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Hello alll!

I didnt find anything to bring back last night but will do my best today....

Thanks for your kind words about my Aunt...Its very bittersweet for me as I was named for her yet I could never make a connection... although a couple sisters were able ... But again, it is a relief to know my aunt is at peace now.

Empress... I hope you feel more energized today... Sometimes sugar slows me down...
And yes Eydie.. I do believe this is another marketing /sales/retail "view" of the day which plays upon so many of us... Do you belong? do you have someone? Are you loveable?
And then for the giver... is the gift big, expensive, shiny enough?.... YIKES!!!

Yes, Empress, all this marketing hoopla spoils it for me.... in fact, DH and I
make a point of celebrating our anniversary away from the 14th because its too busy and prices are higher too...

Oh boy... need to change the subject ......

Zadie! How is sister? My best to you and your family... Are you an Aunt yet?

WSW! How awful for your "assistant" to be dumped on Vday.... even if you are convinced its over marketed like I am, still a poor choice....Its wonderful to realize someone feels we can offer comfort...


Thought of the day:

"Everything flows, nothing stays still."

Question of the day:

"When you really want something, how do go about getting it?"
--Table Topics by the Pampered Chef


Time for some tea!
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