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Wink Another Monday

Hi coaches

I survived another Monday and have been on-plan with food today - had leftover fish for breakfast; thai soup for lunch; and planned beef stroganoff and chips for dinner. I had bought chipping potatoes at the farmers market so planned to have some tonight. I hope I don't overdo it. I have cleaned and done chores not done over the workfest weekend so feel organised. Exercise - walking to and from carpark and at the front of classrooms - so far 11000 steps and will go up when I pace making dinner. I liked to see that I had 15 very active minutes (fitbit has a very generous view of "very active") - I usually only make 3 - 8. This week is nice as I don't have a lecture next week so can try and get one lecture ahead - hopefully! It will be nice to have this w/e with less work - unfortunately the 5 weeks after this are not good. Fingers crossed I stay on plan

I am planning to go to gym on the way home tomorrow and Friday morning for PT (we are doing weekly because he can't make the scheduled day the week after). And I should be able to make it on Sunday because no excuses - don't have to work. Have to plan and pack lunch for tomorrow yet and plan dinner for tomorrow

BillBE - I did notice the 100 streak when you put it up - hugely inspirational so credit. WIll be interesting to see what you plan to track next. Modest eating eludes me - I think my problem is portion size. Even though MFP says all is well I think my portions are too large. Shame your gym is messing with the classes - and just when you started weight lifting 101! I don't tend to do the classes at the moment - focus on the other equipment. Ouch that what you could do isn't what you can do now - you can get there! Younger teachers is just what you want - not!

Onebyone - Huge credit for 51 active minutes - amazing! And huge credit for eating baby carrots instead of giving in to cravings - you are doing so well. Good idea to try 3x1miles rather than all at once. Thinking of your while you think of your late brother - a difficult time

FutureFitChick - ouch for too many snacks - and sympathy for all the stress (and hormones)

Debbie (Lexxiss) - congrats on getting your projects finished. Good luck with catching up on all those

Nationalparker - I am sorry that your life is so complex at the moment. Credit for coming up with ways to negotiate a really busy time in your life and uncertainty about your father's future. Difficult when you reach for/want comfort food - totally get it

Tricia (in AZ) - glad you are getting rain and it is staying cool so you can get more walking in. Hope the crankiness in the family has passed - sometimes it is just like that. And now glad it is sunny so you can walk in the nice sparkly outdoors! You are dedicated doing 4 walks a day. I ignore my fitbit when I tells me to have extra calories - I decide to stick to 1200 to 1500 per day and stick to it - I usually stay under 1300 calories

ForMyGirls - hope you achieve what you want/need to over March and I look forward to more frequent posts in April. Good luck with staying on plan while you are away

LadyM0208 - Ouch for a buffet to deal with. Sounds like you did really well. Credit for knowing when you had had enough and leaving food on the plate. Ouch that your eating is being monitored by well meaning but intrusive colleagues and cooks! Yay for persistence in your plan

Maryann - Great planning for travelling and eating at different venues. Hope you do well with sitting - looking foreward to hearing you were 100% successful at eating sitting down (well maybe 80% would do).

GardenerJoy - nice idea to start new tracking for the new month/moon. Makes me think I should pick a challenge and a reward

CeeJay - really glad you dropped by. Credit for a day of 100% on plan. I can just imagine how difficult it is to pack food for meals when you are away for a few days - that would be so difficult so that is a huge credit that you do it. Just the logistics of doing it are amazing so huge kudos that you try to manage the challenges. Keep it up! 290 by Sunday - and what reward will you have WHEN you make it

Beth(FromDayton) - good to see you back. I have missed you on MFP. I agree that if one doesn't post personals occasionally is it easy to disengage - which for me means I am on my way out. Hope preparations for your next big party go well and don't derail you too much from your goals

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