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This morning we're traveling back to our other home

1. old clutter-went through my little rainbow set of drawers and pitched alot of paper-stuff I was reluctant to get rid of the last time. credit.
2. current clutter-picked up everything so I'll arrive next time to a clutter-free environ. Washed/dried clothes and put away
3. clean-simple but moves me forward. I cleaned the screens on my computer, ipad and iphone. Will clean the kitchen sink before we leave.

onebyone, can you think of any Beck strategies that would help ease your discomfort regarding the sabotaging thought of having to finish and be perfect. I connect the declutter process to weight loss in that it isn't a magical overnight fix but that we make consistent progress when we formulate a realistic long term plan which is broken down into small daily tasks. I can't begin to tell you how much progress I notice in the long term by just doing tiny tasks every day.
I also notice that it is difficult for me to organize stuff when there's so much and that the organizational process has become much easier as the "stuff" has gone away. Just a few things to think about....

gotta run! BBL
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