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Good Morning,

My Big News is that I had a great Weigh-In for a total of 6 lbs gone in March. I'm on Cloud 9! [Maybe Cloud 10]. Entering territory where it becomes very difficult for me to hang in and continue to goal, trying to pep talk myself to "never, never, never give up."

maryann: Thanks for demonstrating that 50-somethings can actually lose weight. I'm 56 and part of my excuse has been the difficulties of dieting due to age.

AZtricia: Kudos to your grandmother, I have a nun friend who says "It would be a shame to get to the point of death and not be used up"!

GosfordGirl: Programs with names like Shockwave make me think of Big Guys in Black Techno-Gear staging an assault on the gym. Makes my osteoporosis-riddled bones quake!

BBE: Really, I'll be offered brownies again in the future? Promise???

nationalparker: My own efforts at Spring gardening are the basil seeds sprouting in their mini-greenhouse on my desk. Pesto!

Happy Weekend to all!

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