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Post fears. phooey.


Well I now know what "getting an MRI" means. They gave me earplugs! The machine makes every noise I have ever heard in science fiction movies. I can't say I was fond of this experience. While not uncomfortable, and not painful in any way, being in a machine you can't get out of at will is unnerving. At times I was totally ok and relaxed but I had a couole of very small moments when I wanted out. I reminded myself how FORTUNATE I am to be able to have this test, which seems so science-fictiony (the tech told me the machine turns my body's atoms upside down and the machine also magnetizes me and so the machine can then read/photograph the patterns my magnetized flesh(imagine that) gives off. AT keast that's how I understand it. But once she said "turns my atoms upside down" I was floored.

*credit* for planning for the end of the fast. I placed a protein drink into the car's cupholder so I would drink that (hoping it wouldn't freeze in the meantime -it was ok) when I got out of the test. It was a good plan. I had been fasting since 9pm last night and was done at 1pm. The drink allowed me to further plan my food for tonight and to walk the aisles of Costco without even a thought at trying their samples. Why they had so many samples going on on a Tuesday afternoon is beyond me. Around every corner there were samples, including samples of Kirkland brand chocolate milk! What's that about? Do you think there are people who have never tasted that? It must be to set up a craving in the person who tastes it and then they go buy some. What was weird today though was that due to the extreme cold the store was pretty empty. NONE of the sample stations had people at them except for one: tilapia fish breaded with panko. SHe had a line up. Go figure.

Weighwise: I *credit* weighed in at 264.8! I made my 1st 5lb off goal. Now, I'm not so sure if it "counts" as it's not official weigh in day. What do you guys think?? I am so anxious to see 2 movies in a row at the theatre as my reward! I guess I have to see if it hold until Saturday, my official weighin. I am working on goal 2 - a repeat of goal 1: 5lbs and two movies!

Planned Exercise: I stopped by my gym this morning. I have arranged to have 2 personal training sessions with this great trainer there named Olyssea. I am going to work with her for 30min every other Monday. I can afford that and it is just often enough ti keep me *conscious* of having to eet her and having to answer whether I actually did my exercise or not. I need to be acountable and I need to take this seriously. I'm ready to accept this in my life. The MRI today reminded me I want to stave off the world of medicine for as long as I can. I am in no hurry to have a life defined by medical appointments. Not yet please.

Bye fir now!
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