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Hi all,

Breakfast and lunch were OP. I was in a meeting during my normal snack time and my choice was to eat my snack or to change clothes and get down to Pilates and only be a couple of minutes late. Pilates won!! Big credit for that.

It was an interesting 'class'--the trainer held it in the exercise room and had 5 of us in there--at different levels doing different things! She wanted to be sure that another woman and I who are new to her class would be comfortable with the movements. She was running one of the guys ragged. Another guy was not quite as strenuous and the third woman was also "getting back into things". It was fun--and although I think my abs will complain tomorrow, I feel confident that I'll be able to keep up and benefit from the classes.

I started adding more spontaneous walking to my day and my FitBit says I'm barely under 5000 steps for the day. 10,000 seems unattainable right now, but I'm sure I can work my way up to it. I tend to be 'efficient' with my tasks, including moving from one spot to another. I decided today to focus on increasing steps, so I took the roundabout way to every meeting and the restroom (even to the point of going to a different floor). So, my goal is to be less efficient and more motion-y. (not a word, I know) As soon as the weather breaks, I'll start parking at the far end of the parking lot--I claim a pass as long as it's in the teens and single digits!

Dinner wasn't as planned (change in an evening meeting) but I made pretty good choices with a last minute choice. (Chinese takeout, and I measured my portions so I wouldn't overeat.) (I picked up two meals--one would have been enough for the two of us.)

flnu: Welcome!

Take care all!
Goal: Back to where I was!
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