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Jo - You sound crazy busy So glad you liked the pictures and what you saw, you have worked so blessed hard! You deserve to feel good about yourself!

Alaskan - You know how hard it is with just your son being ADHD.. think of my poor husband. 2 of my kids (the girls) are ADHD, my son is ADD, I am ADHD..and when my parents come to stay a month at a time... dad is ADHD, And we wonder why the days seem so filled! We can't focus long enough to realize we overbooked ourselves! LOL! Rest assured though, if your DS learns how to channel that ADHD, he will not only succeed, but be able to hyperfocus on one thing and accomplish 4x the "normal" person My oldest daughter is JUST NOW learning how to do that even though I have taught her the skills way before now. She is LOVING it too :P

Sum - baseball season seems to be your crazy time of year for sure Iam sure you will level out again... with everything hitting you at once, 3lbs is all a facade of weight

Krystal - I have discovered I love Tae Bo. It's a hard workout, but I enjoy it. I have martial arts in my background, which might be why I enjoy it so much. I am glad you are in taking care of yourself mode That's a great spot to be at!!!!

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