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Tankini- I too am a February old one You're right about the spelling but when I learned it I never to pronounce it and how to write it. Funny how the things that were the hardest to learn are often the things that stick with us because we have really worked at them...and of course, esp our birthday month!

Glynn - Indio is in south cal, not too far from Palm Springs. I really like it here...didn't used to like Indio but it has changed a lot since we started snowbirding. So much cleaner and more shopping. We will be here another week then we go on to Yuma...well actually we will be parked in Winterhaven, CA but it's right across the border from Yuma. I'm afraid it may be very windy and dusty there as it often is and I'm hearing it is from people we meet who have been there recently...hoping it will be better by the time we get there. We have been rocked to sleep many a night there. LOL

We walked 30 min today. My dh is trying to increase his walking time. For those who may not know (seems like lots of new people!), he broke his leg last June. He has done very well...almost back to normal but still trying to increase his strength. At home we go to the gym, here we walk. We really enjoy our walks. Today we found an RVer who cuts hair so my dh went back later and got a haircut.

I sat outside a couple times reading..the first time was great...I had to make myself come in and clean house, but later I tried again and it was too breezy for comfort. But of course it's sunny and no rain, and we keep the door open and I feel much closer to the outdoors when RVing.

Lunch time so will stop for now. Have a good day.

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