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First name: Jessica

Geographical location: Kentucky

Age: 26

Marital Status: Married

Children/Ages: 0

Occupation: College Student

Pets: 2 pups! Cocoa (Australian Shepard) Jade (Pitbull mix)

Hobbies/Interests: Gardening and basically anything outside.


Eye/Hair Color: Brown hair-Blue eyes

Starting Date of Weightloss Journey: March 13, 2013

Starting Weight: 240

Present Weight: 240

Goal Weight: 160

Biggest hurdle to overcome in weightloss: Cheap food. 90% of the groceries I buy are because they are cheap. 2nd, cooking for one...there are 3 adults in this house (hubby & sister) and me eating something completely different from them seems like a hassle 3rd, late night eating...I eat a lot of the time because I'm bored. Not because I'm hungry.

Following any specific plan: Starting when I wake up in the morning I will be walking/jogging every morning and eventually will be starting Zumba. I cut pop out about a month ago and drink water, milk, or juice. More water than anything else and I have been trying to make smarter decisions about food.

What is different this time in your weight loss efforts than in the past:
This time I'm over it. I am so disgusted with myself that that it's taking a toll on my marriage. I feel I am an embarrassment therefor I am not the funnest person to be around! Tired of losing a war with myself, it's time to win some battles!

Anything else you would like to share with us:

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