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Originally Posted by SeeMyFeet View Post
The scale dipped down! Yay! I think I'm 0.5 below my ticker, but only after my 4th weigh-in (after drying my hair, ha!).
Lol, I would never step on a scale with wet hair! Or jewelry.

When going to the doctors office (please don't tell me I'm alone here), I don't care how it looks or what the temp is outside, whatever weighs the least that I can fit into, is what I'm wearing. I've never actually weighed the clothes to see which weighs less but if I had a scale that would do that, I'd be tempted!

Another reason to walk, the hazards of sitting! Eeeeek, I'm in one of those bad positions right now.

Hit goal of 150 on 2/21/2014.
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