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Good Morning, Coaches.

Credit yoga this morning. Credit smoothie. Yesterday evening, my evil mind flexed its muscle. My cold took a turn and I needed to take something to sleep. I had eaten all my food for the day. I made rice and a little proteins to take the pills. Then my mind said it would be so much better with a little butter and sugar. After all, I am sick. Drat!! So I was only free of six of the seven allergens. Weight this morning up from either late night meal or drugs. Who knows? Back on track.

Football day. The 49ers play at 1:00. Freezer/pantry cooking (Frugal January) has driven me into my favorite phone ap "How to Cook Everything." I am excited to try a few new recipes. I have no mayo and am stalling on going to the store so I am trying the tuna salad with olive oil, lemon and capers. I have split pea slow cooker soup and on the counter is Jim Lahey's no work rustic bread (for the boys to eat)

Moebug: as gardenerjoy said, I use the calories as a guide but my big focus is getting off allergens and processed food.

LosetoAll: I recognized myself when you shared about being anxious getting the Christmas stuff away and the house together. It is a a little overwhelming and makes me very hungry. I have put the Xmas food down now for 3 days. It gets easier.

seadwaters: I have to think about the idea of personal capital. Interesting.

ForMyGirl: It is nice to witness your miracle.

BBE: We have a family of wild turkeys at our ranch office. Actually, the wild turkey is knid of taking over California.

nationalparker: Yesterday I got hungry. I thought, "Oh, this is the sensation you want to have." It was strange to not experience the feeling with fear.

Moebug: My number one challenge is eating sitting down. Practicing this principal has been transformative.

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My 100% OP streak count is 5.

Posting late again today, but I need to post. I'm constantly fighting the notion that I need to eat more simply because I'm snowed in. I might need to eat more calories if the heat were to go out (since we have two furnaces, with natural gas back up, plus a separate heater for the sunroom, this is exceedingly unlikely) or if I were going to spend many hours working outside in the cold (we just decided to wait until Tuesday to shovel out, so no justification there). I don't need to eat more. In fact, since exercise is going to be light and easy stretches to keep me in good shape for shoveling snow, I could arguably do with fewer calories.

WI: -0.15 in kg, Exercise: +80 255/1400 minutes for January, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: hope DW survives the prep and, more importantly, that all goes well with the testing.
We had a fox doing laps around our house in the snow this morning. Just beautiful. Apparently, the weather made it playful. We're hoping it's hunting the rabbits that get into my garden.
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Happy Sunday!!

Happy to say I am back out of the 290's (again). Going strong on day 5. As our friend beverlyjoy would say- I am grateful! I am leaving for 2 weeks holiday to visit relatives and friends next week and I am feeling that I am going to cope with food just fine. I have to believe it!!

bethFromDayton- really like this: "I can't count how many times I've been aware of something that I would have stuck in my mouth at a previous party--and had the "I'm not doing that" response." Success!!!

seadwaters-nice going eating what you usually eat while out to breakfast with your friend and not using that as an excuse. I am going to face some restaurants in next few weeks on vacation and I am going to try to do the same.

silverbirch- Happy New Year to you too!

ForMyGirls-nice credits!

Lexxiss- waving hello to you. Big hurray for maintenance.

BillBlueEyes-LOL re the Valentine's candy. I think they put it out on Boxing Day or something. Crazy.

moebug-good that you bought the book. One read is not enough to digest all the good advice.

Valkyrie1- welcome! And congratulations of a huge weight loss. Always like hearing about how people do it if you want to share.

maryann- your picture is beautiful. Hope you are feeling better soon.

onebyone- Fantastic that you are seeing a big loss for the week. Love to hear that.

nationalparker- -55 wind chill is brutal. We have been in the deepest freeze in 80 years here this December. Getting pretty house-bound.

gardenerjoy-nice to hear about the fox playing at your home. We had 3 deer at our birdfeeder the last few days and they are eating us out of house and home.

LoseToAll- good job jumping back on plan. Those 2 pounds will be gone in no time.

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I can do this
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Hi all.

Streak for recording everything continues. It's at 27. However, "everything" for the last 3 days has been embarrassing. Even as I recorded everything, I didn't want to look at having eaten almost 5000 calories yesterday--most of it junk

I give myself credit for recording it all--and for recognizing that I didn't slouch on recording. I also learned a lot--my stomach hurt at the end of it. I learned that even eating sitting down isn't enough to counteract that type of quantity of junk. I managed to do that without any "just pop this into my mouth" action. I now have a much clearer picture of what "out of control" at a party really looks like--and a scary feeling that this out of control would be greater out of control if I hadn't committed to writing everything down.

I only took two bites standing up and as soon as I realized what I was doing, I found a place to sit and concentrate on my food.

I am finding a resolve in this (to be tested in 3 weeks at another big weekend party--one I'm attending, not throwing--and one which traditionally doesn't have as good or extensive of food options.). I can't do this to myself--I didn't like the way it felt. I still seem to have some sort of blockage that I shouldn't have to limit myself at these parties--that they're somehow out of the ordinary and "don't count" and that "everybody does it". I also went up almost 5 lbs in 3 days.

I haven't decided yet if "recording everything and ate everything but about 2 bites off of a plate sitting down" is enough to let me have my office supply shopping spree. I'm thinking 'no'--two bites is off plan and I didn't earn it. I'll try again in 3 weeks at the next event and see if I can earn it then.

I'm back on plan--calories today was fine, food choices were horrid. I put together all of the remaining cookies and brownies and put them in a container to bring to work tomorrow. That was after I sent containers home with other people--there wont' be cookies left.

DS went home with 5 bags of groceries (and all the "little bit left" bottles of alcohol that had been accumulating at our house--nobody seems to drink very heavily). He assured me that he and his 4 roommates would eat anything that got sent. So, I did a slight purge of the pantry and a fairly significant purge of leftovers that we'd packed up last night for him to take.

There was so much food that I never did serve the 16+ lbs worth of pulled pork. That mostly went in the freezer and some went home with BFF. She starts teaching tomorrow (or would if her university hadn't already cancelled classes) so I sent her home with a week's worth of meals so she wouldn't have to cook the first week.

The house is basically all put back together and gets cleaned tomorrow.

So party is over, back to work and back to actual plan tomorrow. And a new resolve to define 'better' for next time in a way that is closer to 2000 calories a day rather than 5000 on Saturday.

(I didn't want to admit calorie numbers--convinced myself that honesty [and babbling] was the best approach here.)
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Default check in


Tracked my food today - 2nd day for a two day streak. *credit*

I made a lot of progress this weekend. My cabinets are done, but not the same height for some reason? No matter. it's good enough. I suspect the floor is uneven. I opened 3 boxes of books and put them away on the shelves. *credit* and then I opened two more boxes but they stumped me. Thye are full of art supplies. All kinds. I also cleared off the backroom futon for DH. *credit* I will move the bookcase back into that room and perch it on the futon so DH can deal with it and it is out of my hair.

I have fresh salmon I bought to eat last night and now it is two nights later and I am planning to eat it for lunch tomorrow. Breakfast and dinner are also planned. *credit* It's supposed to be dreadful weather in the morning with a freezing rain warning tonight. I'm staying home tomorrow. Tuesday we're in the deep freeze again they say. We'll see.

Have a good night.

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Hello coaches,

Team total of 150. Streak of 32 for me :-) this so has the feeling now of "this is just what i do"

Some credits for today : had to do work today (still technically on leave but some documents that have to be ready by the end of this week - the not so good bit of lots of autonomy in my job is that the buck stops with me!) and just got my act together and did my health activities as soon as i got up so that they didn't go by the wayside. Will have another half day of work tomorrow and will then be back on holidays again:-). Also chose to drink water with dinner even though i really wanted to have juice (but there weren't any calories left on account of my partner having baked scones to go with the homemade strawberry jam!) and actually i deserve a third credit for having only 2 (small) scones!

Bill and NationalParker - my comment about 6 months was meant as an approximation but your comments inspired me to find out when my anniversary will be and it is only 12 days away! As for which CBT tool has been most helpful - wow - so hard to choose. Credits are incredibly important. Getting back on track. Sitting down to eat. The concept of sabotaging thoughts. ARC (and reading it). They're my top 5. Too hard to narrow it more than that i reckon.

Beth - well done you on honesty (and babbling). What a brave thing you have done to actually find out what happens on your party weekends. We all look forward to hearing what you decide to do with the information.

Moebug - you are going great guns. And congratulations on 27 years sober. That is a huge achievement.

Onebyone - LOL at the boxes that stumped you. I have moved a lot in my life and i know oh so well that feeling of the box that you open and then seal shut again because it is just too daunting to work out what to do with the contents. My study clean out a few days emptied the last of them - nearly a year after move in.
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Wink Monday 6th!

Good evening coaches

Today I was out shopping and to my surprise found myself (as if I wasn't part of it) mindlessly snacking on samples in a new bulk health food shop. I was prepared for it when I went to the next health food shop to find my water filter (they didn't have it either) and did not taste the sour-dough bread and olive oil and dukkah - bad on several counts. Standing up, not planned and wheat! So a credit eventually. I ended up rearranging my planned food for the day because things change - it worked out alright but better if I can avoid that.

I ordered my kefir grains today (water and milk)! Twice - once from a guy who gives great e-resources and several other products - sent them money. And once from a woman who offered to send them free! It will be one of my first experiments in fermentation. Kefir is odd and I had better develop a taste for it! I also shopped for the right salt to start a vegetable ferment. I will keep you posted. I have also just made a great bowl of kale chips with chili salt - and then realised it might be huge in carbohydrates - to my joy it is not and I can enjoy them in front of the tele tonight. I just noticed that it will be a miracle if there are any left for TV after dinner because everytime I walk past I eat some! Talk about mindless

I need to plan for tomorrow and get organised.

I wore a pair of pants today that I haven't worn for a while and they were not uncomfortable around the waist (which is why I don't wear them). So while I am not losing weight I appear to be losing centimetres I think.

I have spent about a week of my holidays (2 weeks to go!) helping this student from Indonesia complete his doctorate - today he finished his final draft and will submit it on Wednesday (he needs to leave the country on Thursday)! So now I feel like I am really on holidays which is lovely

Credits for today
Checked in with my coaches
Planned food for today and admitted I didn't quite stick to it
Did my steps
logged all my food on MFP
Noticed mindless (and therefore invisible) eating
No sugar or wheat - wrong - the unplanned snacks contained some

BillBE - hope the GI xrays aren't too much of an inconvenience and are over soon - the prep is a pain. Fermented food is the answer ! Wild turkeys (bush turkeys) are a bit too plentiful where I come from - hope the Coyotes take care of them

Nationalparker - At home is easier because I know what is there! If I am out and don't have food with me or access to proper food it is difficult. And I do panic if I think I will be hungry. I just realised that so thanks.

Maura (Moebug) - I find planning food really difficult too - and like you I know it is central to taking control. Credit for recognising that you need to plan

maryann - Ouch for eating one of the allergens! But you seem to be back on plan so credit. Slow cooker pea soup seems great

CeeJay - Great that you are back in the 290s and credit for day 5 on track. I really hope your family holiday works well for you - always challenging so sending supportive thoughts

Beth(FromDayton) - you are my hero. You are so brave to expose yourself and your food to people you don't even know! I have been convinced that "that honesty [and babbling] (are) the best approach". You have made a mamoth and commendable effort to get things back in order and control your environment - huge credit!

Onebyone - Yay for two days of tracking food. And credit on organising your environment - it was important for me but I didn't have to deal with others to do it so credit

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Thumbs up Monday - Record cold expected in North America

Diet Coaches/Buddies Be warm everyone - frostbite can creep up. Our answer to cold was to order vegetable seeds for the Spring. Just plain fun, fun, fun. Sun Sugar tomatoes grow profusely in our back yard yet fail miserably, via a bite from some pest, in our community garden. Drooling at the thought of eating Sugar Snaps from the vine. Back in reality, I got in two good walks, CREDIT moi - the second with a surprise. When I stopped to stare through the front window of a sports bar to see if the San Francisco Giants were surviving 4 degrees F on their big TV, the face just inside started waving at me. It was a neighbor, so I stopped in for a chat.

On plan with the eating, CREDIT moi, including snacks to increment to 47. I had to ignore some fresh bagels and cream cheese offered, which was easy, as well as being offered the French Fries by my neighbor at the sports bar, which was harder against the thought, They'll go to waste if I don't. It was a good opportunity for a magnanimous Oh Well, but instead my little mind only thought of my streak. Whatever works.

onebyone LOL with great sympathy for your uneven floors. Our house is about 150 years old and hasn't a level floor anywhere. I can change my scale reading at will by moving the scale a few inches.

Joy (gardenerjoy) Ouch for the insidious thought that snowed in requires extra eating. [If DW thought a fox would chase her rabbits she'd import one, LOL.]

CeeJay - Congrats on passing into a new decade on your scale readings. Kudos for being at a place that you know your eating will be fine on your upcoming visit.

Cheryl (seadwaters) Ouch for FREE samples but with Super Kudos for ignoring the FREE sour-dough bread with olive oil and dukkah (which I had to google). Yay for pants that fit again.

maryann - Congrats on your boys standing up to the cold and pulling off a last play field goal victory. Drooling at the thought of your split pea soup in the slow cooker.

nationalparker Ouch for "I'm hungry today" with Kudos for staying your path anyway.

Beth (bethFromDayton) Monster Kudos for facing up to partying behavior. The range of Sabotaging Thoughts that a creative mind can invoke never ceases to amaze. Love the image of your DS leaving with five bags of groceries.

ForMyGirls - It doesn't get better than, "this is just what I do." I, also, have benefited greatly from the giving myself credit strategy.

Maura (Moebug) - Kudos for eating slowly, for sitting down, and then for giving yourself credit. Neat that you have such clear Advantages related to your mental state around food. (Who are the hunks in your Avatar at some thatched-roof paradise?)

Readers -
day 9 Select an Exercise Plan

what are you thinking?
Use the following helpful responses to common sabotaging thoughts to create inspiration for making additional cards.
Sabotaging Thought: What's the use of walking for only five minutes?
Helpful Response: Walking for five minutes is better than walking for zero minutes. Exercise is essential, even if I don't do very much at first. I can build up the amount that I do over time, but I have to start somewhere.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 111.
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Hello to my new buddies /coaches

I survived the ENTIRE day eating sitting down at the table! That was a monumental task!
I also went to the store and bought some groceries so I could be prepared for the week. I made a delicious soup I found off a Paleo website and brought it for lunch today. I feel really good about this and I so appreciate all your support.

Billblueeyes Those two "hunks " are my husband and my oldest son! That picture was taken last Feb in Cancun (where I ate my entire way through vacation ) We are going to St. Kitts this Feb. I hope to be in a good place with my food for that one.
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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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Hello all, I look forward to getting to know you. Found this site last week but my e-mail wouldn't allow the conformation through, even to I switched e-mails today and it worked. Don't know why hotmail was being so strange!
I've already read the whole book (the pink train your brain is what I have) and tried to start with a friend. Now to apply what I've read, basically starting at the beginning again.

Day 1 - have my advantages card (need to read!!!!)
Day 2 - Using the Diet Power program to track what I eat & weigh (may do a juice fast to kick it off) my second choice would be the Thyroid diet.
Day 3 - I **will** eat sitting down
Day 4 - give yourself credit, think I'll start here as this is an important step I don't always remember.

If anyone still needs a buddy, let me know.
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My 100% OP streak count is 6.

A friend sent me a link to a review about a book about habits--particularly that old saw that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Does science back that up? It seems to fit nicely with our streaks. Making Habits, Breaking Habits by Jeremy Dean :

WI: NC in kg, Exercise: +15 270/1400 minutes for January, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

bethFromDayton: looks to me like you're treating calorie numbers like scale numbers -- data that you can use. Great job!

Welcome, AZtricia! We work as a group to be buddies for each other -- a system that has worked really well for me. My buddies are available 24/7 and one or more of them have answers to every question I've posed.
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Enjoying la bella vita
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Height: 5-4


Welcome, AZTricia! Credits for joining in the thread!

I ended up eating a bit more last night, as I had remained hungry and the two hours minimum of shoveling heavy, wet snow throughout the day earned some extras (along with a very sore right arm). Milk and most of a serving of almonds fit the bill. Sun is shining brightly today - almost blinding on the snow blowing around. Extended streak to 3.

Birds are still hopping around the suet and seed and nuts I have on the ground - dug out a spot under a low patio table and by my big tree... I just worry about the hawk that was trying for a few of them yesterday. I know it needs to eat as well and DH was giving me grief for setting up a buffet for it by attracting the birds. I had to reason that out by saying at least 40 will be fed instead of hurting through the storm. ?? I spend way too much energy worrying about nature in these temps. (Send me your bunnies, GardenerJoy! I plant extras for the bunnies, which others think is absurd, but I get so much enjoyment out of watching them, that it's worth it to me. We've not had many bunnies here lately, as the coyotes are closer.)

Work was closed today and I think it will be tomorrow. Only emergency travel permitted. Tried to watch The Angels' Share last night on netflix but it wouldn't stream; finally gave up after 15 minutes and will retry - everyone else apparently trying to stream movies! Has anyone seen it? So far the language has been a bit raunchy, but I love a good hoax plot. I missed it at our art theatre this past summer, so had it on my list.

Less than four weeks until our cruise. So much for wanting to actually feel confident in a bathing suit on my first cruise. I'm worried about getting derailed BIGTIME with the food. "Free" food is an issue for me and I'm not sure why. I need to come up with solutions before we head down there, even if it's writing everything down in a tiny notebook and focusing mostly on protein and veggies/fresh fruits. I think I'll do up ARC card now for the time until then ... and already have one ready to go for the cruise itself. Right now, just the warmer weather sounds heavenly.
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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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Originally Posted by gardenerjoy View Post
...A friend sent me a link to a review about a book about habits--particularly that old saw that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Does science back that up? ...
Welcome, AZtricia! We work as a group to be buddies for each other -- a system that has worked really well for me. My buddies are available 24/7 and one or more of them have answers to every question I've posed.
Originally Posted by nationalparker View Post
Welcome, AZTricia! Credits for joining in the thread!


Thanks, gardenerjoy & nationalparker, for the welcome.

gardenerjoy - don't know if this link is acceptable, but it is an article from PsyBlog about habits and where the 21 came from: & thanks for explaining the buddies

nationalparker - hope you have a great time on your cruise, and ARC card sounds like a great idea.
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*credit* for planning my food and tracking. Streak=3.

*credit* I weighed today and saw a rise to 268.9. 2nd day in a row for a rise. Oh well. It's not an emergency but I have to pay more attention to my food.

*credit* I made and ate my fresh fish this afternoon. It is a goal to have fish 3x a week.

I am eating at the stove a lot. I catch myself almost at every meal. *credit* for catching myself but I need to stop. I am feeling anxious as I have also bitten all my nails down to the quick. Talk about your old coping strategies.
My inner tension is amping up. I am not at my studio. My place is coming together but I feel overwhelmed today. My food is not perfect--as if it ever was. Mostly though I am feeling tense over getting and MRI tomorrow. The Dr. said it was optional if I wanted one-this was back in August at our yearly thorough physical. I thought "if she wants to send me I'll go." And so I have the MRI tomorrow at 11:45am. I want to be given a clean bill of health. I also heard that I have my appointment with an endocrinologist early Feb. *sigh* this, I fear, is more likely to have a negative outcome. My last 3 bloodtests have shown elevated calcium levels in my blood. Sheesh. Could be anything from a vitamin D deficiency and supplements will/or have already fixed it to a faulty parathyroid. I'm speculating and this causes unease not peace of mind. As if I can change things by thinking about them! Such faulty thinking right there. The best thing I can do is do the things that support my health. The same things I've been struggling with doing right here. I think though I'd better get to it and be serious.

I'm returning the Aria scale to Amazon. *sigh* I just can't get the thing to work. I started looking at other scales and there is one that will give me what I wanted from this one without the seamless upload to the internet and my fitbit acct. I will have to enter the info in by hand which is a big whatever. I already enter my food into the fitbit acct and the hours I spend sleeping so what's one more small entry? It sure would have been nice though. Oh well.

Have a good night Coaches.

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Just a quick check in- away now for 2 weeks and hoping to maintain sane eating levels.

Credit today for weighing in and that's about it. Ate some sugar. Don't intend to repeat that for awhile. Movin on....

Take care- hope to be able to a least read posts while I am gone. Not sure if I can figure out posting from new cell phone. I am so technically challenged.

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