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Thanks for the lovely personals, Gayle! You are appreciated!

My hip is still there (sigh), noticeably deteriorating, but I'm psyched for "AT LEAST June"... Mom is doing the same, which I interpret to be "doing okay"... and Samson is just the best furbaby EVER! I'm so lucky we found each other!

Maybe this weekend I can do personals (don't hold your breath, though!). It's been a long time, I know!!

Bobbi - we got snow yesterday, too, about 3" at my house, up to 9" throughout the city. Of course, it's all gone today. There was a lot of water in it, which we need... chilly today, but kind of pretty.

I'm at work and am verily weak with hunger, so I'm going to go feed my tum. Hope you're all doing well!

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