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Good morning all. Big news around here. OK, just big news for me. More on that later (building suspense for the big can always tell a retired person because what floats their boat is a little on the odd side!).

Fi Congrats on the weight loss -- even if it was a day early and not accompanied by appropriate Earth Day music. Thanks for sharing your pictures (I'm behind on postings). Description of me: tall but shrinking (now if the rest of the body would shrink with it!), brown hair (only my hair dresser knows for sure), brown eyes, and look exactly like my mother. Maybe I'll post a picture of her. Your BERP project sounds challenging and not something I would want to do, but knowing that it's for the benefit of your kitties will keep you going.
Ubee Don't you just love in-laws. That was a rhetorical question. Maybe dieting can move up to #2 can think of several components as a house and the dieting is the foundation so that you can be healthy for yourself and your family. It supports what is really important. Hhhmmmm.....I may have to adopt that thought process. And your husband's suggestion of going back to what works -- great idea, easier said than done. But we will prevail.
Terra How do you and Clyde like being channeled to Wisconsin with Ubee? Sounds like it might be a fun thought process for when you're walking.
Sam Good for you for another pound off. Sorry you missed the beach walk and hope you're feeling better soon.
Dean Sounds like you had a great Easter and have that coffee going strong. Good for you on avoiding the temptations that lurk at this time of year.

We had a great Easter, but I'm glad that there's nothing scheduled for this week. Now for my big announcements. First, I quit the Board of the Co-op as of this morning. When I woke up at 3:30 stressed over last night's meeting, I realized that it was time to chuck it. So, I sent an email explaining why which I thought was carefully and thoughtfully crafted and which will be totally ignored. But other than being sleep deprived, I feel a lot better. The other big announcement is that I changed my ticker to honestly reflect where I am. And it t'ain't pretty. One of my tickers shows I have to lose 16 pounds just to start the ticker. But it's time to truly recommit once and for all, and I wasn't fooling anyone with leaving my ticker where it has been for at least 8 months. So, onward and upward....or maybe more appropriately onward and downward (at least on the scale!). Breakfast, gym, nap. Have a great day everyone.

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