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Default ...and it's August...

Good morning everyone,

Had a really lazy day yesterday. Felt sore and tired and no motivation, unlike Saturday when I felt I had tons of energy. Guess it caught up with me. I'm still feeling tired today- only went half way on my morning walk.

Today begins a new week. It's gonna be a tuff one. Three out of five days will be on the road. I'm planning to have salads with meat when I eat out, or brothbased soup, or plain sandwiches. I'll pack snack size bags of carrots, peapods, cheese and crackers, yogurt and fruit &/or fruit smoothies. TO DO) Tonight I'll start bagging things up.

What I'm thankful for today: That my little family is still together and that we work through our problems even when we are so mad at each other we can't see straight. Sometimes we don't see eye to eye and usually that's o.k., but we also have the patience to let things work themselves out. We have had so many friends and relatives who have gone through divorce and I have a relative going through some major changes right now. Even when it really is for the best, it's devestating....

  • walked alot over the weekend
  • picked more raspberries
  • hauled some junk to the dump and recycle center
  • did a lot of online seaching for healthy meal ideas, etc
  • rested
  • put together a mail station (do you have mail piled all over the place? We'lll see if this works. Seems like everything I try in the battle against paper, I lose...)
  • Ate healthfully all weekend (although only half was planned and the rest "no plan"
  • weighed myself this morning. Was up a little. Am chalking it up to water retention as there is no way I ate enough calories to gain any weight!
Hope everyone has a good day,
Hugs, Amber

Goal #1: 193 by September 30 (199/193/193) - achieved 9-30-10
Goal 2: 187 by October 30 (193/193/187)

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