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I have the building to myself for a couple of hours. What a bang we got yesterday afternoon! We had been getting rain never thought about it freezing but it was all over every thing. Last night the power went out at work when I was downstairs trying to get the frozen lock off the gate. I could see how to get inside the building and part of the way up the stairs but I had to feel the way around the control room to get to the lanterns. then I had light. Then the phone started to ring. I had a headache when I got home.
The tree's were beautiful on the way in to work. And I found out that I have all wheel drive in my Rav4. I knew I couldn't make it up the incline on my street and started up the other which would have been okay but I had to stop for traffic. I did a turn around, I didn't try to, at the corner and went down to the next street which was flat. My car kept telling me to turn on the slippery when wet button. I did and my drive in was a lot smoother. They told me that was all wheel drive. That was something unexpected.
We still have ice on the trees and power lines.
And by the way my attitude has changed a lot since my last posting.
And we got our W2 forms today.
Don't blame you for not going in to work tomorrow. I know every one is getting excited about the new baby. Thank for mentioning the fact that there's something wrong with that picture. My main problem is I'm not male. I've pushed some things on him today that I don't think he's interested in. He found an excuse not to do it. He missed a couple of rounds because of it too. We have two more weather systems coming this week too. I dread it especially if it's ice. Hope C. is feeling better.

I'm still going to see about retirement but they don't know about it. No harm in checking into things. I still don't have the time to post my food but I will starting at lunch tomorrow, if he goes to lunch.

Think I would take the class about the publishing part also. Always good to know what has to be done.

I'm envious of Laura somewhere on a beach or ship. Hi Susie
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