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Originally Posted by ChaloJ View Post
I'm back! I was not much of a poster, but I lost 120 pounds. Unfortunately, I never phased off, and I started to eat like I needed to gain another person. I now need to re-lose 60. Booo hiss!!!! I am on day 4; my first two days were bumpy, but I think I am back into getting the hang of it.
Sorry about the gain, but glad we are all here to support each other.

Originally Posted by carlasherea View Post
I was a size 10 when I was 160. I'm pretty consistent top and bottom not skinny legged. It's a really great weight for me and when I get smaller like 150 people act like I have an eating disorder! Haha I'm almost 2 weeks in started working out this week so I can hardly move but it feels great!

I know when I got to my low, my mom was like Tammy…125 is way too low for you, stop losing, you look sick. Same with hubby and friends and family…even some of my pictures look unhealthy…catch I was 165 (not 125 like most thought). That is my goal to get back there.

Originally Posted by Douger963 View Post
I'm back too. Starting in Jan. 2011 I lost 107lbs in eight months. I did pretty well for quite awhile, but started playing games with the food around.

Now I'm in day 5, Phase 1, already starting to see the scale go in the other direction, Thank God! But I have 70lbs to lose again. When I lost 100lbs in 2011, it was the 2nd time I did that in my life. I told myself, I don't have another one of those weight losses in me. Well, so now all I got is 70lbs to lose...but here we go and it's got to go! I'm definitely going to have to create a habit of exercise to help in maintenance.
I remember you…it is a tough road we travel. I have spent so many days on phase 1 during my 35 months in maintenance. I am constantly doing phase one and then before I know it…back up 10-15 again! Crazy. The longest I go without doing at least 2 weeks of phase one is about 10-12 weeks. I think this is forever!

: each 5 gone!
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