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Ugg.... This is my first Sunday here and using MFP... Sundays will have to be a bit of a "cheat" day for me I guess... Every Sunday I go to my "home group" AA meeting over breakfast (Kaarin I was a very heavy drinker near the end of my drinking days ) and certainly won't be giving that up (the meeting I mean). But I just logged the breakfast food and ate 1500 calories!

I might need a new strategy for next weekend... Maybe order something instead of the buffet.

Problem is I have a date tonight, and we are probably doing the tasting menu at a very nice restaurant... Maybe I will be over my 2500 cal today. Not going to order just a salad on a first date... Didn't Seinfeld do that?

BUT in a few minutes I am going to the gym, maybe I will do an extra half hour of cardio. Might not be enough but can't hurt.

Live and learn, need to plan better next time.

At least there is no question about (no) wine calories for me tonight! . I would have had a lot of problems (read not possible) to stop at two glasses Kaarin, so I consider you lucky for that.

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