Beck Diet Solution A step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life.

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Default Beck Diet For Life/Solution – January 2014 – Support, Discussion, Buddy/Coach

Welcome to the discussion group, support group, diet coach group, diet buddy group relating to the two books by Dr. Judith S. Beck:
The Complete Beck Diet for Life
and the first book
The Beck DIET solution: train your brain to think like a thin person.
The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Therapy (CT).

The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:
With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful dieting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck eases you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before moving on to the next. And you'll learn techniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with ou plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll achieve a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.
This is a place to discuss the Beck strategies and our daily efforts, to receive and provide support, and, for some of us, is where we serve as on-line diet buddy (coach) to each other.

If you’ve arrived from a search engine, you’ve landed at the site of 3 Fat Chicks (3FC), a remarkable place for those interested in a healthy life style, including mindful eating, exercise, and weight loss. More about the site, including how to register so that you can post, can be found here.

The books are available on Amazon through the 3FC store by clicking their names above; buying through 3FC helps to cover the costs of running this site.

You can find the list of previous (or more current) monthly Beck threads here on 3 Fat Chicks via:

List of Monthly Beck Threads for Support, Discussion, Buddy/Coach
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Thumbs up Wednesday - Happy New Year

Diet Coaches/Buddies – Exercise was two hours at a square dance, CREDIT moi. More of a folk dance than a square dance since there were some young folks who did quite well but only with the simple movements. I like the two-line dances where the head couple sashay‎'s down line in their own style. That's where the youngest remind us all how bodies were born to work. My walk was to do errands and remind myself that if I want to walk in the cold I have to move rapidly.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including the 42nd day streak with snacks under control. Solved a micro-problem when I realized that I could crack the nuts left over from Christmas stockings for my peanut butter sandwich at lunch. So instead of pecans alone, they were joined by an almond, a walnut, and a Brazil nut. Kinda fun. Success was avoiding the big dessert buffet after the dancing. We simple didn't go into the room where the desserts and drinks were being dispensed - will take a separate CREDIT moi for that. I split a pear with DW at home, skipping the blue cheese that she put on hers. A lovely way to end the year working my Resistance Muscle.

maryblu – ROFL at the thought of arriving home with a Snapping Turtle in the trunk of my car. Thanks for the insight on eating them - DW was impressed when I sent her your comments. It's now on my Bucket List to find you in the "frozen northland" and test your chicken-fried Snapping Turtle. I'll start saving up some extra calories since it doesn't sound like diet food.

onebyone – "Hungry tummy" is such a great 'tell' that one's eating sanely. Kudos for inventing that. Good luck learning how to set your Wi-Fi router to 802.11b - Wiki can give you more than you ever wanted to know about the protocol, but you have to learn how to log onto your router from your browser to change it.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Congrats for completing a year that meets your scale goal - right along with all the exercise goals you met month after month. [Drooling over homemade chicken stock in your fridge.]

CeeJay - Kudos for all those credits. Huge shudder for -39 degrees even though I've wanted to experience -40 degrees ever since I learned that it's the one temperature that's the same in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Then HNY, HNY, HNY, Happy New Year to you, also. Congrats for finishing up that writing project while on leave. Someday I hope to get over the feeling that it's unfair that you get to start the New Year half a day early down under, LOL.

maryann - Such fun to hear the Gulls from your condo - and the smells of the ocean. Ouch for the gingerbread hit with Super Kudos for such a speedy recovery. Bing Crosby would be pleased.

nationalparker – Kudos for enjoying your anniversary dinner while staying your plan. Skipping desserts in a restaurant is such an easy way to avoid an unwanted large calorie hit. Ouch for the reality that we men are so often clueless around spousal feelings about weight issues.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Congrats for having a relationship with your DD that includes baking sweets together. Kudos for finding a bounded plan that let you experience the results and still stay within your calories.

Jo (veganasaurusrex) – Drooling at the thought of those "very fancy vegan enchiladas." Special Kudos for noting about your water intake, "enjoying how it made me feel."

ForMyGirls - Such smart thinking "to reduce the quantity of curry rather than increasing the quantity of rice!" - Kudos.

Readers -
day 9 Select an Exercise Plan
If you struggle to motivate yourself to exercise, ask a friend or official exercise coach (such as a personal trainer) to meet you for your exercise sessions. It's easy to let yourself down by skipping exercise, but it's much harder to let down a friend or trainer. Your coach can also work with you to help you overcome your physical and attitudinal difficulties.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 110.
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Thumbs up Hello New Year. Welcome.

Good New Year's morning Coaches!

I just simply went to bed last night. We didn't even talk of the new year. Both DH and I just wanted 2013 to be over already. I am already looking forward to changes in 2014! My fitbit flex told me I slept at a 92% efficiency, up from the 87% the night before. hmmmmm. I took 6360 steps yesterday--all at IKEA no doubt as I chose, and retrieved, some new furniture for us! for that! I am getting a chaise lounge-a real dream for me to get that and a super-long sideboard/buffet thingy with customizable doors that have inserts so I can put whatever in there (poster, fabric, collage--it's a big picture frame in essence--totally sold me those doors did!). IKEA, thankfully, now delivers so I will have IKEA parts strewn all over tomorrow when it arrives between 9 and 1. So I have my work cut out for me today: move stuff around and clear space to receive the boxes. EXCITING I TELL YA!!!!!

I also got an answer to my question to the fitbit people about setting up my Aria scale. The email told me pretty much what I'd figured out by researching the comment board but in a more (kudos to fitbit customer service email writing lady) step-by-step-do-this-then-that way. I read it to DH who is simply uninterested in helping me figure it out (not his problem) but will probably take it over when he sees me fiddling about on his laptop trying to hunt down the router info. I have one more option open to me before I do that though. Apparently people have had success setting up their scales via their mobile phones. I have one I never use (a pay as you go jobby but it eats $$$$$ bigtime) so it needs charging and some $ put on it. That's my task for today--to see if I can do it that way. Once you're connected, you are just simply Connected to your fitbit acct and it will Just Work--or so I understand it. We'll see. I'll give it a shot.

Foodwise: I am logging my food *credit* and while I did not feel hungry immediately upon awakening, now, 20 minutes later, I am feeling it. I'm not sure if it counts as part of my streak of "hungry tummy"? Does it??

I didn't go to bed with a hungry tummy though. Maybe that's the difference I should aim for. I find it hard to get to sleep when I have a truly hungry tummy. I may pursue that over the week. See what happens.

I cooked from scratch yesterday *credit* making ham and bean soup using MIL's hambone and my own hambone plus some ham kolbassa and OMG how awesome and salty is my soup!? VERY AWESOME and VERY SALTY! I had one small bowl. *credit* will freeze half for later this year.

Still didn't get to the gym but I will. I am not concerned, so long as I start back this week.

billblueeyes I associate "hungry tummy" with Pooh Bear. I cannot take credit for inventing that! Though the Pooh Bear diet would be a very restricted diet, even knowing honey has many medicinal benefits--and many flavour nuances depending on the pollen sources used by the bees to make their honey. A honey guy I knew in Ottawa could just look at the colour of the honey in a jar and tell you what flowers were the source for that honey. It was impressive. I can't vouch for the flavour variations though as I *blecch* hate honey. Thanks for the link to Users were wondering why they go with such an old protocol...? Mysteries abound!

maryblu It really is you! How great to see you again. I have to say I gasped reading about eating snapping turtle. They are pretty rare up around here--not part of our culinary culture. Don't they eat baby ducks? I know in some of our waters/lakes we have muskies--my old BF used to call them the freshwater shark! They'd take your toes if you had them dangling off a dock and your fuzzy baby ducks anytime and I don't think people ate them--too boney maybe--they were fished for their fight. I know I've swum where there were muskie and it is better not to think about it. The water is what it's all about.

Must go! Back later!

ps. was at whole foods and saw Haggis and Cracked pepper flavour crisps. They stayed in the store *easy credit* jpg attached. No snapping turtle products as far as I could tell...
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Happy New Year, everyone! I am so happy to be starting another New Year with you all!

My 100% OP streak count is back up to 1.

I just set up my Excel spreadsheet for 2014 to log my weight with a chart and my ARCs on separate sheet. I'm feeling accomplished already in the new year!

WI: NC in kg, Exercise: +45 1405/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes
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I'm hanging in here. I am at my goal for Christmas which I am glad about. I am setting a goal of 5 lbs this month. I am starting an exercise program and continuing 5:2 fasting plan.

Happy New Year!!!
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Smile Happy 2014 All!

I was just informed that today is the first time in 19 years that the New Year started with a New Moon and that this is to signify "new beginnings". Well, I have always thought the actual day did anyway so I guess, it has been my tradition to do so but interesting trivia that I thought I would pass on.

I was here on this site yesterday but as life has it; wrapping up loose ends meant some overtime elsewhere so I never got to post.

My team leader, in another group that I belong to, sent out her idea of 'fun' for this coming year: multiple challenges (daily,weekly and monthly) as well as all kinds of documents to fill out and then report on. I was absolutely amazed by all of the work that she has done on behalf of a group of 25 people. I plan to take full advantage of all of her hard work. I already have an established system of my own but I will also give hers a whirl as well.

Credit: spent a good deal of time the past couple of days getting my computer set up to support my weight loss efforts. Now, all I have to do is the work and then report it.

Credit: Had a serious talk with my tentative exercise partner. I like to do things alone in this area but since hubby has expressed a passing interest in getting back in shape (he is about 20 lbs overweight--all in his tummy area) I have told him that I will be flexible up to a point. If he doesn't exercise with me by 5 p.m. today then I will do so without him since I would have done this first thing today. We are doing Leslie Sansone's Walk dvd.

Credit: Finding out the calories in Moscato and having one small glass with New Year's Day ham dinner. I had black-eyed peas for "good fortune".

FYI: I just wanted to say that ForMyGirls thread on the MSE site is excellent and it has been well-received. If any one of you are interested in also linking the BDS with finances, she has got a great thread going over there. I have sat in on it and it is very informative and it has become an immediate hit. WTG, FMG!

For all of those who have posted today; maryblu, onebyone, gardenejoy and BBE, "hey", and for all of you who stopped by to read or lurk, "hey again".


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Weekly weigh in today reports 92.7 (a total loss of just under 14kg).

Sub 93kg is a big deal. The last time I lost weight (about 35yo) I stopped at 93 after losing 10kg. The time before (about 25 yo) I started at 93kg, lost 12 and am pretty sure I had bounced back up within a year or two. So this is the lightest I have been since my late 20's and the first time I kept going after 12kg loss. The very cool part though is that I don't feel the slightest temptation to stop here. Woohoo!

BBE - I have often read that it takes 6 weeks to form a new habit. If that is true then you've made it! Saying no to the pairing of pear and blue cheese is a heroic effort.

Pamatga - wondering with your DH joining you in exercise - would it work to still do your morning routine and then get some bonus exercise in the evening by doing it again with him? I know that for me being able to stick to my routine is crucial in staying on track and that it would be very easy for me to fall off the wagon if I was delaying my exercise to fit someone else's timetable. Thanks for your kind words about my MSE thread :-)
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Hi all,

Happy New Year's Eve to everyone!

Today was a "get the house ready for the party" day--and we tackled tasks that have absolutely nothing to do with getting ready for the party.

I grant that there was a corner of the master bedroom closet I needed to clean out, but none of our guests are going to be in there!

Food wise, I've been totally OP. Food is up to date in MFP. I still have room for an evening snack, but have been doing fine--and it's been easy today.

I didn't do much cooking today, so that helps. I did put two large pork butts in to brine--but raw pork isn't an attractive option. When it comes out of the roaster tomorrow morning, though...

I actually have considerable calories left today--and just for a second thought, "I could eat.." and my brain snapped back "you're not even hungry" and so I didn't go down that path.

Weight at 198.6 (just below ticker), recording everything streak at 22 days!

ForMyGirls: I went to your thread in the area--you are motivating a lot of people there! Big congratulations on getting down to a place that's a big deal! 27 days is awesome!

pamatga: I noticed last night that there wasn't a moon out--it was very dark when we went out to the hot tub after the ball dropped.

LoseToAll: Congrats on making your Christmas goal!

gardenerjoy: Credit for accomplishing the new year spreadsheet.

onebyone: Credit for perservering and getting the Aria set up. I'd never heard of measuring the efficiency of sleep! I guess the fitbit is cool!

BillBE: Square dancing is a riot! Congrats on 42 days! Keeping away from the dessert buffet is a wonderful accomplishment.

seadwater: Big credits for making the walk happen even when it's striding around your home.

Take care, all.
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Enjoying la bella vita
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S/C/G: high water mark/working on it

Height: 5-4


Happy New Year's Night! The day went fairly well - had DH's folks over for our holiday dinner/gift exchange that was postponed earlier. Made baked ham (their tradition) but I don't eat that, so just skipped it and had the sides. Could have done better by adding a salad, but ended up with breakfast and one other meal. On track because of the one-meal less day.

Snow is coming this evening - think we're heading out on the trail for a frigid walk. The forecast for next week has a day with a high of 0 and a low of -14 ... reg temps, not wind chill. I wish this came while we were on vacation. Yikes.
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Hi Coaches,

Had a lovely quiet day at home. -36 tonight, with wind chill -41!! Not going to enjoy going out to work tomorrow. BRRRRR....

Credits today:
Weighed myself
Wrote down and followed food plan!!! YAY.
No sugar
Rode exercise bike
Read advantage and response cards
Did weights for shoulders/arms
Packed up lunch for tomorrow and dinner for hotel tomorrow night
Checked in with my coaches

Finally a day with no sugar. Grateful for that. No sugar streak=1 day!!

Take care and enjoy tomorrow!
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Hi everyone, Happy New Year!

First day eating on plan yesterday went fine, and I had a bit more energy in the evenings than usual - this is one of my big goals. Today am back at work so will be incorporating planned exercise into the day (a 10 minute walk during the day plus a 10 minute Pilates session at home in the evening once the kids are in bed).
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Hello coaches,

Streak of 28 for me today. Team total of 132!! (Remember when were hoping to get to 50?!)

Some credits: entering the lamb shanks dish I cooked into MFP before I ate it - which enabled me to see that it wouldn't leave room for my planned evening hot chocolate - so leaving some behind, rather than blowing the calories for the day. (And as I write I realise that wasn't because of my streak - I just didn't want to short-change myself!)

Beth - yay for a day where it was easy and well done you for listening to your lack of hunger and not your calorie allowance

National parker - congrats on getting to double digits in your streak count :-)
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Us Aussies always post on the wrong end of the year/month. I always forget to hold off. Not that it matters but I have to go back to last year to find out what was said!

On plan with food
Weighed this morning - down a little
Walked my 5000 plus steps
Shopped for tomorrow
No wheat and carbs at 20g
Apparently 4 credits for today from HabitRPG - I need to work on how to understand what that means

Made a really nice Berry (Raspberry & Blueberry) Jelly with grass fed gelatin and frozen berries yesterday - an nice healthy dessert or treat so pleased about the result. Astonished at how many carbs it contains even with no added sugar. Credit for making things from scratch because packet goods just don't cut it

BillBE - I didn't know that - that -40 is same in F and C! Thank you. The other 'strange' thing I learned this week is that cicadas hatch every prime numbered year after 5 - this is because by the time they hatch there predators have supposedly forgotten they exist. Amazing. Except in Australia where they hatch in 3 or 5 years in such vast numbers that they outdo their predators anyway. Enough of that - back to your amazing snack subjugating streak

Onebyone - green with envy - I really wish that IKEA delivered here - if only! I find IKEA excellent exercise and the last time I went there I walked 9000 steps so I will have to visit soon. Enjoy putting everything together and getting your life and environment organised

Pamatga - thanks for that piece of arcane information about the new moon and new year - maybe that is why I feel so mobilized . Good luck with all the challenges. Thank you for telling us about MSE and FMG success on the blog and for being so supportive - I had a look and it is inspiring. It is interesting that so many of the members said they had problems with both money AND food

Beth(fromDayton) - LOL at the idea of guest peaking into a corner of the master bedroom closet - but I totally get what a cleaning frenzy does to one. Yes I played with my XL spreadsheet and was happy to see things going down. Good luck with your party days - you seem to have the planning under control. Great credit for recognising that you weren't even hungry!

CeeJay - it would be tough having to travel for work (not least because of that amazing cold) and organise appropriate food. So credit for making it work
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Height: 5'9"

Thumbs up Thursday

Diet Coaches/Buddies – Had a quiet New Years Day. Finally invented the need to go to the bank to withdraw cash from the ATM just to get a walk, CREDIT moi. Not surprisingly, I wandered into the local book store and there, surprisingly, found a mob of folks who knew of the sale of 20% off everything for four hours. I enjoyed the mayhem, but didn't buy anything.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including snacks so that I'm streaked to 43. Evening snack was half a pear - they are so good right now. Again, I wanted more and, again, I reminded myself that I didn't need more; I just wanted more.

onebyone – Yay for ham and bean soup cooked from scratch. Double Yay for using someone else's ham bone. Loved the picture of "Haggis and Cracked pepper flavour crisps." I so want to taste those - but I remember that I don't do potato chips even with a new flavor. Perhaps I can buy a bag, eat one, and then hand it to the first teenager I see, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Thanks for the reminder to set up a new Excel sheet for the year if I'm to track seriously.

CeeJay - Super list of credits, especially "No sugar" - Kudos.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Kudos for the neat credits, although "Apparently 4 credits for today from HabitRPG" totally baffles me. That Berry Jelly sounds yummy.

Pam (pamatga) – When we were kids we always had black-eyed peas on New Year's Day. It was good luck to find the dime hidden in the bowl. Kudos for preparing your computer for tracking.

nationalparker – Kudos for skipping a meal without over snacking to make up for it.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Neat dialog, "I could eat.." and my brain snapped back "you're not even hungry." Kudos for keeping eating under control even as you prepare a feast.

ForMyGirls - Congrats for breaking that 93kg barrier. (Had I thought of the phrase, "pairing of pear ...," I might have had the blue cheese just so I could write that, LOL.) Kudos for leaving some lamb shanks dish behind.

LoseToAll - Congrats for making your Christmas goal; Kudos for setting a reasonable goal for January.

systemsaddict - Great start using your eating plan.

Readers -
day 9 Select an Exercise Plan

Finalize Your Exercise Plans
If you currently exercise fewer than three times a week, your goal for today is to establish a more frequent exercise routine. Make arrangements to begin a planned exercise program as soon as possible. Meanwhile, set a time to take a walk every day - even if you can go for only five minutes - and put it in your daily appointment calendar or schedule.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 110.
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Green Tomatoes
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My 100% OP streak count is 2.

Today's planned exercise will be shoveling snow in 15-20 minute increments because our high will be 17 degrees. DH is still sick so he won't be helping. Except for the motivation because he gets stressed out about snow on our steep driveway. Fortunately, we don't need to go anywhere for a few days. Among other things, there's still leftover pizza -- which is not on my plan for today; DH can eat it.

WI: -0.25 in kg, Exercise: +45 45/1400 minutes for January, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes
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