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Morning all,
Been up since 4.30am and baked a cake since there wasn't a lot else to do. I had a good time at the nieces place last night and as Happy said the rascally nephew from Aus posted a couple of photos of me on Facebook. So much for his promises. Just because he takes a good photo, doesn't mean that everyone else does. I may just get some of my own back today since he is supposed to be going to Auckland today to compete in an Outrigger competition but Wellington is completely fog bound. This is something that doesn't happen very often, since Wellington is known as the windy city and fog doesn't stick around wind. However we have had some very warm dry days and yesterday afternoon the sea fog rolled in and then it covered the land. Today our neck of the woods is truly Aotearoa (Land of the long white cloud)
Barbecue last night was good. I made the salad and sorted the bread and stuff. The niece sorted the sauce and dressings, the nephew-in-law did his whirlwind act on the steaks, chops, chicken and sausages and my sister set the table. The rascally nephew took photos of all of this activitiy. Dang kid - well possibly not kid since he is the oldest nephew and this year will turn 42 or is it 43. Certainly doesn't look it. I did a lot of walking yesterday up hills especially. Don't see anything on the scales tho'

Happy - sounds like the new guy is fairly thorough. Hope he can bring you some relief. Can't say I blame you for not going into the shop in blizzard conditions. Hope the yoga does carry on, since you will need more than one series to get the muscles limbered up and moving. That was one thing I loved about Body Balance, it gave me back flexibility and that was entirely due to the yoga and tai chi components..

Laura - hope all this cold and snow and weather go away for you soon. You'll be needing another cruise shortly.

Ceejay - maybe the new bloke will settle down shortly - maybe not.

Hi to Annie, Susie, Terra -
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