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Great day yesterday, I kept busy with cleaning out the refrigerator and vacuuming behind it among other cleaning. All you gals with your housecleaning spurred me on. I was dreading pulling the refrigerator out after I emptied it but it must be on rollers because it slid right out. We purchased it new when we bought our city house, so I didn't know it had rollers. NEAT!

My menu was very low calorie for my 1st day back:
1/2 cup stevia sweetened almond milk in my pot of coffee.
I was too busy to eat breakfast so had carrots and celery with peanut butter dip around 11 am.
Tomato Zucchini soup for lunch
Ate the last of the diet soup for supper with a large lettuce salad/green onions and lite Italian dressing.
I made a crustless, sugarless lemon meringue pie for my treat. Ate 1/2 of it. The meringue wasn't so great with the stevia powder, I think it needs real sugar.
1/2 serving Sunflower seeds while watching tv last night.
Scale down 1.8 pounds this morning.
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