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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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'Supurb Satisfies" is so true. I was able to have just one slice of pizza yesterday, choose my favorite, and ate with small bites and paying attention...found one was definately enough and it was pleasent to not end up over full. When I arrived back home, saw the pizza boxes and my tongue wanted more! Credit for recognizing craving vs hunger and exercising my resistance muscle. Still no siggy option, maybe tomorrow. My dh is getting a cold, doggie is still coughing/fighting kennel cough, and tomorrow/Friday is going to be a crazy run-around, need to be two places at once kind of day.

Did exercise yesterday, will walk the dog today at least twice, should do my exercise DVD but for some reason my mind is resistant. Eating OP, Exercise OP, still strugling with ARC reading & maybe that is why I dont want to exercise, or is it just because I'm tired?

bethFromDayton WhooHoo for exercise over snack Sounds like you had a great trainer. Congrats for nearing 5000 steps/day. Love your new word, I need to be more motiony too! Brrr to your weather

seadwaters Congrats for planning and sticking to it! Sorry about the discouraging scale #'s. I'm OK with reduced calories, I just needed not to see that 3000 was ok! That made it too easy too eat 2000 and think it was still good. I know from experience that 1700 or under is best for me to loose.

ForMyGirls Hurray for the planning groove . Great job for recognizing your thoughts and dismissing them for more helpful ones. Congrats on your streak!

BillBlueEyes Hurray for the strong brownie resistance muscle Good thought about weight loss slowing nearer the goal, I will keep that in mind and try not to get discouraged.

flnu We are coach/buddies to each other from what I can tell. An opportunity to get involved in daily accountability and encourage others on the same path. Great helpful response, love it! As long as you never quit, you will reach your goals. You will have tough spots and even fail sometimes, but the sooner you get back on the better...Beck is very practical that way.
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