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Default Thursday and weekend on the horizon

Hi Coaches

I have had an at the desk day after I did gym this morning. But I don't seem to have achieved a lot (was trying to take the pressure off Sunday). I spent some time on sorting my plan and meals for tomorrow. I have decided that the changes I will make to diet for the moment include:

Trying a 2 day "fast" (calorie restriction) per week (thanks 6crowsgold for video to add to my reading about it)
Usually GF, no grains and beans/legumes (but will occasionally indulge, eg popcorn)
I will keep carbs reduced but at the level of 100g per day not as low as usual. Will have gluten free bread!
Lots of veggies and salads and more fruit
On fast days I will stick to smoothies and salads - need to develop which ones to have

I am looking forward to see the results and how I feel

BillBE - I can see why you would do those extra steps - I have been known to sprint around my flat to reach a number! Credit for drawing the line for snacks and showing us the way

6crowsgold - thanks for the link. I have been reading his stuff for a while and before that have been trying intermittent fasting (IF) by eating in an 8 hour window between 11 to 8pm - but this looks more manageable. I agree, the health benefits look good. I am also a smoothy for breakfast person!

Gardenerjoy - hope the allergies pass. Yay for distractions although not sure what distracts you from feeling really bad

Tricia - I have yet to find a good gluten free pizza as my local really has closed down Glad you have things in control. It is really sensible to think seriously about what is sustainable in the context of your life = very sensible advice. Yay for 1 pound down again

Nationalparker - they do say that you shouldn't shop hungry - 'they' seem to be right! I have done exactly the same thing. Sending thoughts for you and your father - it will impact on lots of decisions you make even if it isn't obvious

CeeJay - credit for 7 pounds down. I like your rational approach to that amazing figure - it is so like my own inner dialogue so huge credit for identifying the flaw in the thinking. It is a keeper and I have copied it for my response cards

  • Ate on plan today - a few readjustments for the rainy cold weather - 100% for adjusted plan
  • Planned food for tomorrow - yes
  • I logged food as I ate it - yes
  • Weighed in and logged weight - yes - down 2.4 pounds and steady as she goes hopefully
  • I did planned exercises - Gym this morning - tough - about 7500 steps
  • I didn't eat standing up - 95%
  • I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes
  • Listened to motivation recording - yes x 2
  • Scheduled time for diet and exercise - yes - dog walk tomorrow

Short Term Goal

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