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Originally Posted by JellyMae87 View Post
Alright ladies. It's was that time again!! Last thread reached over 560 posts!!
Thanks for starting it!

Originally Posted by bigpassport View Post
2Ride I started the "2 week" reboot a week ago. I'm toying with the idea of extending it to try to get down to a new goal weight. Looking forward to rebooting with you!
Same here! So far I've decided to extend it at least one more week, and if there is a "decent loss" (something close to 1 lb) then I will continue a little longer, if not, then that will be a clear sign that my work out routine is not meant to be combined with IP and I will phase off. I really don't want to stop working out right now. Good luck with your decision.

Originally Posted by woolberger View Post
JellyMae -
In an effort to keep myself from getting bored, I have tried a few new things this week. I took shredded chicken, mixed it with WF Blue Cheese Dressing and Frank's Buffalo sauce, heated it thru then mixed it into a salad. Excellent! I also tried a new vegetable today - Celeriac (Celery Root). Boiled it until soft, then pureed with garlic, a little EVOO & water. Better than cauliflower mash. I know people have posted these ideas before but I think it is important to try new foods, even (almost) a year after hitting maintenance.

I know some of you are using Superbowl Sunday as a free day. Anyone have any good On-Plan ideas?

Good for you for keep trying new things in the kitchen, that is one department where I sorely lack creativity. Everyone's recipes here have been my saviors though. Hope you continue doing well on your reboot. If you don't mind me asking, do you plan on doing it until you reach a comfortable weight, or just enough time to get your pancreas reset?

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