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Simply Filling Technique
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Hello all!

I am taking a cue from something gardenerjoy said some time back in December about her monthly exercise challenge (paraphrasing): "we do more [working out] and less chatting". My "spirit" was "convicted" and I realized that rather than just "talk the talk" I really needed to take all that energy that I had been reserving for reading and posting (for me, it had become 3 hours on average because of the many groups that I belong to) and put it into "self-improvement".

So, as a "heads up": I am reading all of your posts but, alas, in the interest of time, I will not be doing personals every time I post and try to keep this as reporting and giving credit from now on. If I have not responded directly to your individual post please do NOT take this as a slight. I am just trying to get done what I need to get done this year. I hope you understand.

BBE: I do think that realizing that you automatically felt the need to eat the other half is exactly one of the behaviors that Dr. Beck addresses: really thinking through whether we need to eat that (was it planned?) vs eating it "because that is what I have always done or it is there". Good job in seeing the connection between your thoughts and then actions.

beth: Glad that you too have seen a big difference in your relationship with food between this past holiday season and last year's. Progress is measured as such. Good Job!

vegan: Yup, I could not pass eating my black-eyed peas for New Year's Day either along with the ham, yams, peach cobbler and two small glasses of Moscato wine. The fact that I was able to change my ticker down today was a nod that I ate "just enough" and not "too much".

maryann: You said it so eloquently, I can only say, "By George (or Maryann), you got it!" I remind myself that it is not "all about me", the world doesn't care whether what I weigh and those who do love me have always loved me. You do look happy. Now, let that sink in. You are a beautiful and gentle soul.

seadwater: As a person who now has to know the carbs in everything I am now learning how to have "my carb and eat it too". Not an easy venture but I love homemade fruit spreads and so "less is enough" when it comes to carbs. At least, that is what my blood glucose is telling me.

FMG: I am doing my best to get back over to MSE but I am trying to get some things set up the past couple of days but I will be back there soon and very soon. Well, that has been my plan all along. If DH comes in and doesn't want to exercise then he is on his own. That is what happened yesterday and I had already done all of my exercises before he got home. He did them last night. This afternoon we do have a "date" with Leslie Sansone and "walk, walk, walk." I think she sounds like a duck so when I imitate her he laughs. I swear that is the only reason why he likes doing her dvds. He is just so juvenile.

onebyone: your sofa looks nice. My DH would love the royal blue. Dark chocolate (the more cacao the better) does it for me when I crave sugar. One square and I am satisfied. Hope you find what works for you. How is the gym working out for you?

Credit: I finally got to move my ticker down. Bummer that I still haven't lost enough to put one snow person for my first 5 lbs since incorporating BDS along with my diabetes weight loss plan (start date to remember: December 21st, 2013). However, it does give me an incentive to work even harder!

Love, Pam

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Today has been good so far. I'm really enjoying the feeling of a tabula rasa that a new year always grants me.

My boss surprised me today by giving me an office! We have run out of space in the tiny room where 7 of us currently sit scrunched together. It was a fun perk and I've been nesting all day and really enjoying having a little space to call my own.

I'm on track with reading my ARCs and completing my steps. I'm taking a second day on Step 6 - Finding a Diet Coach because I didn't have time to really engage the support system I wanted to yesterday.

I have noticed myself working on my resistance muscle even though I'm not on that "step" yet. It's been really interesting to see how working on my mindset automatically makes me say no to food I don't need more often then I would otherwise. This Beck lady really has some smart ideas.

Plan for today is to re-read Day 7, read my ARC tonight and reach out to my support network more concretely.

Weekends are killer for me because I lose all the structure of work. My weekend plan is to maintain reading my ARC and posting here at least once. I'm not going to try and tackle steps when I know that it's too much for me amidst all of my other weekend plans.

Credit for today: Having a meeting suddenly moved to McDonalds and choosing not to eat anything even though I was craving french fries. Taking my vitamins. Reading my ARC twice at scheduled times. Adding another format to my ARC so I have NO EXCUSES for not reading it. Writing new response cards. Eating sitting down. Choosing to say no to extra food at breakfast because I was desiring to eat for the pleasure of eating not because I was hungry. I can have that pleasure when I need it just not when I only want it.


nationalparker As a former New Yorker who has relocated to the south I miss snow and I'm so enjoying reading about it (even though I know it's frustrating when you're in it and much more romantic when you're far away). Excellent on recognizing your body's hunger and recognizing it!

systemsaddict Amazing job on helping your child enjoy healthy foods- what a great side effect of the wonderful work you're doing for yourself.

bethFromDayton Your self control is INCREDIBLE! Wonderful job!

nationalparker I'm restarting myfitnesspal too - I'd be happy to be accountabilibuddies on there

seadwaters Ikea is such a fantastically distracting and wonderful place. Seems like our forum is on an Ikea spree!
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Default New here

Hi all,

I somehow stumbled upon your message board and am considering learning more about the Beck Diet Solution. I requested the book from the library. Would you recommend that I buy it instead?
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Team total 131. Streak for me is 29.

Credits for yesterday. Had a long battle with a craving yesterday and i won! Long time since cravings have reared their ugly heads. I actually think it was a habit thing. I got to spend a few hours with my girls yesterday (they are having a long stay with their Dad at the moment and the younger one needed a Mummy fix). We were having such fun - playing musical bobs, card games, writing stories together and then suddenly my brain says "this is so much fun - why don't we go get icecreams". WTF? In amongst the debate inside my head there was even a line of "we've all used up lots of calories dancing" that i managed not to be tricked by. I am really pleased i saw sense in this one - it is so important for my girls to know that fun can be had without unhealthy food so it would have been an awful shame for me to disprove that for them yesterday.

Maryann - i was delighted and inspired by how fabulous you look! And even more inspired to read your thoughts about why my thinking or not thinking that is irrelevant!

Vegan...rex - I am horribly jealous of NYE in New Orleans. We spent NYE watching the final episode of Treme - i don't think i have ever been so sad to see a show finish.

National parker - i thought that as the keeper of stats i might point out that this is the longest streak you have had - which is a definite plus! Good on you for being honest with yourself and us about it ending though.

Systemsaddict - loved your story of 5 year old eating salad

Pamatga- it is totally fine for you not to be posting personals. And also totally fine for you to be quiet on the MSE boards. These things should never, ever, be an obligation i reckon. If posting here and other places helps you reach your goals then do it. If it hinders you the don't! (IMHO) LOL about your husband's motivation for exercise - i so love a bit of silliness in a grown up!
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Hi everyone,

Just a quick check in tonight. Three days of healthy eating and exercising under my belt. It sure feels good to say that. Thanks to all of you for the inspiration and support.

I am finding that telling myself stop thinking about food is helping. As soon as my head drifts to sabotaging thoughts of eating something unhealthy and off-plan I am noticing and telling myself to stop it. I have been telling myself that I just need to not do it right now. Trying not to think about the big picture too much. It just feels too overwhelming.

Welcome Moebug. I think you will find the book helps. For me, I bought both of Beck's books and have reread them when I needed inspiration, a kick in the pants or both.

pamatga- I hear you on the effort and time it takes to personally respond to everyone. You are wise to focus on using your time to do what is healthy for you. I have gotten hung up on not being able to keep up with personals and at times have not posted because of that. That definitely is not helpful.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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I can do this
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Hi all,

It's pretty late here (1:00 am) and the party is still going strong. I've got the breakfast casseroles in the fridge to make tomorrow morning easy. Several people had to cancel because of the bad weather in southern MI/northern OH. Disappointing but I'm glad they've made choices to stay safe.

I've eaten lots more than an "OP" day--lots more--about double my normal OP calories. I've also recorded everything and that has kept me eating less than I did last year at this same party--a lot less. I've eaten everything sitting down with a plate--very deliberate and paying attention to what I was eating.

Since that's how I'm measuring success this weekend--recording and eating sitting down on a plate (no "on the run" eating sitting down"!)

I can't count how many times I've been aware of something that I would have stuck in my mouth at a previous party--and had the "I'm not doing that" response.

I have lots of thoughts that are helping, including that I've managed to stop eating sweets at work, I can stop overeating at parties. It isn't hard anymore to turn down sweets at work--most of the time it's really easy. So that means that if I persevere, it's entirely possible that not overeating at parties will get easy for me, too.

So. Friday night done--and if not OP, I give myself credit for success at meeting a low bar--but one I've not met at other similar events.

Oh--and I lost 3 euchre games in a row and then won 3 in a row.

Take care, all.
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Hi coaches

A quick Saturday night check-in. Fortunately my IKEA visit didn't involve any putting together of furniture - all small bits and pieces so no 3 dimentional challenges. This morning I was going to breakfast with a friend and because yet again my weight was the same I was inclined to think - forget it, I will eat what I want because the diet is getting me nowhere. However I didn't do that and decided on a sensible breakfast that obeyed all the food rules I am following at the moment. I don't think I will lose weight in any amount until I get off the medications I am on - which won't be for a few years. And the spectacular results that others get by reducing carbs and sticking to food made from scratch won't impact my weight loss because except for the odd lapse I have eaten that way for a long time. I don't eat processed food and I have avoided wheat and sweets for years. However by avoiding foods that I react to I do reduce inflammation and joint pain so I need to stick with it and who knows - I might lose some weight as well.

I have read more of the fermentation book and am getting ready to have a go. I have read "Wild Fermentation" in the past and know of Fallon's "Nourishing Traditions" (will need to look at Cooked thanks GardenerJoy - have read his other books but not that one yet) but the book at the moment seems more accessible (Lisa's Counter Culture: Pickles and other well bred food"). They all mount a very good argument for the inclusion of fermented foods in the diet as do a number of food blogs. I have been buying sauerkraut and kimchi for a while but it is far more exciting to try and make them myself. Will let you know how it goes!

Credits for today
Logging on to my coaches
Eating on plan all day including when there were many alternatives for breakfast
Finishing my steps for the day
No sugar or wheat
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in development
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Thanks, seadwaters, for being there at the breakfast table with me this morning! I was considering a slice of toast but checked in here first. Your post (above) headed me off!

I lurk, as you know, and post sporadically. Thanks for all you do here. I really appreciate it. And a Happy New Year!
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Welcome Moebug! Do you have an iPad or iPhone? If so you can get a sample of Beck Diet Solution in the iBook store while you wait for the library copy to arrive. You might also be able to get an Android or Kindle version - i only live in the world of Mac though so i am not sure how to achieve that.

In any event - however you get access to the book i hope you find it as life changing as i have.

Team points are 135. My streak is 30:-)

Credit for today: when i realised i had miscalculated my snacks and was over calories at the end of the day i corrected it by doing an hours cleaning. Extra credits for the fact that when the cleaning took 2 hours i didn't then 'correct' that by eating more food i wasn't hungry for!

Beth - i am so pleased to hear you are achieving your goals at the party and that you are able to see the positive changes you are making

Seadwaters - woohoo to you for not giving in to that dastardly "bugger it, it's not working anyway" sabotaging thought.
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Thumbs up Welcome Moebug


And, on the occasion of your first post,

How did you come to have "stumbled upon" our Beck forum here on 3 Fat Chicks?

(I take it that you found this forum before you discovered the books.)
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Hi Coaches!

I'm still with ya'll in spirit. Still dealing with my projects, my real job and ongoing internet woes. When I had time to really connect yesterday after work I couldn't log on....darned skiers heading back to Denver. I continue to be very mindful of my food choices and weigh in every morning. The scale continues to be good to me....maintaining, which for now, is just fine. Interestingly, speaking of the scale, although I'm staying in my maintainance range on the scale, I went over the hill for NewYears and my clothes I wear there are really loose. I've only been over 3 times since September and even though the scale reads the same I still seem to be shrinking in sizes. That's good enough for me. I enjoy reading and, as always, learn lots. Keep warm everyone!

Welcome Moebug! I initially checked books out from the library, since it was fast, but then ordered my own once I decided to commit.
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Thumbs up Saturday

Diet Coaches/Buddies Exercise was shoveling snow, CREDIT moi. There was no wet part so it went quickly and easily. I met a neighbor who's new, agreeing with her that a benefit of shoveling is that it's the only time we easily meet each other. My hands got cold enough after thirty minutes that I worked in half-hour shifts. Gotta consider getting serious gloves if temps are going to be in the single digits. Immediately after clearing out the car I did my weekend trip to the supermarket and found the parking lot half empty - a joy since it often over fills. I saw Valentine's Day candy where the Christmas candy had been. I detect a scheme here.

Eating was on plan, including snacks, CREDIT moi, to streak to 45. It feels like an NSV that the leftover cranberry squares from our Christmas dinner still sit on the kitchen counter as does the box of German goodies from our weekend bird walk. Evening snack was a whole Louisiana Navel Orange since DW wandered into some sherbet and I didn't choose to follow. I felt like indulging with my own whole orange, LOL. The movie we saw last night, Inside Llewyn Davis had high reviews by critics and so-so by viewers. I come down on the side of the reviewers. I didn't love or hate Llewyn nor the music.

onebyone New word for me, Frost quake - did you actually see the ground explode? Thanks for the link to Harlan Ellison's take on Mr. Banks. Everything I see from Disney is pasteurized - I should have suspected this movie as well. Admittedly, indeed, I had to catch my breath with the first part of your paragraph in isolation before I read on, "Billblueeyes and gardenerjoy: admittedly, I love cranky old people. I really do."

Joy (gardenerjoy) Congrats for shoveling twice as long as I did in each set - you halved the opportunities to think, I deserve a snack for that, LOL.

CeeJay - Love the notion of reducing the issue to right now, "I have been telling myself that I just need to not do it right now."

silverbirch And Happy New Year to you, also. Neat to be reminded that success is achieved one slice to toast at a time.

Cheryl (seadwaters) Interesting heads up to consider fermented foods. We do kimchi on occasion.

Pam (pamatga) Congrats for moving your sticker down even if only half a snow person.

maryann - Kudos for choosing a diet that has worked for you. I wish I'd stop getting confused about what is abstained from in the JJ Virgin Diet.

Wannabeskinny Thanks for pointing out the typo in Beth (bethFromDayton)'s weight that all the rest of us missed.

Beth (bethFromDayton) Concise response, "I'm not doing that". Congrats for having your party despite the weather.

Jo (veganasaurusrex) Yep, unstructured time challenges a bunch of us. Kudos for standing down fries at MacDonald's.

ForMyGirls - Such demonic Sabotaging Thought, "this is so much fun - why don't we go get icecreams" - Kudos for seeing it for what it was.

Moebug - When I first learned of The Beck Diet Solution, I bought one and checked one out from the library for lunchtime reading at work. It's definitely worth owning since it's worth returning to over the years. See what you think after a few weeks. Glad you've joined us.

Readers -
day 9 Select an Exercise Plan

what are you thinking?
Sabotaging Thoughts will interfere with your ability to start and maintain an exercise program. Most are self-deluding or irrelevant, such as, a lot of people don't exercise, so it's okay if I don't either. If you find yourself resisting this idea of starting an exercise program, reread the benefits of exercise mentioned on pages 107-108. Which are important to you? Write them on a Response Card.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 111.
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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone I think I found you while I was searching for the "miracle diet" that would transform me and rid me of my overeating habits forever ! HA! What a joke Anyways, I think I found a copy of the book at my local Barnes and Noble and I'm going to buy it today.

I see that some of you call yourself coaches. Does that mean you are available to mentor people that are just starting out? I could really benefit from that to give me some accountability.

Thanks again!
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Hi all, and welcome MoeBug. I am new here too, but I think that everyone uses the forum and its members as their own Beck diet coach, and they mentor and encourage each other that way. Congrats for buying the Beck book. I also bought a nice notebook and notecards to do all of the tasks.

Coaches: I have done well over the holidays. I had a binge on New Year's Eve, but I have recovered from it, and am back in my acceptable weight range. I have kept up with my walking, hiking, and bike riding. The holidays and all of the relatives visiting have kept me out of the gym, so I am planning to go back and start lifting weights again. I may go today.
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Good Morning, Coaches.

I had a great day puttering. Didn't leave the house in honor of my lingering head cold. Planned food menu for the month in honor of Frugal January! We have lots of freezer meat from the pig we bought at the FFA auction. I made shopping list of recipe incidentals I'll need but I can postpone shopping until next week. Heaven to be home. Today's plan is to dig out the office, write thank you notes and send the last of the Xmas cards ( maybe they are new year's cards now.)

Yesterday was OP. Scale a pound down which feels great. Food in FP. My body does love a routine.

Pamatga and ForMyGirls: Both of you experienced a huge awareness - the insidiousness of an addictive mind. My mind will let me spend three hours on "thinking" about solutions rather than taking action AND my mind mind will slip food thoughts into sheer joy in order for me to focus once again on food. Credit for your insights.

Ceejay: Big credit for three days. That is a big deal.

BethFromDayton: Ironically, I was just searching for a "breakfast casserole.' What does yours have in it? Credit for your determination to record. It is really the secret to success, I believe.

Seadwaters: Thanks for the book reference.

BBE: corn, soy, peanuts, artificial sweetener, gluten, eggs, dairy. The first four she recommends never putting back into your diet.

Welcome Moebug.
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