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Default Thursday evening

Good afternoon coaches

I am checking in early as I want to spend time later on food planning and exercise planning and all that. Spent the day at the desk except for a long walk with dogs at lunch time and taking the dogs to the vet this evening. They love going to the vet (where they get injections and other horrible things) - very strange little beasties

Credits for today:
Back on plan today - tracking and planning food;
Posting to list;
Thinking about shopping list for next week;
Buying food for weekend to make on-plan meals for a few days:
Having a plan for the day;
Drinking cold soda water with ice in an insulated drinking bottle to satisfy my cravings

BillBE - LOL at "make it tiny or get your own" from DW - she's been there and done that. You exerted enormous resistance to only overeat a little in the midst of all that

Gardenerjoy - feeling for you with your allergies

Onebyone - Soothing thoughts while you confront the health care system to get answers about your mother

6crowsgold - welcome - I look forward to hearing about your progress and goals

(AZ)Tricia - your life seems pretty scheduled with all those commitments - you do well to make good choices with food.

Nationalparker - So sorry to hear about your father. Let's hope he takes your advice for ensuring he stays well-nourished. Credit for "My eating food will not heal my father nor help take care of my mother". Credit for readjusting your plan to make up for slips - and counting corn chips! Sounds like hot tea is a good strategy. (I have replaced it with iced soda water - more compatible with our Indian Summer but gives me something to sip)

Maryann - Yay for scale down 2 pounds - obviously what you have been doing is working. Your story made me light up - and think about the centrality of food and whether that is a good thing. (Rhodiola? Siberian high altitude plant that increases longevity, improve mood and alleviate depression, and who knows what else! Sounds interesting)

Have a good day coaches

Short Term Goal

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