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NewKate, the way I lost was always a long period (felt long at the time but was really about a week) of the same then I would drop a couple. Then back up a pound, then back down 2. It's like my body was just ensuring I was really going to stick with it.

Abbyin, nothing wrong with figuring out what you need to do! Getting our heads on straight is 95% of being successful.

Still figuring out my maintenance calories. I feel great now and people are saying, you aren't going to lose anymore are you? And I say no, just maintaining. It's nice I guess but I prefer to just be invisible without the comments. I'm still an 8/10 which is the lowest I've ever been! I won't go less than that!

I got a dress for a wedding yesterday that I'm going to in June and it's a 10! Here is a picture. I cut my head off in the picture since I'm a teacher and don't want my hs kids to find it. By the way, I didn't lose for the wedding, I just found out recently I was invited. So that's my after picture! It seems like my iPad didn't sync the before pictures when I upgraded, so got to look for one!
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