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Great idea, Aphil!
Without going into my whole story, let's just say that I lost 103 pounds and have been working very hard for the past 9 months to maintain my loss. (I typed the equilvalent of a novel in the "Success" thread if anyone really wants to read about my journey called weight loss.)
I am a mom to a 10 year old daughter and my husband of 15 years is my best friend. I am a teacher at a small Catholic school in Connecticut and love my job (most of the time!). My husband is a City Building Inspector(Marina--does your husband constantly look for exit signs and sprinkler systems???)
I am a size 8 after getting rid of my XXL's and hope to never see them again! I am 40 years old.
I am a walker--every morning at 5:30 a.m. and have started to run a little bit. In the warmer weather I love to roller blade and ride my bicycle. It is only through exercising every day that I know I can maintain my loss.
I am a very healthy eater. Lots of fiber, veggies and low fat. I love my diet ice cream and I am addicted to diet coke.
Well, I can't wait to read everyone else's bios.
250 on 1/1/01 /147 current /My goal is to keep it all off!!
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