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Originally Posted by calee View Post
I did Ideal Protein a few years ago using alternative products. I remember man of your names! Congrats on all the continuing success. I'm thinking of coming back.

Could someone please remind me of Phase 1? I have the info on a computer I don't turn on very often anymore.

Three packets and two meals? Or two packets and two meals? I remember tht I felt better when I split the protein at lunch and dinner, 4 oz each.

If I have 10 pounds to lose, where should I start!

Thanks for any help.
Welcome back...
It's three packets and one meal per day. As you said you can split the 8oz of protein from dinner between lunch and dinner and then use the IP packet you would have used for lunch in the afternoon between lunch and dinner. The first week getting back has been challenging for me, but I'm on day 4 and getting there. I just don't remember being this hungry last time. Just patiently waiting for ketosis over here.
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