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Originally Posted by REKP View Post
Kinda surprised me to see our old thread closed. Hope everyone navigates to this one.
PLP: I agree with Shero that you need to talk to someone at Diet Direct about the rash. I haven't heard of an allergy to whey protein, but they should be able to tell you if it's common or unheard of. I hope it's environmental or contact allergies so you can continue this journey with us.
Ms. Miller: I started Wonderslim/New Lifestyle on Nov 6. Just had my 13th weigh in and have lost 50 pounds. My loss seems to have now settled between 2 and 3 pounds a week. I still have almost 50 to lose, but even at that...I should be at my goal by mid summer at the latest.
Shero: Running errands today and will stop by either the post office or UPS to ship your box. Will let you know which way it ships.
Hope everyone has a great, on plan, day!
It's actually pretty common for people with dairy intolerance to be allergic to whey or lactose..or just intolerant at the "milder" end of the spectrum. I'm casein intolerant (which isn't as common) so if I have to much dairy I get all kinds of bloating and gurgling/bubbles in my tummy and intestines and major discomfort for hours if not a few days after eating it.

I used to like pretending it wouldn't make me feel sick and I was addicted to the frozen frappucino things at Wawa and always got the vanilla creme one which has a milk base and I would drink a large one and within 20 minutes I'd be feeling sick to my stomach and gassy and would have the runs for 2 days. Talk about punishment! haha...don't ask why but I would still get them. i get reactions like this to many foods..mostly when I eat too many starchy foods and foods with wheat/gluten. I'm about 90% sure I have celiac and not just "gluten intolerance" but the GI dr I went to thought it would be a waste of time to endoscope me to check for intestinal damage so i went down a self destructive path binging on food and disrepecting my body which is part of the reason I've ballooned up so badly.

Now that I've gone on that long point is basically to definitely listen to your body and talk to a Dr as soon as you feel like something isn;'t right. By continuing to eat foods that are bad for your body and you either can't digest or tolderate you cause damage to your body and then it's downhill from there. I am working on slowly cutting out gluten and casein from my diet - which will take away most of the options for me from the standard american diet about depressing! But I feel like I need to get my portions and cravings under control before getting too crazy with diet alterations.

Anyway, best of luck in figuring out the hives/allergies!
I WILL get there!!
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