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Hi ladies,

Yesterday I learned that one of my ex-sisters-in-law has cancer in both her breasts. Thankfully, it's just Stage 1. It was caught very early. She'll be having a radical double mastectomy in two weeks, and depending on whether or not it's in her lymph nodes, she'll either have radiation or a combo of chemo/radiation. So sad that she has to go through this. She's just 45 and has a young son. But at least it was caught early...thanks to her being diligent about self-exam and annual mammograms. She is the 2nd of my ex's sisters to have breast cancer. The other sister had a mastectomy 7 years ago.

I forgot to thank you all for the nice compliments about the video. My friend was really touched. Happy is friend whose birthday it was and her husband are two very dear friends. We've been friends for nearly 35 years! At the party, two friends of ours played guitar and sang. These two friends performed at my first wedding in 1982. Among the songs they played was the couple's favorite song ("You Take My Breath Away" by Tuck and Patti - you can find videos of the song on YouTube) which they played 20+ years ago at their wedding. Tuck and Patti started as a local Bay Area act, and my friends and I would get together and go see them perform in small cafes 30+ years ago.

And Annie and Happy, you are both right. I'm a lot happier now than I've been in a long time. It's good to be around family and friends and to spend time focusing on what makes me happy.


Terra - Your dog is adorable. There are a lot of chihuahuas in the city where I live, ranging in size from 3 lbs to 10 or 15 (some are a bit chunky). That's cool you've been with him so long. I've been with Santa (my 8 year old white miniature Schnauzer) since he was 2.

Ceejay - Twin beds and/or day beds are good. My step-mother has a day bed/trundle bed (where a second mattress slides underneath and can be pulled out if a wider bed is necessary). Great news on getting a refund from State and Federal! I still have to get my taxes done. I think I finally have all the paperwork. My taxes are a little more complicated this year due to working in two states. Oh

Susie - I hope your DH's doctor appointment about the prostate stones goes well.

Shad - Good for you on walking so much! The Petone fair sounds like something I'd really like. I love craft fairs with homemade items. I'm going to have to see if I can find the photos your nephew posted.

Happy - So sorry to hear about the arthritis in your knee. Bummer that the PT can't help the arthritis, but at least he can help with teh knots in your legs and butt. I think you should try dry needling. I've had acupuncturists hit a nerve (and it hurt, but only for a few seconds). Your PT is right...knee replacement surgery should not be entered into lightly. Not until you're really, really limited by the pain. My ex had to have his knee replaced at age 40. He could barely walk anymore. It took him several months to recover from the surgery, and there are risks of complications (my aunt's knee replacement didn't take well, so she has to have it redone). The problem with my ex replacing his knee at age 40 (even though he'd put it off for several years and couldn't wait any longer), the artificial knees only last 15-20 years (maybe longer now) and he'll likely have to have another knee put in when he's in his 60s. I've been recording the Olympics and fast-forwarding past the stuff I'm not interested in. Thanks for the tip about the cold water rinse for red tones. I'll try that. I really like a little red tone (strawberry blond) because it actually plays down the rosacea on my face. Chronic pain does suck. Big time. During the day, take an NSAID called Mobic (it's a prescription) for inflammation and pain relief in my back, and at night I sometimes take a muscle relaxer and/or a prescription pain med. How wonderful that you got to see the Northern Lights. We had them occasionally when I lived in WI, but not nearly as spectacular as the ones in northern Canada.

Annie - I would be more than happy to do a collage for your brother. Absolutely. You can either e-mail me the pictures or mail them to me. Don't send a memory stick though. A USB drive would work. The memory stick you sent me to put Mel's photos on...I don't know how to "attach" it to my computer. What I'll do about Mel's photos is burn them onto a DVD or a USB drive. I hope the shot helps relieve your ankle pain. I'm going to have to look through your cookbook for the swiss steak recipe. That sounds so yummy!

Laura - So sorry to hear about your coat. That's good that the dry cleaner can fix it fairly cheaply. Crazy that your dentist wanted to drill without novacaine! That's a shame your friend D wasn't able to do the excursions. That's why I want to lose weight and get my back better. I really, really, really want to hike all the glorious trails in CA. Good for you on the pushup challenge. I don't know if I could do more than one military pushup, but I can do several of the modified "knee" versions. Good that you have the zookeeper boots to get through the puddles and slushy muck.

Ok. I've taken a long enough break. time to get back to work.

Love and hugs,

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