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How to make the bone broth:

Since we're paleo/primal here, you need the bones of wild-caught or grass-fed animals. I used my turkey carcass after Thanksgiving dinner, but have also gotten good grass-fed beef marrow bones from a butcher. It's easier to find grass-fed lamb bones at the supermarket.

Wash them well, then put them in a big stock pot and cover them with water. To the pot, add a lot of lemon juice or some apple cider vinegar, depending on the flavor you want with the bones you're using. Usually a tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice per four cups of water. This helps to leech out the minerals from the bones. Heat on high until the water starts to boil, then turn down to a simmer and let it cook for at least four hours. This is where a crockpot comes in handy. I let it cook all day, and my house smells tasty! You can add onions, celery, carrots, peppercorns and some salt to taste. Once the broth is nice and rich, let it cool to luke warm then chill it in the refrigerator. The broth may become gelatinous and a crusty layer of fat will form on top. You can take the fat off and discard. Now you've got fat-free broth!

You can store the broth in containers in the freezer for later use, otherwise use it within a week. Good as is, heated, add soup ingredients to it, use it to braise vegetables with it. Even nice in the summer chilled with some lemon or lime juice. I'm using some of my leftover turkey broth tonight to cook my Brussels sprouts in and I had some earlier when I braised dandelion greens and chicken thighs for lunch.

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