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Hi Everyone,

I have made it through two days without ice cream!!!! Three days to go. I also made it through dinner out. I have also been logging all my food on fitday which helps me. I am finding it so true that each positive action increases the likelihood of the next choice being positive too.

I am going strong in the "honeymoon phase" of my diet where I have a few good initial days. This time, of course, I hope to do more than a few days. To boost my chances, I am posting here, reading Beck, doing Fitday, and eating ice cream on weekends only.

Liannie- You asked what tapes I do. I like Tamilee Webb's strength training tapes the best. I also like Minna Lessig. I always read reviews on Amazon and look at 30 sec. clips on before buying. One of the big selling points of the Tamilee tape and Minna tape is that they have several 10 minute segments, targeted to a specific body part. I find it easy to get started knowing I only "have to" do 10 minutes. Then, typically I do 30.

Girly - How is it going? Here's hoping you are still on track.

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Hey everyone,
I started the August thread to save Liannie the trouble. See you over there.

Michelle, congrats on keeping your goal. Woohoo! BTW, this site likes the threads to not be too big and unwieldy, so we are doing a monthly thread now. I actually kind of like it b/c it feels fresh.

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