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Hey everyone!
Holly-I am a bit "spicier"myself....hee hee hee-but this is a family oriented website!
Nancy-I am so glad that you are back! We all missed you so much!
Hockeychic-welcome back!
Well...I was up pretty late last night with sewing...I am doing 4 sashes, 4 tops, and 4 far after only getting the fabric on Sunday afternoon-I have 2 sashes finished, and I cut out the fabric pieces for two of the skirts, which I will start sewing today. It was kindof hard, because of the way that they fit, I have to sortof draft my own alterations to the pattern for each the hip width and the skirt length is a little different for each girl. I will definitely get pics up here when they are done.
It was such a nice day yesterday! I did my workout earlier in the day, but after dinner I put Raiden in the stroller, and Jasmine and I took a small walk-2 laps around our cul-de-sac-which is a perfect distance for her little legs. She just loves it-she points and talks about everything-the houses, the flowers or items in yards...she doesn't complain about getting tired or anything! This is the same child who asks for kiddie yogurt in the store, and not cookies! I have really lucked out there...I just hope that she continues to grow up with healthy habits like that!
It is supposed to be nice today as well, around 70 degrees-so I will take another small walk with them today along with my regular workout.
I am once again going to ask everyone to post a their daily menu for a day or two up here again...for those of us who are going through plateaus and not really losing-it makes it so much easier to have everyone look and give also gives others some new ideas for meals that they may have not thought of before.
Here is mine from yesterday:
2/3c. Grain Shop high fiber cereal
1/2c. skim milk
1c. orange juice
meal total-240 calories
Lean Cuisine Swedish Meatballs
meal total 390
80 calories
Sloppy Joes made with ground turkey and lite buns
meal total 570
100 calories
daily calories-1380
I did really well with getting my 2 servings of fruit and 2 servings of dairy biggest problem yesterday was getting in veggies-this is usually not a problem. The kids ate the SLoppy Joes-and didn't notice that it was made with turkey intead of beef-Jason was not fooled, because he saw the meat in the pan when I was browning it-before it was disguised by the sauce-darn. So of course he could tell a difference because he "saw" it beforehand-I think I could have fooled him otherwise!
I am still eating between 1200-1800 calories a day, letting my hunger be more of a guide-if I do a huge workout or am havng pms cravings, I let myself go up a little-but I usually average around 1400-1500 each day-NEVER going below 1200. To all newbies, that is so important. If you eat too little, your body will go into starvation mode and conserve calories instead of readily burning them-and this body mechanism is even stronger in women than in men, since we are the "givers of life" and were meant to survive through famines and keep the human race going... You may lose a couple quickly this way, but that will soon slow down and you will have trouble losing anything at all. A good goal to aim for is about a pound a week, 2 if you are really overweight-200+ pounds-which will tend to slow down a little bit after you lose the first 10-15 pounds.
I am also with Nola on checking your bodies progress in ways other than the scale. I took my measurements yesterday-and was surprised to find that even though I have only lost 1 pound since my last measuring-that I have lost 3/4" of my hips, 1/4" off of each thigh, and 1/4" off my waist! (And this is only been in the last 2 weeks!) Things like that just don't show on the scale...the wonderful changes in your body when you exercise and firm them up! (Officially, since July-my hips have went from 47" to 44"-and my waist from 39" to 34 1/4", and my bust from 42 1/2" to 40"-I take a lot of other measurements, thighs, upper arms, etc. but there is the basic 3!)
Well, I better run-I have to workout, eat breakfast, and get these kids in the tub!

Start weight after baby #3: 233.9
Current weight: 143
90 pounds lost!
Ambriehl Saroj
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