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It's getting late but I made it!

I had a pretty busy day. Because DH was under the weather yesterday and today as well, I had to do the grocery shopping and most of the housework today. Also had to shovel the new 2 inches of snow we got today.

We didn't go to chuch as DH is still running a fever off and on. We have decided that this isn't from a virus but we think it is from the cyctocopy to check the bladder and kidney's and prostrate last Monday. I have been given him some cirpro that I have on hand at all times in case I get a UTI. Uti's are painful fo everyone but for people like me with IC it is HORRIBLE. And they always seem to happen on the weekend so my urologist has me keep a 10 day supply on hand. I started DH on it and I will call his urologist tomorrow. When they found the prostrate stones they mentioned he could have a flare up of prostities. I looked it up and he has all the symptoms and cipro is one of the drugs they will use so we thought there would be no harm. We will call tomorrow and see what else they might be able to do.

I logged into MFP today..trying to get back in the habit. I didn't see a lot of you there. I hope you come back.

Other than being a nurse to DH, and working all the time with work and at home this weekend, I did start reading a new book. I'm reading a Fern Michaels book called 'Forget me not'. It is purely relaxing and entertaining fiction. I need the get-a-way.

Happy: I have heard that when a person retires they can find so many chances to "volunteer" for that you actaully can work more than when you really worked! It is good to keep busy but..... I see myself volunteering when I retire.

Shad: you time with the family sounds jammed packed but nice. Hopefully you won't have to much jet lag.

Annie: I hope you are ok. Please find a real computer and post soon, so we know you are ok or what you need us to do to help.
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