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Lynn, I LOVE that poem! And I have been "practicing" for some time, now, precisely to avoid surprising anyone too traumatically once I am "old" and start behaving outrageously! The mismatched clothes, however? Not so much, I don't think. More eccentric, certainly, but if, for example, I were to wear, say, lime green and red, I'm guessing I'd need to be sure of a scarf with both colors in it to "pull it all together".
I am home today, and expect to be working from home through tomorrow. It's already snowing here for sure, city schools are closed, and those that aren't closed have early closings. I see no point in struggling to get in to work, only to be sent home - amidst an army of other frantic drivers - trying to slip and slide my way home after it's been snowing for three or four hours. I can get done what I need to do right here, and stay toasty, warm, and in one piece (unless I have some horrible household accident) while doing it.
I've mapped our route down to NC, and have decided not to attempt to drive straight through on Thursday, as I originally thought to do - with dh and I switching off on the driving, of course, despite the fact that I absolutely HATE his driving. (I'll recline the passenger seat all the way back, and do my best to sleep through it.)Instead, we're going to drive to Durham on Thursday - hopefully leaving @ 6:00 AM and getting into Durham by 7-ish. We'll stay overnight in Durham, and then drive over to Charlotte in time to meet my daughters' flight at 10-ish, and then all drive together to Hendersonville (@ 2 hours west of Charlotte). That will let us get a good night's sleep and be fresh and ready for a long day on Friday, as once we get to my sister's, we'll have just about enough time to freshen up a bit and then head to the 2:00 - 2:30 visiting slot to see David. I spoke with my niece (Sis's daughter) last night, and apparently they had a tough meeting at the hospital, with it looking like David will need a tracheotomy and need to go to a nursing home. I know this is killing my sister. My niece said she was "exhausted" (Translation: completely distraught) and would be speaking with me today. I really need to get down there.
So, here we are, with yet another dumping of snow in process. I'm really concerned about where it's going to go.....we already have limited room on our side streets to get back and forth from home, etc. And the snowbanks are frozen pretty solid; it's not like they can be easily moved, unless they send people out with dumptrucks and cranes, fahgoodness' sake. I can't see them doing that on every street across the city, so it seems that things are just going to get worse and worse before we can expect them to improve any. Groundhog stew, eh? Well, at this point, I guess I could probably give it a trial run. If we can't get out of our caves until the spring thaw, we might find ourselves trying to boil up a pot of dust bunnies!
Rosey. you're far from alone when it comes to carb cravings. But, Lynn is right - it's the number of calories, not the composition of the calories that cause us to gain - or lose - weight. I eat a lot of grains (and lately, more beans than ever before) for the fiber, and Fiber One cereal is the most reliable staple in my cabinets. I use it (ground up) as a flour substitute in muffins, breads, meatloaves, meatballs (turkey; no beef), the black bean patties that Donna posted the recipe for, and also in things like apple crisp that I make using Stevia for sweetening and ground Fiber One in place of the flour. (Also use Olivio in place of the butter that the recipe calls for). So, I'm getting carbs, but also lots of Fiber, which kind of reduces the carb footprint.
Nancy, I'll definitely give the Stephanie Plum books a shot. A little humor would go a long way right about now. (Thanks!)
No, PT, I don't think you'll be subjected to our New England-style weather insanity, either. This is SO extreme.....I just don't know how to characterize it. I just looked outside, and there are pretty much white-out conditions out there, and it wasn't even supposed to start around here until mid-morning.
Gayle, I think maybe my dh is wondering why he left Houston all those years ago right about now. (I know I would be). Warm & sunny, eh? My envy knows no bounds.
Hi Freda, thanks for your kind words about my nephew. We're hoping for the best.
Congrats, Karen3 on all those bridge triumphs! That, and a whiz at cooking, too! Dare I mention that I was thinking that you deserve the title of "Bean Queen"? Watch out, or I may have to start calling you "Queen Bean".
Karen31, I played frisbee golf with dh on the Wii Resort last night. Fun, actually. I think he's trying to get me Wii-ing through a series of relatively painless games and such. It might work.
Hi Laff and TP (welcome to the GG's, TP) - after your rave reviews, I may have to get myself to the movies to see The King's Speech. (Either that, or wait for it to hit Netflix).
How are you feeling today, Bobbi? Better, I sure do hope. You are one strong chickie to keep going with all those miserable headaches of yours! I hope you get some relief sooner rather than later.
What's it looking like down your way this morning, Lyn?
Bunti? Wherefore art thou?
Well, have a good day, y'all. I'll prolly check back in later since I'll be right here on the spot all day long.


"Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning the devil says, 'OH CRAP, SHE'S UP!'"
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