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Good Morning Golden Girls,

Sorry I haven't been around in awhile, I've been working. I do miss posting on here and reading how every one is doing. I work long hours and don't have access to the "net" when I work (wouldn't have time to check it any way). I've been doing well. Didn't even over do on the days I worked, and those days are a problem. I'm so stressed when I get home I want to eat for stress relief. Doesn't wor, but that is a normal tendance for me. Even realizing it, I tend to reach for that first. We got a pretty big snow Friday night but the roads weren't too bad Saturday morning. But we're expecting another BIG snow tomorrow. Thankfully, I don't have to work again Untill Friday.

Z, Prayers for your sisters family, and you too. I know she will be so relieved to have you there. Hard thing to have to go through by yourself.

Rosie, OHH,,,sorry you got burned! I hope it's healing well and you're feeling ok.

Laughalot, We do feel like friends here and Glad you joined us. You can never have too many friends. Thanks for the review on "the Kngs Speach". I don't get to the movies often (except kids movies) and wouldn't want to waste my time, and money, on a so-so movie.

Donna, That is MY chili recipe! Except for the chilies. And I can see that the addition would be an added flavor. I'll have to add them in the next time I make chili. Which is pretty often in the winter time. I like things that last awhile and I can skip a day cooking.

Who posted the zucchini pancakes? Thanks, sounds so good. I will definateally try them.

Thinkingpotential55, I'm glad you found us. Looking forward to getting to know you. Great bunch of people here!

My mondays after working the weekend are always hectic (I call it ketch-up day) so I'll talk to everyone later. I did read all the posts (so many, we're such an active groups, thank goodness)

Everyone have a blessed day,

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