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How to Start a Daily Thread in IP

Written by Chloe222 and stickied by request of IP users.

1. Go to the IP Forum home page which lists all the threads. Look under "User CP" (which is what you click on to manage your ticker, signature, etc.).
2. Note right under it is a box which says "New Thread". Click on it and a new thread box shows up.
3. You must put in a title. HOWEVER, if you make a typo in the title, you can only correct it BEFORE you hit "submit". If you need to make a correction, contact a "moderator" to fix it.
4. Copy and paste the intro message for the "Daily Chat" into the box.
Hit submit, done!
5. BUT you also need to close the thread the next day - so you go to that open thread, look for "Thread Tools" at the top of the thread. Click on it, see a drop down and at the bottom is an option to "close". Be sure to close it.

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