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Well even though I didn't eat carb last night my bs was even higher than usual this morning. Doesn't seem to matter whether I eat in the evening or not. I've tried a little carb and that didn't help either. It starts me out high and sometimes carries over to the next reading, but after that it's usually better. I notice too that after a few days of overeating (usually evenings) it is higher for a while and takes at least the same number of days to get it doing better again. Even though I still am not consistent, I do notice that I am more and more motivated to do better with my eating and bs and feel I'm learning all the time. Tomorrow I go to the doctor for my Medicare Health Assessment, not quite sure what all that will entail. I think it is more about updating my records than anything but I'm hoping it may help with my communication with my doctor. Sometimes I'm amazed at what he puts in his notes and wonder does he listen at all!

Went to the gym this morning and this time I walked/jogged in the middle lane only going to the outer lane to pass. I think I got my mile in in 12 laps doing it that way. Then I rode the bike for 17 min. on 10. Only did one weight machine and forgot to do the hand bike (for my shoulder/arm) as dh was done so we left. I was tired but I do feel more energized now. We stopped for groceries before coming home.

The guy came to measure the door way for the security door and we asked all our questions...and we now realize it's going to be a much bigger project than we thought. So we are going to wait and save and shop for what we really want. It will be the inner door, frame and all plus the outside door and side light. After hearing him describe how the security door will fit I'm not even sure I want one. May just go with a good quality screen/storm door. Our neighborhood is not high crime and we have our wireless security system plus security lights etc outside. I even have a sensor in the house that lets me know when someone approaches the house. I call it my ting, ting! Only problem it is so sensitive, it will go off even when a cat crosses our yard!

So I've got a new savings project. Good timing as I've already got enough for dh's teeth and am going to put it in a termshare savings until he is ready. So now I'll start on this. It's pretty easy to save since we have no debt but we also allow for fun too. We have booked a FF flight to DC for later on this year and we also plan to drive up to Niagara Falls on same trip, so I'm saving for that too. It's funny, I used to love to spend and now I love to plan and save! Does this mean I'm finally a grown up

So far my eating is ok - not perfectly 1-1-1 but I use my own judgement about some if 1 t. syrup is ok on pancakes why not 1 t brown sugar on oats?

oatmeal with 1 sugar - carb
1 cup nf milk -protein
1 T pecans - fat

am snack - 3 tiny samples vegetable chips - the carb is so minimal on these I didn't count, however it probably didn't help with getting my bs down.

lunch (bs finally down)
pb mocha frappe - protein, carb, fat - I broke the pitcher on my blender last night and can't find one like it on the Oster parts store so am now using my little
hand blender. Actually liked it even better without the ice all crunched's not a frozen frappe, just blended and the tastes are stronger.

Cajun - I want your energy! I love a clean house and right now i don't feel I have one One thing I don't like about sunny weather...all the dirt shows! I have a load of laundry in and another to go but not much more than that done. With the evening eating, Cajun, I don't honestly think I'm physically's just habit but I do kinda feel like I'm going through withdrawal. If I get away from the TV it's easier as it's associated with that.

Need to get busy so will just say hi to all the rest of you GGs!!

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