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onebyone 01-01-2013 07:52 PM

Clearing the Way to Spring: Jan 1/Mar 20, 2013 Decluttering Challenge/Support Thread
:welcome3: to the New Year, with its :dust:New Hope &
:cheer:New Energy to keep us, or start us, moving forward with our decluttering plans.

Imagine getting to "spring cleaning" season only to discover a lot of it is already done.

If we make a plan and set some goals we can turn any stuation around.

All are welcome to commit to changing and rearranging their environment(s). Beck says it is essential for our weightloss success to deal with our environment.

And if your environment is a cause for concern join us to lessen the stress and support the feelings of success and confidence as we experience things changing and we maintain those changes.

Please feel free to post your goals for this first quarter of the year and/or your daily progress.

onebyone 01-01-2013 08:22 PM

My Year to Move Mountains
Hi Everyone:

I come to 2013 knowing I have some serious issues to tame. At the end of this year I hit the half century mark and I am completely unwilling to get there with a mountain of moving boxes in my dining room, or a home that has no comfort or joy. It's just not acceptable. It's also something I have never managed to do: deal with the clutter and KEEP IT dealt with. Much like losing the weight and keeping it off if you ask me... which is another old issue I have to get serious about this year.

Last challenge I made some progress. Much of it is an interior shift. Though I am sitting on a couch that's cushy as I write this and my living room has several seating areas now. And I have a new bedroom that's cleaner.

Having these things come true, I now truly know I want this and don't want a messy uncomfortable makeshift home anymore. It was okay for decades. I'm not interested in the feelings of shame and depression and guilt and inadequacy that my home brings up in me when I think of people dropping by. I can do better. I have to put the work into it to bring it into my life.

helping rachel 01-02-2013 10:14 AM

Thanks OnebyOne for starting this 2013 thread. I am grateful for a place to share my process. I am picking one area to work on for the month of January. It is my office.

I am going to let go of stagnant, draining things that are of no revelance. That means separating books, teachings, files, cd's and some leftover craft items.

The questions I am asking myself...."Will this help me or give me energy for the future"? Does it have true value for my life now. The last consultanting project I completed, examined a part of self called "conceptualized self". Getting stuck in "an old story" and not living in the moment----connected to specific values. I cared for other parts of my house but not this specific area. It is my catch-all of things that I don't want to deal with.

I am enough without having to keep some of these stagnant boxes of ????? I found it interesting yesterday as I journaled about my word for the year.....It ties directly into this new discovering and letting go of what doesn't fit for me anymore.

Looking forward to moving a bookshelf today.
Planning on purging 4 more boxes and moving a 3 drawer storage unit into the utility room that is very spacious.
Planning a birthday dinner for my DH and trying to figure out where to put my kitchen appliances that I use. I am making homemade pasta with my pasta maker. I also received a new food processor from my sister and I love it. I think the cookbooks need a new location if I am going to use the processer often. I store the pasta machine in the utility room as it isn't used as much.

LEXXISS: I received this post today and it reminded me of your process :

Freshly Organized added a post from January 1, 2013 to their timeline.
Today's GO (Get Organized) Month Tip: Write down your top 3 tasks to do each day and tackle them. Nice short to-do list are much easier to accomplish. If you get those three done you can repeat or you can be done for the day. Up to you :-)

Intending on having a successful first quarter with declutter, organizing and re-authoring some parts of my life and home.

QuilterInVA 01-02-2013 11:00 AM

This is just what I need. I have 2 rooms upstairs that have become very cluttered. My dh was very ill and I was his sole caregiver for 6 years and I just stuck things in these rooms that I didn't want to deal with right then. He passed away 5 years ago and I still haven't dealt with the situation. I have made a little progress, but there is a lot to go. It will be good to deal with the clutter while I am dealing with my weight.

helping rachel 01-02-2013 03:25 PM

Welcome QuilterinVA: Looking forward to hearing about your decluttering journey.

Lexxiss 01-02-2013 05:07 PM

Hello declutterer friends!

:welcome2: QuilterinVA! We'll be here to support you as you open those rooms and go through your process from start to finish!

Tami(helping rachel), great new goals! Yippee! I think I'll go check out the website you mentioned.

My sister reappeared in my life and she wants to use one side of my Grandmothers little houses. That might mean a very specific declutter is in my very near future....I'll wait and see.

In the meantime I will continue my 1-2-3 dance since I have found that the day to day consistency (very Beck) works really well for me, in that the daily routine is about forming a lifetime habit.

We traveled over to our other home this morning. We'll just be here two days then back. We got up early but it was important for me to leave a tidy home.
1. old clutter-put away all photo project items
2. new clutter-folded and put away laundry, did dishes, picked up around the house
3. clean-cat box, upstairs bathroom sink, kitchen sink

Lexxiss 01-03-2013 10:29 AM

Thursday 1-2-3 :dancer:

1. current clutter-Picked up!
2. old clutter-went through some more old photos, pulled several small drawers (looking for something) and pitched as I went.
3. clean-washed and treated my leather couch and chair...vacuumed inside the couch then took the hand vac to my bathroom and did corners.

Ok, now I'm motivated to "keep looking" when I get home (and continue pitching/organizing). What I can't find is a little marking stick for the leather couch. I could go buy another one but I know I have one here. It came with the couch and we've never used it. It will motivate me to look in some of the cubbies I just never get to.

helping rachel 01-03-2013 11:34 AM

:dance:Hey Debbie: What ever it takes to motivate us. I feel that same way about not buying something new.

Laundry done, Son #1 packed to go back to school

Bookshelf was moved yesterday. I took a picture of my office that is so cluttered so you can see what I am dealing with. Will post later when I figure that out.

Purged 4 boxes, cleaned and dusted top of desk.

Off to work so I will check in later.

onebyone 01-03-2013 11:05 PM


Welcome all you guys to the new thread. So happy to read that people are just moving right along.

I am feeling great reluctance to *just start*. I think what happens with my thinking is that I get this thought: "once I start I cannot stop until it is done (right/perfectly/completely)" and that thought makes me feel defeated before I have even begun. So I stall, until I am motivated by anger at myself for not doing what I know I need to do and then I just start and then I am going along again.

I'd like to skip the 2-3-4-5-6-7 days run-up time to the getting down to what I know I need to do part.

So, I did not do any declutterng today. Nor did deal with any dishes, or get to my studio to box up my paintings and ask Chris the landlord there to put them where he said there was space for me to store them so I can get my studio into working condition.

My plan for tomorrow morning is a morning trip to the studio to move stuff around to get it into working condition.

Lexxiss 01-04-2013 09:33 AM

This morning we're traveling back to our other home

1. old clutter-went through my little rainbow set of drawers and pitched alot of paper-stuff I was reluctant to get rid of the last time. credit.
2. current clutter-picked up everything so I'll arrive next time to a clutter-free environ. Washed/dried clothes and put away
3. clean-simple but moves me forward. I cleaned the screens on my computer, ipad and iphone. Will clean the kitchen sink before we leave.

onebyone, can you think of any Beck strategies that would help ease your discomfort regarding the sabotaging thought of having to finish and be perfect. I connect the declutter process to weight loss in that it isn't a magical overnight fix but that we make consistent progress when we formulate a realistic long term plan which is broken down into small daily tasks. I can't begin to tell you how much progress I notice in the long term by just doing tiny tasks every day.
I also notice that it is difficult for me to organize stuff when there's so much and that the organizational process has become much easier as the "stuff" has gone away. Just a few things to think about....

gotta run! BBL

VermontMom 01-04-2013 09:41 AM

good morning and Happy New Year. I need to keep checking in here! Lexxiss, I do like the 1-2-3 thing and will try to adapt that also :carrot:

onebyone 01-04-2013 10:12 AM

Today's Tasks 1/4/13
Ok, taking a cue/clue from Lexxiss :hug: I am going back to my early Beck days and writing down my tasks for the day and I'll be back to update this evening.

1) get to studio done
2) box and bag up canvases for storage done
3) remove canvases into outer garage area and see what my space looks like without them in there done
4) move the big piece of wood for the guild sign to the very back of the studio space, out of the way done
5) move the big grey table and the smaller blue table into a place where I can use them to work on done
6) put my rainbow drawers somewhere handy done
7) put the printer/cart somehere handy done
8) put the whiteboard up <NOTE: need to switch whiteboards=new one is smaller so better for house--bigger one goes to studio (*buy another whiteboard*) done
9) set up my printmaking table so I can just start when I do get back again.done
10) bring home some wood for carving and my conte crayons for transferring images onto the wood (I think I'm getting sick so I don't think I'll be back to the studio if I get sick--would like that stuff here in case). If I can print out and transfer to the block then I have started to work on my prints again. done

Also brought home a few canvases to sketch out toward applying to profitable summer show.

OK I am off to buy another whiteboard and to re-arrange the studio space. I'll check in later. done

Now off to bring car in for scheduled thingamabob replacement. Then home again.

YAY. *multiplecreditday*

helping rachel 01-04-2013 11:44 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 43755\

Here is the picture, I think! Not a pretty sight but I wanted to be honest with my process. I have 3 more steps to take today.

1- Set up the cube for back wall
2- Purge 4 more boxes
3- Dust and clean off both bookshelves that are now together.

helping rachel 01-04-2013 11:50 AM

OneonOne: I admire your plan and steps broken down. Plan your work and work your plan!

Lexxiss: Isn't there a sense of freedom that comes with having an organized space....ahhhhhhh.

VermontMOM: What are you working on? Any new projects for the year or are you working the 1-2-3 groove with the rest of us.

Speaking of 1-2-3....:carrot::carrot::cb::hat::dancer::cheer2::cra zy::cheer:Old clutter, New clutter, Clean, Cha, Cha, Cha!

OC: 4 boxes from office
NC: Mail purge and front of the fridge with outdated pictures and papers
Clean: Bedding stripped from boys room and dishwasher run.

Hi to anyone else I missed, Welcome one, Welcome all!

Lexxiss 01-05-2013 08:25 AM

On my way to work

1. old clutter-didn't address
2. current clutter-picked up/unpacked travel stuff
2. clean-DID clean the cat box despite not wanting to

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