over 300lb. The only thing left was that I was a weak spineless overeater who just didn't have the will to lose. Thanks to Beck and to all of you I do have some info that really makes sense. After hundred spent on diet books, it is not the food but the attitudes of the mind. Attitudes which are deeply embeded but CAN be changed.

I also want to be normal-believe me a 300lb person doesn't look normal. Yesterday went to a new hair dresser, who ensure me he was not prejudice against the obese(Some of his best friends were "large") Maybe with this new cut I would look "less like a man" "you so big," " You so there being big and everything". This is when silence would have been golden! If he was not prejudice he certainly fixated on my size. While hurt, the best new is that I did not change my food plan. I didn't need a treat because he was a jerk.

Another quote I like-The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice- R. D. Laing


07-29-2007, 07:30 PM
Hi Everyone,
This week I am going to try and break my latest addiction. I honestly don't know if I can. It is a soft serve vanilla cone with sprinkles, from my favorite place. I go every day even though it is out of my way.

We love soft ice cream and normally go out for it 3-4 times a week in the summer. This summer I was calorie counting so I would get a kiddie cone. This (of course) always left me wanting more. I began going EVERY day for a kiddie cone, still counting the calories and staying in my allotment. Then, when I didn't lose weight, I said "Forget this," upped my cone size back to a small (with sprinkles) and kept going EVERY day, rather than original 3 times a week (bad enough). This is once more instance of me trying to restrict my food intake and then then later rebelling.

I definitely fit into the addicted category. Lainnie, I appreicated all that info. I need to reformulate my pleasure pathways.

I am not sure (seriously) if I can go a day now without this cone, but I am going to try and have one tonight, and then NO CONES until Saturday. That will be five days w/o ice cream. Send me some positive vibes ladies. Maybe I will start craving carrots or something!!


07-30-2007, 01:57 AM
I'm proud to say that I FINALLY made it thru one day following my meal plan, as I had it written down.

07-30-2007, 08:13 AM
Good Morning Everyone,
YOU GO GIRLY!!!! Every positive action builds a chain to the result you want.

SUE - That hairdresser deserves a swift kick in the shin. What an accomplishment, to come home and not eat.

Here is a THOUGHT for the DAY.

People Who Are Interested in Losing Weight...
1. stick with it until something better comes along
2. take action only if they feel like it
3. need to see results in order to stay motivated
4. blame people or circumstances for their struggles
5. easily give up when they face challenges

People who are committed to losing weight...
1. stick with their plans no matter what
2. take action whether they feel like doing it or not
3. assume that if they stay motivated, results will follow
4. take responsibility for their own actions
5. keep going in spite of challenges and setbacks

*based on 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle, another good book about the psychological piece of dieting. She gives one task a day, just like Beck. This book is good too.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Mini Goal #1 - to STOP eating ice cream for five days :)

07-30-2007, 01:48 PM
Woohoo girly!

Quick hi to eveyone else. :wave:

07-30-2007, 03:23 PM
morning all

girlythin-yeah, you did it!!! Big Step as preplanning and awareness is what changes us.

Michelle Much luck in kicking ice cream habit. What a draw I have to it. I don't think that a carton of ice cream has ever made it thru the night in my home-ever. It calls to me all night. I just can not be around it. Is the family still going for ice cream?-what will you be doing?

Stacy-success in marathan competitions. You are amazing, but sorry about the stomach cramps which hamper your run. What a great sport to share with you husband.

Liannie, The work and chaos of moves. Hope it can calm down soon for you.

I'll be out of touch for a couple of days. best wishes to all for a successful thinning time. We are going to be in San Francisco one of my favorite cities. I am working on the challenges of not over eating.

attitudes to change
1. Since I paying big bucks for this meal, get what I want-why get foods I can cook at home-i.e. salad, fish, grilled meat. NO I need the health of salad. simply grilled meat/fish. Try to have a salad start each meal.
2. I'll never, never get this opportunity again to get this dish again. I must get this caloric yummy dish. NO you have lived a great life without this dish and basically Oh Well-you want to be thinner. This dish will not help that.
3. I bet it is not That Caloric. No, bring ww food counter and check how many cals that dish will be First.
4. It is party-sit back and enjoy the food and friends. No I can enjoy my friends without food. Have all snack/drinks placed far away as I may eat absentmindly when talking.

Going to be fun and a challenge, but I am hopeful to remain in control. If not I'll be soo mad at myself to have to re lose another 5-6 lbs. Currently down 48 lbs. Want to make that 50 lb loss soon.

07-30-2007, 07:38 PM
Wow Sue, I hadn't realized you had lost so much already! 48 pounds in a huge accomplishment. You need to get a ticker so we can all see how succesful you are!

07-31-2007, 01:16 AM
awesome awareness, Sue. Good luck in San IS one of the best American cities, I agree! I'll be curious to hear how the salad b4 dinner goes. I find that when I do fine dining, it's much easier to eat healthfully. (except for the drinking...that can be hard)

I made it thru another day of following my food plan. In the morning I was afraid, just sort of free floating fear at facing another day with limited food, I gues,s and now I feel really depressed. I'll just see where it takes me. I'm sure I've stuffed a lot of feelings in all of my eating.

talk with you all soon~
Michelle, I hope the ice cream task is going well.

07-31-2007, 11:58 AM
Quick note to all...hey, I'm still out here. Just very very busy. More later.


08-01-2007, 12:29 AM
Hi Everyone,

I have made it through two days without ice cream!!!! Three days to go. I also made it through dinner out. I have also been logging all my food on fitday which helps me. I am finding it so true that each positive action increases the likelihood of the next choice being positive too.

I am going strong in the "honeymoon phase" of my diet where I have a few good initial days. This time, of course, I hope to do more than a few days. To boost my chances, I am posting here, reading Beck, doing Fitday, and eating ice cream on weekends only. :)

Liannie- You asked what tapes I do. I like Tamilee Webb's strength training tapes the best. I also like Minna Lessig. I always read reviews on Amazon and look at 30 sec. clips on before buying. One of the big selling points of the Tamilee tape and Minna tape is that they have several 10 minute segments, targeted to a specific body part. I find it easy to get started knowing I only "have to" do 10 minutes. Then, typically I do 30. :carrot:

Girly - How is it going? Here's hoping you are still on track.


08-01-2007, 01:17 PM
Hey everyone,
I started the August thread to save Liannie the trouble. See you over there.

Michelle, congrats on keeping your goal. Woohoo! BTW, this site likes the threads to not be too big and unwieldy, so we are doing a monthly thread now. I actually kind of like it b/c it feels fresh.