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Default Question?

How can I get the weight scales?
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Originally Posted by Teachjacque View Post
How can I get the weight scales?
This is a FAQ. The place to ask questions is in the threads below. The daily (weekend) chat has info in the first post about trackers.
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S/C/G: first week on IP 264...

Height: 5' 6"

Default First day on IP

Hello, today is my first day on IP, I am so excited after reading your posts. I am so surprised how good the food was, I am not just saying that!
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Hi Tweb

You've posted on the FAQ thread.
Head over to the Daily Chat thread to join in the conversation & introduce yourself
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Originally Posted by Grizz View Post
Hi everyone, i am new to these forms. I am on week 5, years ago i had a gastric bypass; of course i didn't do what the Doc said so now i am trying IP Diet due to my smaller stomach, i am having a hard time eating 4 cups veggies and 8 ounces protein everyday, is anyone having the same issue.
Hi Grizz - I know you posted ages ago, but hopefully you're still on here. I haven't even started IP yet (next Tuesday!), but I saw your post and thought I might be able to help a little bit. I have a condition called gastroparesis, where the stomach takes longer than it should to empty. As such, I have a hard time eating lots of veggies, because they are so high in fiber they are hard to digest, which is even MORE work for my poor broken tummy. I'd check out the Fun with Veggie Purees thread. Pureed veggies will empty from your stomach faster since some of the work of digestion is done before you even put them in your mouth. I hope that helps!
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Updated Protocol sheets June 2014 (phase 1 is from January 2015)

Reminder: This is a FAQ thread. Post any questions, comments in your other chat threads
Attached Files
File Type: pdf Phase 2 2014-06-25.pdf (363.2 KB, 1766 views)
File Type: pdf Phase 4 2014-06-25.pdf (380.6 KB, 1438 views)
File Type: pdf Phase 1 2015-03-27.pdf (364.3 KB, 1676 views)
File Type: pdf Phase 3 2015-03-27.pdf (369.7 KB, 493 views)

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Here are some fantastic threads for those closing-out phase 1:

Life after Phase 1 threads
Visit From Novak
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Default Links galore

Here is all the info from the first post of the daily chat:

Some forum lingo:
NSV = Non-scale victory
TOM = time of the month
WI = Weigh-in
WF = Walden Farms
OP = on plan

Ideal Protein Sub-forum Home page
Consider making it a bookmark or a favorite in your browser so you can come back easily to get your RDA of Ideal Protein information.

Information for newbies:
Check the sticky page (top of forum, above all the topics) for lots of good information and please read here before asking what might be a frequently asked question: Information on Ideal Protein phases (1-4), IP Ultimate List Recipes, FAQ, Newbie Guide, Exercise, and other Important Threads,
and here are the most recent Ideal Protein Protocol sheets

And before you cheat, read this thread:
The Real Cost of Cheating on Ideal Protein

Before starting new threads: spend some time reading the forum. Most new threads are duplicates, triplicates, quadruplicates. Folks who are the most successful, make time for research/reading.

Recipes Here
Ideal Protein Diet Recipes #4 -current thread open for posting
Recipe thread #3
Tips and Recipes from the Incredible Weight Loss Center
Fun with Ideal Protein Packets
Fun with Veggie Purees!
Mix'n in the kitchen...Recipes from the Rainbow
MiX'N' iN THE KiTCH'N.... Recipes from the Rainbow Volume 2
Here are a couple "older" .pdf files of many of Rainbow's recipes: Rainbowsmiles Recipes
and Rainbows IP Inspired Alternative Recipes

For those looking for alternative products
Here is a thread with tons of info. Spend some time in it.
And here is a link to a chart to help you choose appropriate products

Tickers and Signatures:
There are 2 requirements to have access to signatures and tickers. You must have been a member of 3fatchicks for 20 days AND posted at least 20 messages anywhere on the 3fatchicks forum. When you've met those requirements check The Ultimate Signature and Ticker Thread for more information and instructions.

The best quoting tip - EVER!! Thanks Rosie, aka 6710.

If you can't find what you're looking for in this forum using the website search function, try using the "double search" using Google.

1) Go to Search 3fatchicks by using the term at the end of your Google search.

For example, if you want to look for "big mac in a bowl", type "big mac in a bowl" in Google search. No need to include the quotation marks when you type.

2) This will bring up the page that you are looking for, now hit Ctrl+F to search on that page. Type "big mac in a bowl" and all instances of that search term will be highlighted.

Progress photos
Mini-Goal Photo Album.

Other helpful links related to the Ideal Protein Dr. Chanh Tran Tien's website
Link to a pdf of the doctor's book here.
Note: this is not the same as the current IP plan.

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