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Good morning all. Bill stopped by yesterday morning just as I was starting to post and somehow the whole day slipped away. Hope everyone is doing well. So many great posts to read!!!!

JanePlease share the energy as the housework awaits and all I want to do is read a murder mystery. Congrats on the NSVs with the water jug and getting a lot done at work. I loved the nibble story -- can relate because I was taught to cook by tasting everything to see if it needed seasoning. And then you were supposed to re-taste to make sure the seasoning was right. How's that for rationalizing my cooking behavior?!
SamWow! Fitting into jeans that you couldn't even get closed just a short time ago. You are rockin' it! You said you couldn't believe that at 306 you can get into a 20. Well, all that exercising you're doing is really showing results. Good for you.
FiLoved the gorp story although unlike Ubee I haven't named mine. Maybe I'll name it Steve after my ex-husband.....two things in my life that I'd dearly love to part company with. And a big woo-hoo on the cookies. Way to go. That is such a monumental step.
SilentArcticYou ok? Hopefully you haven't felt like I'm pushing you to join in the calendar coloring for staying on plan. BTW, my calendar is still a pristine white so you can tell how this is going for me. Don't know if this helps, but any day I can see a difference in how I'm acting now versus how I used to be I consider as progress. So, yes, there are days where I am totally off plan in terms of calories, foods eaten, and carbs. But if I end up stopping the binge before I eat all of several different things, then I feel that while I'm still a long way from where I want to be, it's a lot better than where I was. You have lost a lot of weight, and we all need a rest once in a while. I may be rationalizing my behavior, but even though I'm now on the 4th time of losing the same 20 pounds, I feel ok about it because I know that in the past I would have just gained back everything I'd lost. Like you said. What you had to eat maybe wasn't great, but it was a lot better than how it used to be. And that's progress!
Locke Hope today feels like a better day for you. We've all been there with you.
Dean Sitting here drinking my pot of coffee with you.....and enjoying it immensely. Have a joyful day yourself.
LarryGood for you for getting right back to it. With all your volunteer work especially with it centering around so much food, you're doing so well.
Ubee Wonder how Mt. Washmore is coming along......I'm in the same boat. How's the Wild Woman emergence coming along? My goal today is to get to do some coloring.......time to have something staring at me besides a totally blank calendar page.

In spite of being retired, I still have a tendency to do "chores" on Saturday. The house needs to be straightened up, there's a pile of laundry, and Toby needs to have an obedience session. It's supposed to rain most of the day so outside work will have to wait. Hope everyone has a great day.

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