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Morning Worldlies! I'm back home now, and it's bright & sunny out today. So I have brought some sun home with me at least.

Just a quick hello right now. I've got a vacation day today and will probably be busy with catching up on mail, email & your posts.

I had a wonderful time on the cruise & will try to tell you about it in my oosts this week, along with a few photos. Least interesting was my trip home yesterday. Very uneventful, thankfully. Good weather in port (new orleans) & only a short delay flying out. Anout 30 min delay in arrival but then more of a wait for a gate at o'hare and more fir the luggage. One friend forgot to pick up the bottle of rum the ship held after she purchased it in port, & since they had already left for their drive home, I picked it up for her and took it home in my forgot to bring my winter jacket with him to the airport but the car was toasty warm and I had a layered up with a few pieces of clothing so I was just fine. bf and I had pizza for dinner last night and watched a bit of TV and that was it for me. still feeling my sea legs even today- kind of a strange feeling. I recall that happening the last time I cruise.

okay, now I'm going to catch up on my newspapers and probably just putzing around some more. everyone have a good day.
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