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Um... actually I DONT think your coach is nuts. Sometimes your body gets stuck and it does think its starving. Upping the protein to an extra packet reassures the body that it is getting plenty of food and allows it to process.

It sounds like she is looking at many different reasons for why your loss isnt as big as expected and the suggestions are things which I have heard before.

(Also note that you may just be retaining and a controlled "cheat" might be the thing to help your body flush the system. Its not a common suggestion, but its one which might make sense in your situation.)

I wouldnt just discount this one, but look into one of the suggestions which you feel you can most easily implement.

(I have also heard reports that cutting out your 1 restricted food per day really doesnt have an impact. Thats why IP headquarters changed the rules for now allowing restricted from the beginning of the diet and why I dont understand some clinics who refuse to offer restricteds for Phase 1. But thats just me)

Other things I have heard is to look closely at your oil intake.

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