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S/C/G: 251/215.97/130

Height: 5ft 3in


Naaomi1 and Kaarin! and HNY !!
(IP is ideal protein--there's a big thread devoted to it here on 3FC)

890 calories yesterday, but probably an overestimate because I fined myself too much for nibbling while cooking! I made The Best pork medallions with mustard sauce and capers yesterday, but limited myself to only one--and lots of veggies. I felt like the family dog...looking at and drooling over the mashed potatoes (I make the BEST mashed potatoes). I wanted to jump on the table. But I stayed strong!

32 day average around 1250. 7 day average 1300. And it's snowing in Chicago.

Love this guy-->

Don't stop moving. Folks might think you're dead. And so will your brain.

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